Episode #793: Reclaimed Valor – Part II


  • Alexis gets news from Sally Bullock on their Venezuelan Oil project.  She also informs Sally about an ultimatum she got from Patrick and Leslie.
  • Eban Brummel calls Patrick and Leslie from Granville, Illinois wanting their help.  Meanwhile Alexis gets a call from Eban’s chief business rival Arvin Blanchett about a plan she has to stop Denver-Carrington.
  • In Texas on his grandmother’s behalf, Jesse Colby strikes a deal with Jackson Lee to acquire his great grandfather’s company Lee Oil.
  • Patrick gets a call from Agent-in-Charge Smith of the FBI’s Denver Field Office about some paperwork concerning Krystina.
  • At Easter Vigil Mass at the Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, John Ross and Krystina renew their wedding vows.
  • Monica Colby and Dana Waring-Colby come to the mansion to discuss something important with Patrick and Leslie.

Scene:  FLASHBACK – Friday August 6, 1943 – The Roosevelt Hotel – 7000 Hollywood Boulevard – Los Angeles, California…..

General George C. Marshall (opens the door to his room):  Connie Patterson!  Please come in.

Constance Colby Patterson:  Thank you, General Marshall.  It’s an honor to meet you

General Marshall:  It’s my pleasure.  Your husband’s description of you doesn’t do you justice.  Bob and I go back a long way to our days as Brother Rats at VMI and, please, call me George.

Connie:  So…..General…..George…..what is you wanted to see me about.  You said it was urgent.

General Marshall:  Yes I did.  I’m very impressed with your efforts in recruitment for the Woman’s Army Crops here in the Los Angeles area.

Connie:  Well thank you.  I must say, I’ve been overwhelmed by the number of enlistments.  The numbers have far exceeded our expectations.  So what is it you need from me?

General Marshall:  I understand Bob is the commanding officer of a training film battalion here in the Los Angeles area.

Connie:  Yes.  That’s right.  One of the key members of his staff is Major Ronald Reagan.

General Marshall:  Yes, of course.  I saw Knute Rockne All-American.  It was a wonderful film.  

Connie:  So, again, George.  What does all this have to do with me?

General Marshall:  I was just getting to that.  Some of the films your husband’s battalion are making training films showing simulations of the bombing of Japan.

Connie:  Yes.  That’s right.  One of those films is being produced by Major Reagan.

General Marshall:  Connie.  What I’m about to talk to you about is a very closely guarded secret.  I’ve only been able to tell a few people about, but I trust you implicitly, so, I’m going to tell you as well.  Connie.  The government has begun work on a top secret project called Manhattan.  It involves the use of an atomic weapon as a means to end the war.  We have scientists secreted in New Mexico working on this project day and night.  There are German and Japanese agents operating all over the country and they would love dearly to get their hands on this information.

Connie:  You know…..Bob did say something about scientists that escaped Nazi Germany before the war, but he never did tell me why they came here.

General Marshall:  Well…..either he didn’t know the whole story or he was sworn to secrecy, but now you know why.  Some of these scientists are working for our government on the Manhattan Project

Connie:  I understand.  But it seems to me that an all out invasion of Japan would be very costly in terms of lives lost.

General Marshall:  That’s true, especially when you consider that the Japanese don’t surrender very easily and tend to fight to the last man.  There are those at the War Department that believe that an invasion of Japan would cost hundreds of thousands of lives on BOTH sides and that using an atomic weapon would actually save lives. 

Connie:  I see.  So, George.  Where do I come in?

General Marshall:  I’m glad you asked Lieutenant Patterson.  As work on this project continues, our workforce is going to grow and that growth will include the need for switchboard operators and clerical staff.  I have coordinated with Colonel Hobby, the Director of the Woman’s Army Corps and we feel that due to the highly secretive nature of this project, it would be better to have military rather than civilian women filling these positions.  What I need from you is for you to be in charge of recruiting people for those duties nationwide.  You can still base your operations here in the Los Angeles area, but the nature of your duties will require you to travel from time to time.

Connie:  Of course, George.

General Marshall:  Connie.  With you new duties will come a promotion.  Which brings me to a message from Colonel Hobby.   Lieutenant Patterson.  ATTEN…TION!…..(Connie comes to attention)…..Lieutenant Constance Colby Patterson.  You are hereby promoted to the rank of Captain with all pay and privileges thereof.

Connie:  Thank you, General Marshall.

General Marshall:  As you were, Captain Patterson.  Now.  Connie.  What do you say to lunch?

Connie:  I say the Brown Derby.  I’ll call Bob and have him meet us there.

(BACK TO THE PRESENT – Tuesday evening – the library of the Carrington mansion – 173 Wessex Drive – Golden, Colorado)

Leslie:  So what is it you need from us?

Dana:  We need your help in righting a serious wrong.  Patrick.  You’re the family expert in this sort of thing, which is why Monica and I have come to you about this.

Monica:  Have either of you ever met my Aunt Connie?

Leslie:  I’ve never met her myself, but I know she and my father Ben knew each other and from what I’ve gathered, the relationship could be termed as combustible.

Monica:  I’ve gathered the same thing, but I think combustible would be putting it mildly.

Patrick:  I met Connie once.  Wallops Island, Virginia in 1985.  She was there with your father Jason when Colby Enterprises was working on the IMOS Project.  Connie was a very feisty lady.  I liked her.  She even treated me to dinner.

Monica:  What were you doing there?

Patrick:  I was on loan to the project from the Navy.  I was the lead recover diver.  The first launch of the IMOS satellite was a dud and it crashed into the Atlantic Ocean.  I had to help locate the satellite so the R & D team could salvage it and figure out what went wrong.

Dana:  Anyway.  We need your help with this…..(hands Patrick Connie’s WAC Service Record).

Leslie:  What is it?

Patrick:  It’s Connie’s service record.

Monica:  Patrick.  The reason we’re here is because Aunt Connie was recommended by Colonel Oveta Culp Hobby for the Distinguished Service Medal in recognition of her contributions to the Manhattan Project.  The recommendation is included in her service record, but for some unknown reason, the medal was never awarded.

Dana:  We’re hoping that you can shed some light on this.

Patrick (looking over Connie’s service record):  OK.  I see the recommendation WAS made by Colonel Hobby in May of 1945.  That’s where the trail goes cold.

Leslie:  What do you mean, Hun?

Monica:  Please.  Enlighten us.

Patrick:  OK.  Oveta Culp Hobby was the first director of the Women’s Army Corps.  She recommended Connie for the Distinguished Service Medal in May of 1945.  She resigned in July of 1945.

Dana:  How come?

Patrick (takes a deep breath):  Well…..As Director of the Women’s Army Corps, Colonel Hobby worked tirelessly to get the Women’s Army Corps integrated into the Regular Army, a dream that wouldn’t be realized until 1972.  She went on a series of speaking engagements and, basically, worked herself to the point of almost total exhaustion.  She put her health in serious jeopardy and had to check herself into Walter Reed.  Her place was taken by Colonel Westray Battle Boyce.

Monica:  What are you saying?

Patrick:  What I’m saying is that during the transfer of authority from Colonel Hobby to Colonel Boyce, Colonel Hobby’s recommendation for Connie medal might have gotten lost in the paper shuffle.

Dana:  You mean an oversight?

Patrick:  That’s exactly what I mean.  An oversight.  A bureaucratic SNAFU.

Monica:  So what do we do about this?

Patrick:  Just leave everything to me.  We’re going to be going to Washington soon to meet with the new Secretary of Defense on another matter, so, we will get this taken care of then. Just leave Connie’s service here with us and we’ll put it in the safe in our office.

Monica:  Thank you, Patrick.  I really appreciate this…..(Monica hands him Connie’s service record)

(WEDNESDAY Miranda’ Outer Office – Denver-Carrington Center – 1954 Blake Carrington Plaza – Denver, Colorado)

Miranda (sees Patrick and Leslie getting off the elevator):  Oh good.  You guys are here.  I want to make sure we have it straight who we’re waiting for.  Krystina.  John Ross.  Chip.  Danny.  Sue Ellen.  Catlin.  Bobby.  Ann.  Krystle.  Dex.

Leslie:  That’s right.  Fallon and Jeff make a dozen and the two of us makes an fourteen.  What about Christopher?

Miranda:  Christopher’s at the R & D Facility at the Colorado School of Mines and Tiffany’s over at Troxell Enterprises taking care of some financial stuff for them.

Patrick:  Thanks, Miranda.  When everybody gets here, let them know we’ll be using the conference room in the back.

Miranda:  Of course, Patrick.

John Ross (comes in followed by Krystina, Chip, Danny, Bobby, Ann, Sue Ellen, Catlin, Jeff, Fallon, Krystle and Dex):  We’re here, Brother-in-Law.  What’s goin’ on?

Miranda:  Patrick said you all will be using the conference room in the back.

Leslie:  We’re glad you’re all here because what we have to talk to you about is very important.

Chip:  Come on, Sister-in-Law.  What is it?

Patrick:  Well, Sissy.  This concerns you.

Krystina:  Me??  Why??

Patrick:  I’m going to let Mom tell you.

Leslie:  Krystle.  You remember what you and Patrick and I talked about last night?

Krystle:  Yes…..(then looks at Krystina)…..Darling do you remember when I was away at Le Clinique for about two years?

Krystina:  Yes I remember.  I went to live with Fallon and L.B. and Lauren and then Miles Colby started coming around a lot.

Patrick:  Fortunately, that ended up being the case.

Sue Ellen:  What do you mean fortunately?

Krystle:  Well…..just before I left for Switzerland, Alexis came to me and offered to raise Krystina just in case something were to happen to me.

Ann:  What???

Krystle:  That’s right.  She was trying to manipulate Blake and me into signing away our parental rights.

John Ross:  Which means Alexis was probably lookin’ to apply to the State of Colorado to adopt Krystina.

Chip:  And if that application had gone through, Alexis would have turned her into another one of her little robots that would have automatically done her bidding.

Patrick:  Just ask Jesse and just ask Adam.

Krystle:  My God!

Fallon:  Typical Mother!

Dex:  This is Alexis’ style.  This what is she does.  She thinks she can always manipulate people into doing her bidding.  Hell!  She even tried to do it to me.


Catlin (puts his hand on his wife’s shoulder to sit her down): Sue Ellen…..don’t!

Bobby:  Catlin’s right, Sue Ellen.  Don’t do this.  I think we need to hear the rest of the story.

Chip:  I agree with Uncle Bobby, Mama.  You’d only be bringin’ yourself down to Alexis’ despicable level.

John Ross:  What???  Come on, y’all!!  The bitch has gotta pay for this!!

Patrick:  Don’t worry about it, Brother-in-Law.  She will.  This just gives us some extra added leverage.  There’s also the matter of…..this!…..(hands a bunch of documents to Jeff)

Jeff:  My God!  This is an application to the State of Colorado for adoption of a minor child.

Patrick:  That’s right.

Krystle:  Where did you get this??

Leslie:  When Smitty and Jubal Valentine were searching Alexis’ penthouse for anything that might connect Alexis to the Holocaust, they found this application in her desk drawer.

Patrick:  We got it from them.

Fallon:  You mean it was forgotten about for over thirty years??

Patrick:  That’s exactly what I mean.

Krystle:  Would there have been any way Alexis could have been stopped…..I mean legally?

Danny McCarty:  Krystle.  Alexis is not a blood relative of Krystina’s.  There’s no way that the courts would have allowed such a thing to take place.

Fallon:  Fortunately, those papers were never filed and Krystina was able to come and live with me in Malibu.

Jeff:  With Fallon being a blood relative, having Krystina live at our house in Malibu was the logical choice.

Bobby:  So what do we do?  Do we confront Alexis with this?

Patrick:  Not yet. The papers were never filed anyway.  Besides.  We’ve got other fish to fry with Alexis, including one VERY big one with your friend Sally Bullock.

(FRIDAY morning – Miranda’s Outer Office – Denver-Carrington Center – 1954 Blake Carrington Plaza – Denver, Colorado)

Miranda:  Patrick.  Leslie.  Good!  You guys are here!

Patrick:  What’s going on?

Miranda:  I just got off the phone with Office of the Recorder of Deeds in Edgar County, Illinois.

Leslie:  Then you have some news on the land that was supposed to have been deeded to Arvin Blanchett.

Miranda:  Yes I do, Leslie and have I got news for you.

Patrick:  Miranda.  You didn’t talk to some underling, did you?  I know you and I know you don’t talk until you’re talking to the head honcho.

Miranda:  No, Patrick.  I assure you.  I talked to the Recorder of Deeds himself.

Leslie:  So, Miranda.  What’s your news?

Miranda:  Edgar Country has no record whatsoever of a plot of land being deeded to Arvin Blanchett.

Patrick:  What???  Miranda, are you kidding me right now???

Miranda:  No, Patrick.  I’m not.  I had them run the records three times and they came up empty each time.  Whatever documentation Blanchett says he has, it’s as fake as a Three Dollar bill.

Patrick:  What can we say, Miranda?  You’re a jewel.

Leslie:  Is there anything else?

Miranda:  Yeah.  Ed McCormick’s in your office.

Patrick:  Ed McCormick’s here??

Patrick:  Ed.  What brings you here?

Ed:  Well…..Miranda told me about Arvin Blanchett and how he was looking to put on over on Eban Brummel with the phony deed to that resort land and that kind of inspired me to do my own checking.

Leslie:  And you got here that fast.

Ed:  Well, Kiddo.  There was that.  Miranda told me about this days ago, but there’s more and I don’t think you’re going to like it.

Patrick:  What is it we’re not going to like, Ed?

Ed:  I did a little more digging into Arvin Blanchett and your suspicions were correct, Pat.  This guy is connected with some pretty bad ass mothers.

Patrick:  Please, Ed.  Enlighten me.

Ed:  His involvement with bad guys goes back a pretty long way.  To begin with, he was involved in an oil deal in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea.   This was in the last 70’s to early 80’s.  He was working with a dummy company in Italy called Avanti Corp.

Leslie:  Avanti Corp.

Patrick (nodding his head):  Zach Powers.

Ed:  Well it get better.  You guys do know who was on the board of Avanti Corp. don’t you?

Leslie:  Alexis.

Ed:  That’s right.  Alexis.  You know that lease deal he was involved with was with Libya, which means our friend Arvin Blanchett was working with Muammar Gaddafi.

Patrick:  That makes him a traitor.

Ed:  Yes it does.  There’s more on the Alexis front too, but before we dive into that, I heard Alexis is in a little hot water over Krystina.

Patrick:  Not yet, but she’s going to be.

Ed:  I heard what Smitty and Jubal found was a real doozy.  An application for adoption of a minor child.

Patrick:  That’s right.  Krystina.  We’ve already discussed it with Fallon, my mother and the Ewings.

Leslie:  When Sue Ellen found out, she about went ballistic.  She had to be restrained from going over to Alexis’ office and tearing her apart.

Ed:  Anyway.  About the additional news on the Alexis front.

Patrick:  Can’t wait to hear this.

Ed:  You’re going to love this.  It seems that our friend Alexis was behind the scheme to swindle Eban Brummel out of the land to build Fallon’s resort on Lake Brummel.

Patrick (nodding his head):  I knew I smelled a rat.

Leslie:  So Alexis is going to try and stop her own son from building her own daughter’s resort just so she can settle what she perceives to be a score with us?

Ed:  That’s the long and the short of it.  Are you going to confront her with this?

Patrick:  You bet your ass we are!  Is this it?

Ed:  No.  It looks like Alexis and Sally Bullock are going to be getting their project in Venezuela off the ground before too long, so, as they say, you better be ready to stand by to stand by.

Patrick:  I know.  We’ve been keeping the Navy up to date on what’s going on.  We’re just waiting to find out when it will be time to move.  What about Tatangelo?  Is he on the ground down there?

Ed:  He is and he’s the best man for the job.  Like I told you.  He knows Latin America and he speaks fluent Espanol.

Patrick:  All right.  Just keep abreast of things and keep us posted.

Ed:  Will do, Pat.

Patrick:  Oh!  Ed.  there’s one more thing…..(gets Connie’s Service Jacket out of the safe

Ed:  What’s that, Pat?

Patrick:  Connie Colby’s Service Record.  She was recommended for the WAC Distinguished Service Medal towards the end of World War II, but, somehow, the recommendation got lost in some sort of bureaucratic SNAFU and the Medal was never awarded.  

Leslie:  I know we told Monica that would get taken care of.

Patrick:  We did, but we’re going to Washington next week on Weekend Warrior Duty, we’ll get this taken care of then.  I’ll clear it with Chris and we’ll meet with SECDEF and get this resolved.

Leslie:  Sounds good.

Ed:  Pat.  Do you want me to get with some of my contacts at the Pentagon and see what we can do about getting this thing speeded up.

Patrick:  Yeah!  As a matter of fact, that would OUT…..standing!  Thanks a lot, Ed.  I really appreciate this…..(hands Ed Connie’s Service Jacket)

Ed:  Not a problem Pat.  I’m on it!

(FRIDAY afternoon – Alexis’ office – Morell Enterprises, Inc. – Granite Tower – 1090 18th Denver, Colorado)

David:  Mr. Colby.  Good.  You’re back from Texas.  Your grandmother is in her office and she’s expecting you.

Jesse:  Thank you, David…..(walks into Alexis’ office)…..Hello, Grandmother.  I have good news from Texas.

Alexis (comes over and kisses her grandson on the cheek):  Hello, Jesse dahling!  Yes!  I heard.  Mr. Lee called me from Texas just a little bit ago and told me the wonderful news.

Jesse:  And we got some the best leases in the Gulf.  Better than some of the Denver-Carrington or Ewing leases.  Jackson said these could be some of the biggest strikes in the Gulf.

Alexis:  Has your lovely girlfriend Alex Rubio heard anything yet from the head buyer at Neiman Marcus?

Jesse:  Nothing yet, Grandmother, but I gather from Jackson Lee told us, the news should be good.

Alexis:  Wonderful.  Denver-Carrington and, especially, Patrick and Leslie Jennings, won’t know what hit them.  Everything is going according to plan.  I can’t wait to see the looks on their faces when I come into their office first thing Monday morning and deliver the news about our new Texas oil deal to them in person….(sits back in her chair)…..Oh! Popeye the Sailor Man your days are numbered…..and you too……company whore!

(MONDAY morning – Miranda’s Outer Office – Denver-Carrington Center – 1954 Blake Carrington Plaza – Denver, Colorado)

Alexis (flashing a fake smile as she approaches Miranda’s outer office):  Well…well…well…..Good morning, Secretary.  It’s been far too long!

Miranda:  Not long enough, Dragon Lady!  What the hell are you doing here???

Alexis:  Well…..Apparently, I was summoned here.  I have some wonderful news and I can’t wait to share it your bosses.  So I think I’ll just go into their office and deliver the news in person.

Sue Ellen (comes out of Patrick and Leslie’s office flashing a fake smiles as Miranda smiles in the background):  Well…..hello, Alexis!  I’m so glad you could make it.

Alexis:  Well…well…well…..Sue Ellen.  The Ewing Saddle Tramp.  What are YOU doing here?

Sue Ellen:  Why don’t you come join us, Alexis?  I believe we have some things to discuss!

Alexis:  Oh my God!



















Episode #792: Reclaimed Valor


  • Alexis is summoned into a meeting in Patrick and Leslie’s office with Fallon, Jeff, Steven and Sammy Jo also present.
  • Sammy Jo calls Alexis out for sending Alex Rubio to her office.
  • Alexis is called on the carpet about her father’s involvement in the importation of Danish Jews to Nazi Concentration Camps and her deal in Venezuela.
  • Miranda is called into Patrick and Leslie’s office to discuss a change in her work responsibilities and a raise.
  • Patrick, Jeff and Steven have a strategy session in Jeff’s office concerning Alexis.
  • Patrick and Leslie call Chip Ewing to thank him for taking a very important meeting and to fill him on the latest military contracts as well as to invite him and his new partner to Colorado.
  • In Norfolk, Patrick, Patrick, Jr and Milton Cox explain to the Navy brass about Alexis’ involvement in Venezuela.
  • Alexis makes a desperate call to Sally Bullock.

Scene:  Alexis’ office – Morell Enterprises – Granite Tower – 1090 18th Street – Denver, Colorado/Sally Bullock’s office – Bullock Marine – JP Morgan Chase Tower – 800 Travis Street – Houston, Texas…..

