Episode #819: The Perfect Setup – Part II


  • Magnus Lightwood-Bane comes to Sammy Jo’s office to bring her some news on Alex Rubio as well as some news of his own.
  • While presenting a new ad layout to Sammy Jo, Jennifer Garcia also volunteers some information concerning Alex Rubio.
  • Emily and Jay come to Patrick and Leslie’s office with some research they had done on Adam’s financial holdings at the time of his death.
  • Catherine Torrance arrives with her son and daughter at the Denver Police Department’s Crime Laboratory so that they can submit to DNA Testing.
  • Patrick and Leslie meet with other members of the family in the library to discuss the results of the DNA Tests as well as Emily and Jay’s findings on Adam’s financial holdings.
  • Patrick and Leslie go down to Texas and meet with John Ross and Krystina to inspect the newly acquired Ellis County oilfields.
  • Harper Perez and Trent McVane meet in Harper’s room at the Brown Palace Hotel in downtown Denver to discuss their plans for revenge.

Scene:  Wednesday morning – Alexis Colby’s office – Morell Enterprises – Granite Tower – 1090 18th Street – Denver, Colorado…..

David (at his desk):  Oh my God!  Admiral and Mrs. Jennings!  What are you doing here??

Patrick:  Relax, Kid.  We’re not going to hit you or beat you up or anything.

David:  Then what are you doing here??

Leslie:  We’re here to see your boss.

Patrick:  We have something a bit important that we’d like to talk to her about.

David:  I’m sorry, but Mrs. Colby is very busy and does not wish to be disturbed.

Patrick:  Mrs.Colby!  Funny how she uses that last name when she technically held it for only about five minutes.  Frankly, that routine is getting to be a little stale…..(he and Leslie start to head into Alexis’ office).

David (Steps in front of Patrick and Leslie):  I’m sorry but I can’t let you go in there!

Leslie (lightly pushes past David):  If you’ll excuse us.  Now step aside.  Unless you want to get the shit beaten out of you by a girl again.

David (after Patrick and Leslie barge past him):  I’m sorry, Mrs. Colby, but they insisted.

Alexis:  That’s quite all right, David.  That’ll be all.

David:  Yes, Mrs. Colby…..(turns and leaves).

Alexis:  Well…well…well…Admiral and Mrs. Jennings.  What a lovely surprise!  Now what can I do for you?

Patrick:  We have to talk…..and now!

Alexis:  Oh really??  About what??

Leslie:  We’re here to talk to you about Adam.

Alexis:  Oh my God!  Haven’t you done quite enough to him already?

Patrick:  Stow it, Alexis!!  We’re not here to talk about what we’ve done to him, but rather what some of his descendants might end up doing to you.

Leslie:  You’ve officially named your grandson Jesse to be your successor, correct?

Alexis:  Yes.  That is correct, but I don’t see…..

Patrick:  Shut up and listen!!

Leslie:  I don’t suppose you know that Adam was married before his grandmother Kate told him he was the missing Carrington heir.

Alexis:  Well…..he told me something to that effect, but I was led to understand that it was some sort of a sham marriage.

Patrick (shaking his head):  No.  We had it checked out.  The marriage was legit.  It took place in Canaan, Connecticut on June 2, 1980.

Leslie:  Alexis.  Her name is Catherine Torrance and she’s already been to our office.  She came with her son and daughter and her son-in-law.

Patrick:  It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if she ends up paying you a little visit sometime in the not too distant future.

Alexis:  Oh my God.  Surely somebody must have filed for divorce or tried to have it annulled or something.

Leslie:  That’s the thing, Alexis.  Somewhere along the line, the divorce paperwork was lost and/or never filed properly. 

Patrick:  She said Adam would be handling that.

Alexis:  I can’t believe this.

Patrick:  There’s more.

Alexis:  I find out that Adam has possible relatives that I know nothing about.  What more could there possibly be?

Patrick:  Alexis.  Did you ever wonder what Adam did with the money when he bled Colbyco white?

Alexis:  And why would you be asking that, Admiral Jennings?

Patrick:  Because, Alexis.  We had our daughter and son-in-law go over Denver-Carrington’s books from the time Adam got to Denver til about 1991.

Alexis:  Really?  And just what did your dear daughter find out?

Leslie:  That all the money that Adam skimmed off Denver-Carrington’s coffers over the years and quite possibly yours now amounts to some $5.1 Billion.

Alexis:  Oh my God!!  So he was trying build some sort of empire to destroy me……and his father.  

Patrick: I’d say between your grandson Jesse and these two, your going to have a war on your hands to see who becomes the major heir to Alexis’ fortune upon her death. 

Alexis.  So what does this…..empire…..of Adam’s consist of?

Patrick:  Mainly banks, construction, real estate.  Centered mainly in Montana and Connecticut.  One thing about that real estate, though.

Alexis:  What’s that?

Leslie:  It’s mostly commercial and residential real estate centered in Fairfield County, Connecticut.

Patrick:  Which is among the expensive real estate on Earth.

Alexis:  But are you really sure that this son and daughter of Catherine Torrance are really Adam’s children?

Leslie:  They ARE Adam’s children, Alexis.

Patrick:  They submitted to a DNA Test under the auspices of our good friends at the Denver P.D. Crime Laboratory.  A comparative analysis was done on their blood and  a tissue sample from Adam’s corpse and they turned out to be a match.  Chase and Abigail Torrance are Adam’s biological children.

Alexis (under her breath):  Oh my God!  So it is true!

Leslie:  What did you just say??

Patrick:  You mean you knew about this???

Alexis (flustered):  Well I didn’t know it for certain!!

Leslie:  What do you mean for certain??

Alexis:  Well…..Shay Mosley told me that it was possible that Adam had children other than Jesse, but she wasn’t able to fully prove anything at the time.

Patrick:  Well…..I’m going to warn you about something, Alexis.  Between Jesse and your other two grandchildren, you could end up having a little war on your hands for control of your empire.

Leslie:  And it could end up being broken up into so many little pieces that it may be able to be put back together.

Patrick:  Oh!  I’d watch out for Catherine Torrance if I were you.  She seems to exhibit a lot of the same qualities that Adam did when he was alive.  

Leslie:  Now, Alexis.  If you’ll excuse us, we’ll see ourselves out…..(Patrick and Leslie then leave)

(WEDNESDAY evening – the library of the Carrington mansion – 173 Wessex Drive – Golden, Colorado)

Steven:  So what you’re telling us is that my mother now knows about Adam’s other children.

Leslie:  That’s exactly what we’re telling you.

Patrick:  But, according to her, she didn’t know for certain.

Jeff:  Does she realize that if Jesse finds out there’s going to be trouble.  She did officially name him as her successor and we all know what a loose cannon he is.  He finds out there’s a possibility that new relatives claiming a piece of what he perceives to be exclusively his, he’s going to go ballistic.

Fallon:  If he’s anything like Adam, he will.  What about Catherine Torrance?  You know she’s going to want a piece of the action.

Sammy Jo:  Which probably means she’s going to be sucking up to Alexis too.

Patrick:  Fallon’s right.  If Jesse ‘s ANYTHING like Adam, the fur is going to fly and he’s going to get real agitated if someone tries to muscle in on his turf.

 Sammy Jo:  Does Alexis even have the slightest idea about what could end up happening?

Leslie:  Well…..one of two things…..she either knows and just plain doesn’t care or she’s in straight up denial.

Patrick:  The only thing we can do is just sit and wait and see what happens.  As long as we’ve righted our ship, we don’t have thing one to worry about.

(FRIDAY afternoon – Chase Torrance’s Suite – The Brown Palace Hotel – Denver, Colorado)

Abigail Torrance:  Wow, Chase!  Those are something else!  Where did you get them?

Chase Torrance (showing off his his new Lucchese Baron alligator cowboy boots):  I got them from a promoter named Trent McVane.  They were an inducement for me to enter a rodeo that he’s promoting.

Gerald Stevenson:  Where is this rodeo supposed to be?

Chase:  The Kit Carson County Fairgrounds in Burlington.  I think it’s about two and a half hours east of here.

Abigail (reaching into the box):  Hey look!  Here’s a note…..(hands her brother the note)

Chase (reading the note):

Hope to have you competing at a new professional rodeo event I’m organizing in Kit Carson County.  Think your presence will make this new event that much better.  Will you consent to giving a concert afterwords?  Please accept these Lucchese Baron Cowboy Boots with our compliments.  Would like to meet next week to check the facilities.  Will call you with details.


Trent McVane

Gerald:  Who is this Trent McVane?  I’ve never heard of him., although if he’s asking you to compete then that will give whatever event he’s trying to promote instant credibility.  Do you think that when you go to Kit Carson County to meet with him, you could arrange a meeting between him and me?

Chase:  I don’t see that as being a problem.

Gerald.  Thanks, Brother-in-Law. 

(MONDAY morning – Nick Kimball’s office – The Deveraux Group – Denver-Carrington Center – 1954 Blake Carrington Plaza – Denver, Colorado)

Nick (sees Milton coming in):  Good.  Milt.  You’re here.

Milton:  What’s going on, Nick?

Nick:  I just got the latest production figures from our Natural Gas fields in Southern Illinois as well as the fields we’re partnered in with Denver-Carrington in Southern Indiana.

Milton:  What did you think?

Nick:  I’m impressed how well they’re producing.  I told your mother we were right to invest in that project.

Milton:  I’d say so far, it’s paid off.   What is it you wanted to see me about?

Nick:  I just had a request for proposal come across my desk for a company to develop Natural Gas heating for selected tracts of commercial and residential real estate in Arlington Heights, Illinois.  The owner of that land is…..are you ready for this?…..Dubois Realtors Unlimited.

Milton:  I heard about that.  Apparently, the contract is going to include putting in heating for the Chicago Bears new stadium.

Nick:  That’s contingent upon the approval of the Bears moving.  The rest of the contract calls for gas heating of upscale single family homes.  Wait a minute!  Dubois.  I went to high school with a girl named Madeline Dubois.  We dated a little bit.  I saw her at our fifteenth high school reunion in Chicago.  She got her MBA from Northwestern and then she went into her father Walter’s real estate business.  The RFP says they’re sending a representative to meet with us.

Milton:  Interesting.  Any idea when?

Nick:  No.  The RFP wasn’t specific on that.  So who knows when that’s going to happen?

Milton:  Did you keep n touch with her over the years?

Nick:  We saw each other again at our 30th reunion.  At this one, I had your mother with me.  Madeline was a big fan of your mother’s.  As a matter of fact, your mother agreed to sing.

Milton:  Are you absolutely she’s the same Madeline Dubois?

Nick:  I’m pretty sure it’s the same one.  I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

(MONDAY afternoon – Patrick and Leslie’s office – Denver-Carrington Center – 1954 Black Carrington Plaza – Denver, Colorado/Special Agent Roy Smith, Jr.’s office – Federal Bureau of Investigation – Denver Field Office – 8000 East 36th Avenue – Denver, Colorado)

Patrick (on his cell):  Smitty!  How’s it going??

Smitty:  Pat.  I was just going to call you.

Patrick:  I was wondering what kind of progress you were making in getting a sample of Arlen Marshall’s blood.  You know we’re going to need it so the guys at the VA can do that DNA Test to see whether or not Arlen Marshall is really Jennifer Garcia’s father.

Smitty:  Actually, Pat.  We’ve made a lot of progress in the area.

Patrick:  Before we go any further, Smitty, where is Marshall being held?

Smitty:  He’s being held at the Medium level security Federal Correctional Institution in Ray Brook, New York near Lake Placid.

Patrick:  That’s the one that served as the Olympic Village for the 1980 Winter Olympics.

Smitty:  That’s the one.  Anyway.  I got with the Bureau of Prisons’ forensics team and they have a sample of Marshall’s DNA on file, but they’re going to need to extract another one because the they have wasn’t extracted recently enough.  They said they could get it to me the first part of next week.  The only thing is they’re going to need to freeze dry it so that the sample won’t degrade too soon.  The sample’s going to need to be stored at a temperature of twenty degrees below zero Fahrenheit. 

Patrick:  So it won’t be a problem getting the sample here from where Marshall is being held?

Smitty:  Not at all, Pat.  I’ll get a hold of Dr. Howser at the VA Hospital in Aurora and tell him to expect it.

Patrick:  Thanks a lot, Smitty.  You’re a real pal.

Smitty:  No problem at all, Pat.

Leslie (comes up behind Patrick and wraps her arms around him): Hi.

Patrick (turns his head and gives her a kiss):  Hey you!

Leslie:  What did Smitty want?

Patrick:  Nothing much.  He was just telling me that another sample of Arlen Marshall’s DNA needs to be extracted so David can do the comparative analysis on Marshall and Jennifer Garcia’s DNA.  

Leslie:  Good.  It’s about time that poor girl got some closure in her life.  She needs to know the truth about her father.

(MONDAY evening – Harper Perez’s room – The Brown Palace Hotel – 321 17th Street – Denver, Colorado)

Harper Perez:  You know.  I can’t wait to see the look on Steven Carrington’s face when he finds out that I’m back in Denver.  I told you.  He was going to pay for having me fired and for rejecting me.

Trent McVane:  I know what you mean.  Alexis is going to pay for what she did to my grandfather.  That family has gotten away with too much over the years.  As the old saying goes…..paybacks are hell.

Harper Perez:  Isn’t that the truth?  Paybacks are going to be hell for the Carringtons and the Colbys.  So how are you plans for Chase Torrance coming along?

Trent McVane:  Beautifully.  Phase One is now complete.  The boots have been delivered as extra added inducement to get him to meet me in Kit Carson County this week.  I’m going to call him with the details tomorrow.

Harper Perez:  Good!  Everything’s proceeding according to plan.  From what I’ve seen of Chase Torrance, he’s a pretty strong athletic guy.  He could try to escape.

Trent McVane:  Don’t worry.  Kit Carson County is about two and a half hours east of here in the middle of nowhere. I’m counting on him at least trying to escape.  In that event, I’ve brought a little insurance…..(holds up a bundle of rope)

Harper Perez:  Excellent!

















Episode #818: The Perfect Setup


  • The Ewing clan from Texas, plus, Chip and Danny McCarty from Little Rock, Arkansas, arrive in Colorado for a big meeting with Alexis and the newly appointed CEO of Westar Elena Ramos..
  • Alec Lightwood-Bane also arrives in Colorado to assume his duties  as attorney of record for Ewing Industries’ interests in the Ellis County Project.
  • Alexis and Elena arrive late for the meeting and both are immediately chewed out by Patrick.
  • Alexis has an immediate confrontation with Sue Ellen and Elena has one with Christopher who is immediately supported by his wife Tiffany.
  • Alexis and Elena’s plans to acquire some land a long the Texas/New Mexico border that is rich in uranium and Iron Ore hit a major snag.
  • Jeff Colby is invited by Patrick to take part in the meeting.
  • Alexis makes a pitch for a joint bid on the Ellis County fields by all the parties involved in the meeting.
  • The pitch is rejected when she is informed that Denver-Carrington and Ewing Industries had already made a preemptive bid on the fields.
  • Krystle and Ann Ewing talk about starting up a business that uses horses as therapy for people.
  • Alexis descends on the mansion and confronts Krystle about her exclusion from Dex’s will and confronts Ann about her past.
  • Patrick talks to Police Commissioner Joe Benson about getting DNA Testing set for Adam’s alleged heirs and is then confronted by Alexis when she finds him in his office watching a baseball game.
  • Alexis then reveals that Sally Bullock was able to hold on to some of her stock in Bullock Marine.
  • Patrick, Patrick, Jr. and Milton are decorated by Admiral Christopher W. Grady for their actions in the Caribbean.
  • Former Denver-Carrington employee Harper Perez arrives in Denver and learns that Adam’s alleged heirs are in town.

Scene:  Tuesday morning – Sammy Jo’s office – Reece House of Fashion – East Broncos Parkway – Englewood, Colorado…..

Julie Bergman (sees Magnus Lightwood-Bane coming in):  Good morning and welcome to Reese House of Fashion.  May I help you?

Magnus:  Yes, dear.  I’m here to see Samantha.

Julie:  Samantha?  Oh!  You mean Sammy Jo.  Yes.  She’s in with one of her marketing people, but I’ll tell her you’re here.

Magnus:  Thank you, darling.  I’m Magnus Lightwood-Bane.

Julie:  Oh!  I’m really sorry.  I should have known…..(buzzes Sammy Jo’s office)…..Sammy Jo.  Mr. Magnus Lightwood-Bane is here to see you.

Sammy Jo:  Thank you, Julie.  Send him in.

Julie:  Yes, Sammy Jo.  You can go in now, Mr. Lightwood-Bane.

Magnus:  Thank you, darling.

Sammy Jo:  Jennifer.  These layouts look fantastic…..(sees Magnus coming in)…..Magnus!  Please come in.

Jennifer:  Thanks, Sammy Jo.  We’ll go with it…..(sees Magnus)…..Ummmmm…..Sammy Jo do you want me to leave?

Sammy Jo:  No, Jennifer.  You can stay.  Jennifer Garcia I’d like you to meet…..