Sally:  What is it, Alexis?  What’s wrong?

Alexis:  Well…..as I said before, we have a little problem.  I’m being asked to pull out of the Venezuela deal.

Sally:  Oh!  Don’t tell me.  Let me guess.  Patrick and Leslie Jennings and the Ewings.

Alexis: Yes.  Unfortunately.

Sally:  You’re not considering it, are you Alexis?  We’ve got too much invested in this.  The damn Ewings have been a thorn in my side ever since that Boy Scout Bobby temporarily took over as President after J.R. was shot.  I swore to God I’d get even with them if it was the last thing I ever did.  Not only do I have Bobby to deal with, but now I have Bobby’s son Christopher, J.R. and Sue Ellen’ son John Ross, J.R.’s other son Chip Ewing and, of course John Ross’ wife Krystina to deal with.

Alexis:  Yes, of course.  Krystina.  The daughter of my mortal enemy Krystle.  Now we have Chip Ewing, J.R.’s bastard to deal with.  Sally dahling!  As much as the Ewings have been a thorn in your side, Patrick and Leslie Jennings have been just as much a thorn in mine.

Sally:  Well, Alexis…..I have some news for you.  Nicolas has been given the green light by the Chinese.  We can start shipping oil in as little as two to three weeks.  

Alexis:  Good.  Because in the meantime, I have put in motion a plan to stop Patrick and Leslie Jennings…..and Denver-Carrington…..dead in the their tracks.

(Tuesday afternoon – Miranda’s outer office – Denver-Carrington Center – 1954 Blake Carrington Plaza – Denver, Colorado/Brummel Agricultural Enterprises, LLC Headquarters – 18W 140 Butterfield Rd. – Granville, Illinois)

Miranda:  Good morning.  Denver-Carrington.  How may I help you?

Eban:  Yes.  Good morning.  I’m trying to reach Patrick and Leslie Jennings.  This is Eban Brummel of Brummel Agricultural Enterprises in Granville, Illinois.  Are they in?

Miranda:  Yes, Mr. Brummel, of course.  They just got in about five minutes ago.  I’ll put you through momentarily.  Patrick.   Mr. Eban Brummel of Brummel Agricultural is on one.

Patrick:  Thanks, Miranda.  Put him through.  I’ll put him on speaker.  Eban.  What’s going on?

Eban:  Pat.  I’m glad I caught you.  We’ve got a bit of a problem.

Leslie:  What’s the matter?

Eban: You know that land on the Western shore of Lake Brummel that Denver-Carrington is wanting to build that resort on?

Patrick:  Yeah.  What about it?

Eban:  Well…..apparently, that land was deeded to Arvin Blanchett years ago and he is going to stop you from building on it unless…..

Leslie:  Unless?  Unless what?

Eban:  Unless I get Toby to drop out of the mayoral race.

Patrick:  What???  Oh hell no!!

Leslie:  There’s no way we can just stop what we’re doing.  We’ve already started grading the land and excavating.  We’ve gone too far to stop now.

Patrick:  And we’re not going to, Babe.  Wait a minute, Eban!  Did you say Arvin Blanchett?

Eban:  Yeah.  I did.  Why?

Patrick:  Because.  If this is the same Arvin Blanchett that I’m thinking of, then he’s dealt with some pretty bad ass mothers.

Eban:  What are you saying, Pat?  What are you going to do?

Patrick:  What I’m saying, we’re going to use a little leverage.  Miranda?

Miranda:  Yes, Patrick?

Patrick:  Miranda.  We need you to check the Recorder of Deeds in Granville, Illinois, specifically for titles to lands around the Lake Brummel area.  Then, I need you to get a hold of Ed McCormick at Langley and have him run a check on one Arvin Blanchett.  I want to know everything, including the last time he went to the bathroom.

Miranda:  Yes, Patrick.  I’m on it.

Eban:  You sure about this, Pat?

Patrick:  I’m sure.  Just leave everything to me.  It sounds like Arvin Blanchett wants to play a little hardball.  Well…..you can tell Mr. Arvin Blanchett that we’re going to play too and we’re going to knock anything he’s pitching out of the park.

Eban:  Do we confront him?

Patrick:  Not just yet.  Let’s let the asshole think he’s winning…..for now!

Leslie:  Anything I can do, Hun?

Patrick:  Yeah.  Get a hold of Steven and tell him what’s going on.  We may need to take a trip to Granville Illinois.  We’re going to throw everything but the kitchen sink at Arvin Blanchett.  We’re going to make the son of a bitch wish he’d never been born.

(MEANWHILE – Alexis Colby’s office – Morell Enterprises – Granite Tower – 1090 18th Street – Denver, Colorado)

Arvin Blanchett:  Is that what you wanted, Alexis?

Alexis:  Yes, Arvin dahling!  That’s perfect!  Now.  I know this is my daughter Fallon’s project and that my son Steven’s company Carrington Construction is doing the construction, but the important thing is that we stop Denver-Carrington.  That we stop Popeye the Sailor Man and his company whore dead in their tracks (flashes a wicked smile as she hangs up the phone

(WEDNESDAY morning – Jackson Lee’s office – Lee Oil – Fountain Place – 1445 Ross Avenue – Dallas, Texas)

Jackson Lee:  Mr. Colby.  Please come in.  My name is Jackson Lee.  My great grandfather Jordan Lee founded this company and it remained in the family until my father Jordan Lee III died about four years ago.  About a year later, the assets were seized by the government after my brother Jordan IV was indicted on Federal conspiracy and racketeering charges. The assets were then auctioned off after he was sentenced to life in prison.

Jesse:  It’s a pleasure, Mr. Lee.  Allow me to introduce my girlfriend Alex Rubio.  She is going to be heading my grandmother’s latest fashion venture.

Jackson:  Charmed, Miss Rubio.  Please.  Both of you.  Call me Jackson.

Alex:  Please.  Call me Alex.

Jesse:  I’m assuming that you are in agreement with the terms on my grandmother’s purchase of the majority of the stock in this company. 

Jackson:  Yes I am, but I’m surprised that we didn’t receive an offer from Denver-Carrington.  We do have some very lucrative offshore oil leases in the Gulf. 

Jesse:  I wouldn’t worry about Denver-Carrington because Denver-Carrington is headed for a fall.  If what you’re saying is true, then these new leases should a new source of significant revenue once these leases start hitting.  But, we must make sure that the leases we get are the best leases available.

Alex:  What about the Ewings?  Are they involved in any of this?

Jackson:  In the deal we are currently putting together?  No.  But, I know for a fact that the Ewings would have liked to get their hands on some of these leases.

Alex:  Anything to stick it to Denver-Carrington and the Ewings.

Jackson (looking at Jesse):  I like the way she thinks.   Now…..just so you know…..since I am a descendant of the founder, I will be retaining a 10% stake in the company.

Jesse:  Absolutely.  However, Lee Oil will be operating as a wholly owned subsidiary of Morell Enterprises, Inc. with you as de-facto CEO.

Jackson:  Then it looks as though we’ve come to terms, Mr. Colby.

Jesse:  Jesse please.

Jackson:  Jesse.  Alex.  I’ve heard you’re here to talk to the buyers at Neiman Marcus.

Alex:  I am.  I have a meeting with them tomorrow.

Jackson:  Well…..If you charm them the same way you’ve charmed me, then I think Fashion Fury should be a lock to get their business.

(THURSDAY morning – Patrick and Leslie’s office – Denver-Carrington Center – 1954 Blake Carrington Plaza – Denver, Colorado/Agent-in-Charge Roy (“Smitty”) Smith, Jr.’s office – FBI, Denver Field Office – 8000 East 36th Avenue – Denver, Colorado)

Patrick:  Smitty.  What’s happening?

Smitty:  Pat.  I’m glad I caught you.  You remember when Jubal and I were searching Alexis’ place?

Patrick:  Yeah I do.  Wait a minute!  Leslie’s here with me.  Let me put you on speaker.

Smitty:  Leslie.  Glad you’re here.  You might want to hear this too.

Leslie:  So what is it?  It sounds like it’s pretty important.  

Smitty:  It is.  As I was just asking your hubby.  Do you remember when Jubal Valentine and I were searching Alexis’ place?

Leslie:  Yes i do.

Smitty:  You know how it looked as though we didn’t find anything of any importance?

Leslie:  Yeah.  We remember you guys saying that.  Why?  Have there been any changes?

Smitty:  There’s been a major change.  Jubal and I have been hanging onto this one for a while.  You better brace yourselves.

Leslie:  Smitty what is it??

Smitty:  OK.  Here it is.  Pat.  You know about your mother’s stay in Le Clinique in Switzerland?

Patrick:  Yeah I do.  She was finally released just before I came to Colorado.

Smitty:  That’s right.  You’re going to love this.  When Jubal and I  were going through her desk, we saw some very interesting paperwork that was filled out by Alexis herself.

Leslie:  What was it?

Smitty:  It was an application for temporary custodial custody of a minor child  She was going to foster this child while Krystle was in Le Clinique.

Patrick:  Smitty! Are you telling me that the minor child was….?

Smitty;  Yeah, Pat.  I am.  The minor child in question was your younger sister Krystina.

Patrick:  What???

Smitty:  I’m afraid it’s true, guys.  Jubal was rummaging through her desk drawer and found the application forms, but, fortunately, they were never filed.

Leslie:  When Krystle went to Le Clinique, Krystina went to live with Fallon and L.B. and Lauren in Malibu.

Patrick:  Fallon finds out about this, she’s going to go ballistic!.

Smitty:  Did Alexis ever make these intentions of hers known to anyone.

Patrick (nodding his head):  I seem to remember my mother telling me what Alexis’ intentions were and my mother about hit the ceiling.

Smitty:  What about Blake?

Leslie:  Fortunately, from what I gathered, Uncle Blake never found out.  If he had, he too would have hit the ceiling.

Patrick:  DAMN!

Smitty:  What is it, Pat?

Leslie:  Come on, Hun.  What is it?  Tell us.

Patrick:  John Ross and Krystina and them get here tomorrow.  They’re going to explode when they find about this.

Smitty:  So you do want to tell them right away?

Patrick:  I want to tell them, but not exactly right away.The first person we’re going to tell about this is my mother, but we’re going to wait until after Easter.  John Ross and Krystina are renewing their vows at Easter Vigil in front of Tim.  I don’t want to spoil that, plus, Christopher and Tiffany are coming into the Catholic Church and little J.C. is getting baptized.  We need to be thinking about that first and foremost.  Babe?

Leslie:  Yes.

Patrick:  Smitty?

Smitty:  Yes.  I agree, but you know what this is going to do to your mother!

Patrick:  She already knew what Alexis had in mind, but to find out that Alexis was actually going to put it into motion?  She’s definitely going to hit the ceiling.

Smitty:  Are we going to confront Alexis about this?

Patrick:  Oh yeah!  She’ll be read the riot act in our office next week.  Do you have the actual documents?

Smitty:  Yeah.  I’ve got them locked up in my safe at the office.

Patrick:  Good.  You keep a hold of those until we need them and when we’re ready, we’ll lower the boom on the Dragon Lady.  Next week, the shit’s really going to hit the fan.

Smitty:  Will do, Pat.

(SATURDAY night – Mass of the Easter Vigil – Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception – North Logan Street – Denver, Colorado)

(Mass of the Vigil of Easter – the Most Reverend Timothy Brendan Cardinal McGrath, S.J., B.A., M.Div., PhD, Archbishop of the Catholic Archdiocese of Denver – celebrant)

(Patrick, as one of the lectors, is sitting on the altar. Leslie, as another of the lectors, is also sitting on the altar.  John Ross as Christopher’s sponsor and J.C.’s godfather is sitting with him in the front pews.  Krystina as Tiffany’s sponsor and J.C.’s godmother is sitting with Tiffany [who is holding J.C.] in the front pews.  Jeff, Fallon, L.B., Allison, Lauren, Gerald, III, Patrick, Jr., Terry, Krystle, Dex, Steven, Sammy Jo, Danny, Jessica, Nick, Milton, Sandra, Darrell, Lillian, Colin, Lyndsay, Will, Vanessa, Bobby, Ann, Sue Ellen, Catlin, Chip and Danny are sitting in reserved pews)

Lillian and Jessica (approach the altar to sing the Exsultet [The Easter proclamation]):

Exult, let them exult, the hosts of heaven,
exult, let Angel ministers of God exult,
let the trumpet of salvation
sound aloud our mighty King’s triumph!

Be glad, let earth be glad, as glory floods her,
ablaze with light from her eternal King,
let all corners of the earth be glad,
knowing an end to gloom and darkness.

Rejoice, let Mother Church also rejoice,
arrayed with the lightning of his glory,
let this holy building shake with joy,
filled with the mighty voices of the peoples.

V. Lift up your hearts.
R. We lift them up to the Lord.
V. Let us give thanks to the Lord our God.
R. It is right and just.

It is truly right and just, with ardent love of mind and heart
and with devoted service of our voice,
to acclaim our God invisible, the almighty Father,
and Jesus Christ, our Lord, his Son, his Only Begotten.

Who for our sake paid Adam’s debt to the eternal Father,
and, pouring out his own dear Blood,
wiped clean the record of our ancient sinfulness.

These, then, are the feasts of Passover,
in which is slain the Lamb, the one true Lamb,
whose Blood anoints the doorposts of believers.

This is the night,
when once you led our forebears, Israel’s children,
from slavery in Egypt
and made them pass dry-shod through the Red Sea.

This is the night
that with a pillar of fire
banished the darkness of sin.

This is the night
that even now, throughout the world,
sets Christian believers apart from worldly vices
and from the gloom of sin,
leading them to grace
and joining them to his holy ones.

This is the night,
when Christ broke the prison-bars of death
and rose victorious from the underworld.

Our birth would have been no gain,
had we not been redeemed.

O wonder of your humble care for us!
O love, O charity beyond all telling,
to ransom a slave you gave away your Son!
O truly necessary sin of Adam,
destroyed completely by the Death of Christ!
O happy fault
that earned so great, so glorious a Redeemer!

O truly blessed night,
worthy alone to know the time and hour
when Christ rose from the underworld!

This is the night
of which it is written:
The night shall be as bright as day,
dazzling is the night for me,
and full of gladness.

The sanctifying power of this night
dispels wickedness, washes faults away,
restores innocence to the fallen, and joy to mourners,
drives out hatred, fosters concord, and brings down the mighty.
On this, your night of grace, O holy Father,
accept this candle, a solemn offering,
the work of bees and of your servants’ hands,
an evening sacrifice of praise,
this gift from your most holy Church.

But now we know the praises of this pillar,
which glowing fire ignites for God’s honor,
a fire into many flames divided,
yet never dimmed by sharing of its light,
for it is fed by melting wax,
drawn out by mother bees
to build a torch so precious.

O truly blessed night,
when things of heaven are wed to those of earth,
and divine to the human.

Therefore, O Lord,
we pray you that this candle,
hallowed to the honor of your name,
may persevere undimmed,
to overcome the darkness of this night.

Receive it as a pleasing fragrance,
and let it mingle with the lights of heaven.

May this flame be found still burning
by the Morning Star:
the one Morning Star who never sets,
Christ your Son,
who, coming back from death’s domain,
has shed his peaceful light on humanity,
and lives and reigns for ever and ever.

Congregation:  Amen.

Tim: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.
Congregation: Amen
Tim: On this Great Vigil of the Lord’s Resurrection, the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Spirit be with you all.
Congregation: And with your Spirit.

(a few minutes later)

Patrick: The Beginning of the Book of Genesis. In the beginning when God created the heavens and the Earth and the Earth was without form or shape, with darkness over the abyss and a mighty wind sweeping over the waters. God said, ‘Let there be light,’ and there was light. God saw that light was good, and God divided light from darkness. God called light ‘day’, and darkness he called ‘night’. Evening came and morning came: the first day…..God said, ‘Let the waters be alive with a swarm of living creatures, and let birds wing their way above the earth across the vault of heaven.’ And so it was. God created great sea-monsters and all the creatures that glide and teem in the waters in their own species, and winged birds in their own species. God saw that it was good. God blessed them, saying, ‘Be fruitful, multiply, and fill the waters of the seas; and let the birds multiply on land. Evening came and morning came: the fifth day…..God said, ‘Let us make man in our own image, in the likeness of ourselves, and let them be masters of the fish of the sea, the birds of heaven, the cattle, all the wild animals and all the creatures that creep along the ground. God created man in the image of himself, in the image of God he created him, male and female he created them. God blessed them, saying to them, ‘Be fruitful, multiply, fill the earth and subdue it. Be masters of the fish of the sea, the birds of heaven and all the living creatures that move on earth. God also said, ‘Look, to you I give all the seed-bearing plants everywhere on the surface of the earth, and all the trees with seed-bearing fruit; this will be your food. And to all the wild animals, all the birds of heaven and all the living creatures that creep along the ground, I give all the foliage of the plants as their food.’ And so it was. God saw all he had made, and indeed it was very good. Evening came and morning came: the sixth day. Thus heaven and earth were completed with all their array. On the seventh day God had completed the work he had been doing. He rested on the seventh day after all the work he had been doing. God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on that day he rested after all his work of creating. Such was the story of heaven and earth as they were created. At the time when God made earth and heaven. The word of the Lord

Congregation:  Thanks be to God.

Leslie:  A Reading from the Book of Exodus.   At Etham the LORD said to Moses: 

Tell the people of Israel to turn back and camp across from Pi-Hahiroth near Baal-Zephon, between Migdol and the Red Sea.    Pharaoh will think they were afraid to cross the desert and that they are wandering around, trying to find another way to leave the country.  I will make Pharaoh stubborn again, and he will try to catch you. Then I will destroy him and his army. People everywhere will praise me for my victory, and the Egyptians will know that I really am the LORD.

The Israelites obeyed the LORD and camped where he told them. 

When the Pharaoh of Egypt heard that the Israelites had finally left, he and his officials changed their minds and said, “Look what we have done! We let them get away, and they will no longer be our slaves.” 

Pharaoh got his war chariot and army ready.   He commanded his officers in charge of his six hundred best chariots and all his other chariots to start after the Israelites.   The LORD made Pharaoh so stubborn that he went after them, even though the Israelites proudly went on their way.  But Pharaoh’s horses and chariots and soldiers caught up with them while they were camping by the Red Sea near Pi-Hahiroth and Baal-Zephon. 

When the Israelites saw Pharaoh coming with his army, they were frightened and begged the LORD for help.   They also complained to Moses, “Wasn’t there enough room in Egypt to bury us? Is that why you brought us out here to die in the desert? Why did you bring us out of Egypt anyway?  While we were there, didn’t we tell you to leave us alone? We had rather be slaves in Egypt than die in this desert!” 

But Moses answered, “Don’t be afraid! Be brave, and you will see the LORD save you today. These Egyptians will never bother you again.   The LORD will fight for you, and you won’t have to do a thing.” 

The LORD said to Moses, “Why do you keep calling out to me for help? Tell the Israelites to move forward.   Then hold your walking stick over the sea. The water will open up and make a road where they can walk through on dry ground.   I will make the Egyptians so stubborn that they will go after you. Then I will be praised because of what happens to Pharaoh and his chariots and cavalry.   The Egyptians will know for sure that I am the LORD.”

All this time God’s angel had gone ahead of Israel’s army, but now he moved behind them. A large cloud had also gone ahead of them,   but now it moved between the Egyptians and the Israelites. The cloud gave light to the Israelites, but made it dark for the Egyptians, and during the night they could not come any closer. 

Moses stretched his arm over the sea, and the LORD sent a strong east wind that blew all night until there was dry land where the water had been. The sea opened up, and the Israelites walked through on dry land with a wall of water on each side. 

The Egyptian chariots and cavalry went after them.   But before daylight the LORD looked down at the Egyptian army from the fiery cloud and made them panic.   Their chariot wheels got stuck, and it was hard for them to move. So the Egyptians said to one another, “Let’s leave these people alone! The LORD is on their side and is fighting against us.” 