Jennifer (flustered):  Oh my gosh!  You’re…..Magnus Lightwood-Bane!!  Your designs are wonderful!

Magnus:  Thank you, Jennifer darling.  Garcia.  You wouldn’t happen to be related to Valerie Garcia by any chance, would you?

Jennifer:  Unfortunately, yes.  She’s my mother.

Magnus:  Please don’t take this the wrong way, dear, but your mother was a woman of very loose morals.  I’m sorry if I offended you in any way, darling.

Jennifer:  I’m not offended in the slightest.  The more I’m finding out about my mother, the more I’m realizing what a despicable person she really is and to top it all off, she spent the whole Memorial Day party at the mansion sucking up to Alexis Colby.

Magnus:  Oh.  That doesn’t surprise me at all, darling.  Alexis Colby may think she’s all that and a bag of chips, but she’ll deny this until she turns blue.  She’s really a pariah in the fashion community.

Jennifer:  She promised me she’d help me gain entree into the fashion world, but instead, she decided to screw me over and require that I meet certain…..conditions.  She’s disgusting!

Magnus:  That figures.   That’s who Alexis is and that’s what she does.  She’ll promise you the moon and then…..(SNAP!)…..she’ll just slip the rug right out from under you.  Trust me, darling!  She’s hideous.  Oh!  Samantha tells me you’re quite a talented designer.

Jennifer:  She did?

Magnus:  She sure did.  I hope to be seeing some of your creations in one of Samantha’s upcoming shows.

Jennifer:  Thanks, Magnus and thank you, Sammy Jo.

Magnus:  Samantha.  I just loved Reece House of Fashion’s latest creations at your last fashion show.  They were just to die for.  Oh!  I have the most wonderful news.

Sammy Jo:  What is it?

Magnus:  I just spoke to Johnny Weir.  He’s asked me to design some new outfits for him for when he and that adorable little Tara Lipinski do their next announcing gig at the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing

Sammy Jo:  Wow, Magnus!  That’s awesome!

Jennifer:  So when Johnny and Tara take to the announcer’s mikes at the next Winter Olympics, Johnny will be wearing a Magnus Lightwood-Bane original creation?

Magnus:  That’s correct, darling.  Oh, Samantha!  I almost forgot.  I was just named to the Board of Visitors of Parsons’ School of Design in New York.

Sammy Jo:  I heard about that, Magnus.  Congratulations!

Magnus:  One of the things I’ve been doing in my new office is making checks into certain inquiries and I just ran across something you might find VERY interesting.  You know that conniving little bitch you’ve been having trouble with?  That Alex Rubio?

Sammy Jo:  Yeah.  What about her?

Magnus:  I haven’t been able to fully prove anything just yet, but one of my old colleagues who now teaches at Parsons’ got an anonymous tip that Alex was stealing design ideas from other students and passing them off as her own.  If all this is true, then her Parson’s degree isn’t worth paper it’s printed on.

Sammy:  Wow!  So this is nothing new as far as Alex Rubio is concerned.  Now I have something more to go on.

Jennifer:  If you’re looking for information on Alex Rubio, I think I might have something for you.

Magnus:  Oh do tell, Jennifer darling.

Jennifer:  Well…..I got it from a friend of mine whose niece interned at Ralph Lauren at the same time as Alex Rubio did.  She said that Alex was doing the same thing then and that Ralph himself called her into his office and fired her right on the spot.

Magnus:  Oh my God!  I wonder if that bitch Alexis knows about this.

Sammy Jo (shaking her head):  I hate to say this, Magnus, but knowing Alexis the way i do?  She probably already knows and even if she does or doesn’t, she’s probably not going to care.

Magnus:  I just thought you ought to know because of the way she tried to put one over on you.

Sammy Jo:  Thank you, Magus. I really appreciate this.

Magnus:  You’re welcome, Samantha darling…..(looks over at Jennifer)…..and thank you, dear for bring this other little matter to our attention.

Jennifer:  You’re welcome.

(WEDNESDAY morning – Miranda’s outer office – Denver-Carrington Center – 1954 Blake Carrington Plaza – Denver, Colorado)

Miranda (sees Emily and Jay coming off the elevator):  Em.  Jay.  What are you guys doing here?

Jay:  Are the Boss and Boss Lady in?

Emily:  They asked us to do some research for them and they said it was pretty important.

Miranda:  They’re both in.  Why don’t you guys just go on back?

Jay:  Thanks, Miranda.

Leslie:  Jay.  Emily.  Come in.  What brings you guys here?

Jay:  We got that research done that you asked to do and what we came up with was pretty hot.

Patrick:  All right.  What do you guys have?

Emily:  We think we might know why Adam’s alleged family might have breezed into town.

Patrick:  Really?  All right…..come on…..give!

Jay:  In a nutshell, over the years, Adam built a huge empire worth in excess of $5 Billion!

Leslie:  What???

Emily:  That’s right, Mom.  I went over Denver-Carrington’s annual financial statements for every year from 1988-1991  and I found something pretty interesting.

Leslie:  What did you find?

Emily:  Apparently, he’s had people cooking the books for him and he was squirreling away money while Blake was in prison.  

Patrick:  Why isn’t any of this surprising me??

Leslie:  Hun.  You knew how greedy and narcissistic Adam was.  He was a carbon copy of his mother and you knew his greed was going to become his eventual undoing.

Patrick:  I wonder if she knew anything about this.  It wouldn’t surprise me one damn bit if she did.  All right, you two.  Just exactly what did this…..EMPIRE…..of his consist of?

Emily:  Well…..it mainly consisted of banking, construction and commercial and residential real estate in Montana and Connecticut.

Patrick:  Montana and Connecticut.

Leslie:  the state where he grew up

Patrick:  And the state where he went to college…..and where he married Catherine…..Michelson (smacks his forehead with the palm of his hand)…..JESUS CHRIST!!!  What is it about the specter of Adam???  Every time we think we’re rid of it…..It comes back and haunts this family from beyond the frigging grave!!

Leslie:  What do you have for us?

Emily:  To begin with, all of his interests are held in a company called Adamco.

Jay:  Adamco is a legally registered corporation in the State of Connecticut.  However, it’s been dormant since Adam’s death.

Patrick:  That doesn’t surprise me.

Leslie:  What exactly is involved here?

Emily:  OK.  There’s Rocky Mountain Bank and First Interstate Bank both of Billings, Montana.  Patriot Bank of Stamford, Connecticut, People’s United Bank of Bridgeport, Connecticut and, finally, Prudential Bank and Trust of Hartford, Connecticut.  There’s also several construction companies in the Billings, Montana area, a couple of construction companies in the Greenwich/Stamford area and hundreds of acres of commercial and residential real estate in Fairfield Country, Connecticut.

Patrick:  Which is among the most expensive real estate markets in the United States if not the world.

Leslie:  So now, we’re going to have Chase, Abigail and, not to mention Jesse jockeying for position over control of over $5 Billion in total wealth.  They could all end up destroying each other.

Jay:  Boss.  Boss lady.  Those assets have been tied up in probate for years.

Patrick:  Plus,  the claims of Chase and Abigail Torrance have yet to be verified.

Emily:  Speaking of which, when are they supposed to submit to that DNA Test and where?

Patrick:  They’re supposed to be at the Denver PD Crime Lab on Cherokee at 0900 tomorrow morning.

Jay:  How long before they get the results back, Boss?

Patrick:  I told Joe to ask for a two hour turnaround.  I want to get those results and get to the bottom of this as soon as possible.

(THURSDAY morning – Denver Police Department Crime Laboratory – 1371 Cherokee Street – Denver, Colorado)

Dr. Gregory LaBerge (sees Catherine, Chase, Abigail Torrance-Stephenson and Gerald Stephenson coming in):  Good morning.   Mrs. Torrance.  Mr.  Torrance.  Mr and Mrs. Stephenson.  My name is Dr. Gregory LaBerge.  I’m the Director of the Denver Police Department’s Crime Laboratory.  I understand you’re here for DNA Testing.

Gerald Stephenson:  Yes.  That’s right.

Dr. LaBerge:  And you are?

Gerald:  My name is Gerald Stephenson.  I am a lawyer and I’m Abigail Torrance’s husband.  Chase is my brother-in-law and Catherine is my mother-in-law.

Dr. LaBerge:  Well…..we already have a sample of Adam Colby’s tissue.  We’re going to need your wife and your brother-in-law to sit down and roll up their right sleeves and a technician will be right out to draw a sample of their blood so we can do a comparative DNA analysis.

Catherine:  Excuse me?

Dr. LaBerge:  I said we need to draw a sample of your son and daughter’s blood so we can do a comparative DNA analysis.

Catherine:  I thought maybe we could do one of those things where you just swab the cheek.

Dr. LaBerge:  Ummmmm…..no, ma’am.  In order to get a more accurate reading, we need to get a sample of your son and daughter’s blood.

Catherine:  So I don’t get a choice in this?

Patrick (comes out of the back room):  Yeah.  You get two choices.  You can either let the doctor here do his job…..or…..you can be thrown in jail for fraud and your son and daughter can go to jail with you as accessories.  I thought we already made this clear.

Catherine:  What are you doing here???

Patrick:  I’m here to make sure that Chase and Abigail don’t chicken out and that you don’t try to talk them into doing so.  What’s it going to be Catherine?

Chase:  Mom?

Abigail (exasperated):  Mom!  What are you trying to do???

Catherine:  I should have a little say in this matter.

Patrick:  No!  You shouldn’t!  You’re asking for total say and that’s not going to happen either. This isn’t about you…..(looks over at Chase and Abigail)…..it’s about them.

Dr. LaBerge:  Mrs. Torrance.  Your son and daughter are willing to cooperate.   Even your son-in-law.  The only one I can see who’s not cooperating is you.

Patrick:  Catherine!!  If you know what’s good for you…..(looks again at Chase and Abigail)…..and them, I suggest you cooperate!! 

Catherine (acknowledging defeat):  Well…..I guess I don’t have any choice then, do i?

Patrick (shaking his head):  No!  You don’t!…..(looks over at Dr. LaBerge)…..Thanks, Doc.

Dr. LaBerge:  You’re welcome, Admiral…..now…..Chase.  Abigail.  If you will just sit down and roll up your right sleeves a technician will be out to draw your blood.

Nurse:  Now.  Mr. Torrance.  Mrs. Stephenson.  This will be over in just a second…..(draws their blood)…..I think I have what I need.  Thank you.

Dr. LaBerge:  Thank you very much.  Chase.  Abigail.  We’ll have the results in a  couple of hours.  Are you going to stay and wait around or are you going to leave and come back later.

Abigail:  We’ll stay.

Dr. LaBerge:  Very well.  Admiral?

Patrick:  I’m staying.

Catherine:  I don’t believe this!!  If I had chosen to not allow my children to do this, there’s no way I could have been arrested.  You’re not an actual police officer.

Dr. LaBerge:  That’s where you’re wrong, Mrs. Torrance.  I AM an actual police officer.  I had to go through police academy training in order to be able to take this job, so, if you had chosen NOT to do this, I could have arrested you on the spot.  Now.  If you’ll excuse me, we’ll just wait for the results.

Patrick:  Funny how shit works,  Isn’t it, Catherine??

Catherine:  You son of a bitch!!!

(Nurse comes back two hours later with the results and hands them to Dr. LaBerge)

Patrick:  Well?

Dr. LaBerge:  Well…..after having done a comparative analysis of the DNA in your blood with the DNA in Adam’s tissue, it has been determined that there is a 99.75% certainty that you ARE a match…..both of you!

(Catherine looks skyward and mouths, “Thank you!”.  Patrick looks over and glares angrily at her)

(THURSDAY evening – the library of the Carrington mansion – 173 Wessex Drive – Golden, Colorado)

Sammy Jo:  So the DNA Test determined that Chase Torrance and Abigail Stephenson are Adam’s children.

Leslie:  That’s right.  We made sure they went to the police forensic lab so we knew there wouldn’t be any money business.

Patrick:  I wish you guys could have been there to see the look on Catherine’s face when she saw me coming out of the back room.

Fallon:  That must have been priceless.

Patrick:  Oh it was!  Not to mention the look when she found out that the Director of the Crime Lab HAD TO BE an actual Denver Police Officer.

Jeff:  Yeah.  He probably had to go through police academy training before he could take the job.  That makes perfect sense.

Sammy Jo:  So he could have just arrested her if she didn’t cooperate?

Patrick (nodding his head):  By the letter of the law, yeah!

Steven:  I remember Dad and Mother talking on the morning of Adam’s wedding to Dana about setting us up together in business.  Was he squirreling money away then?

Patrick:  As far as we know…..no.

Leslie;  That was in 1987.  We didn’t have Emily and Jay dig that far back, but it is entirely possible that he was skimming off the top of Denver-Carrington’s coffers even then.

Fallon:  So what does he have?

Patrick:  Banks.  Real Estate.  Construction.  Mainly centered in Montana and Connecticut.  Over the years, his fortune was estimated to be worth somewhere around $5 Billion.

Jeff:  What???

Patrick:  The way things stand now, Chase and Abigail Torrance stand to inherit a huge pile of money.

Jeff:  Could that include a piece of my Uncle Cecil’s trust?

Patrick, Yeah, Jeff.  It could and they’d be perfectly entitled to it by the letter of the law.

Jeff:  You’ve got to be kidding!!

Patrick:  I wish I were.  At least they can’t get their hands on Colby Enterprises.

Jeff:  Thank god for small favors.

Patrick:  Look.  I don’t like it any better than you do, but we can’t let this thing tear us apart.

Steven:  Patrick’s right.  We’ve got to maintain a united font as a family.

Fallon:  We can’t let Mother or Catherine Torrance or whoever see any weaknesses.

Leslie:  Which, we might expose if we end up fighting amongst ourselves.  Has anyone given any thought to what might happen when Jesse Colby finds out about this?

Patrick:  Yeah.  When he finds out about his new long lost relatives, he’s going to go freaking ballistic! 

Sammy Jo:  It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if Alexis tried tried to win them over to her side.

Patrick:  It wouldn’t surprise me one bit either, Big Sis, but I’ve got a feeling that Catherine Torrance would be more of a pain in the ass to Alexis than Sable Colby ever though of being.

Fallon:  What about any holdings of Daddy’s?

Patrick (shaking his head):  No.  They are not entitled to one red cent from the Estate of Blake Carrington.  Besides.  Adam didn’t receive one thin dime from Blake’s estate.  He was cut off in 2004 because of Gaddafigate.  Remember?

Steven:  That’s right.  So what do you we do now?

Patrick:  Nothing.

Jeff:  Nothing??  I don’t get it.

Leslie:  Guys!  Patrick’s right.  He’s saying we just lay low and wait ’til they make their next move.

Patrick:  Whenever and whatever it is…..we’ll be ready for them. 

Sammy Jo:  What do you think the next move’s going to be?

Patrick:  I don’t know about them.  Nor do I really care, but our next move will be to have Jay check the probate courts and see how much longer those assets will be tied up.

Jeff (nodding his head):  I see what you mean.  OK.  We’ll do it your way.

Fallon:  We’re with you, Baby Brother.

Leslie:  Steven?  Sammy Jo?

Steven:  OK.

Sammy Jo:  I’m in.

Patrick (takes a deep breath):  Good!  We’ll need to keep Ray and Sarah and Amanda and Ced in the loop as well.  Thanks, you guys…..and, Babe…..(kisses his wife)…..especially you.

Leslie:  You know I’m with you all the way, Hun.

Patrick:  So we’re all in agreement?

Jeff:  We are.

(MONDAY afternoon – Denver-Carrington/Ewing Industries oilfields – near the former Ellis County Supercollider site – outside of Waxahachie, Texas)

John Ross:  So this is it, Brother-in-Law.  Whadda ya think?

Patrick:  I’ll need to defer to the expert on this one.  What do you think, Babe?

Leslie:  Let me get me equipment set up so we can get proper readings.

Krystina:  Sounds like a plan, Cousin.

Patrick:  Hun.  Can you get your laptop hooked up?

Patrick (connecting his laptop to Leslie’s equipment):  Way ahead of you, Babe!

Leslie:  I’m sorry Chip couldn’t be here to witness this.

John Ross:  He had some business back in Arkansas, but don’t worry, we’ll fill him in.

Leslie (sees the needles jumping on her equipment):  Guys!!  Come here and look at this!!

Krystina:  Wow, Cousin!!  Those needles are jumping like Mexican Jumping Beans!!

Patrick (looking at his computer screen):  What kind of a yield are we talking about??

Leslie (comes over to Patrick’s laptop):  We’r talking about 10000 barrels a day.  This could be the biggest strike in Ellis County history.

Krystina:  You’re serious??

Leslie:  You’re damn right I’m serious!!  Alexis is going to go ballistic when she find what she lost out on!!

John Ross:  Not to mention that bitch Elena Ramos could end up bein’ out on her ass at Westar!!!

Krystina:  If Jacques Piers doesn’t kill her first.  You did great, Cousin!  This is huge…..for BOTH our companies!!

Patrick:  What about all those spots where the access holes to the Supercollider were filled in?  Will there be any need for concern regarding the safety of our workers??

Leslie:  No.  The most accessible veins put us in NO immediate danger.  If worse comes to worse, we just have to slant drill in some spots.  I’ll get with Miles when we get back to Colorado and go over the latest seismics with him.

John Ross:  Sounds like a plan.

Patrick:  You’ve done a great job with this, Babe…..(kisses his wife)…..well…..in that light, I’ve got just the thing to kick off this little celebration…..(breaks out a couple of six packs of Coors Light and starts passing them out)

Patrick (takes a drink out of his bottle and then pumps his fist):  HOO-RAH!!!!

John Ross:  Ya know!!!  I never did believe that bullshit story ’bout ol’ Digger Barnes bein’ able to just sniff oil outta the ground, but after what I just witnessed…..(looking at Leslie)…..I know this little lady here can do it!!!

Patrick:  You think ol’ J.R. ever believed it?

John Ross:  Hell no!  Digger Barnes was an irresponsible fall down drunk that my Granddaddy pretty much had to babysit.

Patrick (raises his bottle):  Everybody.  I’d like to make a toast.  To one of the best damn oilwomen around.  To my wife, Leslie.  Here’s to you, Babe.

Leslie (raises her bottle in response):  Thanks, Hun.

John Ross and Krystina (raise their bottles):  TO LESLIE!!…..(everybody then clinks their bottles together)

Leslie:  You know we’re going to need to keep Christopher and Nick in the loop about those accessible veins of Natural Gas.

John Ross:  I know.

Patrick:  Now.  What do you all say to going and getting some Mexican?  My treat.

John Ross:  Campuzano’s.  Best Tacos in town.

Patrick:  What are we waiting for?  Let’s go!!

(TUESDAY morning – Room 912 – The Brown Palace Hotel – 321 17th Street – Denver, Colorado)

Harper Perez: Good. You’re right on time.

Trent McVane:  Yeah I am.  I heard that Adam Carrington…..oops excuse me…..Colby’s heirs are in town.  I remember how my grandfather’s plan to blackmail their father went belly up about 35 years ago.  I’ve been wanting to get even with that son of a bitch ever since and then he had to go and die on me.  My grandfather was murdered in prison because of him and he lost his seat in Congress because of his bitch mother Alexis Colby.

Harper Perez;  And you’ll have your revenge through his new discovered children.  In particular one Chase Michael Torrance.  This will be step number one of my revenge against Steven and Denver-Carrington for what they did to me.  I trust you brought plenty of rope.

Trent McVane:  Don’t worry.  Chase will be tied up nice and tight.

Harper Perez:  You have the bait I trust.

Trent McVane:  I do.  Lucchese Baron Alligator skin cowboy boots.  Top of the line.  $12995.

Harper Perez:  Good.  I’m looking forward to working with you, Mr. McVane.




















Episode #817: As a Team


  • Jackie Deveraux-Carrington receives a surprise visitor in her office at Titania Records…..her long lost daughter!
  • Jay Fallmont is appointed as the executor of Dex’s estate as member of the family and friends gather in the main conference room at Denver-Carrington for the reading of Dex’s will.
  •  Among those gathered for the will reading is an old CIA friend of both Dex and Patrick as well as someone who strikes a nerve with Alexis.
  • Miranda and Elena Ramos have an unpleasant phone conversation due to Elena’s demand to know Patrick and Leslie’s whereabouts.
  • Miranda then voices her concerns to Patrick, Jr. and Emily who are in charge of Denver-Carrington in their parents’ absence.
  • At the reading of the will, there are some surprises and non surprises among the bequests and Patrick is appointed by the estate as chief witness.
  • Catherine Torrance, the apparent widow of Adam, descends upon Denver-Carrington with their son Chase and their daughter Abigail.
  • To prove their claim they are Adam’s heirs, It is then determined that both Chase and Abigail will undergo DNA Testing.
  • Alexis and Alexis and Elena Ramos finally schedule their big meeting with Denver-Carrington and Ewing Industries.

Scene:  Tuesday morning – Miranda’s outer office – Denver-Carrington Center – 1954 Blake Carrington Plaza – Denver, Colorado…..

Miranda (sees Bobby Ewing getting off the elevator followed by Christopher, Tiffany, Sue Ellen, Catlin, John Ross, Krystina, Chip, Danny McCarty and Alec Lightwood-Bane):  Oh.  Good morning, Mr. Ewing! Patrick and Leslie are both in their office.  Jay Fallmont is here too and they’re all expecting you.

Bobby:  Thank you, Miranda.  Much obliged.

Miranda:  And where is Mrs. Ewing today if you don’t mind me asking?

Bobby:  Not at all, Miranda.  That’s fine.  Annie is back at the mansion.  She and Krystle are goin’ riding today.

Miranda:  You all can just go on back.

Christopher:  Thanks, Miranda.

John Ross:  You can tell your bitch cousin that we’re all gunnin’ for her.

Bobby:  John Ross!  That’ll do!

Chip:  My little brother’s right, Uncle Bobby.  I don’t see where Elena and that bitch, Alexis get off summoning us here to be at their damn beck and call.

Sue Ellen:  Don’t worry.  When we get done with Elena and, especially, Alexis, they’re not going to know what hit them!

Christopher:  I still can’t believe that Elena turned on us the way she did,

John Ross:  Come on, Cousin.  You know she was out for herself and besides that, you know Cliff Barnes and Nicolas Trevino filled her head with a bunch of crap.

Krystina:  You were too good for her, Christopher.

Tiffany:  I’ve gone through Westar’s financials with a fine tooth comb.  After that little fiasco when they tried to pull a fast one on us with the EPA, their stock prices have taken a serious nose dive.

Catlin:  Are we sure that we’ve been able to keep a tight rein on this whole bidding process with the Ellis County fields?

Danny McCarty:  We’re sure, Catlin.  Bum told us that everybody connected with the bid has been stone cold silent.  He said Alexis has had snoops on the ground, but he assures us they have not been able to find anything out.

Miranda (sees Alec Lightwood-Bane coming in): Oh good!  Alec.  You made it.  Everybody else is here and Patrick and Leslie are ready for you.

Alec:  Thanks, Miranda.

Patrick (comes out of the inner office followed by Leslie):  Good.  Everybody’s here.  Jay’s here too.  So, I guess we can begin.

Krystina:  We’re all set, Big Brother.

Christopher:  i’m still curious to know what the word is on the Faroe Islands deal.

Patrick:  Well…..I was going to save that for after we torpedoed Elena and Alexis, but I suppose we can tell you now.

Leslie:  We’re all invited to Denmark next month for a big formal announcement of the awarding of the deal, which will be made by His Majesty King Edvard III.

Jay (then comes out of the office):  The deal was unanimously approved by the Folketing

Patrick:  And, for the most part, we have Chip to thank for landing this deal.

Chip:  Thanks, Brother-in-Law.  That means a lot to hear you say that.

Patrick:  I give credit where credit is due.  You know that.

Jay (sees Alec Lightwood- Bane):  Alec!  Good to see you, man!  So you’re going to be the attorney of record for Ewing Industries on this little project?

Alec:  You got that right!   I can’t can’t wait to see the looks on Alexis’ and Elena Ramos’ faces when they find what really happened with that bid.  I can guaran-damn-tee you that Jacques’ Piers is going to go ballistic when he too finds out what happened.

Leslie:  Well…..now that we’re all here we, just have to wait on Alexis and Elena Ramos, but, in the meantime, why don’t we all adjourn to the main conference room in the back?

Patrick:  Alec.  It’s good to see you.  Sorry to hear about Diana’s retirement, but I’m glad you’re taking on this project.  Good to have you aboard.

Alec:  Thanks, Patrick.  Good to be aboard.  I’m looking forward to working with you guys on this.

Patrick:  Is Magnus here with you?

Alec:  He is.  He’s going over some new design ideas with Fallon at LaMirage and he also has some business with your sister at Reece House of Fashion.

Patrick:  What are we all standing around here for?  What do you all say we adjourn to the main conference room in the back?

(MEANWHILE – Miranda’s outer office)

Alexis (comes into Miranda’s outer followed by Elena):  Well…..good morning, Secretary.  Would you be so kind as to tell your bosses Ms. Ramos and I are here?

Miranda:  How about I be so kind as to knock you on your ass, Dragon Lady???

Alexis:  How dare you speak to me that way!!

Miranda:  I’ll speak to you any way I want…..(shakes her head)…..I don’t answer to you.  I only answer to those two people in there.

Elena:  Well, Cousin.  I’m glad your bosses were finally able to see us.  It’s about time this meeting took place.

Miranda:  What are you doing Cousin???  Taking bitch lessons from the Dragon Lady???  You, of all people, should understand about being called to serve your country.  After all, Drew was in the Army and Uncle Enrique was in the Mexican Army at one point.

Alexis:  Spare us your rotten attitude, Secretary.  Where are your bosses?

Miranda:  They’re in the conference room in the back.

Alexis (comes into the conference room followed by Elena):  Well…..good morning one and all.  Now that Ms. Ramos and I are here, I suppose we can begin.

Leslie:  You’re late, Alexis.  We were ready to begin half an hour ago.

Patrick:  You and Ms. Ramos were supposed to be here at 0900!!  It is now 0930!!!

Elena:  This is not the Navy, Admiral Jennings!!

Patrick:  No it’s not, BUT we run this company the Navy way.  Certain people are assigned certain tasks and said tasks are expected to be completed ON TIME.  That includes THIS one!!  DO YOU READ ME???

Alexis:  Oh, Patrick.  I do hope you’ll forgive the social faux pas.

Patrick:  SIT DOWN!!!!

Alexis (glares at Sue Ellen):  Well…well…well…..if it isn’t the Ewing Saddle Tramp and yet another Ewing husband???

Sue Ellen:  You know, Alexis.  J.R. was what he was and, over the years, I came to accept that.  BUT…..of the many he cheated on me with, the one that sickened me the most was you!!

Elena:  Hello, Christopher.

Christopher:  I don’t know why I should even be talking to you, Elena.  First you betray me by aiding and abetting your piece of shit fugitive brother!!  Then, you turn on us by letting my Uncle Cliff and Nicolas Trevino fill your head with a bunch of crap!!  We gave you ample opportunity to work with us and be our friend, but then you go and sell yourself to…..of all companies…..Westar…..our biggest rival.  You are now the enemy, Elena and we are going to take you down……both of you!!

Chip (pats Christopher on the back):  Take it easy, Cousin.

Tiffany:  Chip’s right, Baby.  Relax.

Elena:  Excuse me, but…..who are you?

Tiffany:  I’m Tiffany Horner Ewing.  I’m the Senior Vice President of International Business Development for Ewing Industries and Christopher’s wife.  The Admiral asked me to be here.

Elena:  That’s right.  I heard Christopher had gotten married.  Congratulations.

Christopher (shaking his head as he glares angrily at Elena):  You had your chance, Elena…..twice!!

Elena:  Tiffany Horner.  Are you related to Franklin Horner who used to be President of Cattleman’s Bank?

Tiffany:  I’m his granddaughter.  You know.  I’m sorry my presence here makes you uncomfortable, Ms. Ramos, but that’s just too damn bad…..DEAL WITH IT!!!

Alexis:  Well…..to begin with, I’ve heard there some tracts of land available along the Texas/New Mexico border that are rich in Uranium and Iron Ore.  Is that not right, Ms. Ramos?

Elena:  It is, Alexis.

Catlin:  I don’t know, Alexis.  You might have to check with Cloud Peak Mining on that.  Cloud Peak Mining owns those tracts of land and I own Cloud Peak Mining.  I don’t know where you’re getting your information, Alexis, but those tracts of land are NOT for sale.

Alexis:  What???

Catlin:  That’s right.  I purchased those tracts of land about a week ago.

John Ross:  Looks like ol’ Catlin threw y’all a curveball.

Patrick (chuckling a little):  Of the Adam Wainwright variety.

Alexis:  Oh well.  No matter.  Now I’d like to address the real reason Ms. Ramos and I have called this meeting.

Patrick (hears the intercom buzzing):  Yes?

Miranda (buzzes in):  Excuse the interruption, Patrick, but Jeff Colby is here.

Leslie:  Thanks, Miranda.  Send him in.  Oh…..and bring your laptop so you can take notes.

Miranda:  Yes, Leslie.

Jeff (comes in with Miranda):  Hello, everybody.  Sorry I’m late.

Elena:  I’m sorry, Mr. Colby, but Colby Enterprises is not intended to be part of this discussion.  It’s between Morell Enterprises, Westar, Ewing Industries and Denver-Carrington.

Alexis:  What ARE you doing here, Jeff?

Jeff:  Well, Alexis…..I was asked to be here.  Even though Colby Enterprises has been spun off, I am still a board member of Denver-Carrington.

Elena:  To begin with.  I am now the CEO of Westar Oil Company.

Bobby:  Yes we know, Elena and I still think you’re making a deal with the devil.  Christopher’s right.  We’ve given you every opportunity to work with us and be out friend, but, instead, you turn on us and align yourself with Alexis Colby of all people.

Elena:  Who I choose to work with is my own business.

John Ross:  You makin’ a mistake, Elena and you’re gonna find out just how big a mistake.

Alexis:  Well…..I suppose you’re all aware that I have acquired the majority of the assets of Stonehurst Oil and Lee Oil and I was very close to acquiring the assets of Anderson Oil from Maryse Garroway

Chip:  Thank God we were able to step in and prevent that little disaster from happening.

Alexis:  Yes…..well…..nevertheless…..with the help of Elena Ramos at Westar and my grandson Jesse, we were able to acquire valuable offshore leases in Gulf of Mexico as part of our deal.  That makes us major players in the Texas oil industry, which means you will be having to deal with us whether you like it or not.

Elena:  I understand that Ewing Industries and Denver-Carrington have put in a bid for the Ellis County fields – the ones where the super collider was going to be put.

John Ross:  Yeah.  That’s right.

Leslie:  What are you suggesting?

Alexis:  Well…..you have submitted a bid and, through my grandson Jesse, we have also submitted a bid.  The winning bid will be announced very soon.  What I am suggesting that we inform TESHA that we have decided to merge our bids together into one joint bid.  Of course, once everything is finalized, we will be bringing Westar in as a minority partner.  Those arrangements will be handled by Ms Ramos.

Elena:  Absolutely, Alexis. 

Bobby:  Us work with you??

Christopher (glaring angrily at Elena):  And you…..after all the shit you’ve pulled on us over the years…..no way!!

Patrick:  Are you out of your mind???

Alexis:  I suggest that you reconsider your position.  As I said before, we have acquired some very valuable offshore oil lease in the Gulf of Mexico and according to reports I have received from Ms. Ramos they are guaranteed to be high yield producers for years to come.  Is that not right, my dear?

Elena:  It is.

Alexis:  So.  As things have turned out, we are holding all the high cards.

Krystina:  You expect us to just abandon our bid and join forces with you???  You’re crazy!!!

Chip:  About that, Alexis.  It’s not going to happen.

Alexis:  What???  What are you talking about???

John Ross:  I told ya, Lady.  One of these days we were gonna go full on J.R. on your ass!!

Alexis:  What have you done???

Patrick:  Looks like we threw you a curveball, Alexis.   A curveball that Adam Wainwright would have been proud of.

Alexis:  I don’t profess to know who this Mr. Wainwright is, but somehow I know you and your slut are mixed up in this somehow.

Leslie:  That’s right, Alexis.  We are.  Senator Muriel Gillis-Roberts was in our office a few months when we set this up.  You’ve been royally had.

Alexis:  What???

Patrick:  That’s right.  We put together a joint package and made a preemptive bid for those Ellis County fields months ago.   We set you up and you fell for it hook…..line…..and sinker.

Elena (glares angrily at Patrick):  YOU SON OF A BITCH!!!!

Patrick:  WHOA!!!  Take it easy there, Missy!!  Preemptive bidding was not against the rules and at Denver-Carrington, we do everything on the up and up.

Leslie:  Our joint bid has already been given approval by the SEC, so, there’s not thing one you can do about it.

Alexis:  Oh! we’ll just see about this!!

Elena:  I’m taking this to the Westar board.  We’re going to fight this!!

Patrick:  Be my guest…..(looks over at Jason Fallmont)…..Jay!

Jay:  Yeah, Boss?

Patrick:  Jay.  I’m going to need you to get with Alec here and get some documents drawn up so we can make this thing official.

Jay:  You got it, Boss.

Chip:  Alec.  Can we count on you?

Alec:  Absolutely, Chip.

Bobby:  Alexis.  We’ve warned you repeatedly about tangling with us.  I don’t know what my brother ever saw in you.  Whatever it was…..I just don’t understand.

John Ross (glares at Elena):  Ya know, darlin’.  You’ve messed with the Ewings one too many times.  I’d sure as shit hate to be you when ol’ Jacques Piers finds out what happened.

Krystina:  I wouldn’t get used to the CEO’s chair if I were you, Elena.  Because as soon as Jacques Piers finds out what happened here, you might not be sitting in it much longer…..(looks over at Leslie)…..well, Cousin…..it looks like we’re going to be talking a lot over the next several months.