The LORD told Moses, “Stretch your arm toward the sea; the water will cover the Egyptians and their cavalry and chariots.”  Moses stretched out his arm, and at daybreak the water rushed toward the Egyptians. They tried to run away, but the LORD drowned them in the sea.   The water came and covered the chariots, the cavalry, and the whole Egyptian army that had followed the Israelites into the sea. Not one of them was left alive.   But the sea had made a wall of water on each side of the Israelites; so they walked through on dry land. 

On that day, when the Israelites saw the bodies of the Egyptians washed up on the shore, they knew that the LORD had saved them.   Because of the mighty power he had used against the Egyptians, the Israelites worshiped him and trusted him and his servant Moses. 

The Song of Moses

Moses and the Israelites sang this song in praise of the LORD: 

 I sing praises to the LORD for his great victory! 
 He has thrown the horses and their riders into the sea.   The Word of the Lord.

Congregation:  Thanks be to God

(during the Homily)

Tim:…..After the reading of Creation, I reminded of the Responsorial Psalm “Lord.  Send out your Spirit and renew the face of the Earth”, a most appropriate psalm on this most holy of nights.  For Easter is a time of renewal.   Once again it is my pleasure to welcome to our Cathedral parish, the Ewing family from Braddock, Texas.  Bobby, Ann, Sue Ellen, Catlin, John Ross, Krystina, Christopher, Tiffany, Chip, Danny and last, but certainly not least little J.C.  John Charles who will be baptized in Christ here tonight as his parents are welcomed into the Catholic faith and John Ross and Krystina renew their vows before God and our Cathedral parish.  As I said.  Easter is a time of renewal.  About two years ago, I stood before this parish and announced that I would be making a recommendation to His Holiness Pope Francis that James L. Ewing, Great Great Great Uncle of Bobby James Ewing here present, for answering the call to Holy Ministry and for his sacrifice on behalf of his fellow Texans in standing up to the oppression of Generalissimo Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana at the Alamo on March 6, 1836, be named as a Servant of God.  Well…..two years later, I am pleased to announce that his His Holiness Pope Francis, taking into consideration that same spirit of sacrifice and devotion to God, has named Father James L. Ewing the Venerable James L.Ewing (Bobby is visibly moved as he listens to Tim’s words)  In closing, I would like to wish you and your families and friends a very Happy Easter.  (crosses himself)  In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.

(LATER – Baptism)

Tim:  John Charles Ewing. I baptize you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.  I anoint your head with oils and I invite your parents and Godparents to do the same (Christopher, Tiffany, John and Krystina each make the Sign of the Cross on J.C.’s forehead.  Tim then baptizes Christopher) Christopher Shepard Ewing. I baptize you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen (Tim then baptizes Tiffany) Tiffany Marie Ewing.  I baptize you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.

Lillian (singing):  You have put on Christ.  You have been baptized.  Alleluia!  Alleluia!

(LATER – Eucharistic Prayer)

Tim: You are indeed holy, O Lord, the fount of all holiness. Make holy, therefore, these gifts, we pray, by sending down your spirit upon them like the dewfall, so that they may become for us the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ…..Take this, all of you, and eat of it, for this is my Body, which will be given up for you…..take this, all of you, and drink from it, for this is the chalice of my Blood, the Blood of the new and eternal covenant, which will be poured out for you and for many for the forgiveness of sins. Do this in memory of me…..remember, Lord, your church, spread throughout the world, and bring her to the fullness of charity, together with Francis our Pope. Me your unworthy servant and all the clergy…..Through him, and with him, and in him, O God, almighty Father, in the unity of the holy spirit, all glory and honor is yours, for ever and ever.
Congregation: Amen.

(LATER – Confirmation)

Tim (comes up to Christopher with John Ross standing beside him): Albertus Magnus be sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Christopher: Amen.

Tim (comes up to Tiffany with Krystina standing beside her):  Margaret Clitherow be sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Tiffany: Amen.

(LATER – Renewal of Marriage vows – John Ross and Krystina)

Tim:  With Christopher, Tiffany and their son little John Charles Ewing, we have come together to celebrate new life in the Catholic faith this Easter.  It is in that same spirit that John Ross and Krystina have decided to renew their wedding vows before this parish and before God.  John Ross.  Krystina.  Have you come here to re-enter into Marriage without coercion, freely and wholeheartedly?…..(Patrick and Leslie stand beside John Ross and Krystina)

John Ross:  I have.

Krystina:  I have.

Tim: Are you prepared, as you continue on the path of Marriage, to love and honor each other for as long as you both shall live?

John Ross:  I am.

Krystina:  I am.

Tim: Are you prepared to accept children lovingly from God and to bring them up according to the law of Christ and his Church?

John Ross: I am.

Krystina: I am.

Tim: John Ross, do you retake Krystina for your lawful wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do you part?

John Ross: I do.

Tim: Krystina, do you retake John Ross for your lawful husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do you part?

Krystina: I do.

Tim: And so by the power vested in me by the State of Colorado, the Holy Catholic Church, and the Lord God our Heavenly Father, I now re-pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride.  I now RE-introduce Mr. and Mrs. John Ross Ewing III.

(A FEW MINUTES LATER – The Lord’s Prayer)

Tim: At the Savior’s command and formed by divine teaching, we dare to say (the congregation then joins in):
Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name; thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us; and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.
Deliver us, Lord, we pray, from every evil, graciously grant peace in our days, that, by the help of your mercy, we may be always free from sin and safe from all distress, as we await the blessed hope and the coming of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Congregation:  For the kingdom, the power and the glory are yours now and for ever.

Tim:  Lord Jesus Christ, who said to your Apostles: Peace I leave you, my peace I give you; look not on our sins, but on the faith of your Church, and graciously grant her peace and unity in accordance with your will. Who live and reign for ever and ever.

Congregation: Amen

Tim: The peace of the Lord be with you always.

Congregation: And with your Spirit.

(a few minutes later)

Lillian and Jessica (singing):
Agnus Dei,
quitollis peccata mundi: miserere nobis.
Agnus Dei,
quitollis peccata mundi: miserere nobis.
Agnus Dei,
quitollis peccata mundi: dona nobis pacem.

Tim: Behold the Lamb of God, behold him who takes away the sins of the world. Blessed are those called to the supper of the Lamb.

Congregation: Lord, I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof, but only say the word and my soul shall be healed.

(during Communion Lillian and Jessica sing “Lord When You Come to the Seashore” [“Pescadore des Hombres” in Spanish] – Jessica sings the verse in English and then Lillian sings the refrain in Spanish)

Jessica:  Lord.  When you come to the Seashore.  You weren’t seeking the wise or the wealthy.  But only asking that I may follow.

Lillian:  Senor.  Mi has mirado a los ojos sonriendo has dicho mi nombre.  En la arena.  Ha dejada mi barca.  Junto a ti.  Buscare otro mar.

Jessica:  Lord.  You know what my boat carried.  Neither money.  Nor weapons for fighting.  But nets for fishing my daily labor.

Lillian:  Senor.  Mi has mirado a los ojos sonriendo has dicho mi nombre.  En la arena.  Ha dejada mi barca.  Junto a ti.  Buscare otro mar.

Jessica:  Lord.  Have you need of my labor.  Hands for service, a heart made for loving.  My arms for lifting the poor and broken.

Lillian:  Senor.  Mi has mirado a los ojos sonriendo has dicho mi nombre.  En la arena.  Ha dejada mi barca.  Junto a ti.  Buscare otro mar.

Jessica:  Lord.  Send me where you would have me. To a village or heart of the city.  I will remember that you are with me.

Lillian:  Senor.  Mi has mirado a los ojos sonriendo has dicho mi nombre.  En la arena.  Ha dejada mi barca.  Junto a ti.  Buscare otro mar.  (this time with Jessica in unison):  Senor.  Mi has mirado a los ojos sonriendo has dicho mi nombre.  En la arena.  Ha dejada mi barca.  Junto a ti.  Buscare otro mar.

(about ten minutes after Communion)

Tim: The Lord be with you.

Congregation: And with your Spirit.

Tim: May almighty God bless you, the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Congregation: Amen

Tim: Go forth the Mass has ended.

Congregation: Thanks be to God.

Lillian and Jessica sing “Jesus Christ is Risen Today”:

Jesus Christ is ris’n today, Alleluia!
our triumphant holy day, Alleluia!
who did once upon the cross Alleluia!
suffer to redeem our loss. Alleluia!

Hymns of praise then let us sing Alleluia!
unto Christ our heav’nly King, Alleluia!
who endured the cross and grave, Alleluia!
sinners to redeem and save. Alleluia!

But the pains which he endured, Alleluia!
our salvation have procured; Alleluia!
now above the sky he’s King, Alleluia!
where the angels ever sing. Alleluia!

Sing we to our God above Alleluia!
praise eternal as his love; Alleluia!
praise him, all ye heav’nly host, Alleluia!
Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Alleluia!

(LATER – After Mass – outside the Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception)

Sue Ellen:  Tim.  I’d like to thank you.  That was a lovely service.  Now I understand why my son and daughter-in-law chose you when they decided to renew their wedding vows.

Catlin:  Yes, Cardinal McGrath.  Thank you.

Tim:  You’re very welcome and, please, both of you call me Tim.

Bobby:  Tim.  I’d like to thank you for welcoming MY son and daughter-in-law into the Catholic Church.  I’d also like to thank you for what you’re doing for Father James Ewing.  What you said meant a lot to me.

Tim:  Thank you, Bobby.  Father James was very dedicated to his ministry and his Faith.  He is very deserving of whatever honor His Holiness happens to bestow upon him. I promise you, I will do everything I can to make sure Father Ewing is Canonized when the time comes.

Bobby:  Thank you, Tim.

Ann:  Tim.  Bobby and I were just talking a little bit ago and we’re thinking about coming into the Catholic Church.  I went to a couple of Masses with John Ross and Krystina at St. Anthony’s in Braddock.  It was a wonderful experience and the pastor there does a really good job.  His parishioners seem to really like him.

Tim:  Monsignor Rodriguez.  I know him well.  He and I studied in Rome together.  He’s a good man.

Bobby: After all, it was the faith that we Ewings practiced when we first came to Texas.

Tim:  Well…..I’m not going to try and force you one way or the other.  That’s not my style.  BUT…..whatever you decide to do, please, let me know and I’ll help in any way I can.

Bobby:  Thank you, Tim.

Ann:  Yes.  Thank you, Tim.

(TUESDAY evening – the front entrance hall of the Carrington mansion – 173 Wessex Drive – Golden, Colorado)

George (opening the front door for Monica and Dana):  Ms. Colby and Ms. Waring-Colby.  Welcome.

Monica:  Thank you, George.  Are Admiral and Mrs. Jennings in?  I have something very important I need to talk to them about.

George:  Yes, Ms. Colby.  They are.  I’ll tell them you’re here.

Dana:  Thank you, George……(George then leaves the entrance hall)

Krystle (comes into the front entrance hall):  Monica.  Dana.  What a pleasant surprise.  What brings you here?

Monica:  We have something I need to talk to Patrick and Leslie about.  George went to tell them we’re here.

Krystle:  Would you like to stay the night?

Monica:  Are you sure, Krystle?  

Krystle:  You know you’re both welcome.  Dana.  I know what happened between you and Adam, but Blake always loved you.

Dana:  Thank you, Krystle.  That means a lot.  We’d love to stay.

Krystle:  Good.  Vivian?

Vivian:  Yes, Mum?

Krystle:  Vivian would you have a room prepared for Ms. Colby and Ms. Waring-Colby?

Vivian:  Yes, Mum.  I’ll have their bags sent up to their room immediately.

Dana:  Thank you, Vivian.

Leslie (coming into the entrance hall with Patrick):  Monica.  Dana.  

Dana:  Hello, Leslie.  It’s been a long time.

Patrick:  Monica.  Dana.  What brings you here?

Monica:  Well…..I have something important I’d like to talk to you about.

Patrick:  Why don’t we go into the Library?

Monica:  That sounds like a good idea.




















Episode #791: On the carpet – Part II


  • Alexis talks business with Ravinia Lipperson in the Nacarat Bar in the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal.
  • Little do they know that Patrick, Leslie, Tim, Patrick, Jr. and Terry are also talking business with Lipperson attorney Martin Caravella a few tables away in the same bar.
  • Marty introduces his wife, Dr. Regina Caravella, PhD to his colleagues, after which, they make a beeline out of the bar to avoid being spotted by Alexis and Ravinia.
  • Patrick, Leslie, Patrick, Jr. and Terry return home and fill Dex in on everything that went on in Canada, including the surprise at the will reading.
  • Patrick then has a call placed to Cedric Parkhurst in London to get him up to speed on what has been going on.
  • Patrick and Leslie call a meeting of the senior board members and Alexis in their office.  Fallon, Jeff, Steven and Sammy Jo all show up and, much to everybody’s surprise, so does Alexis. 

Scene:  Monday morning – Patrick and Leslie’s office – Denver-Carrington Center – 1954 Blake Carrington Plaza – Denver, Colorado…..

Alexis:  Things to discuss?  So…..are you going to tell me why you’re summoning me to this…..inquisition…..of yours?


Leslie:  We’ve got a lot to cover, Alexis.  The sooner we get started, the better.

Sammy Jo:  Why don’t we start with why the hell you sent that little bitch Alex Rubio to my office the other day?

Alexis:  I don’t know what you’re talking about, Bimbo and even if I did, it won’t be long before Fashion Fury is back at the forefront of the industry.  You’re headed for a fall, Slut.  I’d watch my back if I were you and I will not stand for these false accusations.  I will not be spoken to in this fashion.

Leslie:  With all the shit you’ve pulled on this family???  You’re lucky you’re being spoken to at all!!!

Sammy Jo:  Save it, Alexis!  When she barged into my office the other day, she said that she was there to bring us a warning from you.  Don’t try to worm your way out of it, Alexis.  Alex admitted it.

Alexis:  Well…..obviously somebody’s lying.

Sammy Jo:  Yeah.  Either she is or you are and I’d be willing to bet you are because you’ve had a lot more experience at it!

Alexis:  How dare you?!?!?!

Sammy Jo:  Oh!  I dare, Alexis!  Believe me!!

Alexis:  You don’t know who you’re dealing with.

Sammy Jo:  I know EXACTLY who I’m dealing with!!

Alexis:  in case you didn’t hear me the first time, I’ll put it to you in plain words that even you can understand.  Mark my words.  Your days are numbered, Bimbo!

Sammy Jo (under her breath):  CHRIST! I’m 59 years old and I’m going to be 60 this year and she STILL  calls me a Bimbo!

Patrick:  I told you, Big Sis…..

Sammy Jo:  Yeah I know!  I could get a PhD in Astrophysics and she she’d still call me a Bimbo!

Alexis:  All right!  Are you quite finished with this tribunal of yours???

Patrick:  Oh HELL no, Alexis!  We’ve only JUST begun to scratch the surface!!  NOW!!!  You want to tell us about your little deal with Sally Bullock???

Alexis:  I don’t know what you’re talking about!

Jeff:  Oh the HELL you don’t!!

Patrick:  Your little “I don’t know what you’re talking abouts!” and your little “Oh my Gods!” aren’t going to work here, Lady!! Do the words “embargoed nation” mean anything to you???

Steven:  Mother!!!  You’re not STILL going through with that Venezuelan deal are you???

Fallon:  I take it by your silence that you are!!

Patrick:  Alexis.  If you know what’s good for you, you’ll pull out of that deal RIGHT now!!

Alexis:  And what if I am???  You don’t have any evidence linking me to that deal!!  You can’t prove anything!!

Patrick:  Oh! Don’t worry!  We’re sure as shit going to get to the bottom of this sooner or later!!  You can bet your ass on that!!  You’ll be singing a different tune, Lady…..when the U.S. Government throws your ass in jail for treason!!

Leslie:  Alexis.  YOU forget who YOU’RE dealing with!!!

Patrick:  I’m telling you right now, Alexis!!!  You go through with this…..as we say in the Navy…..stand by to stand by!!  Not only will you go to jail, but that crude you’re intending to ship to China will be confiscated and whatever tanker you use to ship it will end up being sent to Davy Jones’ Locker.

Leslie:  I don’t understand you, Alexis.  What is it you’re trying to accomplish by doing this???

Patrick:  What I don’t understand is how you and the rogue president of an embargoed nation think you can get oil OUT and my friend Tim McGrath and the Major League Baseball Players Association Charities can’t seem to get humanitarian aid IN.

Alexis:  Well…..if you’re finished with your little lecture, I’ll be leaving now.

Patrick:  That’s what you think!!  While we have you here, let’s talk some more about your father.

Alexis:  Haven’t you done quite enough to my father, ADMIRAL Jennings???

Fallon:  Shut up, Mother and listen!!!

Alexis:  Listen to what, Fallon?  Popeye the Sailor Man and his slut continuing to drag your grandfather’s good name through the mud???

Patrick (hands Fallon the copy of the communique she read the other day):  Sis.  If you would again read the following?

Fallon (takes the communique from Patrick):  With pleasure, Baby Brother.

An: Alle Agenten - Besetztes Europa
Von: Joachim von Ribbentrop, Reichminister Außenpolitik
Datum: 20. Januar 1944
Beraten werden. Die Einfuhr dänischer Juden in Arbeitslager soll sofort beginnen.

Joachim von Ribbentrop, Reichminister Außenpolitik

Alexis;  What does all of this mean???

Patrick:  Roughly translated?  Importation of Danish Jews to work camps to commence immediately.

Alexis:  What???

Jeff:  I think you heard Fallon perfectly clearly, Alexis.

Patrick:  Von Ribbentrop sent the same message to his entire spy network.

Alexis:  This never stops!!  You’re just just going to keep destroying my father’s reputation.  He was, after all, hatmaker to the King.

Patrick:  Yeah!  He was hatmaker to King Edward VIII who was, himself, a known Nazi sympathizer.

Alexis:  This is preposterous!!!  My father was NOT an anti-Semite!!

Patrick:  That may or may not be true and if he wasn’t, I will grant you that, but you have to understand how the spy game works.  He was just being advised of what was going on.  He may or may not have endorsed it.  Chances are, he didn’t, but he did have to keep the lines of communication open. That was his job and, in this particular instance, he sucked at it.  Fortunately, someone from the Intelligence Office of the Supreme Allied Command intercepted the message and the whole plan had to be scrapped.

Jeff:  Your father had orders to follow, Alexis and if he didn’t follow those orders, he would have, in all likelihood, been imprisoned or, worse, shot! 

Steven:  Basically, Mother.  Our grandfather, Steven Morell, turned a blind eye to the Holocaust.

Patrick:  And he fled into exile in Argentina to avoid prosecution.  

Leslie:  Don’t try to deny it because you saw his obituary in the International Herald Tribune.

Alexis:  I saw no such thing.

Fallon:  OH! BULLSHIT, MOTHER!!!!  You read it aloud at our Memorial Day party two years ago!!

Alexis:  Fallon!!  I don’t know why you insist on talking to me like this!!

Steven:  Because, Mother!!  There is hardcore  evidence documenting the things our grandfather did as well as the things he allowed to happen, yet, you seem to be in this constant state of denial over it all.

Jeff:  Alexis.  Your father facilitated what basically amounts to Genocide!!

Alexis (with a pained expression on her face):  Oh my God!

Sammy Jo:  There she goes again with her blanket answer for everything.

Patrick:  Oh! That’s only one of them, Big Sis.  We’ve heard the other one a couple of times already. 

Leslie (getting noticeably angry at Alexis)  My maternal grandfather Lieutenant Alan Saunders!!!  During World War II, he was a hero!!  He was a platoon leader during the Evacuation of Dunkirk and helped to save some of your countrymen!!!

Patrick:  Who swore allegiance to the same country your father shamelessly betrayed!!

Leslie:  But, then he was killed during Operation Overlord!!  At the beginning of the war, he was captured because of people like Steven Morell!!!  Fortunately, he was able to escape and rejoin his unit!!!  When I think of what my grandfather sacrificed compared to what YOUR father did, it MAKES ME SICK!!!!

Patrick (shaking his head):  I gave six years active duty to my country and I’m STILL giving to my country in the Reserves.  What about my father???  World War II, Korea AND Vietnam!!!!  Medal of Honor winner.  What about your ex-husband Dex???  Green Beret.  Vietnam.  ALSO…..a Medal of Honor winner.  Your son-in-law Cedric Parkhurst!!!  What about him???  He’s still giving back to YOUR country in your country’s Naval Reserve!!!