Leslie:  Looking forward to it.

Christopher:  I told you, Elena.  You are now the enemy.

Elena:  Christopher.  We’ve been through a lot together.  What about what we once meant to each other?  Can’t we at least be friends?

Christopher (waves his hands and shakes his head):  We’re done!  First you betray me and then you betray my family.  Your brother Drew sabotages our methane rig in the Gulf and murders my babies in the process.  Then, you let me Uncle Cliff and Nicolas Trevino fill your head with a bunch of junk.  Then, your company Westar tries to sabotage our Natural Gas project in Missouri.  I told you we were going to take you down!!

Leslie:  Oh.  Christopher.  I got word from one of our seismic teams that those fields are also rich in Natural Gas.

Christopher:  No problem, Leslie.  I’ll be talking to Nick Kimball real soon.  You  know.  It’s funny.  I never thought it would happen in a million years, but…..found out that I have a little of my Uncle J.R. in me too…..and…..I had a little help…..(holds up his copy of “The Prince” by Niccolo Machiavelli)…..it’s like he said to me in his will, “Being smart and sneaky is an unbeatable combination.”

Alec:  Pat. Leslie.  Jay and I will get to work on those documents right away.

Jay:  Of course, we’ll need to get with Ger on this also since he is the Chief Legal Counsel for the Cartel.

Patrick:  Sounds like a plan, guys.

Danny McCarty:  I’d like to work with you guys as well if you don’t mind.

Alec:  Not at all, Danny.  We can use all the help we can get.

Jeff:  Patrick.  Thank you for asking me to be here.

Patrick:  Not a problem, Jeff.  We’ll take some more about bringing Colby Enterprises on board with this project in the not too distant future.

Chip (comes over and shakes Patrick’s hand):  Admiral.  What can I say?  You and your people did a great job keeping this whole thing under wraps.

Patrick:  I’m glad we’re continuing to work together.

John Ross (pats his brother-in-law’s shoulder):  Gotta hand it to ya, Brother-in-Law.  We really kept ’em guessin’.

Patrick:  That we did.

Sue Ellen:  You know.  Watching the both of you squirm, I don’t know which one of you it gave me more pleasure to watch…..(looks first at Alexis)…..you…..because you were one of the many my husband cheated with…..(then looks at Elena)…..or you…..because first you betrayed me and then you betrayed my family.

Bobby:  God help you both.

Patrick:  One more thing.  Alexis.  Elena.  You can see yourselves out.  Now get your asses out of this office before I call security and have you thrown out.

Alexis:  This is not over!

(WEDNESDAY evening – the main entrance hall of the Carrington mansion – 173 Wessex Drive – Golden, Colorado)

Vivian (answers the door and sees Alexis standing in the doorway):  Oh my God!  What are you doing here, Shit Tosser???

Alexis:  Vivian.  I’m really not in the mood for your insults or your foul language.  I want to see Mrs. Dexter and I want to see her now.  Where is she???

Vivian:  She’s in the library with Mrs. Ewing and i think you’re probably the last person on earth she wishes to see.

Alexis (barges past Vivian):  Oh just get out of my way!!

Vivian (throws her hands up in frustration):  Do come in…..(she follows Alexis to the library)

Ann:  Krystle.  You know I’m a therapist by trade and, over the years, I’ve had a great deal of success using horses as a means of therapy for people.  Now.  Delta Rho Stables or the Carrington Stables at Piney Lake would be excellent facilities for a project like this.

Krystle:  Ann.  I think that’s a wonderful idea and I think we should get started as soon as possible.

Ann:  Good.  I’ll have Chip or John Ross talk to one of the Ewing lawyers and maybe they can talk to one of your lawyers here and we can get something started as soon as possible.

Krystle:  This all sounds really wonderful, Ann and I’m looking forward to working with you on this.

Ann:  Me too, Krystle.  

Vivian (comes into the library following Alexis):  I’m terribly sorry, Mum, but she just insisted on barging in.

Krystle:  It’s all right, Vivian.  What are you doing here, Alexis??

Ann:  Do you want me to leave, Krystle?

Krystle:  No, Ann.  It’s OK.  You can stay.

Alexis (looks incredulously at Ann):  Well…well…well…..if it isn’t Bobby Ewing’s latest wife…..THE SLUT!!

Ann (gets up as if to start towards Alexis):  HOW DARE YOU!!!!

Krystle (holds Ann back):  Ann!  Don’t!!  She’s not worth it!

Alexis:  What’s the matter, dear?  Did I strike a nerve or does the truth hurt?  I heard about your little frolics with your ex-husband Harris Ryland in his driveway.

Ann:  What???  How did you find about that???

Alexis:  If you must know, I found out from your ex-mother-in-law Judith Ryland before her untimely demise.  If I were Bobby Ewing, I would have thrown you out without two pennies to rub together!!

Ann:  YOU BITCH!!!

Alexis:  Careful, dahling.  I wonder what Bobby had to say about his wife…..THE SLUT!

Ann (catches her breath):  Well…..if YOU must know.  Bobby knows what happened and he forgave me.  He knows that it was Harris being overly aggressive not me.

Krystle:  Alexis.  Why are you here???

Alexis:  Well, Krystle…..if you MUST know.  I’m here about Dex’s will.  Mind you I don’t particularly care what happened with regard to Sybil, but…..I don’t think it was fair that I be excluded as well.  After all, I did give Dex two of the best years of his life.

Krystle:  You gave Dex NOTHING!!!

Alexis:  How dare you say that to me, Krystle!! 

Krystle:  I dare, Alexis.  Believe me!!  You loved Dex ONLY when it was convenient for you.  He cheated on you with Amanda because…..Oh!  I’m sorry, Alexis…..does the truth hurt?

Alexis:  How dare you!!!

Krystle:  You gave him two years of living hell!!  Whenever you got in trouble, it was always Dex to rescue and every time he rescued from one thing or another, you turned on him.  Dex was a good person and he deserved to be loved, but not YOUR brand of love.  After a while, Dex got tired of it and saw you for what you really are and thank God he did!!  Somehow, I knew your being nice to me at Dex’s funeral was too good to be true.

Alexis:  I’m not going to sit idly by and watch you inherit a good portion of Dex’s estate.  I expect to be given what I deserve.

Krystle:  I was married to him longer than you were, Alexis.  I’m just abiding by what the will says.

Alexis:  We’ll see about that, Krystle.  I’ll take you and your precious family to court and I will fight this will and I…..WILL…..break it!!

Krystle:  We’ll see, Alexis.  Vivian??

Vivian (grabs Alexis by the arm):  All right, Shit Tosser!!  You’ve worn out your welcome.  Let’s go!!

Alexis (struggling to get free):  Let go of me, Vivian!!!  NOW!!!

Vivian (through gritted teeth):  I told you.  I’m nothing like Jeanette.  I am NOT afraid of you and i WILL NOT kow tow to you.  I will go to ANY lengths to protect my family and I WILL NOT let ANY harm come to them, especially from the likes of you…..NOW GET OUT!!!!…..(she then shoves Alexis out the front door)

(THURSDAY afternoon – Patrick and Leslie’s office/Denver Police Commissioner Joe Benson’s office – Denver Police Department Headquarters – 1331 Cherokee Street – Denver, Colorado)

Patrick (on his cell with his feet on his desk while watching the Cardinals/Brewers game on YouTube):  So I guess you heard, Joe.  Some of Adam’s long lost relative have blown in town.

Police Commissioner Joe Benson:  Yeah I heard.  Leslie told me while you were out to sea.  It’s always something with Adam, isn’t it?

Patrick:  Yeah, but you know I want to get to the bottom of this and the only way we’re going to do it is through a DNA Test…..through the blood.  What do you say, Joe?  Can your guys do it?

Commissioner Benson:  Yeah.  We’ll do it for you.  I’d kind of like to know what Chase Torrance’s deal is myself.  I’ll talk to the guys in forensics and we’ll get everything set up.  I’ll let you know when we’re ready to go.  We’ll in touch.

Patrick:  Thanks, Joe.  You’re a real pal…..(almost falls backwards when he sees Paul Goldschmidt hit a home run against the Brewers)…..YES!!!!!  WAY TO GO, GOLDY!!!!!  THAT TIES IT UP AT 5!!!!!

Leslie:  So if the Cards win this one, how many will that be?

Patrick:  That’ll be 12 in a row.

Alexis (comes into Patrick and Leslie’s office and see Patrick with his feet up watching baseball):  Well…well…well…..what a charming scene this is.

Patrick:  What the hell are you doing in here???

Alexis:  I see that while other people are working, you’re lounging around watching…..(looks over at Patrick’s computer screen)…..baseball.

Patrick:  Well…..the way I see it, Alexis…..I am working.  The 5% stake in the St. Louis Cardinals was an investment that Blake made a long time ago.  I’m just checking on our investment to see how we’re doing.

Leslie:  What do you want, Alexis???  Something???

Alexis:  What I want is to know why you set us up on that Ellis County deal.

Patrick:  Alexis.  We now own those fields fair and square.  We did everything above board.  We may have bid a little higher, but in the long run, it was worth it.  The SEC approved our bid package, so, there’s nothing you can do about it.

Leslie:  I want to get with our seismics team at some point.  I want to start drilling as soon as possible.

Patrick:  You know.  I was thinking.  Maybe we could get with John Ross and Krystina and we can go down to Texas and take a look at that field ourselves.

Leslie:  What a wonderful idea.

Alexis:  Oh no!  I want to brought in 

Patrick (shaking his head):  No way!

Alexis:  Well then…..I have something that might make you change your mind.  You, of course, know about the recent purchase of controlling interest in Bullock Marine by your friends at Troxell Industries.

Leslie:  Yes we do.

Patrick:  What about it???

Alexis:  They may have controlling interest in Bullock Marine, but they don’t have ALL of Bullock Marine.

Leslie:  What are you talking about???

Patrick:  What have you done???

Alexis:  Patrick and Leslie, dahling.  I didn’t have to do anything.

Patrick:  What???

Alexis:  That right, dahlings.  There was a 25% block of stock that Sally Bullock decided to hang on to and I am her partner in this new venture, so, if you entertain any hope of shipping any crude oil you produce out of Texas, Sally and I will have a very significant say in that process.

Patrick:  Oh hell no!!

Leslie:  You can pound sand, Alexis!!

Alexis:  Dahlings.  You can either let me in on the Ellis County fields or millions of barrels of Denver-Carrington and Ewing Industries produced crude will just sit in holding tanks.  Your government customers will be awfully disappointed.

Leslie:  You don’t know what you’re talking about, Alexis.  Troxell Enterprises can do with those assets what they see fit even it means breaking the company up into hundreds of pieces.

Patrick:  We’re doing just fine.  We’ve made all of our deliveries to our government customers on time EVERY time and, again, the SEC has already approved our purchase and there’s not thing one you can do about it.

Leslie:  You can see yourself out, Alexis!

Alexis:  This is not over!!  You can bet on that!!

Patrick:  Get out!!

(FRIDAY morning – Headquarters, United States Fleet Forces Command – Naval Station Norfolk – Norfolk, Virginia)

Admiral Christopher W. Grady, USN: Pat. Mr. Jennings. Mr. Cox. I read Captain Farrell’s report.  You are all to be congratulated for your actions in the Caribbean.

Patrick:  Thank you, Chris.

Patrick, Jr.:  Thank you, Sir.

Milton:  Thank you, Sir.

Admiral Grady: Chief Warrant Officer Cox.  I am impressed with I have heard about the performance of the Deveraux Weapons System.  I’m just glad we haven’t had reason to use it in a combat situation.

Milton:  As am I, but, with all due respect, Sir.  We almost did.

Admiral Grady:  I understand that, Mr. Cox.  I would, in the not too distant future, like to see for myself what your weapons system can do.

Milton:  Absolutely.  It would be my pleasure.  Just say the word, Sir.

Admiral Grady:  Thank you, Mr. Cox.  I will probably be taking you up on that.  Mr. Jennings.  We now come to you.

Patrick, Jr.:  Sir?

Admiral Grady:  Mr. Jennings.  I want to commend you on your actions in CIC aboard the San Jac.  From what I understand, you were an indispensable aid to your father.

Patrick, Jr.:  Thank you, Sir.  Always ready to do my part when called upon, Sir.

Admiral Grady:  That you are, Lieutenant.  And, finally, Pat.  We come to you.  You are to be congratulated for your actions in going to General Quarters.  You made a command decision and you acted quickly and decisively and with honor.

Patrick:  Thank you, Sir.  I couldn’t have gotten through it without the officers and crew of the USS San Jacinto (CG-56)

Admiral Grady:  Duly noted, Pat.  I’m going to follow through on your recommendation.  I’m going to recommend the officers and crew of the USS San Jacinto (CG-56) for the Navy Achievement Medal.  In addition, I am recommending you for the Navy Cross.  Pat.  I understand this will be a second awarding for you.

Patrick:  Yes, Sir.  It will.

Admiral Grady:  Very well.  Lieutenant Jennings.  Chief Warrant Officer Cox.  I am recommending you both for the Navy Distinguished Service Medal.

Patrick, Jr.:  Thank you, Sir.

Milton:  Thank you, Sir.

Admiral Grady:  In addition, I will make recommendation to First Sea Lord in London that Commodore Cedric Parkhurst be awarded the George Cross.

Patrick:  Thank you, Sir.  I’m sure Commodore Parkhurst will be pleased.

Admiral Grady:  Very well.  Congratulations again, Gentlemen.

(MONDAY evening – Room 912 – the Brown Palace Hotel – 321 17th Street – Denver, Colorado)

Jeremy Hubbard:…..and it was through meticulous research of vital records that the claim made by Catherine Torrance that she is indeed Adam Colby’s widow was found to be legitimate, which made any subsequent marriages that he would enter into null and void. The claims of the Torrance offspring will or will not be validated following the release of DNA Test results. The test to be conducted at a date and time yet to be determined. In other news…..

Harper Perez (turns off the TV):  So…..Chase Torrance.  Grammy Award winning country singer and pro rodeo rider is the nephew…..of Steven Carrington???  Finally, I have my chance for revenge against that family for what they did to me.  I’ll get them all.  Carringtons.  Colbys.  All  of them.  They’ll regret what they’ve done to me.  They haven’t heard the last of Harper Perez.  I’ll get even with them.  I’ll get even with all of them if it’s the last thing I do!!  




















Episode #816: Dex’s Will -Part II



  • Patrick and Leslie, along with Ray and Sarah, return to Colorado from Wyoming with Krystle and Dex’s dogs Lucky and Trixie who will be living at the mansion.
  • At Troxell Enterprises, Moses Kimball calls his son Darrell into his office to discuss the possibility of a major acquisition.
  • While most of the Ewings have decided to return to Texas, Krystina, John Ross and Chip Ewing and Danny McCarty elect to stay in Colorado a little while longer.
  • Danny McCarty makes a surprise decision regarding his future with the United States Air Force.
  • In a meeting in the Colorado offices of Ewing Industries between Denver-Carrington, Ewing Industries and Troxell Enterprises, the future of Bullock Marine is a key topic of discussion.
  • The three companies then come together on a new logistics agreement.
  • Blake Carrington’s living children are called to the Denver-Carrington offices for a meeting with Alexis to discuss her recent actions in the Caribbean.
  • The reading of Dex’s last Will and Testament is about to begin as a not entirely welcome arrival shows up at the Denver-Carrington offices.

Scene:  FLASHBACK – Monday morning September 13, 2021 – Jackie Deveraux-Carrington Hastings’ office – Titania Records – Denver-Carrington Center – 1954 Blake Carrington Plaza – Denver, Colorado…..

Michelle Deveraux Herzog (comes into Jackie’s office):  Hello, Mother…..it’s been a long time.

Jackie (doing some paperwork)…..I’m sorry, but I’m really…..(oblivious as she looks up from her paperwork)…..oh my God!  Michelle!!!

Michelle:  So you do remember me.

Jackie:  Of course I do, darling, but……what are you doing here in Denver?

Michelle:  I’m here with my husband David.

Jackie:  I heard you got married about ten years ago.  I was sorry to hear about your grandparents’ passing.

Michelle:  You remember that Father sent me to live to live with them just before he died.  Then about seven years ago, Grandmother died and about three years ago, Grandfather died.

Jackie:  So what are you doing here in Denver?

Michelle:  David and I were asked to be here for the reading of Dex Dexter’s will.  Well…..David was really, but he asked me to come with him.

Jackie:  I don’t understand.  How come?

Michelle:  I can’t really tell you that, Mother, but we will talk some more after the reading.  I’ll be in touch.

Jackie (hugs her daughter):  Bye bye, darling.

([BACK IN THE PRESENT] TUESDAY morningDenver-Carrington Main Conference RoomDenver-Carrington Center 1954 Blake Carrington PlazaDenver, Colorado)

Jay Fallmont (looks over at Alexis and Sable as he sense they are about to go at each other):  AS I WAS SAYING!!  If everybody would take their seats, we can begin.  Before we go any further, Dex’s estate has appointed me as its executor.

David Herzog (comes in as Patrick has his back to him and uses an old CIA recognition code):  I’ll check in the back.

Patrick (recognizing the code):  Got any…..Pastrami?…..(turns and recognizes his old colleague)……Oh my God!  Dave!!  Dave Herzog!!!…..(gives him a hug)…..how the hell are you, you old son of a bitch??

Dave:  It’s been a long time, Pat.

Leslie:  Dave!  How have you been?

Dave:  Hello, Leslie.  Pat and Leslie I think you know, but everybody else, I’d like you to meet my wife Michelle.

Leslie:  Hello, Michelle.  It great to see you again.

Patrick:  Captain.

Michelle:  I beg your pardon, Admiral Jennings, but it’s Major now.

Patrick:  I see.  Well then I guess congratulations are an order, Major Herzog.

Leslie:  So.  Dave.  Michelle.  What brings you here for the reading of Dex’s will?

Jay:  I’m sorry, Boss and Boss Lady, but I’m afraid that’s partially my responsibility.  Dex left a set of sealed instructions that were to be opened after his death and among those instructions were that Dave and Michelle were to be present at the will reading.

Sable (looks incredulously at the Herzogs):  I don’t know who the hell you are nor do I know why in God’s name you here.

Dave:  That’s really none of your concern.

Michelle (looks incredulously at Alexis):  You must Alexis Colby.

Alexis:  Yes, dear.  I am.  How in the world did you know that?

Michelle:  Let’s just say I know about some of the people you’ve dealt with in the past.  Just a word of friendly advice.  If you know what’s good for you, I am one person you do not want to cross.

Alexis (feeling humbled):  I see…..(she then sits down)

Michelle (looks at Krystle and takes her hand):  Hello.  You must be Krystle.

Krystle: Yes I am.  And you are?

Michelle:  My name is Michelle Herzog and this is my husband David.  We’re very sorry for your loss.  Dex was a good friend of ours.

Krystle:  How do you know him?

David:  Let’s just say that he needed our help a few times and we were more than happy to oblige.

Sammy Jo (sees Michelle and immediately recognizes her):  Michelle??  Michelle Deveraux??  I haven’t seen you since Milan about six years ago.

Michelle:  It has been a long time, Sammy Jo.

Sammy Jo (motions for Steven):  Steven.  I’d like you to meet Michelle Deveraux.  Michelle and I modeled together in Milan for a brief period.

Steven:  It’s nice to meet you, Michelle.  Deveraux.  You wouldn’t be related to my Aunt Dominique Deveraux by any chance.

Michelle:  As a mater of fact, I am.  Dominique Deveraux is my grandmother.  I’m Jackie’s daughter…..(audible gasps can be heard from everyone in the room)

Alexis (with a look of astonishment):  Oh my God!

Jay:  Sam.  Rosalind.  Thank you for coming.

Sam:  Jay.

Rosalind Parkhurst Dexter (takes Krystle’s hand in hers):  Krystle.  How are you?  Are you all right?

Krystle:  I’m fine.  Thank you both for being here.

Rosalind Parkhurst Dexter:  Sam and I can’t thank you enough for the wedding reception you had for us at the mansion it was quite lovely.

Krystle:  Sam.  I’m just glad your dad lived long enough to see you get married.

Sam:  It meant a lot, Krystle and I’m glad you were both able to be a part of it.

Sable:  Hello, Samuel dahling!

Sam:  Mother.

Sable (looks incredulously at Rosalind Parkhurst):  Oh!…..and what may I ask are you doing here???

Rosalind Parkhurst Dexter:  Not that it’s any of your business, Sable, but Sam asked me to be here with him.

Sable:  I see.  Well…..I suppose…..if you must…..then…..you must.

Rosalind Parkhurst Dexter (looks at Sable with a sneer):  That awfully decent of you…..(then looks at her husband)…..I don’t understand either one of them.  Neither her nor Grandmother.  They’re both so horrible.

Sam:  I quite agree, dahling, but, unfortunately, they’re family and I guess the meddling comes with territory.

Miles (comes in with Rosalind Colby):  Hello, Jay.  You said I should be here?

Jay;  I did, Miles.  Thank you for coming.  Hello, Rosalind.

Rosalind Colby;  Hello, Jason…..(sees Krystle and takes her hands in hers)…..Oh, Krystle!  I’m so dreadfully sorry for your loss.  How are you holding up?

Krystle:  I’m doing fine, Rosalind.  Everybody has been very supportive and without them, I don’t know what I’d do…..(looks first at Rosalind and then at Miles)…..and thank you both for being here.

Miles:  It was our pleasure, Krystle.  Since he is the executor of Dex’s estate, Jay asked me to be here.

Rosalind Colby:  Miles asked me to come with him.  Krystle.  If there’s anything I can do, please, don’t hesitate to let me know.  In a lot of ways, Dex was just like Blake.  He was a good and decent man, which makes me wonder why he would have ever married Alexis.

Krystle:  Well…..despite her faults, they must have loved her at some point.

Rosalind Colby:  I suppose you’re right.  Again…..if there’s anything I can ever do for you, please, don’t hesitate to let me know.

Krystle:  Of course I will, Rosalind…..(hugs Rosalind)…..and thank you.

Alexis (comes over to where Krystle and Rosalind):  Well…well…well…..what a touching scene this is.

Krystle:  Alexis.

Alexis:  And what may I ask are you doing here…..cousin???

Rosalind Colby:  If you really must know, Miles was asked to be here by Dex’s estate and he asked me to come along with him.  Now, Alexis.  If you don’t mind, I will thank you to not butt into my affairs.

Fallon:  Hello, Krystle.  I’m not sure if we were supposed to be here or not, but Jeff and I really wanted to be here for you.

Jeff:  Patrick and Leslie have something else they want to talk to me about as well, but it doesn’t have anything to do with Dex’s estate.

Krystle:  I understand, Jeff.  It really means a lot to have both of you here.

Alexis (sees her daughter):  Hello, Fallon, dahling.

Fallon:  I have nothing to say to you, Mother!  Stay away from me!!

Jeff:  You just don’t get the message.  Do you, Alexis?

Krystle (shaking her head):  God help you, Alexis.

Jay:  Excuse me, everybody, but if you all would take a seat, we can get started.

(MEANWHILE – Miranda’s outer office – Denver-Carrington Center – 1954 Blake Carrington Plaza – Denver, Colorado/Elena Ramos’ office – Westar Oil Company, Inc. – Bank of America Plaza – 901 Main Street – Dallas, Texas )

Miranda (answers her phone):  Good morning.  Denver-Carrington.  Patrick and Leslie Jennings office.  

Elena:  Hello, Cousin.

Miranda:  Elena???  What can I do for you??

Elena:  You can tell me where your bosses are.  I want to talk to them and I want to talk to them now!!

Miranda:  I’m sorry to disappoint you, Elena, but Patrick and Leslie are at a will reading right now.

Elena:  Yes.  I heard that Dex Dexter died, but you tell your bosses for me that we want to get this situation in Texas settled right now.

Miranda:  You know.  You’re really something else, Cousin.  That family just lost somebody very important to them and the only thing you can think about is how you can stick it to Denver-Carrington and Ewing Industries.  I’m really disappointed that you decided to cast your lot with the Dragon Lady.

Elena:  And who may I ask is the Dragon Lady?

Miranda:  Alexis Colby.  I still can’t believe you’re siding with her, Elena.  I though you were smarter that that.

Elena:  Who I do business with is none of your business.

Miranda:  It is when it concerns Patrick and Leslie.  They’re not only my bosses, but they’re my friends.

Elena:  Well…..you just let your…..friends…..know that I will be in Colorado next week and we’re going to get this situation settled as soon as possible.  I’ll be in touch…..Cousin!!

Miranda:  Whatever!!…..(hangs up her phone loudly)

(A FEW MINUTES LATER – Patrick and Leslie’s office – Emily and Patrick, Jr. are filling in for their parents in the office)

Miranda (comes into the office):  Guys?  Do you have a minute?

Emily:  Of course, Miranda.  What is it?

Miranda:  I just got off the phone with my cousin Elena Ramos.

Patrick, Jr.:  Oh yeah?  What did she have to say?

Miranda:  Basically what she said was that she and Alexis still want to have this little pow wow with us and it’s going to happen next week.  Before you guys ask, I didn’t divulge any important information either.

Emily:  We know know you didn’t, Miranda.  We trust you.

Patrick, Jr.:  We feel the same way that our parents do.  This company wouldn’t be able to function properly without you.

Miranda:  I appreciate that, guys.  It means a lot to hear you say that.  I can’t wait to see the look on Alexis’ face when she and my cousin find out what we’re REALLY up to.  Thanks for listening, guys.

Emily:  That’s not a problem.  You know you can come to any of us at any time.

Miranda:  Thanks, guys.  I’ll get a hold of the Ewings and let them know that they need to be up here in full force next week.

Patrick, Jr.:  Thanks, Miranda.

(MEANWHILE – back in the Denver-Carrington Main Conference Room)

Jay:  OK.  If we could continue.  Let’s look at the ownership structure of the company known as Colby/Dexter International, LLC.  The company shall now and hereafter remain known as Colby/Dexter International, LLC.  However, changes are being made in the ownership structure of the company.  By an agreement made between Dex and Miles Colby prior to Dex’s death, ownership in the company is to be divided as follows:  40% will be held by Miles Colby.  40% will be held by Samuel Farnsworth Dexter II.  20% will be held by Miles’ son Sebastian Baldwin Colby.  After the death of Miles Colby, 50% ownership will be held by Sam Dexter II and Sebastian Colby,    Now we come to the bequests.  The bulk of Dex Dexter’s personal estate, which is worth some $1.75 Billion, will be divided equally between Dex’s widow Krystle Carrington Dexter and his son Samuel Farnsworth Dexter II.  Now.  Since title to the Carrington mansion at 173 Wessex Drive in Golden Colorado was deeded to Krystle by her previous husband Blake Carrington, title to the Dexter homestead and ranch just outside of Laramie, Wyoming will be deeded to his son Samuel Farnsworth Dexter II.  Next.  $50 Million will be placed in trust for any future offspring of Samuel Farnsworth Dexter II and his wife Rosalind Parkhurst Dexter.  Plus, an endowment of $10 will be made to the College of Mining and Engineering Sciences of the University of Wyoming, formerly known as the Wyoming School of Mines, in Laramie, Wyoming.  Another donation of $10 Million will be made in the name of the Estate of Farnsworth Dexter to the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Denver.  Now, in accordance with the wishes of Mr. Dexter’s estate, smaller bequests will be made to the Children of Blake Carrington:  Fallon-Carrington Colby, Steven Daniel Carrington, Sr., Amanda Carrington Parkhurst and Raymond Oliver Carrington.  These bequests total some $5 Million each.  Smaller bequests of $5 Million each will also be made to the children of Krystle Carrington Dexter:  Vice Admiral Patrick Carrington Jennings, USNR and Krystina Carrington Ewing.  In addition, smaller bequests will be made by Mr. Dexter’s estate to the following individuals:  Mr. Nicholas Kimball, Brigadier General Jeffrey Broderick Colby, USAFR (ret.), Mrs. Samantha Josephine Reece Carrington, Mrs. Leslie Carrington Jennings, Commodore Cedric Percival Parkhurst, RRN, Sarah Owens Carrington and, finally, to his good friend and old comrade in arms David Herzog.  These bequests also totaling some $5 Million each.  And, finally, we come to Sabella Scott Colby and Alexis Morell Carrington Colby.  I have been instructed to read the following message from Mr. Dexter’s estate and it is addressed to the both of you.  Sable because of your selfish actions in not allowing our child to get to know his father and Alexis because of your selfish actions regarding your treatment of our relationship and your constant taking advantage of me, you have BOTH been deemed by this estate to be persons of less than worthy character.  It is, therefore, the judgement of this estate that you each be awarded the sum of One Dollar…..(a mixture of gasps and laughter can be heard)

Sable (taken aback);  What???  Oh no!!  This will NOT do!!!   You’re not going to put one over on me!!

Alexis (looking up):  Oh no, Dex!!  You’re not going to get away with this.  I’ll see to it that this travesty of a will is broken.

Jay:  Before we adjourn, there’s just one more thing.  It is the wish of Mr. Dexter’s estate that Vice Admiral Patrick Carrington Jennings be appointed as Chief Witness to the proceedings that have just concluded here.  Boss?  Will you accept?

Patrick:  I accept with MUCH pleasure.

Jay (hands Patrick a pen):  Thank you, Boss…..(points to a line near the bottom of the document)…..now…..if you will just sign here…..(Patrick signs on the witness line)…..thank you.  This last Will and Testament of Farnsworth Samuel Dexter will be filed with the Probate Court forthwith!…..(Jay then sticks the document in his briefcase)

Alexis (tries to stop Jay as he leaves):  Oh don’t think you’re going to get away with this, Mr. Fallmont!!  I will fight it!!

Jay (shaking his head):  Sorry, Alexis!  You’re too late!  These proceedings were conducted in a fair and timely manner and the document has already been witnessed.  So, there’s not thing one you can do about it.  Now.  If you’ll excuse me…..(he then leaves the room)  

Alexis (shaking her fists as she looks up):  OH!!!!!  DAMN YOU, DEX!!!!!  DAMN…..YOU!!!!!

(WEDNESDAY Morning – Patrick and Leslie’s office – Denver-Carrington Center – 1954 Blake Carrington Plaza – Denver, Colorado

Miranda;  Guys.  I have Catherine and Chase Torrance and a Mrs. Abigail Torrance Stevenson, Esquire and a Mr. Gerald Stevenson, Esquire here to see you.

Patrick:  Oh shit!!  No sense putting off the inevitable.  Send them in.

Miranda:  Yes, Patrick.  You all can go in now.

Leslie:  Nice time for you all to be showing up (Catherine, Chase and Abigail Torrance Stevenson and Gerald Stevenson all come into the office)…..you’ll have to forgive us, but we just lost a very dear member of our family.

Catherine Torrance:  Yes.  I saw on the news that Mr. Dexter was dead.  So what were the terms of his will?

Patrick:  That’s really no concern of yours!!  You’re really a frigging nosy botch, aren’t you??? My wife told me you were here a few weeks ago.

Chase Torrance:  Yes we were.  We were expecting to see you here.

Patrick (raises his eyebrows and looks over the top of his reading glasses):  Excuse me?  Chase Torrance.  I know you are.  Country and Western Singer.  Pro Rodeo Cowboy.  I’ve seen you on ESPN2 a few times.

Chase Torrance:  My mother and I were hoping see you when we were here last.

Patrick:  I’m sorry I couldn’t be at your beck and call, but I was in the Caribbean doing my annual two weeks active duty with the Navy.

Catherine Torrance:  If you don’t mind my asking, what were you doing down there.

Patrick:  I do mind!  That’s really no concern of yours either!  That’s classified!!

Chase Torrance:  There is something I’d like to discuss with you concerned my father’s other son Jesse.

Patrick:  Well that’s just too damn bad!  That will have to wait.  We have more pressing things we need to be dealing with right now.

Leslie (sees Abigail Torrance Stevenson and her husband Gerald Stevenson):  I’m sorry we haven’t been properly introduced…..and you are?

Abigail Torrance Stevenson:  Oh.  I’m sorry.  My name is Abigail Mikaela Torrance.  I’m an acquisitions attorney with Stevenson and Stevenson of Beverly Hills, California.

Patrick (looks at Gerald Stevenson):  Let me guess.  You must be the other half of Stevenson and Stevenson.

Gerald Stevenson:  That’s right.  I’m Gerald Stevenson.  I’m an entertainment lawyer, but I also happen to be Chase’s agent.

Patrick:  I see…..(hears his phone ringing and sees ED MCCORMICK coming up on his caller ID)…..excuse me, but I need to take this.

Leslie:  Now let me see if I have this right.  You and Adam or Michael or whatever he was calling himself at the time were married in Canaan, Connecticut on June 2, 1980 and……(alternately wagging her finger between Chase and Abigail)…..you two…..were born…..when?

Abigail Stevenson:  Chase and I were born on December 22, 1980.

Leslie:  You’re twins!!

Patrick (in another corner of the room):  OK, Ed.  What do you have for me?

Ed McCormick:  OK, Pat.  I’m not going to beat around the bush, so, here it is.  I ran a check on Connecticut marriage records.  Adam did marry one Catherine Michelson in Canaan, Connecticut on June 2, 1980.  They were married by a Justice of the Peace named Winston Graves.  However, Winston Graves died on September 6, 1981. 

Patrick:  OK.  So her story checks out. 

Ed McCormick:  There’s more, Pat.

Patrick:  Can wait to hear this.

Ed McCormick:  I’ve run checks of divorced records in Vegas, Reno, Mexico, the Caribbean, everywhere.  No record of any divorce being filed anywhere.  The only thing I can figure is that the divorce paperwork was either lost or never filed in the first place.