Jeff:  What about me???  I gave thirty years to the National Guard!!  Ready to defend my country at a moment’s notice!!  What about Blake, Alexis???  Huh???   When I think about how Blake risked his life for his country in both World War II AND Korea, then I think about how your PIECE OF SHIT FATHER BETRAYED HIS!!!! 

Patrick:  Not to mention that he tried to assassinate possibly the greatest statesman that ever lived!!!

Alexis:  ENOUGH OF THIS ALL OF YOU!!!!!  My father was a good and decent man!!!  You’ve been destroying his reputation for long enough!!!  NOW LEAVE HIM ALONE, DAMN YOU, PATRICK JENNINGS!!!!!


Fallon (shaking her head):  Wow, Mother!!  Now we know how you came by your depravity and inherent evil.  You’re DEFINITELY your father’s daughter and the apple definitely didn’t fall far from the tree THIS time…..DID IT???

Alexis:  FALLON!!!!

Steven:  I can’t even look at you right now let alone be in the same room with you.  The five million dollars you used to bride Rashid Ahmed to sabotage Dad’s oil deal.  That pales in comparison to THIS!  God help you, Mother!

Alexis:  STEVEN!!!!!

Sammy Jo (shaking her head in disbelief):  WOW!  You REALLY stepped in it THIS time, Alexis!  Hey, Little Brother!  What was that word you were using about Alexis’ daddy before?  You know. The one that means traitor.

Patrick:  You mean quisling?

Sammy Jo:  That’s it!  Quisling, Alexis!  Your father was a quisling! 

Alexis:  SHUT UP, BIMBO!!!!

Patrick (visibly angry):  You don’t talk to my sister that way…..BITCH!!!!  Now…..you get out of this office before I call security and have your ass thrown out!!!  

Alexis (as she’s leaving):  THIS ISN’T OVER!!!!  YOU HAVEN’T HEARD THE LAST OF ME, PATRICK JENNINGS!!!!!…..(then looks over at Leslie)…..OR YOU…..COMPANY WHORE!!!!  NOBODY GETS THE BETTER OF ALEXIS!!!!!  NOBODY!!!! 

Patrick:  You just keep telling yourself that, Alexis!

Alexis:  You should have joined forces with me when you had the chance.

Patrick:  Joined forces with you, BULL…..SHIT!!!  I would have been in liege to you and you know it.  I will not be in liege to you!!!  I will NOT be in liege to ANYONE!!!  I’ve heard about you always trying to get the last word!!  Well, Lady!  You’re not going to get the last word with me.  The only thing you’re going to get with me is…..OUT!!  NOW MOVE IT!!!  Miranda.  Can you come in here, please?  Leslie and I would like to talk to you.

Miranda (comes into the office):  Guys?  What is it?  Was that the Dragon Lady I saw leaving here in a huff?

Leslie: Yes it was, but that’s not why we want to talk to you.  You are our senior Executive Assistant, right?

Miranda:  Yes I am.  Is there something wrong?

Patrick:  No! Why would you thank that??  Look.  You are one of the major reasons this company runs as well it does.  You’re a Cracker Jack when it comes to car rentals, hotel reservations and plane reservations when we need them.  You’re very diligent in your duties when it comes to recording important happenings during our meetings.

Leslie:  Seriously, Miranda.  You keep us on our toes with schedules.  You’re the one that makes this office run.

Patrick:  Not to mention that you keep the coffee pot filled, the mini fridge stocked and the bowls in the reception area filled with Gummi Bears.

Miranda:  I know you like your Gummi Bears, Patrick.

Leslie:  If we could, we’d clone you and populate this entire company with Mirandas.  Which is why we want to give you a title that is more in line what you do around here.

Patrick:  Miranda.  As of this moment, your title will OFFICIALLY be Office Manager.  We may keep this company running, but you’re the one that keeps us running so we can.

Miranda (starting to cry a little):  You…..you guys are serious!

Patrick:  We are.  As a matter of fact, we’re talking about a 10% raise here.

Miranda (crying as she first hugs Patrick):  Oh, Patrick…..(crying as she then hugs Leslie)…..Leslie…..thank you!!

(Tuesday morning – Jeff Colby’s office – Colby Enterprises, LLC – Denver-Carrington Center)

Patrick:  So.  What do you guys think?

Steven:  You mean about Mother?  Part of me isn’t surprised at all and keeps asking why.  Part of me is in a bit of denial myself.  Part of me loves my mother no matter what and hangs to the hope that somebody she’s going to see the error of her ways and just…..stop…..all this nonsense.

Patrick:  Steven what you’re feeling is only natural.  But, you’ve got to admit.  She’s pulled some whoppers in her day.

Jeff:  No matter what other things come out about Alexis and Caress’ father, she’s always going to be in some sort of denial over the whole thing.

Steven:  But my grandfather turned a bind eye to the Holocaust and in my opinion that makes him just as guilty as those who committed the crimes themselves.

Patrick (nodding his head):  Yes it does, but you have to understand that Steven thought it best that he keep Alexis and Caress in the dark about his involvement with the Nazis.

Jeff:  It was probably his way of protecting them.

Patrick:  Exactly!  I really don’t think he came home to the family cottage one day and said (breaking into a mock British accent), “Guess what, girls!  Daddy’s going to commit treason today!”  Now, Jeff.  What about Alexis and the Venezuelan situation?  Is she going to pull out of that deal or is she just paying us lip service?

Jeff:  You know, Brother-in-law.  I’ve known Alexis for a lot of years and I’ve always tried to give her the benefit of the doubt……

Patrick:  That’s fine, Jeff.  I can understand that.

Jeff:  Let me finish.  However, after years of watching Alexis intimidate and manipulate people and try to intrude in other people’s lives when that intrusion is neither necessary or wanted, I just don’t think I can giver her the benefit of the doubt anymore.  I think she’s trying to lull us into some false sense of security by making us think she’s reformed.

Patrick:  So what you’re saying is, the minute we let our guard down, she’s going to show her true colors and go right back to being her same old greedy narcissistic self.

Jeff:  Exactly, which is why I think that she’s not going to pull out of that deal at all and that she is, in fact, paying it lip service.  Do we confront her?

Patrick (shaking his head):  No!

Steven (and Jeff [in unison]):  No??

Patrick:  That’s right.  I said no.  The Navy will do our talking for us.  Don’t worry, guys.  She’ll screw up.  In this particular situation, we bring Alexis down, we’re going to do it my way…..we’re going to do it the Navy way.

Jeff:  We always do it the Navy way.

Patrick:  Hasn’t failed us yet.  Has it?…..(raises his eyebrows as he notes Jeff and Steven’s silence)…..I rest my case!  I’m going to need to talk to the brass about this when the Kid, Milt and I go down to Norfolk for that briefing on Friday.

(WEDNESDAY morning – Patrick and Leslie’s office – Denver-Carrington Center – 1954 Blake Carrington Plaza – Denver, Colorado/Chip Ewing’s office – Ewing Industries-Little Rock – 400 West Capital Avenue – Little Rock, Arkansas)

Patrick:  Hey, Brother-in-Law! How’s it going?

Chip:  Not bad.  Everything’s good.  Kevin and Melissa are getting ready to go to college.  Justin and Becky are doing well and the baby is doing well.

Patrick:  Glad to hear it.  Leslie’s here with me too.

Chip:  Hey, Sister-in-Law.  

Leslie:  Hey, Chip!

Chip:  What’s goin’ on, you guys?

Patrick:  We’re calling because I wanted to thank you for taking that meeting with Eddie in Copenhagen.  You really came through in the clutch and I can’t thank you enough.

Chip:  Listen.  That’s what brothers-in-law are for.  Besides.  It was a nice opportunity for Danny and I to spend some quality time together.

Leslie:  I was just going to ask.  How are things going between you two?

Chip:  Things are fine, but we’re taking things kind of slow.  I do love him, but he and I both know it’s going to be hard for him to follow in Jasper’s shoes.

Patrick:  Jazz is a tough act to follow.  He was not only my brother-in-law, but he was a trusted colleague and my friend.

Leslie:  We all loved Jasper, but, please, be patient with Danny.  Give him time.  We know Danny loves you and that you want to find love again.  If things are meant to be, they will be.

Chip:  Thanks, Leslie.  Oh!  Before I forget, Brother-in-Law.  Eddie asked after you.

Patrick:  Thanks.  What’s the status of the bid package?

Chip:  It’s expected to pass the Folketing rather easily and then the Prime Minister should sign off on it and then it will go to Eddie for final approval.  By the way.  I heard Alexis tried to plead her case before Rosalind the Queen Mother, but to no avail.

Leslie:  No. It didn’t go very well.  Anyway.  Once Eddie gives formal approval, we want to send our survey ships into the area to get a new set of seismics.

Chip:  Eddie said something about talking to us about getting Denmark into the FREMM Program.

Patrick:  That’s right.  It stands for Fregate Europeenne Multi Mission, which in English means European Multi Purpose Frigate.  That’s another thing I’ve been meaning to talk to you guys about.  Now that we’ve patched things up with the French, we want to include the missile guidance software and the Deveraux Group Ordnance System on the vessels of ALL participating nations.

Chip:  That sounds like a plan.  We wanted to work exclusively on carriers, but after thinking things over a little, we’ve decided that we want to be involved with every facet of this project.

Patrick:  I’m really glad to hear that, Brother-in-Law, but there’s more.

Chip:  More?

Patrick:  Yeah.  More.  The software.  The software updates that Justin and Becky and their team developed are a big reason that so many countries’ navies are having their ships fitted and retro-fitted with our software.  Now.  I’ve talked this over with Colin and Will Forrest and we are going to rename it the Ewing/Forrest/Carrington Missile and Ordnance Guidance System.  Yep!  You’re even getting top billing.

Chip:  I don’t know what to say, guys.  Thank you.

Leslie:  Ewing Industries has been a very important contributor to our military projects and it’s time that contribution was rewarded.  Now.  You know John Ross and Krystina are renewing their vows at Easter Vigil Mass and Tim will be saying the Mass.

Patrick:  We’d really like you and Danny to be there.  What do you say?

Leslie:  You know you’re welcome.  Krystle would really love to see you and we’d all really like to meet Danny.

Chip:  I appreciate that and I really want to be there for my little brother, so, yeah.  We’ll be there and be sure to tell Second Mama Bear .

Patrick:  You got it.

(FRIDAY morning – United States Fleet Forces Command Headquarters – Naval Station-Norfolk – Norfolk, Virginia)

Admiral Christopher Grady, USN:  Pat.  Mister Jennings.  Mister Cox.  I’m glad you’re all here.

Patrick:  Chris.  Have you heard anything about the Vice Chairman position?

Adm. Grady:  Nothing yet, Pat.  I should know something by late May or early June.

Patrick:  I have every confidence that you’ll get it.  You’ve been a good friend to Denver-Carrington and a good friend to us and we’ve enjoyed working with you.

Adm. Grady:  You and I go back a long way, Pat.  We’ve had a good relationship over the years and I hope that relationship will be able to continue.

Patrick:  I’m sure it will, Chris.  You’re a good man.  Don’t ever change.

Adm. Grady.  I won’t, Pat.  Thanks.

Milton:  Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Sir and should you get it, we wish you Fair Winds and Following Seas.

Patrick, Jr.:  You deserve it, Sir.  I’ll be rooting for you.

Adm. Grady:  Thank you, gentlemen.  It’s nice to know you all are in my corner.  Now, Pat.  I’ve gotten the latest Intel on Venezuela and I see that Maduro has not yet made a move on shipping that oil.

Patrick:  No, Chris.  He hasn’t.  I have, however faced Alexis Colby with the cold hard facts and the consequences of her actions.

Adm. Grady:  And?

Patrick, Jr.:  She is still non-committal on the issue, Sir.  As of yet, she has not indicated that she will be pulling out of that deal.

Milton:  Even though she knows full well that what she is doing amounts to treason.

Adm. Grady:  So, basically, she’s just paying you guys lip service.

Patrick:  That’s exactly what we’re saying, Chris.  I’ve been in contact with our man at Langley McCormick and he assures me that we have someone of the ground in Venezuela.

Adm. Grady:  Good.  Because I have notified the British and Dutch Caribbean Flotilla Commanders and they are on full standby alert.  Whenever Maduro and your friend Alexis Colby are ready to move.  We’ll be ready for them.

Patrick:  Don’t worry about Alexis, Chris.  I know how to handle her.  Now.  I have other news.  I have talked to our civilian partners Forrest Aerospace and Ewing Industries and they are full on board with us for further software refits and we are in talks with the Danish Government about bringing Denmark into the FREMM Program.

Adm. Grady:  That is excellent news, Pat.  Bravo Zulu.  Mister Cox.  I’d like a report on the progress of the Deveraux Ordnance System

Milton:  Of course, Sir.  I happy to report that the USS Roosevelt (DDG-80) is nearing the end of her systems refit in the Alvarezco Shipyard in Barcelona and that she will be ready for systems testing in the Med sometime in May.

Adm. Grady:  OUT…..standing, Mister Cox.  Mister Jennings.  The PMS Manuals.

Patrick, Jr.:  Yes, Sir.  Our people have finished the updates to manuals and the updated manuals should be ready for submission in time for the Ordnance Systems tests in May.

Adm. Grady:  Outstanding work.  Every single one of you.  Now.  Pat what about Denver-Carrington’s fuel contract with the French?  Are you expecting any competition from Morell Enterprises on the bidding for that contract?

Patrick:  That’s a negative, Chris.  I told your earlier.  I know how to handle Alexis Colby.  Besides.  I’ve got some extra added leverage just in case I need it.

(TUESDAY morning – Alexis’ office – Morell Enterprises – Granite Tower – 1090 18th Street – Denver, Colorado/Sally Bullock’s office – Bullock Marine – J.P. Morgan Chase Tower – 800 Travis Street – Houston, Texas)

Alexis (on the phone):  Sally, dahling!  I’m glad I caught you.

Sally Bullock:  Alexis!  It’s been far too long.  What can I do for you?

Alexis:  It’s about our deal in Venezuela.  I think we may have a little problem.

















Episode #790: On the Carpet


  • Alex Rubio comes to Sammy Jo’s office wit a warning from Alexis and then she and Sammy Jo and Jane Andrews have a heated confrontation.
  • Patrick and Leslie call a meeting of the inner circle in their office as some more damaging information about Alexis’ father arrives.
  • Alexis, who was also supposed to be at the meeting, decides not to show up.
  • Patrick and Leslie then share their findings with the Ewings.
  • Leslie shares some information about her ancestry.
  • After Mass, Tim McGrath reveals that he will be one of the priests at Jacques Lipperson’s funeral Mass in Ottawa Ontario, Canada.
  • In their hotel room in Ottawa, Patrick and Tim (along with Leslie, Patrick, Jr. and Terry) watch the NCAA Selection Show to see who Georgetown will be playing.
  • Jacques Lipperson’s funeral Mass is held at Notre Dame Cathedral Basilica Ottawa and he is laid to rest in Beechwood National Military Cemetery and Patrick serves as a pallbearer.
  • A condolence call is held at Rideau Hall and Patrick, Leslie, Patrick, Jr., Terry and Tim meet the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall.
  • Jacques Lipperson’s will is read in Montreal and there are some surprises.
  • Ravinia Lipperson receives an unexpected phone call.

Scene:  Wednesday evening – Nacarat Bar – Fairmont Queen Elizabeth Hotel – 900 Boulevard Rene Levesque – Montreal, Quebec, Canada……

Alexis:  Ravinia Lipperson, dahling!  How lovely to see you again.

Ravinia:  Alexis Colby.  Always a pleasure.  You sounded on the phone as though you wanted to talk to me about something important.

Alexis:  Yes.  As I said to you yesterday, dear, I didn’t care much for your mother when she was alive,  But, I don’t think think it’s fair what your father and your brothers did to you.  Your father was flitting about all over the world while you and your brothers worked your fingers to the bone at that company.  I don’t think it was right that your father’s will only provided for your brothers and that you were cut out of any shares of his estate.

Ravinia:  Yes I know, Alexis.  Then my brothers went and sold my family’s company to the Ewings and then cut me out of any share of the profits.

Alexis:  Yes….the Ewings…..of course.  If the Ewings were involved, then we both know who else was involved.  Patrick and Leslie Jennings.

Ravinia (nodding her head):  Patrick and Leslie Jennings.  They made sure I got screwed out of a chance of being awarded some of the offshore oil leases in Bougainville.

Alexis:  They made absolutely sure I would be investigated by your government.

Ravinia:  Now come on, Alexis.  You were on the Board of Directors of SNC Lavalin.  They were bound to come after you anyway.  But, while we’ve got each other’s attention, I’ve heard about your little deal with Sally Bullock in Venezuela.

Alexis:  Well…..I was just going to ask you what position, if any, your government has taken on the issue of who is Venezuela’s legitimate leader.

Ravinia:  I, myself, think that Nicolas Maduro was and is the legitimate President of Venezuela, but, unfortunately, our government is following the position of the United States and recognizes Juan Guaido as the legitimate President.

Alexis:  Well, dahling.  I agree with you, I believe that Senor Maduro is the duly elected leader of Venezuela even if Her Majesty’s Government doesn’t either.  Now…..if you don’t mind my asking, what are YOU getting at??

Ravinia:  I want in, Alexis.  Even though my father has cut me off, my mother left me well off.  I have the money.  I’ve had the deal checked out.  Are you going to let me in or not?

Alexis:  Well, dear…..I’ll have to talk it over with Sally Bullock, but……

Ravinia:  I know who Sally Bullock is, Alexis.  I’ve worked with her before.  Her tankers have shipped some of our product out of Vancouver.

Alexis:  As I was saying.  I will talk to Sally, but I don’t see that being any problem.

Ravinia:  Well good, Alexis.  I have an interesting proposition for you too.  I know you’re still being investigated by our government, but don’t worry about that.  I can front the deal for you.

Alexis:  And what, pray tell is this deal?

Ravinia:  Only one of the biggest offshore petroleum reserves in Canadian history.

Alexis:  Really?  It sounds intriguing.  Now where are they?

Ravinia:  In the Grand Banks off the coast of Newfoundland.  Believe me.  If we can get in on the ground floor of this, Denver-Carrington and Patrick and Leslie Jennings will never know what hit them.  What do you say, Alexis?

Alexis:  I think it sounds like a wonderful opportunity.

Ravinia:  Good!  I’ll have my people talk to you.  Patrick and Leslie Jennings.  I’d like to put their little bitch daughter Emily in her place as well.

Alexis:  Yes.  Emily.  That smart mouthed little tart. Another one I think deserves to be knocked down a notch or two.  Any word on when the request for proposal is going out?

Ravinia:  No word yet, Alexis, but when I find out, you’ll find out.

Alexis: Good.  In the meantime, what about the possibility of taking over Athabaskan Energies?

(MEANWHILE – In another corner of the bar)

Marty Caravella:  I’m glad I got a chance to talk to you guys before you headed back to the states.

Patrick (laughing a little and shaking his head):  I still can’t believe Jacques socked it to Ravinia from beyond the grave.

Leslie:  I know Athabaskan Energies has some leases in the Fort MacMurray Tar Sands

Marty:  Yes we do.    Jacques and his sons holding onto those leases was part of agreement when we sold Lipperson International to Ewing Industries last year.

Patrick, Jr.:  So you guys are continuing to operate Lipperson International as a wholly owned subsidiary of Ewing Industries and Athabaskan Energies as an independent company?

Marty:  That’s right.

Patrick:  We have that refinery in Churchill.  You have the crude, we’ll refine it for you.

Terry:  Aren’t you concerned about the possibility of Ravinia Lipperson coming after her brothers?  I’ve heard she’s like the spitting image of her mother.

Marty:  She is and that’s what concerns me the most, so, yeah.  I wouldn’t rule out anything she might try.  Oh.  Cardinal McGrath.  I want to sat that you did a real nice job assisting Cardinal Lacroix with Jacques funeral Mass.

Tim:  Well thank you, Mr. Caravella…..

Marty:  Marty please.

Tim:  Marty.  That’s very kind of you and, please, call me Tim.

Marty:  Well all right…..Tim.

Patrick (to a passing server):  Excuse me, but can we get a round of Labatt’s Blue?  Tim?  Care to imbibe?

Tim:  Love to.