Patrick:  Holy Shit!!  That makes Adam a multiple bigamist and his other marriages null and void.  Claudia Blaisdel and Kirby Anders are both dead.  Dana Waring is now Dana Waring Colby.  Hmmmmm…..Adrianna Carlucci.  She makes enough money in her own right.  But still…..that means that all of Adam’s marriage decrees aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on.

Ed McCormick:  That’s right.

Patrick:  Well……they’re probably not worth the paper they’re printed on anyway because Adam was never who he claimed to be anyway.  There’s also the matter of two children.  What do you know?

Ed McCormick:  OK.  Catherine Torrance did give birth to fraternal twins on December 22, 1980 at Yale New Haven Hospital in New Haven, Connecticut.  The first was a boy.  Chase Michael Torrance.  The second was a girl.  Abigail Mikaela Torrance.  Born the same day, but five minutes later.  There’s one thing, though.  Catherine gave them Adam’s then-last name, but she listed the father as unknown.  I found that out by running a check with the Connecticut Department of Public Health in Hartford.

Patrick:  So the bottom line is that in order for this woman’s claim to hold water, both Chase Torrance and Abigail Stevenson are going to have to submit to DNA Testing.

Ed McCormick:  That’s correct, Pat.

Patrick:  What can I say, Ed?  Outstanding work as per usual.

Catherine Torrance:  So what was that call about, Admiral Jennings.

Patrick:  I had some people do some checking.  Your marriage to Adam was legit and your story about the divorce papers never being filed also checks out.  We couldn’t find any record of a decree of divorce anywhere.  Apparently, your hubby never filed the proper paperwork.

Leslie:  Which means that his marriages to Claudia, Dana, Kirby and Adrianna are all null and void.

Patrick:  That’s right.  But, I’ve said the best for last.  It concerns Chase and Abigail.

Gerald Stevenson:  What about them??

Patrick:  Well…..it seems that you listed their father on their birth certificates as Unknown.  You don’t believe me, you can call the Connecticut Department of Public Health in Hartford and ask them yourself.

Catherine Torrance;  You son of a bitch!!!

Leslie:  So I guess the only way we’re going to find out the truth about Chase and Abigail Torrance is by having them submit to DNA Testing.

Catherine Torrance:  Over my dead body!!

Leslie:  Careful, Catherine.  No matter what you try.  No matter what kind of shit you pull, you will never be able to slip anything by us,  We have ways of finding things out.  So, take my advice and don’t try it.

Catherine Torrance:  You’ll never get away with this!!

Patrick:  Oh yes we will!!

Abigail Torrance Stevenson:  Mom!  We want to know the truth about our father.  So what do we need to do, Admiral Jennings?

Chase:   Do we need to do one of those cheek swab things?

Patrick:  When the Denver PD did a comparative DNA Analysis on Adam’s corpse, the body had to be exhumed because the results of the first autopsy were incorrect.  After the second autopsy, which proved to correct, the DNA Test was done done on a sample of Adam’s tissue.  A sample of Blake Carrington’s tissue did not match, but a sample from Cecil Colby’s did.

Abigail:  Oh my God!

Patrick:  Adam’s body will be exhumed and and you both WILL submit to the proper DNA Test.  That being a test conducted through the blood.  It’s the most accurate test there is.  The cheek swab method is very unreliable.  If the sample isn’t stored properly, bacteria can come into contact with it and it will cause an inaccurate reading.  Don’t worry.  I have friends and we can get you a fast turnaround.  Maybe in as little as two hours.

Catherine Torrance:  You’re serious!!!

Patrick:  I’m VERY serious!!

Leslie:  We’re going to get to the bottom of this A.S.A.P and we WILL find out whether or not your story holds water.

Patrick:  Otherwise, your asses will thrown in jail for fraud…..(looks angrily at Catherine Torrance)…..you as the perpetrator of the fraud…..(looks at Chase Torrance, Abigail Torrance Stevenson and Gerald Stevenson)…..and you three as accessories to three fraud.

Catherine Torrance:  You wouldn’t dare!!!

Patrick:  Oh yes we would!!!!  One fast call to a District Court judge I know and we’ll have a case built up and your butts in the hoosegow.  So what’s it going to be??

Chase Torrance:  I’ll do it.

Abigail Torrance Stevenson:  Me too.

Leslie (looks at Gerald):  And what do you think about this?

Gerald Stevenson:  Yes.  I think they should.

Patrick (looks at Catherine):  It’s all up to you.  There’s one thing.  They don’t do this and you all get thrown in jail for fraud, that will mean that your son’s career will go right down the sewer.

Catherine Torrance (knowing that Patrick and Leslie have her dead to rights):  It looks as though I don’t have a choice, do i?

Leslie (shaking her head):  No you don’t.

Patrick:  All right then!  We’ll get you all set up and we’ll let you know when we’re ready to conduct the tests.  In the meantime, there will be NO more business conducted between us until this issue is resolved.  Do I make myself clear??

Catherine Torrance:  Yes.

Chase Torrance:  Yes.

Abigail Torrance Stevenson:  Yes.

Gerald Stevenson:  Yes.

Patrick:  Very well!!  I’d say…..for now…..our business here is concluded.  You can see yourselves out.

(FRIDAY morning – Elena Ramos’ office – Westar Oil Company, Inc – Bank of America Plaza – 901 Main Street – Dallas, Texas/Alexis’ office – Morell Enterprises, Inc. – Granite Tower – 1090 18th Street – Denver, Colorado)

Elena:  Well, Alexis.  I’ve cleared my schedule for the first part of next week.  I will be in Denver on Monday and we can meet with Denver-Carrington and Ewing Industries first thing Tuesday morning.

Alexis:  Oh!  That’s wonderful, Elena dahling!  After Tuesday, there will be a new player in the energy business in Texas, which will be most unpleasant news for all concerned at Denver-Carrington and Ewing Industries.  Soon, dear.  We will BOTH have our revenge.




















Episode #815: Dex’s Will


Just after Patrick and Patrick, Jr. get home from Naval Reserve duty, the Ewings arrive at the mansion after having been told about Dex’s death.

Alexis hears about Dex’s death when she watches the KDVR evening news and decides to go to the mansion and then encounters Krystle, Fallon and Cecily Parkhurst who are not entirely happy to see her.

While discussing funeral arrangement, Patrick and Leslie announce that they are driving to Wyoming to get Krystle and Dex’s dogs who are being brought to the mansion to live and Ray and Sarah Carrington volunteer to go with them.

In the wake of Aristea Brady and Meagan O’Halloran’s departures from the Fox 31 News Team, Ray announces that Raeanne with be covering Dex’s funeral as a beat reporter.

Milton and Sandra Cox come to the mansion to offers their condolences to the family and Patrick and Milton discuss arrangements for a caisson to transport Dex’s body to its final resting place since Dex was a Medal of Honor winner.

Cardinal McGrath says Dex’s funeral Mass at St. Laurence O’Toole Catholic Church in Laramie, Wyoming and Patrick, Milton, Jeff, Nick, Steven and Dex’s son Sam serve as pallbearers. 

The Dexter family’s Lutheran pastor offers a prayer as Dex is laid to rest in the family plot on the Dexter Ranch and a volley is fired in his honor.

Scene:  Sunday morning – The front entrance hall of the Carrington mansion – 173 Wessex Drive Golden, Colorado…..

Patrick (helping Ray bring the dogs in): Listen, man. I can’t thank you and Sarah enough for driving up to Laramie with us.

Leslie:  Seriously.  We really enjoyed the company

Sarah:  So did we.  It was our pleasure.  Believe me.

Leslie:  Raeanne did such a great job on that report from the funeral.

Ray:  She really did and I hope she comes to work for her old dad at the station and before you guys say anything, I’m not pressure her into anything and I’m not going to hire just because she’s my daughter.  I’m going to hire her because I think she qualified.

Patrick:  That’s good, man.  Listen.  Next Weekend, why don’t bring Jupiter, Juno and Minerva over to mansion and, that way, all seven dogs will have a chance to run together.  Danny and Jessica’s dog Crosby still lives here from time to time.  Maybe we’ll have a family cookout for Patriot Day.

Ray:  I might just do that.

Sarah:  God!  I still can’t believe Dex is gone.

Leslie:  I know.  We’ll see you guys next weekend.

Patrick:  Hey!  Listen, Ray!  We’re having a little pow wow with Alexis Thursday morning.  Steven, Sammy Jo, Fallon, Jeff, Amanda and Ced are going to be there.  You’re a Denver-Carrington Board member.  I’d like you to be there too.

Ray (nodding his head):  You know what?  I’ll be there.

Krystle (comes into the entrance hall and sees Lucky and Trixie): There’s mommy’s little babies. I’ve missed you both so much.  Patrick.  Thank you so much for going up and getting them.

Patrick:  We were glad to do it, Mom…..(sees Abby and Roxie coming into the hallway)

Krystle:  You think they’ll be OK being in the same house with each other?

Patrick:  We’ve brought Abby with us to Wyoming before, Mom.  Remember?

Leslie:  It’ll be fine, Krystle.  Abby and Roxie encounter other dogs whenever Ray and Sarah come over here.

Krystle:  I was just going to ask.  Are Ray and Sarah coming next Saturday?

Patrick:  They are and I was going to say that one thing Lucky and Trixie will have here that they had in Wyoming is plenty of space on which to run.  We’ve got that pond on the back forty.  They’re Labs.  They’ll love it…..(watches as Abby seems to accept Lucky and Trixie)

Krystle (sees the cat not being afraid of the new arrivals):  It seems that Roxie is accepting them.

Patrick:  She is.  It’ll be fine……(claps his hands together)…..All right!!  Abby!!  Lucky!!  Trixie!!  Let’s go!!  Outside!!…..(he then leads them through the kitchen and out the dog door, which leads to the back of the mansion property)

(Monday morning – Moses Kimball’s office – Troxell Enterprises – 633 17th Street – Denver, Colorado)

Moses Kimball:  Ah, son!  Please!  Come in.

Darrell Kimball:  You wanted to see me, Dad?

Moses:  I did.  I wanted to talk to you about the expansion of our tanker fleet.  I didn’t know if you were aware of this, but Denver-Carrington and Ewing industries are scaling back on their tanker operations.

Darrell:  I heard something about that.  It’s not because they’re in any trouble, but they’re just devoting more of their resources to oil exploration and production.  Lillian and I talked about this with Pat and Leslie and we’ve come to a tentative agreement about Denver-Carrington handing more of their shipping business over to us.

Moses:  We’ve had our logistics agreement with Denver-Carrington in place for going on three years now and I, for one, am very happy with the way things have worked out between both parties.

Darrell:  So am I, Dad.   Both of our companies have made money hand over fist on this deal and Troxell Enterprises has record years in both 2019 and 2020.

Moses:  Yes we have and we have a record surplus in our budget because of it, which brings me to what I wish to discuss with you.

Darrell:   That being?

Moses:  What do you know about Bullock Marine out of Galveston, Texas?

Darrell:  I know Sally Bullock has done a lot of business with Venezuela in the past and she entered into another deal down there with Alexis Colby.

Moses:  And what , if I may ask, is the status of that deal?

Darrell:  Well…..that deal went belly up because the tanker that Sally Bullock sent down to Venezuela was stopped on the high seas by the US Navy, so, it never reached its destination.  Bottom line, Dad?  The oil that was being pumped out of the bottom of Lake Maracaibo won’t be making it to China.

Moses:  So I’ve heard.  I’ve also heard that Bullock Marine’s stock is plummeting.  I want that company.  I’d like to see if there’s an opportunity for us to buy enough common and preferred stock to initiate a hostile takeover.

Darrell:  Of course, Dad.  I’ll get Dewayne on it.

Moses:  Good.  Now.  Farnsworth Dexter’s brother.  What is his name again and is he still a member of the Securities and Exchange Commission?

Darrell:  You mean Alex.  Yes he is.  Believe it or not, he was approached by President Biden about becoming Chairman, but he turned it down and decided to just serve out the remainder of his term.  Still.  I think he’d be receptive to what  we have in mind.

Moses  Good.  I know that right now, Farnsworth’s family is going through a period of mourning.  After an appropriate period of time has passed, I’d like you to speak to him and see what we can do to speed things up.

Darrell:  Right, Dad.  When the time comes, I’ll get Patrick Jennings to come with me.  He is the expert when it comes to dealing with government officials.

Moses:  Good.  I think Patrick Jennings should be brought up to speed on what is going on.  I’ll leave you it.

Darrell:  Thanks, Dad.

(TUESDAY evening – the library of the Carrington mansion)

Leslie:  So I guess the rest of the family is going back to Southfork.

John Ross:  For now…..yeah!

Patrick:  But they are coming back at some point, correct?

Krystina:  Yeah, but John Ross and I need to stay, Big Brother.  I’d really like to be here for Mom.

Patrick:  I understand that, Sissy.  Mom’s really going to need us these next few days.

Chip (comes over with Danny McCarty);  That goes for us too.  We’re stayin’.

Leslie:  Are you guys sure?  We thought you were going back to Arkansas.

Chip:  We thought about it, but we wanna be here for Krystle.  She’s always been kind of a second Momma to me, especially when I was interning for Blake in High school.

Patrick:  Danny.  Thank you too for staying.  When the time comes, we’re going to need all the help we can get.

Leslie:  Alexis and Elena Ramos are going to come at us with both barrels.  We want to make sure we’re lawyered up.

Danny McCarty:  I’ll  Help you guys out any way I can even if one of you is Navy.

Patrick:  Thanks, Flyboy.

Danny McCarty:  Oh!  Speaking of flyboys.  I was offered a transfer to the JAG Corps of the Space Force, but it would have meant that I would have had to leave Arkansas, so, I turned it down.  I’m leaving active duty and staying in the Air Force Reserves.  I’m joining Ewing Industries to become their new point man on defense contracts effective 1 January of 2022.

Patrick:  That’s outstanding, Danny.  The Air Force’s loss is Ewing Industries’ gain.

Danny McCarty:  Thanks, Pat.

Chip:  We’ve also got Alec Lightwood-Bane coming up here, so, we’ll definitely be lawyered up.  I want us to be ready just in case that bitch, Alexis decides to try and pull a fast one on us.

Krystina:  I’ve got a feeling that Alexis and Elena Ramos are bringing their best as well.

Patrick:  If their best includes that idiot son of Jacques Piers, Jacques Piers, Jr., then I wouldn’t worry too much.  That brings me to the subject of Sally Bullock.

Krystina:  What about Sally Bullock?

John Ross:  She’s had it in for us since she tried to throw herself at Uncle Bobby and he rejected her.

Danny McCarty:  I heard that Bullock Marine was sending a tanker down to Venezuela to onload one and a half million barrels of crude for shipment to China, but she never reached her destination……(looks over at Patrick with a smile)…..You wouldn’t happen to know anything about that, would you, Admiral Jennings?

Patrick:  I can neither confirm nor deny.

Chip (smiling and nodding his head):  That’s what I figured, Admiral.

Krystina:  What about Sally Bullock’s company?  I heard her stock has been dropping like a stone.

John Ross:  I heard somebody’s makin’ a play for her company, but I don’t know who it is yet.

Leslie:  Well…..that’s what Patrick and I wanted to talk to you guys about.  We know who it is.

Chip:  Well…..I hope it’s somebody we’ll be able to work with.  Are you going to tell us who they are?

Patrick:  I can tell you that they’ll be somebody we’ll be able to work with, but I can’t tell you who they are…..right now.  You’ll meet them tomorrow.

Krystina:  Fair enough.

Leslie:  We’ll be meeting them first thing tomorrow morning in our office.

John Ross:  We’ll be there.

Chip:  Hey wait!  Do y’all mind if we hold that meeting in our office here in Colorado?

Patrick:  No.  Not in the slightest……(looks over at Leslie)…..Babe?

Leslie:  That’s fine.  We’ll see you in your office tomorrow morning.

(WEDNESDAY morning – Ewing Industries offices – Denver-Carrington Center – 1954 Blake Carrington Plaza – Denver, Colorado)

Leslie (coming into the Ewing Industries Office with Patrick): Good morning, everybody.

Krystina:  Good Morning, Cousin.  Good morning, Big Brother.

John Ross:  So, c’mon, Brother-in-Law.  Who are these mystery guests of yours we’re supposed to be havin’ this meeting with?

Patrick:  I told you yesterday you’d be meeting them today.  As a matter of fact, you’ve met them before.  They’ll be here any minute.

Danny McCarty:  I heard somebody bought a massive block of common and preferred Bullock Marine stock this morning.

Chip:  Sally was real stupid to take that company public after Mr. Eugene died and now it’s come back to bite her in the ass.

Patrick:  She got bit in the ass in more ways than one.  Brand new supertanker had to turn around and go back to Galveston empty.

John Ross:  If Uncle Bobby hasn’t found out already, I’d love to see the look on his face when he does.

Krystina:  So where ARE the people we’re supposed to be having this meeting with.

Leslie (sees Moses Kimball coming in followed by Darrell and Lillian):  Here they come now!  I think everybody knows everybody here, so, we can just get right down to it.

Lillian (hugs Leslie):  Hey, girl.  Good morning, everybody.  Miranda said we’d be meeting down here.

Moses (sees Chip with Danny):  Good morning, Charles.  I see you have someone new here with you.  Jasper was a good man, but I know he would have wanted you to get on with your life.

Chip:  I know.  Moses.  Darrell.  Lillian.  I’d like you to meet Lieutenant Colonel Daniel McCarty, Esquire, USAFR.  He’s leaving active duty in January and transferring to the Reserves.  He’ll be joining Ewing Industries as our new point man on defense contracts.

Moses:  It’s a pleasure, young man.

Danny:  Thank you, Moses.  From  what Chip has told me, his grandfather spoke very highly of you.

Moses:  I had a great deal of respect for Lafayette Dyson.  I always knew him to be a good man and a fair man.

Patrick:  OK.  What do all say we get right down to it?

Darrell:  Now.  When trading on the big board opened this morning, I had my son Dwayne buy up as much common and preferred stock as he could

Chip: Bet the powers at be at Westar are gonna go ballistic.

John Ross:  I’d pay to see that, ‘specially that bitch Elena Ramos.

Krystina.  She hasn’t been CEO of Westar for a week and she’s already had a major coup snatched right out from under her nose.

Moses:  Before we go any further.  It is my understanding that Denver-Carrington and Ewing Industries are scaling back their tanker fleets.  Am I right?

Leslie:  That’s right.

Krystina:  Yes.

Darrell:  As of 0900 this morning, Troxell Enterprises now controls 50.1% of the common and preferred stock of Bullock Marine.

Chip:  I’ll be damned!

John Ross:  Hold on!  There’s just one thing.  Denver-Carrington and Ewing Industries are wantin’ to retain their fleet of ice breakin’ cargo ships in the Arctic.

Moses:  I see.

Leslie:  We are in complete agreement with Ewing Industries.  We want to retain our fleet of double acting cargo ships.

Patrick:  And that point is non-negotiable.

Chip (whispers to Patrick):  Thank you, Brother-in-Law

Patrick:  We do want to devote more time and energy to oil and gas exploration and production as well as our interests in the military industrial complex.  However, we were able to make that play in the Arctic at great risk to our lives.  We went through a lot, which is why we want to hang on to it.

Moses;  I can understand that, Patrick.

Chip (looks over at John Ross):  Our daddy has been wantin’ this Arctic play for a long time and now we have it. 

John Ross:  And we wanna honor his memory by hangin’ on to it..

Krystina:  This has something my father Blake has wanted for a long time also.  Moses.  My father’s friendship with your family goes back a long way.  You and he were friends long before he ever even met Nick.

Moses:  Yes.  That’s true.  We were and I can understand your wanting to honor his memory as well.  Patrick.  I knew your father as well and I knew him to be a man of his word and I see a lot of you in him.

Patrick:  Thank you, Moses as you probably know, our joint shipping agreement has made a tremendous amount of money for BOTH our companies, so, if everybody here is in agreement, then it looks like we’ve come to terms. 

Darrell:  Yes we have.  Well played, Shipmate.

Patrick:  Thank you.

Leslie:  Lilian?

Lillian Kimball:  I agree.  Now that we’ve acquired Bullock Marine, I think our companies will be better able to work together.  I can’t wait to see the look on Alexis Colby’s face when she finds out what happened.

Darrell:  Upon SEC approval of the sale, which we expect to be merely a formality, we will be folding our recently acquired assets of Bullock Marine into our own leaving the other 49.9% to be broken up.  This will mean that Bullock Marine will now and forever cease to exist.  We’re going to need to talk to the SEC at some point.

Patrick:  I will help you with that, Shipmate.  Now that all of this is out of the way, I would like to take opportunity to bring Ewing Industries in the newly ratified shipping agreement with Troxell Enterprises.  All those in favor say, “Aye”

Leslie:  Aye.

Moses:  Aye.

Darrell:  Aye.

Lillian:  Aye.

Krystina:  Aye

Danny McCarty:  Aye.

Chip:  Aye.

John Ross:  Aye.

Patrick:  With my vote of “Aye”, that makes it unanimous.  All right then.  We’ll have our legal teams get together and draw up some official documents and get this thing in the hopper.

(THURSDAY morning – Miranda’s outer office – Denver-Carrington Center – 1954 Blake Carrington Plaza – Denver, Colorado)

Miranda (sees Fallon and Jeff getting off the elevator):  Fallon.  Jeff.  Good morning.

Jeff:  Good morning, Miranda.  Are Patrick and Leslie in?

Miranda:  They are and they’re expecting you.

Fallon:  Good.  Steven and Sammy Jo and Amanda and Cedric will be here any minute.  As will Ray and Sarah.  We’re waiting on my mother.

Miranda:  Yeah.  I heard the Dragon Lady’s in a little hot water.  Patrick and Leslie, Patrick especially, are pissed.

Steven (comes into Miranda’s outer office followed by Sammy Jo):  Good morning, Miranda.  Is my mother here yet?

Miranda:  No.  Not yet, Steven, but she should be here any minute now.

Sammy Jo:  My brother called us all down here specifically to talk about Alexis, so, this MUST be good.  I guess the rest of the Ewings went back to Texas.

Miranda:  That’s right.  John Ross and Krystina and Chip and Danny McCarty are still here.

Ray (comes in followed by Sarah):  Are we too late?

Sarah:  Patrick and Leslie asked us to be here.  Hello, Sammy Jo.

Sammy Jo:  Hi, Sarah.  Patrick and Leslie specifically asked for Blake’s children and their spouses to be here.

Ray:  Has Pat told anybody why he called us here?

Jeff:  He told me, but I’m sworn to secrecy until Alexis gets here.

Amanda (comes in followed by Cedric):  Good morning, Miranda.  Has my Mummy arrived?

Cedric:  I guess the old boy is waiting for us.

Miranda:  Patrick and Leslie are waiting for you.  As for the Dragon Lady, we’re still waiting on her.

Patrick (comes out of the office with Leslie):  Good!  You all made it.  

Leslie:  Why don’t we all go into the office while we wait for Alexis to get here?

Sammy Jo:  That’s a great idea.

Alexis (comes into Miranda’s outer office after everybody else has gone into Patrick and Leslie’s office):  Well…well…well, Secretary.  Would you be good enough to tell your bosses I’m here?

Miranda:  They’re all in Patrick and Leslie’s office waiting for you, so, why don’t you just barge in like you always do?

Alexis:  There’s no need for your snide remarks, Secretary.

Patrick (comes out of the office):  Miranda.  Can you please come in and bring your laptop and take notes?

Miranda:  Yes, Patrick.

Patrick (scowls at Alexis):  YOU!!   Get in here…..NOW!!!

Alexis:  All right.  I’d like to know why it is that I’m yet again being called before your little tribunal.

Steven:  I don’t know exactly what it is you done, Mother, but we know you’ve done something and we’re going to get to the bottom of it.

Alexis:  Steven!  What are you doing here??

Steven:  I told you, Mother.  We know you’ve done something.  We just don’t know what it is quite yet, but we’re going to get to the bottom of it.

Patrick:  All right, Alexis.  It’s time you answered for your actions down in the Caribbean.

Alexis:  What???

Fallon:  Oh my God, Mother!!  What have you done THIS time???

Leslie:  Oh!  That’s right, Alexis.  I don’t suppose you heard what happened to your friend Sally Bullock yesterday.

Alexis:  Yes.  I heard that somebody bought large blocks of common and preferred stock in her company and that the buyers have initiated a hostile takeover.

Jeff:  You know, Alexis.  It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if, by your actions, you knew Sally’s stock was going to tank and you were going to throw her under the bus.

Alexis:  I had no idea that Sally’s stock was going to tank.

Cedric:  That may be true, you miserable old hag, but the fact of the matter is that you and that son of a bitch Nigel Havensworth were in contact with Sally’s tanker and you knew that Maduro was going to send a Venezuelan Naval vessel to escort the tanker so that she would be guaranteed safe conduct to the Port of Maracaibo.

Ray:  You brought that son of a bitch to Dex’s funeral, didn’t you?

Jeff:  But you knew that the ship that Patrick was riding was in the vicinity and almost put herself in harm’s way.

Fallon (scowls at her mother):  Mother!!  What have you done???

Leslie:  I’ll tell you, Fallon.  Your mother and Sally had a Venezuelan Naval vessel sent out to protect Sally’s tanker, which was in direct violation of UN Sanctions placed on Venezuela.

Patrick:  That’s right.  That ship had hostile intentions.  They stated that they intended to fire on us and I gave the order to go to General Quarters.  In other words, Alexis.  You and Sally almost plunged the United States into a war.

Sammy Jo:  Wow, Alexis!!  This is THE lowest thing you’ve EVER done.  First you kill Auntie Krystle’s baby…..

Fallon:  THEN, years later, you devise a plan to possibly kill her son???  Sammy Jo’s right.  This is THE lowest thing you’ve done!!!

Amanda:  My God, Mummy!!  My husband was also aboard that ship!!  He could have been killed too!!

Sammy Jo:  Not to mention that hundreds of thousands of American soldiers and sailors could have been killed if there had been a war and they would have been all dead because of you.

Alexis:  I had no idea of any of this.

Patrick:  Yes you did.  Ced heard you and Sally talking.  Your own son-in-law.

Alexis:  But how?

Cedric:  That’s no concern of yours, you Shit Tosser!!  If they had fired on us, which thankfully, they decided not to, they most likely would have fired at the bridge and we might all have been dead.

Leslie:  Let me tell you something, Alexis.  My husband goes out on active duty with the Navy for one weekend a month and two weeks every year to serve his country.  The same country you’ve consistently betrayed by doing business with criminals, dictators and terrorists.

Ray:  Somehow, Alexis.  You’re going to have to answer for what you’ve done.

Fallon (shaking her head):  God help you, Mother!!  Thank God!  Your little Venezuelan deal with Sally Bullock went belly up!

Alexis (slumps down in a chair):  Oh my God!

(TUESDAY morning – The Denver-Carrington Boardroom – Denver-Carrington Center – 1954 Blake Carrington Plaza – Denver, Colorado)

Jason (“Jay”) Fallmont, Esquire:  I forgot, Boss.  Why are we using the executive board room for this dog and pony show?

Patrick:  Simple.  It’s bigger.

Jay:  Well all right then!  If everybody will come in and have a seat, then we can get started.

Sable:  Oh.  I am sorry, but my flight was delayed.  I hope I’m not too late for the day’s proceedings.  

Alexis:  Oh my God!  I have enough humiliation this past week to last me a lifetime.  Now what the hell are you doing here???  Sybil!!

Sable:  Patrick, dahling!!

Patrick (sees Sable and rolls his eyes):  Oh no!




















Episode #814: Farewell, Dex


  • Leslie and Emily continue their discussion with Catherine and Chase Torrance regarding their connection to Adam and they start to question the validity of Catherine’s story.
  • In Willemstad, Curacao, Patrick has final instructions for the British and Dutch Caribbean Squadron commanders before he, Milton, Cedric and Ed McCormick helo out to the USS San Jacinto (CG-56)
  • Aboard the USS San Jacinto (CG-56), Patrick, Milton, Cedric and Ed are greeted by the ship’s commanding officer, Captain Dennis Farrell, USN and are given an update by Patrick, Jr. in CIC.
  • Alexis and Sally Bullock discuss the implementation of another key element of their oil shipment deal in the Caribbean.
  • In International Waters, the San Jacinto has an encounter with a Venezuelan warship that leads to a potential disaster.
  • The very next day, also in International Waters, the San Jacinto encounters Sally Bullock’s tanker, which is on the last legs of its journey to Venezuela.
  • After their active tours are concluded, Patrick, Patrick, Jr. and Cedric come home to the mansion and receive some tragic news.

Scene:  MONDAY evening – the front entrance hall of the Carrington mansion – 173 Wessex Drive – Golden, Colorado…..

George (opens the door to find the Ewing contingent led by Bobby and Ann):  Mr. and Mrs. Ewing we’re so glad you could be here.

Vivian:  You’re rooms have been prepared with fresh towels and fresh linens. We’ll have somebody come down for your bags in a moment.

Bobby:  Thank you, George.

Ann:  Sammy Jo called Southfork.  We came as soon as we heard the news.

John Ross (sees Patrick coming into the entrance hall with Leslie):  God!  Brother-in-Law. Sister-in-Law.  We’re so sorry.

Patrick (takes a deep breath):  It all happened so suddenly.  The Kid and I found out just after we got back from active duty.

Krystina:  Big brother.  We got here as soon as we could.  How’s Mom?  She must be beside herself.

Leslie:  She is, Krystina.  She’s upstairs resting.  The doctor gave her a sedative a little while ago.  You can go up in a little bit.

Sue Ellen:  Patrick.  Leslie.  I’m so sorry.

Catlin:  I can’t believe my cousin’s gone.  I guess we’re goin’ up to Wyoming to bury him.

Patrick:  That’s right.

Chip:  I don’t know what to say.  Dex was a good man.  We’re going to miss him.

Danny:  I only met him a couple of times myself, but the few times I did meet him, he seemed like an OK guy.

Leslie:  He was Danny.  Thank you…..(looks over at Christopher and Tiffany)…..and thank you both for being here with us as well.

Christopher:  We’re glad to be here for you.  Our families have been through a lot together.

Tiffany:  If there’s anything we can do for you, please, let us know and we’ll happy to help in any way we can.

John Ross:  So what the hell’s goin’ on with that bitch, Elena Ramos??

Christopher:  I’d kinda like to know that myself.

Chip:  I still can’t believe she was named CEO of Westar.  Everything’s still in place so we can drop the bomb on her and Alexis, right, Brother-in-Law?

Patrick:  That’s right, Brother-in-Law.  Bob.  You, John Ross, Chip, Sissy and Christopher are going to need to join Leslie, Jeff and myself in the library when the time is right.

Bobby:  Of course we will

Patrick:  But first, we need to bury my step father.

(MONDAY night – Alexis’ penthouse – The Confluence – 1441 Little Raven Street – Denver, Colorado)

Jeremy Hubbard (on Alexis’ TV reporting the news of Dex’s death):  After publicly resurfacing in the United States in 2018, he was able to acquire a significant stake in his old company Dexter International and in a deal worked out with Miles Colby, Colby/Dexter International was formed.  He is survived by his widow Krystle Carrington Dexter, also the widow of Blake Carrington, his son Samuel, his brother Alex – a member of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission and his sister Marin Dexter Roberts.  The burial is expected to take place at the Dexter Family Ranch near Laramie, Wyoming.  Arrangements are pending at this time.  Again.  Repeating our top story.  Billionaire mining engineer Farnsworth “Dex” Dexter dead at the age of 76.  In other news…..

Alexis (starts to well up as she watches and then turns off the TV):  Oh my God!  I can’t believe Dex is gone.  I suppose I’d better go to the mansion tomorrow and see how my children are reacting to this tragic news.

(TUESDAY Afternoon – main entrance hall – the Carrington mansion)

Vivian (opens the door to find Alexis):  And what are you doing here, Shit Tosser???

Alexis:  Vivian.  I have had it with your rotten attitude and your snide remarks every time I come into this house.

Vivian:  I really don’t care and the question remains.  What are you doing here???

Alexis:  I really don’t think that’s any of your concern, Vivian.  I heard about Mr. Dexter and I’ve come to pay my respects. I’m also here to let you know that Mr. Nigel Havensworth and I will be attending the funeral 

Vivian (grabs Alexis by the arm):  Now you listen to me, you slag!!  I can’t stop you from attending the funeral…..unfortunately, but hear this and hear this good!!!  I will go to extreme lengths to protect this family and if you do ANYTHING…..and I do mean…..ANYTHING to cause them ANY unnecessary distress, you WILL answer to me.  I am not like my predecessor Jeanette.  I will NOT kow tow to you.  I will beat the living daylights out of you if I have to!!  Do I make myself clear???

Alexis (struggles to get free):  Take your hands off of me, Vivian.  NOW!!…..(Vivian then releases her grip)

Krystle (comes into the hallway with Cecily Parkhurst):  Alexis what are you doing here??

Cecily:  Well…well…well…..Alexis.  I must say.  Your presence here is entirely unwelcome.

Alexis:  Cecily Parkhurst!  What may I ask are you doing here??  This really isn’t any concern of yours.  After all, it was your current daughter-in-law…..my daughter Amanda…..who once tried to steal my husband.

Cecily:  How dare you!!!…..(then slaps Alexis hard in the face)

Fallon (then comes into the hallway):  Mother what are you doing here???

Alexis (still rubbing her stinging right cheek):  Fallon.  I heard about Dex on the late news last night and I know you and Steven respected him and I wanted to come and see how you were doing?

Fallon:  We’re doing just fine, Mother…..thank you.

Krystle:  I’m sorry, Alexis, but you are the last person we need to see here.

Alexis:  Well…..believe it or not, Krystle.  I am sorry for your loss.  Dex was a very important part of my life too, but I’m sure you already knew that.  Oh…..and just to let you know, I will be attending the funeral.

Fallon:  Excuse me, Mother, but you’ll be what???

Alexis:  You heard me, dahling.  I’ll be attending the funeral and I’m assuming it’s someplace in Wyoming.