Patrick:  OK.  That’ll be 1-2-3-4-5-6.

Server:  Coming up.

Marty (sees his wife coming over):  Hi, honey.  Glad you could make it.  Regina.  I’d like you to meet Admiral Patrick Jennings the CEO of Denver-Carrington.  Pat.  My wife Dr. Regina Caravella, PhD.

Regina Caravella:  It’s nice to meet you.

Patrick:  My pleasure.  Let my introduce our good friend Timothy Brendan Cardinal McGrath.  Our daughter-in-law Terry.  Our son Patrick, Jr.  My wife……

Regina:  Leslie Saunders??  Oh my God!   You went to the University of Alberta, didn’t you?

Leslie:  I did.

Regina:  I got my degree in Petroleum Engineering from there just like you did.  One of my professors used to talk about you all the time.  Professor Smithson.

Leslie:  Bob Smithson?

Regina:  That’s him.

Leslie:  He’s not still there is he??

Regina:  He sure is.  I keep in touch through the alumni network.  He’ll probably be teaching there until he’s 100.

Leslie:  I wouldn’t bet against him.  Please sit down.  Join us.

Regina:  I’d love to.  Oh.  Please forgive my manners.  It’s really nice meeting all of you.

Patrick:  Can we get one more Labatt’s Blue over here?

Server:  Coming up.

Patrick:  OK, Marty.  You said there was something else you wanted to talk about.

Marty:  Yes there is.  Lipperson International, through Ewing Industries and Athabaskan Energies are looking for U.S.-based partners for a potential future project.  John Ross and Chip Ewing recommended Denver-Carrington.

Leslie:  We appreciate that.  What’s the project?

Regina:  Well…..I’m the Senior Project Engineer for Athabaskan.  The project is offshore drilling in the Grand Banks off Newfoundland.

Patrick:  You mean that little rock that has its own time zone an hour and a half ahead of here?

Regina:  That’s the one.  There’s billions of barrels of untapped oil reserves down there and companies are going to be flocking once the RFP goes out.  There’s one caveat, though.

Patrick:  Count us in.  What’s the caveat?

Regina:  Well…..some of those leases sit off the islands of St. Pierre and Miquelon, which means they’re in French territory, but they’re rumored to be the best leases.

Patrick:  St. Pierre and Miquelon.  The last remaining vestiges of what was once New France.  The only bit of North American territory that remained in French hands after the Treaty of Paris, which ended the French and Indian War in 1763…..(sees the server bringing seven Labatt’s Blues and pays her)…..I got this.

Regina:  That’s right.

Terry (looking at Regina and shaking her head):  We don’t need a guidebook when we travel when we’ve got…..(points her thumb at her father-in-law)…..him!

Patrick:  That’s not a problem.  Marty.  When we get back to Denver and get our bid team put together, I’ll have our top legal beagle Jay Fallmont get a hold of you.

Marty:  Sounds like a plan, Pat.  I’ll let you know when the RFP goes out.

Patrick:  Thanks, Marty.  I’m going to call Ced Parkhurst in London and see if the SS Blake Carrington is in the North Atlantic.

Leslie:  That means we’re going to need to go to the French Government if those leases off St. Pierre and Miquelon come into play.

Marty (looking over at the other end of the room):  Hmmmmm…..would you look at that!  Ravinia and Alexis Colby.  Interesting!

Patrick (talks fast as he and everybody else are getting up and getting ready to leave):  Yeah…yeah…yeah!  Come on let’s get out of here before they see us!…..(everybody manages to make it out before they are seen)

(THURSDAY evening – the Carrington mansion – 173 Wessex Drive – Golden Colorado)

George (as he’s taking everybody’s briefcases):  Admiral and Mrs. Jennings and Lieutenant and Mrs. Jennings. Welcome home.  I understand that Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall were in attendance at the funeral.

Leslie:  Yes they were, George.

Vivian:  How was Camilla?  Was she nice?

Patrick:  Yes, Vivian.  I know you worked for Princess Diana and I know how devoted you were to her and we respect that

Leslie:  But, Vivian.  The Duchess of Cornwall was very nice.

Vivian:  We’ll have you bags sent upstairs, Admiral.

Patrick:  Thank you, Vivian.

Vivian:   Admiral and Mrs. Jennings.  Lieutenant and Mrs. Jennings.  Mr. and Mrs. Dexter are waiting for you in the library.  They want to know how everything went in Canada.

Leslie:  Thank you, Vivian.

Patrick (comes into the library followed by Leslie, Patrick, Jr. and Terry):  Mom.  Dex we’re home.

Krystle:  Oh good!  I’m glad.  We saw what we could of the news coverage, but based on what we saw, it was a beautiful service.

Patrick, Jr.:  It was really was, Grandma.

Terry:  I got some good pictures.  I’m doing a feature on Jacques Lipperson’s naval career for Naval Today.

Krystle:  I saw that the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall were there.  Did you get to meet them?

Leslie:  We did, Krystle.  There was a sort of condolence call at Government House at Rideau Hall.  That’s one of Her Majesty’s official residence whenever she’s in Canada.

Krystle:  That must have been a really special moment for all of you.

Terry:  It was, Krystle.  The Duchess even granted me an interview.

Krystle:  That’s wonderful, Terry.  That’s a tremendous honor.  So Tim said the Mass?

Patrick, Jr.:  He was one of the priests, Grandma.  The Archbishop of Quebec and the Archbishop of Ottawa were the others.

Patrick:  The real drama came at the reading of Jacques’ will.  Leslie and I were named as beneficiaries.

Krystle:  You were?  But why?

Leslie:  Patrick and I were left a million dollars, but it comes with a condition.

Dex:  What sort of condition?

Patrick:  We’re supposed to donate the money in Jacques name to the Walsh-Reece School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University

Krystle:  Your alma mater.

Patrick:  Yeah.  Jacques was a visiting professor there for a lot of years, but then the will reading became a lot more interesting.

Dex:  What happened?

Patrick:  Ravinia got cut off and she went totally ballistic.

Leslie:  Yeah and to top it all off, guess who else we saw up there.

Dex:  Don’t tell me Alexis!

Patrick (nods his head):  Yep!

Krystle:  What was Alexis doing there??  I don’t recall that she ever really knew Jacques Lipperson and Amanda Lipperson, she couldn’t stand.

Terry:  We saw her at the hotel bar in the Queen Elizabeth in Montreal.  She was talking to Ravinia Lipperson.  We wanted to get out of there as fast as we could before Queen Beyotch saw us.

Dex:  No need to say anymore.  I know Alexis.  She’s probably up to something.

Patrick, Jr.:  We didn’t want to eavesdrop, Dex, but we could almost guarantee it.

Patrick:  There’s something else we need to talk to you about.  It seems there are some offshore oil leases in the Grand Banks of Newfoundland and we’re going to put a consortium together and bid for them

Dex: And I suppose you’re going to want Colby/Dexter to build the platforms.  You really think it’s a winner?

Leslie:  We do.  We’re going to call Ced first thing tomorrow morning and see if the SS Blake Carrington is in the area.  We want to get some accurate seismics.  After that, we’re going to need to get with some of our partners and let them know what’s going on.

Dex:  Have you heard anything about when the RFP is going out?

Patrick (shaking his head):  Not a word.

Dex:  Just let me know, OK?

Patrick:  Absolutely.

(FRIDAY morning – Patrick and Leslie’s office – Denver-Carrington Center – 1954 Blake Carrington Plaza – Denver, Colorado)

Leslie (comes into the office following Patrick):  Good morning, Miranda.

Miranda:  Good morning, guys.  I watched the funeral on the news.  Any news on the Dragon Lady’s whereabouts?

Leslie:  Oh yeah.  We saw her in the bar at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel on Wednesday night, but, fortunately, we ducked out before she saw us.

Patrick:  Good morning, Miranda.  Can you get me Ced Parkhurst in London and when you do, put him through like it already happened.

Miranda:  Yes, Patrick.  I’m on it.

Leslie:  Also, Miranda.  Can you get a hold of the inner circle again and tell them we want them and Alexis in our office first thing Monday morning.

Patrick:  Oh! Get a hold of that little asswipe excuse for an assistant of hers David and tell him that if his boss is not in our office first thing Monday morning, I will come down to Morell Enterprises myself and drag her down here by her hair.

Miranda:  I’m on it.

Patrick:  Thanks a lot, Miranda…..(rubs his temples as he goes into the inner office with Leslie and then sits down at his desk)…..Oy Vay!

Leslie:  What is it, Hun?  You look stressed.

Patrick:  Well…..thank God it’s Friday.  I hope to God we made it out of the hotel bar without Alexis seeing us.  I’d love to know what the hell she was doing up in Montreal.  I know for a damn fact that she and Ravinia are up to something.  I would really love to know what it is.

Leslie:  So would I.  She seems to be playing it a lot closer to the vest than usual.  If anything earth shattering comes up, Ed will tell us.

Patrick (kisses his wife):  Thanks, Babe.

Leslie:  Anytime.

Miranda:  Excuse me, Patrick.  I have Cedric Parkhurst on line one.

Patrick:  Thanks, Miranda.  Put him through.  Ced!  Been a long time.  Nice to hear your voice……(then puts him on speaker)

Cedric (in his office – Denver-Carrington, Europe – Canary Wharf – London, UK):  Nice to hear from you too, Mate.

Patrick:  I know you had to have seen the coverage of Jacques Lipperson’s funeral.

Cedric:  I did.  I knew Admiral Lipperson for a long time.  He was a good man.  I saw that Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall were there.  What are you driving at, Mate?

Patrick:  OK.  You know Ravinia got got cut off by her father.  We saw her at the hotel bar in the Queen Elizabeth in Montreal talking to Alexis Colby.  I think they’re up to something.

Cedric:  Oh.  I wouldn’t put that past my shit tosser of a mother-in-law.

Patrick:  Neither would I, but that’s not the only reason I’m calling.  Where is the SS Blake Carrington right now?

Cedric:  She’s doing some more seismic surveys on those leases off the Faroe Islands.  Why?

Leslie:  Well…..the Canadian Government is opening up some new offshore oil and gas leases in the Grand Banks off Newfoundland.

Cedric:  Really?

Leslie:  Yes.  Some of the leases sit off the coasts of St. Pierre and Miquelon.  The French Government is considering opening those up as well.  Those leases are rumored to be best ones.

Cedric:  Do you think my dear old mother-in-law will be making a play for those leases?

Patrick:  I know it and I think she’s going to going to try and use Ravinia Lipperson as a front.

Cedric:  I know she’s being investigated by the Canadian government for her role in the SNC Lavalin Scandal.  Are you planning on confronting her about this?

Patrick (shaking his head):  Nah!  We’re just going to wait for her to screw up.  We don’t want to tip our hand too soon.  Besides.  We got other shit we need to discuss with her anyway.

Cedric:  Probably not a bad idea to play it close to the vest.  Might throw the old hag off the scent.  Any word on when the RFP’s might be going out?

Patrick:  None yet.  I’m going to get with Ed McCormick and see if he’ll snoop around a little bit.  One more thing.

Cedric:  What’s that, Mate?

Patrick:  Get a hold of the master of the Blake Carrington and have him set a course for the Grand Banks of Newfoundland.  We’re going to need the latest seismic surveys.  Before we put together a bid package, I want to know what it is we’re dealing with.

Cedric:  I will Cedric, Jr. is riding her right now.

Patrick:  Sounds like a plan, Ced.  We’ll be in touch.

Cedric:  Cheerio, Mate!…..(click)

Miranda (comes into the inner office):  Ummmmm…..guys?

Leslie:  Yes, Miranda.  What’s up?

Miranda:  I got a hold of Jeff, Fallon, Steven and Sammy Jo.  They’re going to be here first thing Monday morning.

Patrick:  Great, Miranda.  Thanks.  What about Alexis?

Miranda:  Oh!  I got a hold of that wussbag, David and I told him EXACTLY what you said.  Alexis will be here first thing Monday morning as well.

Patrick:  What can I say, Miranda?  You’re a jewel.

Miranda:  I try.

(MONDAY morning – Patrick and Leslie’s office – Denver-Carrington center)

Miranda (sees Fallon, Jeff, Steven and Sammy Jo coming into the office):  Oh good!  You’re all here.  Patrick and Leslie are in their office.  You all can go on back.

Patrick:  We just had the mini fridge re-stocked.  Please.  help yourself to anything you want.

Fallon:  I just hope to God Mother will show up THIS time.

Jeff:  I just hope she doesn’t stand us up like she did last week.

Miranda:  Well…..I got a hold of that little panty waste David and he said she would be here this morning.  He just reaffirmed it when I talked to him a few minutes ago.

Steven:  Good.  Because Mother still has some things to answer for.

Sammy Jo:  Steven.  Your mother ALWAYS has something to answer for, which is probably why she skipped town.  Besides.  I have a few things I want to talk to her about myself. 

Leslie:  All I know is that we’re having to put some important things on hold because we’re having to deal with Alexis and all her shit.

Patrick:  Jeff.  At some point, Leslie and I are going to need to get with you and Dex.  Because we need to talk to you about a new project that we have an opportunity to bid on.  We found out about it while we were in Canada.

Jeff:  Have we heard anything from Chip Ewing on the Faroe Islands Project?

Patrick:  Not, but I hope to hear from him soon.  He was supposed to have had that meeting with King Edvard III last week while we were in Canada.  I’m not that worried about it, though.  What I would really like to get is that contract with the French to help develop their FREMM Program.  It’ll be one more market for the Carrington/Forrest/Ewing guidance software and the new Deveraux Ordnance System.

Jeff:  So. basically, what we’re trying to do is to get all the countries in the FREMM Program to be on the same page.

Patrick:  That’s it exactly, Brother-in-Law…..(then used a mock British accent)…..By Jove!  I think he’s got it!  We’re trying to get Denmark to join the FREMM Program as well.

Steven:  Is that what Chip was in Denmark for?

Leslie:  He was in Denmark meeting with King Edvard on the Faroe Islands Project.  This is another matter entirely and we will be going to Denmark before too long to discuss it.

Steven:  And the Ewings are on board with us on this?

Patrick:  On the FREMM Program?  You have my word on that, Steven.

Steven:  You’ve never given me any reason to doubt your word, Patrick.  So, I’ll trust you on this one too.  Just do whatever it is you need to do to get that deal done.

Sammy Jo:  Seriously, Little Brother.  Just do your thing.

Patrick:  I will.  One thing I am sure of.  If Alexis wins the bidding for the French Project, I don’t know where she’s going to get JP5 for those ships.  The old Marchand Refinery in Marseilles is the biggest refinery in all of France and the Deveraux Group is now the majority owner and we all know that the Deveraux group will not do business with Alexis.

Fallon:  Well then, Baby Brother.  We’re just going to have to make sure that Mother isn’t awarded that French military contract.

Patrick:  Don’t worry, Sis.  I’ve got it covered.  As soon as we’re done here, I’ll be calling Ed and were going to get to the bottom of this.

Fallon:  I know you’ve got something up your sleeve.

Leslie:  Doesn’t he always?

Miranda (in her outer office sees Alexis coming in):  Well…well…well…..look who FINALLY decided to show her ugly reconstructed face.

Alexis:  I’m not in the mood for your sass, Secretary.  Where are your bosses?  I want to know why it is that I’m here.

Miranda:  I wouldn’t worry about it too much, Dragon Lady.  I’m sure Patrick and Leslie will tell you in due time…..(buzzes the office)…..ummmmm…..guys.  I hate to be Debbie Downer, but the Dragon Lady’s here.

Leslie:  Thanks, Miranda.  Send her in.

Miranda:  Yes, Leslie…..(sneers at Alexis)…..you can go in now, Dragon Lady!

Alexis (comes into the office):  Fallon.  Steven.  Jeff…..

Sammy Jo (waving her arms):  Ummmmm…..Alexis…..hello???

Alexis (sighs):  Oh yes…..you too…..Bimbo!  All right!  What am I doing here??

Leslie:  Better question.  Why the hell did you skip town last when you know full bloody well that were supposed to have a meeting here in this office???

Alexis (with a lilt of laughter in her voice trying to play it off):  Oh come now, Leslie dear.  Every once in a while people do get stressed out and when people get stressed out, they need to rest.  Remember.  I’m not as young as I used to be.

Fallon:  Really, Mother???  We’re not buying that.

Sammy Jo:  Seriously, Alexis!!  Why don’t you save that song and dance for someone who actually cares???

Alexis:  SHUT UP, BIMBO!!!

Steven:  Mother!  I’ve known how you’ve operated for far too long and I know you’re up to something and we’re going to the bottom of it!!

Patrick:  You bet your ass we are!!  You better start talking, Lady because we…..(looks all around the room)…..and you…..(looks directly at Alexis)…..we got some things to discuss…..BITCH!!!




















Episode #789: Au Revoir, Jacques Lipperson


  • Smitty and Jubal ransack Alexis’ penthouse as they look for ANY incriminating evidence that might turn up.
  • While meeting with Patrick, Jr. and Terry in the mansion library, Patrick and Leslie get a call from Ed who has news concerning the French.
  • Patrick and Leslie tell Dex that Smitty and Jubal’s search of Alexis’ penthouse turned up nothing.
  • In a conference call between Denver and Little Rock, Patrick and Leslie advise Chip and Justin Ewing on what course of action the are taking with the French.
  • Patrick and Leslie get a call from Group Captain Peter Newkirk, Jr, RAF (ret.), Curator of Her Majesty’s Archives at Windsor Castle regarding some startling information about Alexis’ father.
  • Alex Rubio barges into Sammy Jo’s office at Reece House of Fashion.

Scene:  Monday morning – Sammy Jo’s office – Reece House of Fashion Warehouse and Production Facilities – East Broncos Parkway – Englewood, Colorado…..

Alex:  What’s the matter, Sammy Jo?  Did I strike a nerve?…..(sees Julie Bergman still standing there)…..What’s your story, Julie?  Don’t you still have some filing or something like that to do…..Go on! get out of here!!!

Sammy Jo:  Don’t you talk to my staff like that!!

Alex (shrugs her shoulders):  Your staff!!  Might not be for much longer.

Julie (shaking her head as she leaves):  You’re unbelievable!!  You know that, Alex??

Sammy Jo:  You didn’t answer my question, Alex.  What the hell are you doing here??

Alex:  Oh! I’m sorry.  I’m here to bring you a warning from Alexis Colby.

Jane Andrews:  Excuse me???

Alex:  You heard me.  I’m here to bring you all a warning from Alexis Colby.

Sammy Jo (throws up her hands in mock frustration):  NOW!!  I get it!  Alexis!  I thought maybe she might have something to do with this.

Alex:  That’s right!  As a matter of fact, Alexis is the one that sent me here!

Sammy Jo:  What???  Don’t tell me she’s letting YOU call her Alexis!!

Alex:  So what if she is!  Alexis is giving me a wonderful opportunity to make a name for myself in the fashion world.  You fired me unjustly, Sammy Jo and you’re going to pay for it!

Sammy Jo:  Fired you unjustly my ass!!

Jane:  So…..Alex…..Tell me.  What is this wonderful opportunity Alexis Colby is giving you?  Are you going to rip off somebody else’s designs too?

Alex:  I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Jane:  Yes you do.  I saw you in the copy room making copies off some of the pages of last year’s Summer Catalog and then I saw you rifling through my desk trying to get a look at some of my designs.

Alex:  You’re lying!!

Jane:  Really??  The security cameras don’t lie, but…..you do!  You got off lucky by Sammy Jo just firing you.  If it had been me…..I would have just thrown your ass in jail and been done with it!!

Sammy Jo:  You know, Alex.  You REALLY disappointed me.  I thought you had a lot of potential, but instead, you went and pissed it all away.  I don’t know what you think you’ll be able to learn about the Fashion World from Alexis Colby that you couldn’t have learned from me.

Alex:  Alexis Colby happens to be one of the world’s foremost experts on Haute Couture.

Sammy Jo (shaking her head):  Oh please!!  Alexis Colby is nothing but a self absorbed, money grubbing narcissist who got where she got by sponging off some dead guy.  The only person who holds Alexis Colby in the highest regard is…..Alexis Colby!  And a lot of the outfits she wears belong on a Looney Tunes cartoon.

Alex:  What about you, Sammy Jo?  The only reason Reece House of Fashion is where it is and you are where you are is because of your brother.  Alexis thinks he’s the one calling the shots around not you.

Sammy Jo:  You are so full of shit, Alex!  My brother has enough on his plate as it is, which is why he left the running of this part of Denver-Carrington to me.  Jane’s right.  Maybe I should have thrown your ass in jail.  Now!  You better get out of this office before I do call security and have your ass thrown in jail!

Alex:  This isn’t over!!

Sammy Jo:  GET OUT!!!!

(MONDAY afternoon – Patrick and Leslie’s office – Denver-Carrington Center – 1954 Blake Carrington Plaza – Denver, Colorado)

Leslie (comes out to Miranda’s outer office):  Miranda.  Have you gotten a hold of the rest of the inner circle?  This is really important.  We’re sitting on a real hot potato here.

Miranda:  That’s what Patrick said.  Does the Dragon Lady know anything about it yet?

Leslie:  Not yet, but you may need to bring your laptop and come into the office and take notes.

Miranda:  Yes, Leslie.  Oh.  I have gotten a hold of them.  They are on their way.  Sammy Jo is coming, from the Reece House of Fashion facilities in Englewood, so, she’ll be a few minutes late.

Patrick (comes out into the outer office):  That’s fine.  Miranda.  Bring your laptop.  This IS important.

Miranda:  Yes, Patrick.

Jeff (comes into the office followed by Fallon and Steven):  We’re here, Patrick.  What’s going on?

Fallon (tongue in cheek):  All right, Baby Brother.  This BETTER be good.

Steven:  Miranda said you wanted to see us.  This sounds important.  Where’s Sammy Jo?

Miranda:  She had something to take care of in Englewood, she’ll be here in a few minutes.

Sammy Jo (comes in a few minutes later):  All right, Little Brother!  You sounded like it was urgent on the phone.  What’s Alexis done THIS time?

Patrick:  How did you know we were going to be discussing Alexis?

Sammy Jo:  Seriously??  Anytime you call a meeting of the inner circle, as you call it, more often than not, it’s about Alexis.  Sorry I’m late, by the way, I was dealing with Alex.

Leslie:  Don’t tell us that little bitch Alex Rubio showed up in your office.

Sammy Jo:  Yeah.  She did.  I’m telling you.  I should have thrown her ass in jail when I had the chance.

Fallon:  Let me guess.  Mother is using her as her latest stooge.

Sammy Jo:  Yep.  That’s right.

Fallon:  I should have known.

Miranda:  Please forgive me, but I wanted to make sure you all were here.  Patrick.  This just arrived by special courier from Her Majesty’s Archives at Windsor Castle.

Patrick:  Thanks, Miranda…..(opens the envelope)…..Holy shit!

Jeff:  What, Patrick.  What is it?

Patrick (takes a deep breath):  It’s from Peter from Her Majesty’s Archives…..(reads the enclosed note)


A few little items belonging to Steven Morell I thought might be of interest to you.  Please send them back at your earliest convenience. 

Regards, Mate.   


Steven:  What are they, Patrick?

Patrick:  Well…..like the note says…..these are a few items that belonged to your grandfather.  Here’s a membership card, a couple of membership pins, and armband and a couple of tie pins.  Your grandfather was a card carrying member of the British Union of Fascists.

Fallon:  Unbelievable!  Just when I think we’ve found out all we can about Mother and her family.  This pops up.

Jeff:  Fallon.  Your mother has always been in straight denial about her past whether she’s out and out lying to cover it up or by simply omitting the truth.

Leslie: Guys. Why don’t go on over here to the little conference table? There’s more and you’re not going to like it.

Patrick: This email arrived a couple days ago when Leslie and I were discussing the possibility of doing business with the French again.

Jeff:  If I didn’t say so before, I’m all for that, but it needs to be on our terms.

Leslie:  That’s what we’ve told Ewing Industries under no uncertain terms.

Patrick:  Anyway.  There was a communique dated 20 January 1944 that was intercepted by the Intelligence Office Supreme Allied Command London…..(hands the email to Fallon)…..Sis.  Your German is a lot better than mine.  If you would please do the honors.

Fallon:  Of course, Baby Brother.

An: Alle Agenten - Besetztes Europa
Von: Joachim von Ribbentrop, Reichminister Außenpolitik
Datum: 20. Januar 1944
Beraten werden. Die Einfuhr dänischer Juden in Arbeitslager soll sofort beginnen.

Joachim von Ribbentrop, Reichminister Außenpolitik

Roughly translated.  Importation of Danish Jews to commence immediately.  Joachim von Ribbentrop.  Foreign Minister.

Patrick:  There you have it.

Sammy Jo:  Wow!

Leslie:  Fallon.  Steven.  We’re sorry you had to hear this.

Steven (shaking his head):  Leslie.  We don’t blame you or Patrick for any of this.  Patrick.  If there’s anything that needs to be done with regard to this, by all means…..do it!

Patrick:  Of course.

Leslie:  Fallon.  Steven.  Just so you know.  My maternal grandfather, Alan Saunders, was a Lieutenant in the Canadian Expeditionary Force.  He was killed in Operation Overlord. Before that, he was captured because of people like Steven Morell.  Fortunately, though, he escaped and was eventually able to rejoin his unit.

Fallon:  My God, Leslie!  I’m so sorry.  I can’t believe my grandfather knew about the Holocaust.

Patrick:  Just because he know about it doesn’t mean he necessarily endorsed it.  He was probably just following orders or he probably would have been shot.  Bottom line.  Your grandfather was a quisling.

Sammy Jo:  Quisling?

Patrick:  It’s a word that’s come to mean traitor.  It originated because of Vidkun Quisling, Prime Minister of Norway who betrayed his country to the Nazis in 1940.  Nazi Germany occupied Norway for the rest of the war.

Sammy Jo:  Whatever happened to him?

Patrick:  He was arrested after Germany surrendered and was then executed by firing squad in October of 1945.

Jeff:  The Nazis were probably paying your grandfather a bundle to spy for them.  So what do we do now?  Do we confront Alexis with this?

Patrick:  You bet your bippy we do, but we’re going to make sure we have all of our ducks in a row first.  Unfortunately, Steven Morell has weaseled out of all of this by dying and doubly unfortunately, Alexis can’t be charged with a crime because she’s not responsible for the crimes of her ancestors.  Hey! wait a minute!  Where the hell is Alexis anyway??  She was supposed to be here!

Miranda (comes into Patrick and Leslie’s office):  Excuse the interruption, but Patrick.  Leslie.  The Dragon Lady is out of town.

Patrick:  Shit!!  I was just going to ask you where the hell she was.

Leslie:  Miranda are you sure??

Miranda:  As sure as I’m standing here.  I tried to drag it out of that wussbag David, but he wouldn’t tell me where she was.  Anyway.  You just got a very important email from Caravella and Associates in Montreal.  You and Leslie have been named in Governor General Lipperson’s will.

Patrick:  What??  That’s impossible.

Leslie:  Does it say anything else, Miranda?

Miranda:  No.  It just says you’re supposed to be in Montreal a week from tomorrow after the funeral Mass and burial, which will be in Ottawa a week from today.

Patrick:  All right, Miranda.  You know what to do.  The Kid and Blondezilla are going with us.  We’ll need a flight from Denver to Ottawa.  Then a flight from Montreal to Denver.  We’ll also need a car and, since Montreal is only about two hours from Ottawa by car, we’ll just drive to Montreal.  We’ll need two nights at the Ottawa Marriott starting Sunday and and then two nights at the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth starting Tuesday checking out Thursday.

Miranda:  I’m on it.

Patrick:  Thanks, Miranda

Miranda: Oh, Patrick.  One more thing.  Scott and Ted Lipperson specifically requested that Cardinal McGrath be one of the priests at the funeral Mass.

(FRIDAY morning – Patrick and Leslie’s office – Denver-Carrington Center – 1954 Blake Carrington Plaza – Denver, Colorado/John Ross Ewing III’s office – Ewing Industries – Ewing Building – 1201 Elm Street – Dallas, Texas)

Patrick (on his cell):  Guys.  Just making sure you’re still on board with us with the French.

John Ross:  I told ya, Brother-in-Law.  We’re with ya.

Chip:  I just want to make sure, that we’re not crawling back to them cap in hand.  It’s gonna be on our terms, right?

Patrick:  You have my word.

Chip:  Good.  You’ve always been straight with us, Brother-in-Law.  What’s the latest on the Faroe Islands deal?  Danny and I are leaving for Denmark Sunday night.  We’ve got that meeting with King Edvard on Tuesday.

Patrick:  Yeah.  About that.  Just make sure you’re not severely jet lagged.  I almost missed a meeting in London once because of that.  I have another piece of news.  Our friends at Her Majesty’s archives at Windsor Castle just dropped another huge bomb concerning Alexis and her family.

Chip:  Can’t wait to hear this one.

Patrick:  Well…..it seems that the Intelligence Office of the Supreme Allied Command intercepted a communique intended for Steven Morell.

John Ross:  That’s what our granddaddy was doin’ during the war.

Patrick:  Yeah I knew.  Wouldn’t surprise me one bit if he actually saw the message himself.  Anyway.  The message was a notice advising Nazi agents in Europe about the importation of Danish Jews to Nazi death camps.  It seems that Alexis’ daddy turned a blind eye to the Holocaust.

Chip:  He condoned it??

Patrick:  Peter Newkirk didn’t necessarily say he condoned it, but he did say that he didn’t do anything to stop it.  I suspect it was because he had to follow orders or be shot.

John Ross:  Whoa!  I’ll bet they were paying him a bundle to look the other other way too.

Chip:  Now that this is coming out, if Alexis thinks hers is going to be the winning bid, she’s got another think comin’.  No way in hell that’s gonna happen now.

Patrick:  No.  Probably not.

John Ross (facetiously):  Now, Brother-in-Law.  You’re not thinkin’ about leakin’ that story to the press, are ya?  If ya do, ya got the press livin’ in the same house with ya.

Patrick (also facetiously):  Now WHY would I do something as dastardly and as despicable as that?  Seriously.  It may come out on it’s own.  Even if it doesn’t, I’ve still got some leverage.

Chip (facetiously):  Why, Brother-in-Law.  I think ya got a little bit of our Daddy in ya.

Patrick:  I don’t know about your Daddy, but I definitely got some of mine in me.  Listen.  I want to move on that French project, BUT I didn’t want to move until I knew you guys were with me.  We’re partners in all these NATO projects and partners stick together.

John Ross:  Thanks a lot, Brother-in-Law.  We appreciate that.

Patrick:  Thanks, guys.  We can talk about the French situation all you like once Leslie and I get back from Ottawa.

Chip:  Jacques Lipperson’s funeral.  John Ross and Krystina and Danny and I are going also.  I guess we’ll see you there.

Patrick:  Sounds good.  We’ll be at the Ottawa Marriott.

John Ross:  Hey! Listen Brother-in-Law.  After that, we’ll see ya at the mansion in a few weeks.

Patrick:  Sounds like a plan.  We’ll be in touch.

Krystina (comes into John Ross’ office):  Hey, Big Brother!  I want to be in on those discussions too

Patrick:  You got it, Sissy…..(click)

(SATURDAY evening – outside the Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception – North Logan Street – Denver, Colorado)

Tim:  Pat.  Leslie.  Nice job on those readings.

Leslie:  Thanks, Tim.

Tim:  I’m really going to need you guys at Easter Vigil.  Pat.  I know you’re reading Creation again and there’s nobody I’d rather have doing it.  Leslie would you mind doing Exodus?

Leslie:  Not at all, Tim.  The one about Moses parting the Red Sea?  I’d love to.  That’s always been one of my favorite readings.

Patrick:  What about the Exultet?

Tim:  I’d like to have Lillian and Jessica do it as a duet.

Patrick:  Sounds like a plan.  Don’t forget.  Christopher and Tiffany Ewing specifically requested you to baptize their little boy J.C.

Tim:  I know.  Christopher and Tiffany are also coming into the Church that night.  Hey, Pat.  While I’ve got you.  I got an email from Ted Lipperson.  It seem that Jacques wanted me to be one of the con-celebrants at his funeral Mass next week.

Patrick:  Interesting.  How did that come about?

Tim:  I met Jacques years ago when I accompanied His Holiness St. John Paul the Great on a Papal visit to Canada.  I was doing some work for the Vatican Council for Relations with States.  I was part of the advance team.  Jacques was the Chairman of the Organizing Committee for that visit.

Patrick:  That’s an honor, Man.  You got to meet a real live Saint.  You want to hitch a ride with us.  We’re leaving tomorrow.

Tim:  Well…..the Archdiocese of Ottawa/Cornwall made all my travel arrangements for me.  I’ll be staying at Archbishop Damphousse’s residence.

Patrick:  Nice!  Mr. Big Shot!  Well…..hopefully, we’ll get up there in time to watch the NCAA Selection Show.  We’ll see where our Hoyas are going to go should they make it.  You can come over and we can all watch together.

Leslie:  I know Terry is going to want to know where Mizzou is going to end up and what about Terry Hastings and Colorado?

Patrick:  Good call, Babe.  What do you say, Your Eminence?

Tim:  You know I’m not going to pass THAT up!  You guys got yourselves a deal.

Patrick (hears his cell ringing and sees ED coming up on his caller ID):  Ed.  What’s going on?  Talk to me.  Where the h-e-double toothpicks has Alexis been??

Ed:  Well…..Alexis has been in Barbados all week and now…..brace yourself.  She’s heading for Montreal

Patrick:  What a coincidence…..so are we.

Ed:  I know you guys are going to be there for Jacques Lipperson’s funeral Mass.

Patrick:  That’s right.  Then the reading of Jacques’ will is Tuesday.

Ed:  And you have to be there for that?

Patrick:  We do.  Leslie and I apparently are named in the will.

Ed:  Well…..all things being equal, I’d watch my back.  It wouldn’t surprise me if Alexis was there to suck up to the the surviving Lippersons.

Patrick:  Don’t worry, Ed.  We’ll be on the lookout.  We’ll keep you posted.

Ed:  Thanks, Pat.

Patrick:  We’ll be in touch.  Bye…..(click)

Leslie:  Was that Ed?  What did he want?

Ed:  He was just telling us that Alexis was going to be in Montreal around the same time we are.

Leslie:  You don’t suppose…..

Patrick:  That she’s up to something.  That she’s going to try and suck up to the Lippersons.  I wouldn’t rule anything out

(Sunday evening – Patrick and Leslie’s suite – The Ottawa Marriott Hotel – 100 Kent Street – Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

Leslie (watching the NCAA Selection Show with Patrick, Patrick, Jr., Terry and Tim):  Mizzou gets the 9 Seed in the West.  So.  I guess they get Oklahoma in the First Round.

Terry:  An old Big 12 foe.  I like it!

Patrick, Jr.:  Yeah, Mom.  Those 8-9 games are always pretty interesting, but…..I…..don’t…..know…..

Terry (playfully punches her husband in the arm):  Hey! listen, smart guy!  Nines have beaten eights more often than not, but, unfortunately, should we survive, we get Gonzaga next.

Patrick, Jr.:  Yeah.  We know what kind of a roll they’ve been on….(a little while later)…..I wonder who’s going to get the number 12 Seed in the East.

Greg Gumbel:  The number 12 Seed in the East…..The Hoyas of Georgetown.  Coach Patrick Ewing’s has been on a serious roll and that includes a 73-48 victory over Creighton in the Big East Tournament Championship.

Patrick and Tim (in unison high fiving each other):  YEAH, BABY…..HOYA SAXA!!!!!

Greg Gumbel:  They will face the number 5 Seed…..The Buffaloes of Colorado.  Coach Terry Hastings’ team finished runner up in the Pac 12 Tournament.

Clark Kellogg:  This should be an interesting match up pitting longtime friends, NBA Legends and former teammates with the Knicks.  Both of these teams match up very well.  Georgetown has Freshman Dante Harris and Senior All-Big East Tournament selection Jahvon Blair.  Colorado counters with Pac 12 Assists leader and Coach Hastings’ nephew Franklin Cox and the 7 foot 1 300 pounder in the paint “The Ice Block” Pac 12 Blocked Shots leader Sven Jorgeson from Reykjavik, Iceland.  I’ll tell you what.  Georgetown is quick.  They can run the floor.  I like Georgetown in an upset.

Patrick and Tim (in unison again high five each other):  YES!!!!!!…..

Patrick (calms down a little and takes a deep breath):  it’s going to be tough rooting against Colorado.  Milton’s my friend and so is Terry Hastings, but I have to go with the old alma mater.  Listen, guys.  Tim.  I know you’re going to be up on the altar, but the rest of us will be one of the center pews on the left side.

Terry:  I’ll be sitting with you guys during the Mass, but during the burial I’ll be sitting with the press.  I’m doing a story for Naval Today on Governor General Lipperson’s naval career.

(MONDAY morning – Funeral Mass of Governor General Jacques Lipperson – Notre Dame Cathedral Basilica – 385 Sussex Drive – Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

Kathleen Harris (in the CBC News studio): We are looking live at the Notre Dame Cathedral Basilica in Ottawa. Good morning. I’m Kathleen Harris with CBC News Special Coverage of the Funeral Mass of Governor General Jacques Lipperson. This is a solemn occasion. Former Governor General Jacques Lipperson, a man who has given most of his life to Canada is being laid to rest. He began his service to our nation as an officer in the Royal Canadian Navy, culminating in his being named Chief of Defence Staff, his last assignment before his 1991 retirement. As a diplomat, he served as Ambassador to the United States and then as Ambassador to the United Nations. From 2006-2012, he served as the representative of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth as our Governor General before retiring from public service. Governor General Lipperson was well respected throughout the world. A message sent by President of the United States Joe Biden reads as follows,:

“The thoughts and prayers of the American people are with our neighbors to the north as Canada has lost a true statesman and a true patriot.”

The Queen, as Head of State, is also the head of the Church of England, but since the Governor General was Catholic, Her Majesty honored a long ago request made by the Governor General that his funeral be a Catholic Mass. His Eminence Gerard Cyrprien Cardinal Lacroix, Archbishop of Quebec will be the celebrant with His Eminence The Most Reverend Marcel Lamphousse, Archbishop of Ottawa-Cornwall and, by special request of the Lipperson family, His Eminence Timothy Brendan Cardinal McGrath, Archbishop of Denver assisting. Pallbearers will be Former Ambassador to the United States Gary Doer, Former Prime Minister Steven Harper, current Minister of Defence Harjit Saijan, Scott Lipperson, the Governor General’s son, Rear Admiral Theodore Lipperson, the Governor General’s younger son and, this is unusual, an American, Vice Admiral Patrick Carrington Jennings. From what I understand, the addition of Admiral Jennings as a pallbearer was by request of the Lipperson family. His Royal Highness Charles the Prince of Wales is here representing his mother along with his wife Her Royal Highness Camilla the Duchess of Cornwall as Her Majesty is back in London due to the poor health of His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh. Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall can be seen entering the cathedral. Let’s go inside as we are about to begin the Mass.

(Later in the Mass)

Cardinal Lacroix:  Let us pray.  Before we go our separate ways, let us take our leave of brother Jacques.  May our farewell express our affection for him; may it ease our sadness and strengthen our hope.  One day we shall joyfully greet him again when the love of Christ, which conquers all things, destroys even death itself. (a moment of silence before Archbishop Lamphousse incenses the casket)

Tim (then signs the Song of Farewell):  Saints of God, come to his aid!  Hasten to meet him angels of the Lord!

Congregation:  Receive his soul and present him to God the Most High.

Archbishop Damphousse:  May Christ, who called you, take you to himself; may angels lead you to the bosom of Abraham.

Congregation:  Receive his soul and present him to God the Most High.

Tim:  Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him.

Congregation:  Receive his soul and present him to God the Most High.

Cardinal Lacroix (then offers the Prayer of Commendation):  Into your hands, Father of mercies, we commend our brother Jacques, in the sure and certain hope that, together with all who have died in Christ, he will rise with him on the last day.  We give you thanks for the blessings which you have bestowed upon Jacques in this life: they are signs to us of your goodness and of our fellowship with the saints in Christ.  Merciful Lord, turn toward us and listen to our prayers: open the gates of paradise to your servant and help us who remain to comfort one another with assurances of faith, until we all meet in Christ and are with you and with our brother forever.