Fallon:  Under the circumstances, Mother.  I really don’t think that’s a good idea.

Krystle:  I have agree with Fallon.  That would not be a good idea.  Now.  You’ve paid your respects, so, I’m going to have to ask you to leave.

Leslie (comes into the entrance hall with Patrick):  Alexis what the hell are you doing here???

Alexis:  Well…..well…..well…..Patrick and Leslie Jennings.  Were you sailing the Seven Seas again, Popeye the Sailor Man?

Patrick (noticeably angry):  Yes I was! and I want to talk to you, but under the circumstances, it can wait until after Dex’s funeral.

Alexis:  And what is it you wish to talk to me about?

Patrick:  You’ll find in due time…..Vivian!

Vivian (once again grabs Alexis by her arm):  All right, Shit Tosser!!  You’ve worn out your welcome…..or rather your unwelcome…..here.  LET’S GO!!!…..(she then leads Alexis to the front door and then gives her a shove out the door)

George:  Once again.  Well done, Love.

Vivian:  Thank you, dahling…..(she then kisses her husband)

Fallon (looks at her cousin and step brother):  All right, guys.  What happened??  Baby brother, you looked like you were ready to strangle her.  What did she do??

Leslie:  It’s a long story, Cousin.

Patrick:  We’ll tell you later, Sis.

(WEDNESDAY morning – the kitchen of the Carrington mansion)

Inga Gunnerson:  I thought you all could use one of my famous coffee cakes.

Leslie:  Thank you, Inga.  That’s very sweet of you.

Inga:  My pleasure, Mrs. Jennings and don’t worry.  George and Vivian and I will hold down the fort and make sure all the little ones are properly taken care of.

Terry (comes into the kitchen with Patrick, Jr. and helps herself to a slice of coffee cake):  Thank you, Inga.  I know you’ll do a good job.  Morning, Patrick.  Morning, Leslie.

Patrick:  Morning, Blondezilla.

Patrick, Jr.:  So, Dad.  What’s the uniform of the day for Dex’s funeral?

Patrick:  Choker Whites and white gloves. Full Dress with full salad and ceremonial swords.  As a matter of fact, George is preparing them as we speak and the Ewings will make sure they get up there.

Patrick, Jr. (in a whiny tone):  Ohhhhhhh…..Chokers??  I hate those things!!

Terry:  Oh, but, Baby you look so handsome in them.

Patrick:  I hate them too, but I think it’s what Dex would have wanted.  Now.  You’re going to have everything all set for the firing party, right?

Patrick, Jr.:  I got it covered, Dad.

Terry:  Oh, Patrick.  I heard what you said to Queen Beyotch in the entrance hall last night.  Why didn’t you let her have it.

Patrick:  Because.  We’re trying to be the bigger people, but, don’t worry.  She’s going to get hers in due time.

Terry:  I understand.

Steven (comes into the kitchen with Sammy Jo):  I understand the Ewings are flying some people up for the funeral.

Patrick;  That’s right.  They sending their bigger jet Excelsior.

Patrick, Jr.:  Good morning, Aunt Sammy Jo.

Sammy Jo (kisses Patrick, Jr. on the cheek):  Good morning, Nephew.

Leslie:  We’re not going to be flying up with the rest of the family.  

Sammy Jo:  What?  Why not?

Patrick:  Leslie and I are driving up on Friday and then driving back on Sunday.  We need to get Mom and Dex’s dogs so we can bring them back here to the mansion.

Steven:  That’s right.  Lucky and Trixie are going to be living here now.

Sammy Jo:  Are Abby and Crosby going to be OK with that?

Patrick:  It’ll be fine.  Crosby’s met them before and so has Abby.  Remember too that Abby, Lucky and Trixie are all from the same litter.  Dogs don’t easily forget stuff like that.  As a matter of fact, I need to have George help me take out the third seat in my Tahoe so the dogs have a little more room.

Ray Carrington (comes into the kitchen with Sarah):  Good morning, Pat.  Good morning, Leslie

Sarah:  God!  I still can’t believe Dex is gone.

Patrick:  Tell me about.  There’s still a small part of me that expects him to sit up in his casket and say it was all an elaborate hoax.

Sarah:  Ray and I couldn’t help but overhear, but do you mind if Ray and I come with you?

Ray:  That’s not a bad idea, honey.  I’m sure you guys could use some help handling the dogs.

Leslie:  What about Raeanne?

Ray:  Raeanne’s going up with a Fox 31 news crew.  She’s going to help edit some of the news footage for rebroadcast on the evening news.

Patrick:  I’m sure this is a spot where you wish you still had Meagan O’Halloran or Aristea Brady.

Ray:  Yeah.  We miss both of them at the station, but I hear Megan’s doing really well in her job at Sinclair Broadcasting.

Sarah:  Aristea is happy just being a mom for a while.

Ray:  Raeanne’s going to pinch hit for us.  This will be her first opportunity as a beat reporter.

Patrick:  That’s great and Sarah, in answer to your question, we’d love it if you and Ray came with us.

Leslie:  We wouldn’t mind the company.

Sarah:  Thanks, you guys.

Raeanne (comes into the kitchen and also helps herself to a slice of Inga’s coffee cake):  Good morning, everybody.

Sarah:  Good morning, honey.

Patrick:  Your dad told us about about your first real assignment.  I know you’ll do a great job.

Raeanne:  Thanks, Uncle Pat.

Steven:  Patrick’s right.  Good luck, Raeanne.

Raeanne:  Thanks, Uncle Steven.

Sammy Jo:  This is going to be your first real experience in front of a camera.  You’ve got a wonderful presence just use that to your advantage and you’ll be fine.

Raeanne:  Thanks, Aunt Sammy Jo……(looks over at Terry)……Oh my God, Terry!  This is really happening.  This is going to be my first crack at being a beat reporter…..I am soooooooo nervous.

Terry:  Sweetie.  You’ve done a great job narrating all those films of yours.

Raeanne:  Yeah, but this different.  I’m going to be talking IN FRONT of the camera.

Terry:  Honey, you’ll be fine.  Trust me.  We’ll be sitting with the press corps at the burial,

Raeanne (hugs Terry):  Thanks, Terry.

(THURSDAY morning – the library of the Carrington mansion)

Patrick:  So have you made the arrangements for the caisson?

Milton:  I have.  We will load the casket into the hearse after the Mass.  The casket will be brought from the church to the family plot and we will unload the casket from the hearse onto the caisson.

Patrick:  Got it.  Then we walk beside the caisson and then we take the casket off the caisson and lower it into the ground.

Sandra:  I still can’t believe it.  It was all so sudden.  It was the same as when we lost Dominique two years ago.

Leslie:  I know what you mean.  We’re all going to miss Dex.  Thank you all for coming over.

Sandra:  I know everything has been pretty hectic for you guys the last few days, but we really want to be here for you guys.

Leslie:  By the way.  Where’s Nick?

Sandra:  He’s talking to Krystle right now.

Patrick:  I’m going to be delivering Dex’s eulogy at Mass.  I’d like Nick to offer a little tribute at the burial.

(SATURDAY morning – Funeral Mass of Farnsworth “Dex” Dexter – St. Laurence O’Toole Catholic Church – 319 Grand Avenue – Laramie, Wyoming)

Patrick:  A reading from the Letter of Paul to the Collosians.  Brothers and sisters:
You once were alienated and hostile in mind because of evil deeds;
God has now reconciled you
in the fleshly Body of Christ through his death,
to present you holy, without blemish,
and irreproachable before him,
provided that you persevere in the faith,
firmly grounded, stable,
and not shifting from the hope of the Gospel that you heard,
which has been preached to every creature under heaven,
of which I, Paul, am a minister.  The World of the Lord

Congregation:  Thanks be to God.


Patrick:  Friends.  Family.  We are gathered here to remember Dex Dexter.  I have known Dex for a long time.  I have known him as a mentor.  He was one of my instructors in intelligence and counter-intelligence training. He was also my friend.  Dex was also very devoted to his country having served with honor in Vietnam as a member of the U.S. Army Special Forces and winning the Medal of Honor at Quang Tri in 1969.  Not only did he show reverent devotion to his country as a member of the military, but as a businessman, he always put country before profit.  It is because of men like Dex that not only our great nation has continued on the road to energy independence, but new sources of energy have been found in other countries.  Lately, though, I have seen a different side to Dex – that of a loving husband – not only the love and devotion he showed my mother Krystle, but the love and devotion they showed to each other.  It has been an honor to know Dex Dexter as a member of my family, a Patriot, a mentor and as a friend.  Thank you. 

Leslie:  I’ve also known Dex for a long time.  We first met when he offered me a job working in the Canadian Tar Sands near Fort MacMurray, Alberta.  I remember him as a kind and generous boss who treated his employees with dignity and respect.  I remember shortly after I came to Colorado that Dex showed the same kindness he showed me in Canada and offered me a job as a Project Engineer on Uncle Blake and Jason Colby’s Pipeline.   I owe a lot of my success in the business world to Dex Dexter.  Like my husband, I am proud to call him my mentor and my friend.

Tim (then signs the Song of Farewell):  Saints of God, come to his aid!  Hasten to meet him angels of the Lord!

Congregation:  Receive his soul and present him to God the Most High.

Tim:  May Christ, who called you, take you to himself; may angels lead you to the bosom of Abraham.

Congregation:  Receive his soul and present him to God the Most High.

Tim:  Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him.

Congregation:  Receive his soul and present him to God the Most High.

Tim (then offers the Prayer of Commendation):  Into your hands, Father of mercies, we commend our brother Farnsworth, in the sure and certain hope that, together with all who have died in Christ, he will rise with him on the last day.  We give you thanks for the blessings which you have bestowed upon Farnsworth in this life: they are signs to us of your goodness and of our fellowship with the saints in Christ.  Merciful Lord, turn toward us and listen to our prayers: open the gates of paradise to your servant and help us who remain to comfort one another with assurances of faith, until we all meet in Christ and are with you and with our brother forever.

Congregation:  Amen!

(The casket is then brought out of the church by pallbearers Patrick Jennings, Milton Cox, Nick Kimball, Jeff Colby, Steven Carrington and Dex’s son, Sam Dexter II and loaded into a hearse for transport to the Dexter family ranch outside of Laramie)

(LATER THAT DAY – The Dexter Family Ranch – near Laramie, Wyoming)

(The hearse pulls up to the Dexter spread.  The casket is then loaded onto a horse drawn caisson by the pallbearers who then walk beside the caisson, which now bears Dex’s casket)

Alexis:  Hello, Krystle.

Krystle:  Alexis.

Alexis:  Look, Krystle.  I know you might not believe this, in spite of everything that’s happened between us, I am sorry for your loss and I know that you did love Dex.

Krystle:  Yes I did and I always will.  Same with Blake.  I really appreciate what you said.  That means a lot.  I’m sure you loved Dex at one time.

Alexis:  I did very much and, like you, there is a part of me that always will and I appreciate you letting me attend Dex’s funeral.  Thank you.

Krystle:  You’re welcome, Alexis and I want to thank you for conducting yourself in a very respectful manner.

Alexis:  Krystle.  I must say.  This is the first time in a very long time that we’ve actually gotten along and it is rather refreshing.

Krystle:  Yes it is…..(Krystle flashes back to the moment she told Alexis that Steven was alive)

Lillian Moore Kimball (sings the Wyoming state song

In the far and mighty West,
Where the crimson sun seeks rest,
There’s a growing splendid state that lies above,
On the breast of this great land;
Where the massive Rockies stand,
There’s Wyoming young and strong, the State I love!
In the flowers wild and sweet,
Colors rare and perfumes meet;
There’s the columbine so pure, the daisy too,
Wild the rose and red it springs,
White the button and its rings,
Thou art loyal for they’re red and white and blue.
Where thy peaks with crowned head,
Rising until the sky they wed,
Sit like snow queens ruling wood and stream and plain;
‘Neath thy granite bases deep,
‘Neath thy bosom’s broadened sweep,
Lie the riches that have gained and brought thee fame.
Other treasures thou dost hold,
Men and women thou dost mould;
True and earnest are the lives that thou dost raise,
Strength thy children thou dost teach,
Nature’s truth thou givest to each,
Free and noble are thy workings and thy ways.
In the nation’s banner free
There’s one star that has for me
A radiance pure and a splendor like the sun;
Mine it is, Wyoming’s star
Home it leads me near or far;
O Wyoming! All my heart and love you’ve won!
Wyoming, Wyoming! Land of the sunlight clear!
Wyoming, Wyoming! Land that we hold so dear!
Wyoming, Wyoming! Precious art thou and thine!
Wyoming, Wyoming! Beloved state of mine

Jessica Forrest Carrington (sings):  O say can you see, by the dawn’s early light,
What so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming,
Whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight,
O’er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming?
And the rocket’s red glare, the bombs bursting in air,
Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there;
O say does that star-spangled banner yet wave
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?

Pastor John Fischer, Zion Lutheran Church – Laramie, Wyoming:  Before I offer my prayers for the soul of Farnsworth, I understand that Mr. Nicholas Kimball would like to say a few words.

Nick:  What can I say about Dex that hasn’t already been said?  I think Patrick said it very well when he called Dex a mentor, a Patriot and a friend.  Dex was a friend of mine, but he was a lot more than that. Dex had a keen sense of whether or not a business venture was going to be a winner or loser.  My father Weldon Kimball, Jr. worked with Blake Carrington for many years.  In spite of that and the fact that I had a tremendous amount of respect for Blake Carrington, I had my reservations about investing in Blake’s latest project.  There was a part me too that thought Blake’s instincts were on the money, but it was Dex that helped erase any linger doubts I had and convinced me to take a chance and invest in Carrington Ventures.  When Blake was forced to shit down The Crater and I threatened to walk, again, it was Dex that convinced me to stay on.  Thank you, Dex…..for being my friend.

Pastor John Fischer:  I have have been a friend of the Dexter family for a long time and I was at his father Sam’s beside in his final moments.  I now offer the following prayer: The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.  He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters.  He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.  Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me.  Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.  Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever.

Tim (makes the Sign of the Cross as the casket is being lowered into the ground):  Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen. … Like the seed buried in the ground, you have produced the harvest of eternal life for us; make us always dead to sin and alive to God.  Our Father who art in Heaven.  Hallowed be thy name.  Thy kingdom come.  Thy will be done.  On Earth as it is in Heaven.  Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.  And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil…..Amen……(Dex’s casket is then lowered into the ground)

Patrick:  Mom.  On behalf of the Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and the President of the United States Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr., I would like to present to you this flag as thanks for Lieutenant Colonel Dexter’s service to his country…..(Krystle cries as she is presented with the flag and Alexis, in a rare tender moment holds her hand)

Patrick, Jr.:  FIRING PARTY!!!!  ATTENTION!!!!  READY!!!!  AIM!!!!!  FIRE!!!!…..(a volley is then fired in honor of Dex.  Those in uniform salute as two buglers blow “Taps”)

Patrick (gives the command):  HAND SALUTE!!!…..(and then as “Taps” concludes)…..TWO!!!

Raeanne:  It was a solemn occasion here at the Dexter Ranch near Laramie, Wyoming as Billionaire Mining Engineer and Medal of Honor winner Farnsworth “Dex” Dexter was laid to rest today.  Following a funeral Mass at St. Laurence O’Tool Catholic Church in Downtown Laramie, which was said by the Archbishop of Denver Timothy Brendan Cardinal McGrath, the body was brought to the family ranch and then transported by caisson to the family burial plot on the 100,000 acre spread.  A prayer was offered by longtime family friend Pastor John Fischer of Zion Lutheran Church.  Mr. Dexter was a good friend to our community in the Denver area and he will be sorely missed.  Reporting live.  Raeanne Carrington.  Fox 31 News.























Episode #813: Showdown in the Caribbean


  • Alexis gets a call from Sally Bullock of Bullock Marine and receives word that the finishing touches are being put on their deal in the Caribbean, including the fitting out of a brand new supertanker.
  • Leslie and Sandra Cox journey to Pablo, Montana to meet with Shelly Fyant, the Chairperson of the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes to mend the rift between Denver-Carrington and Flathead Nation.
  • Alexis and Elena Ramos descend upon the Denver-Carrington offices and are informed by Emily that the meeting with them and Ewing Industries will be delayed until Patrick gets back from his two weeks active duty with the Navy.
  • In Willemstad, Curacao, Patrick, Patrick, Jr. and Milton brief the commanders of the British and Dutch Caribbean squadrons about the situation concerning Alexis and they are later joined by Cedric Parkhurst and Ed McCormick.
  • In the mansion library, Krystle, Jennifer and Max have a heart to heart about Jennifer’s paternity, Max’s last name and possible names for the new baby.
  • Ed McCormick conducts an intelligence briefing on a new player in Alexis and Sally’s Caribbean scheme and how that new player fits into it.
  • With Patrick away on active duty, Leslie and Emily are bombarded by a secret from Adam’s sketchy past.

(MONDAY morning – Patrick and Leslie’s office – Denver-Carrington Center – 1954 Blake Carrington Plaza – Denver, Colorado)