Congregation:  Amen!

(LATER THAT DAY – Beechwood National Military Cemetery – 280 Beechwood Avenue – Vanier, Ontario, Canada)

Kathleen Harris:  We’re back with CBC News’ continuing coverage of the funeral of Former Governor General Jacques Lipperson.  I’m Kathleen Harris.  The scene has now shifted to Beechwood National Military Cemetery, which is actually located in Vanier, Ontario – a suburb of Ottawa.  Beechwood Cemetery is the final resting place for many of Canada’s war dead as well as many statesmen and former Prime Ministers and here  is where the Governor General will be laid to rest.  The hearse bearing the Governor General’s casket has come to a stop and the pallbearers are removing the casket from the back of the vehicle.  As I said, the pallbearers are:  the Governor General’s sons Scott and Theodore, Former Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Former Ambassador to the U.S. Gary Doer, Defence Minister Harjit Saijan and American Vice Admiral Patrick Jennings.  To me, this symbolizes the brotherhood between Canada and her neighbor to the south.  It should also be noted that Admiral Jennings is a reserve officer, but in civilian life, he is the CEO of Denver-Carrington, a U.S.-based multi-national that is greatly committed to investment in our great nation. 

Dozens of Canadian veterans from World War II to the Libyan Invasion can be seen throwing the Governor General a final salute.  The bagpipers have taken their positions.  The national anthem, “O Canada”, will be sung first in French then in English by award winning Country artist and member of the Canadian Music Hall of Fame Shania Twain who was actually invested as an officer in the Order of Canada by then-Governor General Lipperson himself in 2006.

Shania Twain:  Ô Canada!
Terre de nos aïeux,
Ton front est ceint de fleurons glorieux!
Car ton bras sait porter l’épée,
Il sait porter la croix!
Ton histoire est une épopée
Des plus brillants exploits.
Et ta valeur, de foi trempée,
Protégera nos foyers et nos droits.
Protégera nos foyers et nos droits.

O Canada!
Our home and native land!
True patriot love in all of us command.
With glowing hearts we see thee rise,
The True North strong and free!
From far and wide,
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.
God keep our land glorious and free!
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

Kathleen Harris (after hearing Shania Twain):  That was beautiful.  Now.  Let’s listen to His Royal Highness Charles the Prince of Wales as he offers a tribute to the former Governor General.

Prince Charles:  We are here today to honor a great man and a true son of Canada.  I have had the pleasure of knowing Jacques Lipperson for many years having served with him in 1970 on a NATO Exercise in the Eastern Mediterranean as a naval officer, having followed his career first as a businessman, then as a diplomat and, finally, as Governor General giving sage advise to my mother on how to wisely govern this great land as her monarch.  I’ve known Jacques Lipperson to be a good man, a fair man and an honest man. But, not only was he a man, but he was a statesman as well.  My thoughts and prayers as well as those of my wife the Duchess of Cornwall and those of the entire Royal Family are with the Lipperson Family and the people of this great land.  God bless you and God bless Canada.  God Save the Queen.

Kathleen Harris:  And now the final blessing over the casket will be delivered before it’s lowered into ground.  This evening, there will be a condolence call at Government House at Rideau Hall, which serves as one of the official residence of the monarch while the monarch is in Canada.  Le Chateau de Citadel in Quebec City is the other.  However, there will be no news coverage for this event.  

Cardinal Lacroix (makes the Sign of the Cross as the casket is being lowered into the ground):  Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen. … Like the seed buried in the ground, you have produced the harvest of eternal life for us; make us always dead to sin and alive to God.

Tim:  Out Father who art in Heaven.  Hallowed be thy name.  Thy kingdom come.  Thy will be done.  On Earth as it is in Heaven.  Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.  And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil…..Amen.

Katherine Harris:  A great man and a true son of Canada is finally laid to rest.  And now a 21 gun salute is being fired in honor of the Governor General…..(the firing party shoots off a 21 gun volley)

(LATER THAT DAY – Government House – Rideau Hall – 1 Sussex Drive – Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

Patrick (bows as he meets Charles and Camilla):  Your Royal Highnesses.

Prince Charles:  Admiral.

Patrick:  Vice Admiral Patrick Jennings at your service.

Prince Charles:  May I present my wife Camilla the Duchess of Cornwall.

Patrick (bows):  Your Highness.

Camilla:  Admiral.

Prince Charles:  Jennings.  Of course.  On one of my last visits to the hospital, my father the Duke of Edinburgh spoke of a young Yank Ensign he met while he was doing duty in the Mediterranean.  He said he was full of…..if I recall the expression correctly…..”piss and vinegar.”

Patrick:  That would be me, Your Highness.

Prince Charles:  I’ve been looking forward to meeting you.  I’m sorry it couldn’t be under different circumstances.

Patrick:  Governor General Lipperson was a good man and a good friend.  May I present my wife Leslie, our son Lieutenant Patrick Jennings, Jr., our daughter-in-law Teresa Jennings and our good friend His Eminence Timothy Brendan Cardinal McGrath?

Prince Charles:  How do you do?  May I present my wife Camilla the Duchess of Cornwall?

Leslie, Patrick, Jr., Terry and Tim (one by one):  Your Royal Highnesses.

Camilla:  Mrs. Jennings.  It’s a pleasure.

Leslie (curtsies):  Thank you, Your Highness.  The pleasure is mine.

Terry (curtsies):  Your Highnesses.  With all due respect.  I’m a journalist.  Would you mind if I got an interview at some point?

Camilla:  Not at all, my dear.  It would be a pleasure.

Terry:  Forgive me for asking, Your Highness, but you wouldn’t happen to know Alexis Colby by any chance would you?

Camilla:  Oh my God! I can’t stand that woman.  She’s such a tosser!

Terry (under her breath, but Camilla hears her and snickers in response):  That’s Alexis all right.

Prince Charles:  Lieutenant Jennings.  It’s always nice to meet a second generation navy man.  Are you a reservist like your father?

Patrick, Jr. (bows):  I am, Your Highness.  In fact, we usually do our reserve duty together.

Prince Charles:  I’m guessing as an Aide-de-Camp to your father.

Patrick, Jr.:  Something like that, Your Highness.

Prince Charles:  Cardinal McGrath.  You were one of the priests that officiated the Mass.

Tim (bows):  Yes I was, Your Highness.

Prince Charles:  You did a wonderful job.  It was a pleasure to have met all of you.

(TUESDAY morning – the office of Martin Caravella, Esquire – Caravella & Associates – 36th Floor – Lipperson Centre – 1250 Boulevard Rene Levesque – Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

Martin (“Marty”) Caravella, Esquire:  And now we come to the bequests.  Patrick and Leslie Jennings.  You are hereby left the sum of $1 Million Canadian.  However…..according to the wishes of the Governor General, you are to use it to endow the Walsh-Reece School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University.

Leslie:  Of course, Marty.  I know Jacques was a visiting professor at Georgetown.

Patrick:  Jacques was a good friend to Georgetown.  It would be our pleasure.

Marty:  Now.  The bulk of the Lipperson estate as well as all holdings in Athabaskan Energies will be divided equally between my sons Scott and Theodore with Theodore’s shares to be administered by his wife Julie for as long as he remains on active duty in the Royal Canadian Navy.


Marty:  If you are finished Ravinia.  Now we come to you.

Ravinia:  Is that so?

Marty:  I’ve been instructed to read the following letter from your father.  I was written just before he died.


I don’t where to begin when I tell you that I am extremely disappointed in the devious actions taken by you and your mother in the takeover of my company, which is why I am cutting you out of inheriting any shares of Athabaskan Energies as well as any shares of my personal wealth.  The company is to be divided equally between your two brothers.  What you and your mother did is unforgivable, which is why I am left with no choice but to pursue the aforementioned course of action.  However, you will be left the sum $1 Canadian.

May God have mercy on your soul.


Ravinia (crying):  WHY, FATHER, WHY????

Patrick:  Wow, Ravinia!  After taxes that’s about 75 Cents Canadian, which is about…..oh…..60 Cents U.S…..(everybody else snickers in response)

Ravinia:  SHUT UP!!!!!

(TUESDAY evening – Alexis’ suite – The Fairmont Queen Elizabeth – 900 Boulevard Rene Levesque – Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

Alexis (on her room phone):  Hello, Ravinia dahling!

Ravinia:  Alexis Colby.  Long time no talk.  To what do I owe the pleasure?

Alexis:  My sources told me about what happened at the reading of your father’s will today.  I’m dreadfully sorry.  I never much cared for your mother.  However, I don’t think that her sins should have been visited upon you, my dear.

Ravinia:  So what are you getting at, Alexis?

Alexis:  Well…..if you want to get back back at your father and your brothers for what they’ve done to you, then perhaps I can be of some help to you.

Ravinia:  Again, Alexis.  What are you getting at?

Alexis:  Dahling.  Perhaps tomorrow we ought to have a little chat.

Ravinia:  Perhaps we should.




















Episode #788: Securing a Warrant – Part III


  • Smitty calls District Court Judge Martinez to see about getting a search warrant for Alexis’ penthouse.
  • Alexis calls her grandson Jesse and his girlfriend Alex Rubio in for a meeting to talk about their plans for Lee Oil and Alex’s plans for Sammy Jo.
  • L.B. and Emily talk about seeing Shay Mosley talking to Jesse and Alex and their having suspicions about Alex’s motives while they were out in the SoCo District.
  • Patrick and Leslie talk to John Ross about how things are progressing with the Faroe Islands deal and how the various associated tasks will be handled.
  • Patrick tells John Ross that he has something else he wants to talk to him about and then reveals to Leslie that an email came in from the French Minister of the Armed Forces.
  • Terry and Patrick, Jr. talk to Emily and L.B. in the mansion library and reveal some surprising details concerning the conversation between Jesse, Alex and Shay Mosley.
  • Alexis gets a call and an interesting tip from Shay Mosley.
  • Calvin Rourke, Sr. and Jr. meet with Moses and Darryl Kimball about Troxell Enterprises involvement in the pipeline projects and their association with Denver-Carrington.
  • Patrick and Leslie meet with Patrick, Jr. and Terry in the mansion library, but their meeting is interrupted by a call from Ed McCormick.
  • Smitty and Special Agent Jubal Valentine from the New York office of the F.B.I. show up at Alexis’ penthouse with a search warrant.

Scene:  Tuesday evening – Alexis’ penthouse – The Confluence – 1441 Little Raven Street – Denver, Colorado…..

Smitty:  I’m sorry, Alexis, but your little “Oh my God’s” and your “I don’t know what you’re talking abouts” aren’t going to work with me.

Jubal:  Or me either.  So, Lady…..no matter what you say or do…..we’re coming in.  Now step aside!!

Smitty:  Alexis.  We could tell by the way you reacted when we told you about Jeremy Van Dorn that you were hiding something.

Jubal:  We don’t know yet what it is, but we’re sure as shit going to find out.

Alexis:  Honestly!  I don’t know what you think you’re going to find.  I think you’re both just wasting you time.  I really don’t know what problem you think ransacking my penthouse will solve.

Smitty:  Alexis.  If you DON’T let us come in, you’ll leave us no choice but to place you under arrest!

Jubal:  What’s the matter, Mrs. Colby?  Are you afraid of what we might find?  Now step aside!!

(MEANWHILE – the library of the Carrington mansion – 173 Wessex Drive – Golden, Colorado)

Patrick (on his phone with Ed):  Hang on.  Let me put you on speaker…..(put his cell on speaker)…..Ed.  What are you telling me?

Ed:  You said you guys did get the email from the French Ministry of the Armed Forces, right?

Leslie:  We got it, Ed.  It came in while Patrick was on the phone with John Ross.  What’s going on?

Ed:  OK.  here it is. Like I said earlier, there are a lot of contracts with the French military that are up for renewal THIS year.  The French government wants Denver-Carrington to come back to the table.

Patrick:  We’ll need to get with the Ewings and let them know that’s the way we’re going to handle it.

Ed:  Not so fast.  As I was trying to tell you earlier, you guys might have a little competition.  It seems Shay Mosley has been snooping around The Pentagon and Langley.

Patrick:  That figures.

Ed:  Looks like she’s looking to secure those French contracts for Morell Enterprises.

Terry (nodding her head):  Queen Beyotch!

Patrick:  Shit!

Leslie (shaking her head):  Why am I not surprised?

Patrick:  Crap!  And I’m sending the Kid and Gerald to Spain to make sure THOSE contracts are renewed…..(looks at Leslie)…..Babe.  We may have to handle this one ourselves.

Leslie:  You going to wear your Navy hat for this one?

Patrick:  No.  This one’s going to require me wearing my Denver-Carrington hat.

Leslie:  Ed.  Any word on whether or not the R.F.P.’s have gone out yet?

Ed:  i haven’t heard anything yet, Kiddo.  From what I’ve gathered from my contacts at the Direction Générale de la Sécurité Extérieure, the powers that be at the Ministry of the Armed Services haven’t said anything yet.  The minute I hear anything, you’ll be the first to know.

Terry:  What about Shay Mosley and her snooping around?

Ed:  Don’t worry about her, Terry.  I’ve always managed to keep one step ahead of her.  She’s good, but she’s not THAT good.

Patrick:  No.  She’s DEFINITELY not Ed McCormick good.  Thanks, Ed.  Keep us posted.

Ed:  Will do, Pat.  I’ll be in touch…..(click).

Patrick, Jr.:  So, Dad.  When are we going to get with the Ewings about this?

Patrick:  We’ll need to do that as soon as possible.

Terry:  What exactly was it that happened that caused the rift between Ewing Industries and the French?

Patrick:  It was something that happened when Lafayette Dyson was still alive…..WAY before the Ewing/Dyson merger ever took place, which…..(looks at Leslie)…..is why you and I are going to talk to Chip about this?…..(Leslie nods her head in agreement)

Patrick:, Jr.  You think he’ll go for it, Dad?

Patrick:  It’s going to take a little guile, charm and persuasion, but, in the long run, I think he’ll understand why we’re pursuing this course of action.  Besides.  Would you rather see that new business fall into Alexis’ lap?

Everybody else (Leslie, Patrick, Jr., Terry) one by one:  No.  Of course not.

Patrick:  I didn’t think so.

Patrick, Jr.:  So, Dad.  What about the FREMM Program?  Should we get the additional business from the French, how will it bode for Denver-Carrington.

Patrick:  Glad you asked.  it’s going to give us more available options as far as the software and the Deveraux Ordnance System are concerned.  Remember.  The ships in the FREMM Program all follow one basic design with certain modifications left up to each individual member country.

Leslie:  Isn’t the U.S. Navy now part of the FREMM Program?

Patrick, Jr.:  Yeah, Mom.  The lead ship of the new Constellation-class Guided Missile Frigates is under construction at the Orsini Industries subsidiary in Wisconsin.

Patrick:  This is what she’s projected to look like (pulls up a picture on his laptop).  Like I told you all before.  We’re not going back to the French cap in hand.  If we’re going to do business with them, it’s going to be on OUR terms NOT theirs.  What about you, Blondezilla?  You think you can throw together a story for the Naval Today website about the future of the FREMM Program?

Terry:  Piece of cake.

Patrick:  I knew I could count on you.

Leslie:  So where do we want to meet with the French?

Patrick:  Toulon.  Where else?  But, remember.  But, we can’t make a move until the R.F.P. goes out.

Patrick, Jr.:  We also need to talk to John Ross about this.  You know he and Chip don’t do anything without consulting one another.  Is this what you you meant by the something you were going to talk to him about later?

Patrick:  This is exactly what I meant.  Now remember.  We need to make sure all of our other partners…..i.e. Colby Enterprises and the Deveraux Group…..are on board with this.

Leslie:  Plus, John Ross and Krystina are going to be up here in a few weeks.

Patrick:  All right then, people.  I’d say we now have a game plan.

(MEANWHILE – Alexis’ penthouse)

Alexis (watching aghast as FBI agents ransack her penthouse):  WHAT ARE YOU ALL DOING???  STOP IT, DAMN IT!!!  WHY DO YOU INSIST ON TEARING THIS PLACE APART???

Smitty:  We told you, Alexis.  If you’re hiding something, we’re going to get to the bottom of it and don’t bother trying to deny it either.  We know all about your associations with Jeremy Van Dorn.

Jubal:  Now, Mrs. Colby.  IF you don’t mind, we’d like to get back to doing our job…..(goes back inside and continues the search)

Smitty (after a few hours):  OK, Jubal.  What do you got?

Jubal (shaking his head):  I’m telling you, Man.  I should have known that Van Dorn was all bluster and was trying to throw her under the bus.  Our guys turned this place upside down and we turned up nothing.  I guess we have to tell Pat we hit a dead end.

Smitty:  Yeah.  Looks that way……(turns to Alexis)…..Lady!  You just got EXTREMELY lucky.  You may have weaseled your way out of trouble THIS time, but that doesn’t mean you’re TOTALLY off the hook!  One of these days, Lady, you’re going to screw up and we’re going to catch you.  I wouldn’t want to be you when we do.

Alexis:  Well…..now that that your little search has turned up nothing and you’re done ransacking my apartment, I’ll thank you to leave, but first, I’ll thank you to clean up the mess you made.

Jubal:  I hate to disillusion you, Alexis, but we’re federal agents NOT a maid service.  You want this place cleaned up?  Get your staff to do it or, better yet, do it yourself.

Smitty:  Good evening, Alexis.  We’ll see ourselves out.

(MEANWHILE – the library of the Carrington mansion 173 Wessex Drive – Golden, Colorado)

Dex (sees Patrick and Leslie coming into the library):  So what happened with Smitty and Valentine’s search of Alexis’s penthouse?  Did it turn up anything?

Leslie:  Unfortunately, no.  It turned out to be nothing more than a wild goose chase.

Patrick:  As it turned out,  Jeremy Van Dorn was just working an angle to try and throw Alexis under the bus so he could get himself a lighter sentence.

Dex:  Which proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that Jeremy Van Dorn is full of shit.  Well…..more and more, Alexis seems to have developed a false sense of her own invincibility.  She’s not as good as she used to be at getting herself out of sticky situations.  She just doesn’t have the clout anymore.  Don’t worry.  Give her enough rope.  She’ll hang herself.

Leslie:  The Flathead Nation situation.

Dex:  Exactly.  Alexis may or may not have been the mastermind behind that situation, but she does bear SOME responsibility.  Or, at least, she should.

Patrick:  And so should Adam, but he just took the easy way out…..he’s dead!

Leslie:  Dex.  How are things going with the pipeline project in Spain?

Dex:  Sam is still over there.  Rosalind will be going back to join him again in a couple of weeks.  They’ll both be back in time for the groundbreaking of the Kit Carson section of the Ewing Pipeline.  Speaking of the Ewings.  I know you’ve talked to John Ross about bringing the French back to the table.  Have you talked to Chip yet?

Leslie:  We’re planning on it.  We need to make him understand that we are not going back to the French cap in hand.  They will do business on our terms and part of that is no work will be done until payment is made for services rendered.

Patrick:  We have another problem.

Dex:  What happened?

Patrick:  According to Ed, Shay Mosley has been nosing around and she’s advising Alexis to make a play for those French military contracts.

Dex:  Well then.  You’ll need to make sure you have all your bases covered.  You’ll need to talk to Jeff at Colby Enterprises and Nick and Milton at the Deveraux Group.  Patrick.  You know as well as I do that Alexis is all bluster.  She’s a cold heartless bitch that isn’t happy unless she has some man that she twist around her little finger.

Leslie:  That’s why the two of you didn’t last.  With the possible exception of Uncle Blake, you were the only man she couldn’t put one over on.

Dex:  I have to be honest with you, Leslie.  There was a side to Alexis that she was afraid to let anybody see.  A certain softness and vulnerability.  I actually got to see a little bit of that side of Alexis, but, unfortunately  I saw too much of the other side of Alexis.  The power hungry narcissist who didn’t care who she stepped on to get to the top.  Now…..Patrick.  You can’t let Alexis and her games get into your head.  You’ve made Denver-Carrington into one of the top twenty five defense contractors in the world.

Leslie:  Dex is right.  Besides.  If Uncle Blake didn’t think you could do it, he wouldn’t have trusted you with starting a whole new division of the company from scratch.

Patrick:  No.  He would have handed it to Adam on a silver platter just like Alexis wanted him to do.

Leslie:  Exactly.  You’ve got a lot of Uncle Blake in you.

Dex:  More importantly, you’ve got a lot of your father Daniel Reece in you.  You don’t share common baggage with Alexis like, unfortunately, Blake did.

Patrick (sighs and nods his head):  Thanks, you guys…..let’s get that bitch!

(WEDNESDAY morning – Patrick and Leslie’s office – Denver-Carrington Center – 1954 Blake Carrington Plaza/Chip Ewing’s Office – Ewing Industries – The Dyson Building – 400 West Capital Avenue – Little Rock, Arkansas)

Patrick:  Hey, Brother-in-Law.  I’m glad I caught you.  Your sister-in-law is here with me, so, we’re going to put you on speaker.

Charles Bryant (“Chip”) Ewing:  I’ve got Justin here with me.  Hey, Sister-in-Law.

Leslie:  Hey, Chip.  Hey, Justin.

Justin Lafayette Ewing:  Hey, Aunt Leslie.

Leslie:  How are Becky and that beautiful little boy of yours?

Justin:  Everybody’s fine, Aunt Leslie.

Patrick:  You know, Justin.  You, Becky and the Baby are welcome at the mansion anytime.  I’m sure my mom would love to see the baby.

Justin:  Thanks a lot, Uncle Pat I really appreciate that and we might just take you up on that.  Becky had a really nice time the last time we were there and she’d really like to see Aunt Krystle.  She also really appreciated the pep talk Allison gave her before Little Jock was born.

Patrick:  Listen, Kid.  While we have you.  We were wondering how things were going the latest updates on the guidance software.

Justin:  Everything’s going a little slower than expected, Uncle pat.  We’ve still got a few bugs to work out, but we think we’ll get then ironed out by the time the end of the fiscal year.   I know the new SECDEF is going to want results.

Patrick:  Look, Kid.  I understand where you’re coming from, but the important thing is that the job get done right.  Just keep us posted on your progress.

Justin:  Will do, Uncle Pat.

Patrick:  Listen, brother-in-Law.  While we’ve got you, we were wondering.  Has John Ross talked to you yet?

Chip:  You mean about the French military contracts?  Yes he has.

Leslie:  Chip.  Patrick and I have talked about how were going to handle this.

Patrick:  We’re not going to the French cap in hand.  They want to do business with us, they will do business with us our terms and out terms alone.

Leslie:  John Ross said he didn’t want to make a move until he had talked to you.  What is your decision?

Chip:  You know.  John Ross told me that our friend Shay Mosley is trying to get Alexis interested in bidding on those contracts and I really don’t want to see them go to Alexis.  There was a lot of bad blood between us and the French and that goes back to when my granddaddy was alive, but I can stand the thought of us losing those contracts to Alexis either.  I thought about this long and hard.

Patrick:  So you’re in?

Chip (nodding his head):  We’re in.  I talked to Uncle Bobby and Sue Ellen and Christopher about this for a long time.  We all decided it was time to bury the hatchet.  So, listen, Brother-in-Law.  You do what you need to do to get us those contracts.

Patrick:  Thanks, a lot, Brother-in-Law.  We’re just waiting on the R.F.P. to go out.

Leslie:  Oh.  Chip.  About the Faroe Islands deal and King Edvard III.   I know he and Patrick served together, but I also know he is a friend of yours.  Patrick and I talked about it and we think you should take the initial meeting with him.

Chip:  John Ross told me, Sister-in-Law and thank you for letting do this.

Patrick:  Hey!  The more people we have covering the bases, the better off we are.

Chip:  I understand, Brother-in-Law and thanks.

Patrick:  You know.  John Ross and Krystina are going to be coming up here in a few weeks and they bringing Little Man.  You and Danny are than welcome to join them.  You know we’ve got plenty of room.

Chip:  Thanks, Brother-in-Law.  We may just take you up on that too.

(FRIDAY morning – Miranda’s outer office – Denver-Carrington Center – Denver, Colorado/Her Majesty’s Archives – Windsor Castle – Windsor, United Kingdom)

Miranda:  Good morning. Denver-Carrington.  How may I help you?

Group Captain Peter Newkirk, Jr, RAF (ret.):  Yes.  Good morning.  I’m trying to reach Admiral or Mrs. Jennings.  My name is Group Captain Peter Newkirk, Jr., RAF (ret.).  I’m the curator of Her Majesty’s Archives at Windsor Castle.

Miranda:  Well, Group Captain Newkirk, they’re both in at the moment and I’ll put you through right now.

Group Captain Newkirk:  Thank you, Miss…..

Miranda:  Gonzales.  Miranda Gonzales.  I’m Admiral and Mrs. Jennings’ Senior Executive Assistant.  Patrick.  I have Group Captain Peter Newkirk, Jr. the curator of Her majesty’s Archives on Line One from the UK.  Shall i put him through?

Patrick:  Yes, Miranda. Please.  Put him through.  Peter.  It’s been a long time.  Leslie is here in the office with me. If you hold on just a minute, I’ll put you on speaker.

Group Captain Newkirk:  Of course.

Patrick:  Peter.  It’s been a long time.  Nice to hear from you again, old friend.

Leslie:  Hello, Peter.

Group Captain Newkirk:  Hello, Leslie.

Leslie:  I believe the last time we saw each other was the ceremony in Gaeta honoring Hogan’s Heroes and the crew of PT-73.

Group Captain Newkirk:  That’s right.

Leslie:  Patrick said you’ve been in communication with Ed McCormick.

Croup Captain Newkirk:  Yes.  As a matter of fact, I have.

Patrick:  So what exactly is it we can do for you?

Group Captain Newkirk:  Well…..

Leslie:  Peter.  Before we go any further, I don’t know if you heard, but Alexis Colby’s Morell Enterprises is one of the companies that has expressed interest in bidding on the French military contract renewals.

Group Captain Newkirk:  Yes.  I’ve heard.  I do still keep in touch with some of my mates at MI6.  I’ve also heard that the French Armed Forces Ministry has expressly asked for Denver-Carrington to come back to the table.

Patrick:  Yes they have, but we are waiting until the R.F.P. goes out so we don’t arouse suspicion. Hopefully, Alexis won’t get the drop on us.

Group Captain Newkirk:  We will be in touch with your man McCormick and we will keep you posted.

Patrick:  Thank you, Peter.  Now.  What is it you needed to talk to us about?

Group Captain Newkirk:  It’s about Steven Morell’s file.  I was doing a weekly inspection and I cam across something very interesting.

Leslie:  Really?  What was it?

Group Captain Newkirk:  Well…..you remember the communique sent to Steven Morell by Reichminister von Ribbentrop dated 20 January 1944?

Patrick:  The one in which von Ribbentrop details the Danish Royal Family kidnapping plot.

Group Captain Newkirk:  That’s right.  Steven Morell’s involvement went a lot deeper with the Nazis than originally thought.

Leslie:  We know one thing for certain.  It’s just going to give Alexis more fuel for her fire and she’s going to go right on blaming us for everything.  Peter.  What exactly does all this mean?

Group Captain Newkirk:  There was another communique sent to Steven Morell by Reichminister von Ribbentrop dated 22 January 1944.  Fortunately, that one was brought to the attention of someone from Colonel Jock Ewing’s office.  In it, is a detailed plan that called for the deportation of hundreds of Danish Jews to various Nazi death camps.

Patrick:  Peter.  Are you telling us that Steven Morell knew about the Holocaust?

Group Captain Newkirk:  That’s exactly what I’m telling you.  Now.  Before you jump to any conclusions, when I say he knew about it, I don’t necessarily mean that he endorsed it.

Patrick:  Didn’t endorse it! Shit!  He didn’t do anything to stop it either!!

Group Captain Newkirk:  No.  He didn’t and by turning a blind eye that makes him just as guilty as those who actually committed the atrocities themselves.

Leslie (shaking her head):  Wow!  Alexis is going to hit the ceiling!

Patrick:  Yeah well…..the shit’s going to hit the fan.  I want the inner circle in the office first thing Monday morning followed by Alexis Monday afternoon.  Peter.  We can’t thank you enough for bringing this to our attention.

Croup Captain Newkirk:  I was glad to do it, Mate.  Ed called me and told me what was going on with Alexis and the French, so, I thought I’d see if there was anymore damaging information I could find on Alexis Colby.

Leslie:  This could really destroy her if this were to get out.

Group Captain Newkirk:  Particularly if the press were to find out and, if memory serves your daughter-in-law is part of the press corps.

Patrick:  That she is and I know she’d love a chance to fry Alexis.  

Group Captain Newkirk:  You’ve got Alexis right where you want her and, if I were you, I wouldn’t let her go.

Patrick:  Don’t worry, Peter.  We don’t intend to.  If there’s anything else you can find out, please, don’t hesitate to let us know.

Peter Newkirk:  Will do, Mate.  I’ll keep you posted.


(MONDAY morning – Sammy Jo’s office – Recce House of Fashion Warehouse and Production Facilities – East Broncos Parkway – Englewood, Colorado)

Julie Bergman (sees Alex Rubio coming):  Oh my God!

Alex:  I see Sammy Jo still has you trapped behind the receptionist’s desk.

Julie:  You’ve got a whole hell of a lot of nerve showing your face around here after the little stunt you pulled.

Alex:  You’re going to be talking out the other side of your face when Alex Colby takes this place back over.  I’ll be in charge and you know what?  One of the first things around here that might go will be you.

Julie:  You don’t scare me, Alex.

Alex:  You always were a simp, Julie.

Sammy Jo (in her office with her lead designer Jane Andrews):  So, Jane. How are things coming with the Summer Catalog?

Jane:  Everything’s coming along fine, Sammy Jo.  As a matter of fact, I talked to Maria Silva and Sylvia Costa and they are looking forward to seeing what Stephanie and Gabby come up with.

Sammy Jo:  Have we gotten a commitment from them to do the Summer Show.  I know Magnus Bane wants to co-host with me again.

Jane:  I’ve been in touch with Maria and Silvia’s agents and they told that at this point, their schedules are clear and that they can do the show.

Sammy Jo.  Thanks, Jane.  Just keep on top of it.  The minute you get a definite “yes”, I want to know about it.

Jane:  Not a problem, Sammy Jo.

Julie (taking off after Alex):  Hey! Wait a minute!  You can’t go back there!!

Alex (as she’s barging into Sammy Jo’s office):  Just try and stop me, Miss Goody Two Shoes!…..(sees Jane and Sammy Jo)…..Hello, Jane.  Hello, Sammy Jo.

Jane:  What the hell do you want???

Julie:  Jane.  Sammy Jo.  I’m really sorry.  I tried to stop her.  Honest.  I did.

Sammy Jo:  It’s OK, Julie…..(looks incredulously at Alex):  My God!  Alex Rubio.  What the hell are YOU doing here??




















Episode #787: Securing a Warrant – Part II


  • FBI Special Agent Jubal Valentine interrogates Jeremy Van Dorn, who claims to have damaging information on Alexis, at the Federal Supermax in Florence, Colorado.
  • Patrick calls U.S. District Court Judge William J. Martinez concerning the fact that Alexis might be hiding something.
  • Danny, Jessica and Jackie work together on a cut for rock and roll nostalgia album featuring musicians Daryl Hall and Nick Lowe. 
  • Calvin Rourke, Jr. and Victoria Rourke arrive at the Carrington mansion with Calvin, Jr.’s father, Calvin Rourke, Sr.  They are there for a series of meetings on the pipeline projects.
  • Patrick, Patrick, Jr. and Milton are in Norfolk, Virginia for Weekend Warrior Duty.
  •  A first round of meeting with Calvin Rourke, Sr. and Calvin Rourke, Jr. is held at the offices of Colby/Dexter International with Miles and Sebastian Colby included.
  • Patrick is now back from Weekend Warrior Duty, a second round of meetings with the Rourkes is held in Patrick and Leslie’s office, this time with Emily, Jeff and L.B.also being included.
  • Smitty calls Judge Martinez and requests a warrant to search Alexis Colby’s penthouse.

Scene:  Tuesday morning – Judge William J. Martinez’s chambers – 901 19th Street – Denver. Colorado/Special Agent Roy (“Smitty”) Smith, Jr.’s office – Federal Bureau of Investigation – Denver Field Office – 8000 East 36th Street – Denver, Colorado…..

Judge Martinez:  I see.  Pat Jennings said you’d be calling.  And how soon will you be needing this search warrant.

Smitty:  We need it as soon as possible, Your Honor.

Judge Martinez:  Special Agent Smith.  If Alexis Colby is, in fact, withholding evidence, I think a search warrant is the proper course of action.

Smitty:  Your Honor.  If I know Alexis Colby like I think I know Alexis Colby, she will object to us conducting a search.

Judge Martinez:  Special Agent Smith.  You and I both know that Alexis Colby’s record in dealing with the United States Government isn’t exactly what one would call sterling, but from what I’ve gathered from Special Agent Valentine, Jeremy Van Dorn is trying to work some sort of angle to get himself a lighter sentence.

Smitty:  Exactly, Your Honor, but we still want to cover our own bases just in case what Jeremy Van Dorn is saying is on the up and up.  If Alexis Colby is withholding evidence regarding her father’s involvement in the Danish Royal Family Kidnapping Plot, we’ll find it.  If she’s hiding something else, we’ll find that too.

Judge Martinez:  If Jeremy Van Dorn is on the level or just blustering, we’ll find out soon enough, we’ll find out soon enough.  In any event, I’m issuing you a search warrant for Alexis’ penthouse in Granite Tower.  Please let Special Agent Valentine know.

Smitty:  Yes, Your Honor.  I’ll tell Pat that everything is proceeding according to plan.

Judge Martinez:  Thank you, Special Agent Smith.  I would serve the warrant as soon as possible.

Smitty:  Of course, your honor.

(WEDNESDAY morning – Alexis’ office – Morell Enterprises, Inc. – Granite Tower – 1090 18th Street – Denver, Colorado)

David:  Mrs. Colby.  You grandson Jesse and Miss Alex Rubio are here to see you.

Alexis:  Thank you, David.  Send them in.

David:  Yes, Mrs. Colby.  You both can go in now.

Jesse:  Thank you, David.

Alex:  Hello, Alexis.

Alexis:  Jesse.  Alex.  How lovely to see you, dahlings!  Do come in.

Jesse (along with Alex, takes a seat in front of his grandmother’s desk):    Thank you, grandmother.

Alexis:  Now, dahlings.  Can I interest you in a little caviar?  It’s Petrossian Beluga.

Alex:  Yes.  Thank you, Alexis.  I’d love some.

Alexis:  Of course, dear.

Jesse:  So…..Grandmother…..what is it you need to see us about?

Alexis:  Well dahlings…..the Bankruptcy Auction for the assets of Lee Oil is set to begin the first part of next week.  I want you to go down to Texas a little early and meet with Mr. Jacques Piers.

Jesse:  Jacques Piers of Westar Oil?

Alexis:  Yes.  Jacques and I are old and dear friends.  I want you to introduce yourself to him.  To…..get to know him.

Jesse:  Do you think Westar might be one of the companies bidding for Lee Oil, Grandmother?

Alexis:  I’m not sure, Jesse.  That’s part of what I want you to find out.  And Alex.  I want you to talk to some of the people at Neiman Marcus and see if they’re keeping up with the latest trends in fashion.  If we are going to re-brand Fashion Fury, I want to see if there are any markets we can penetrate.  By this time next year, I want us to be a household name.  I want us to be on top where Carol Marshall intended us to be.

Alex:  I meant to ask you, Alexis.  Whatever happened to Carol Marshall?

Alexis:  Well…..Carol Marshall…..shall we say…..ran into a bit of unfortunate luck.  You see…..she’s now in jail because of a scheme involving her ex-husband Arlen and thanks, in no small part to Patrick and Leslie Jennings.

Alex:  And, soon, Alexis.  Soon I’ll be dropping in on Sammy Jo Reece.  I can’t wait to see the look on her face when I do.

Alexis:  Yes.  It’s about time that Bimbo got what she deserved.  Unfortunately, as I’m sure you know, she’s once again married to my son Steven.  Now.  Jesse, dahling.  Your father Adam had a lot of opportunities come his way.  But…..he was robbed of those opportunities by Patrick and Leslie Jennings.  By all rights, your father and your Uncle Steven should have been running Denver-Carrington side by sides as brothers, but Blake cut Adam off in 2004 and also fired him from the company permanently.

Jesse:  Grandmother.  What about Jeff Colby?

Alexis:  Oh yes.  Jeff Colby.  Colby Enterprises has recently spun off from Denver-Carrington, which makes me wonder if the time would be right for Colby Enterprises to issue an initial public offering.

Jesse:  I don’t know, Grandmother.  But it might bear some looking into.

Alexis:  Yes.  I’ll call Shay Mosley to see what she has to say on the subject.  I made Jeff Colby an offer to buy some stock once before, but he turned me down.  But…..in the meantime, I will call Mr. Goodnight and let him know you’re coming down.

(Thursday morning – Emily’s Office – Denver-Carrington Center – 1954 Blake Carrington Plaza  – Denver, Colorado)

Emily (sees L.B. in the hallway):  Hey! Cuz!  Come on in.

L.B.:  Sure.  What’s going on?

Emily:  I was just wondering what kind of shape the finances of Colby Enterprises were in following the spin off from Denver-Carrington.

L.B.:  We’re in good shape.  Shit! We ought be, given the number of deals we’re partnered up in with you guys.  Why do you ask?

Emily:  I’m just asking because…..you remember we saw Jesse Colby and that bitch he’s dating in the SoCo District last night……what’s her name again?

L.B.:  Oh! You mean Alex Rubio?

Emily:  That’s the one.

L.B.:  God! Some of the shit he talks about our family, sometimes I’d like to just beat his ass!  I remember that one day in the entrance hall. Jay really and I mean REALLY beat the living shit out of him.  What about him?

Emily:  Well…..I saw Alex and him talking to Shay Mosley.  I couldn’t make out their entire conversation, but I swear to God I heard both yours and and Uncle Jeff’s name come up.

L.B.:  It might have been a prearranged meeting.  Grandmother probably sent her there.  I’d be willing to bet they’re up to something.

Emily:  I think you’re probably right, Cuz.  Hey! Wait a minute!

L.B.:  What is it, Cousin?

Emily:  Terry!  Terry was over by the bar when Jesse and Alex were talking to Shay.  She probably heard everything.

L.B.:  Probably.  But, do we pump her for the information or do we just let her come to us?  Shay Mosley was the one that Terry caught snooping when she went to that press conference for Uncle Pat in Hawaii.

Emily:  That’s right.  Either way.  My Mom and Dad are going to eventually find out what’s  going on.

L.B.:  You got that right, and Uncle Pat’s going to hit the ceiling.  But, if this is about Grandmother trying to worm her way into Colby Enterprises, there’s no way she can.  It’s a privately held company.  There’s nothing she can do about it.

Emily:  Yeah, but you know your grandmother.  She seems to think she can do anything she damn well pleases and not expect to suffer any consequences.

L.B.:  Grandmother was in our office not too long ago and she was talking to Dad about buying into Colby Enterprises.

Emily:  Why am I NOT surprised??

L.B.:  I don’t know, Cousin.  He turned her down flat…..AGAIN!  She’s tried several times to do some sort of business with us, but…..I will tell you this.  Nothing my grandmother does that’s even the slightest bit sneaky and underhanded surprises me anymore.  We’re going to need to tell my Dad about this too.

(Friday morning – Patrick and Leslie’s office – Denver-Carrington Center – 1954 Blake Carrington Plaza – Denver, Colorado/John Ross Ewing III’s office – Ewing Industries – 1201 Elm Street – Dallas, Texas)

John Ross:  Hey, Brother-in-Law!  What’s happenin’?

Patrick:  Not much, Bub!  I just thought I’d give you a buzz and let you know how things are proceeding on the Faroe Islands deal.  Your sister-in-law is here with me……(puts his phone on speaker)

John Ross:  Hey, Sister-in-Law!

Leslie:  Hey, John Ross!  Your brother-in-law was wanting to give you a call to keep you posted.  How’s Chip doing?

John Ross:  He’s doin’ OK.  He and Danny are back at Southcrest.  So what is the latest?

Patrick:  The Danish Ambassador was here about a week ago.  She’s going to her government and they’re going to review  the bid package.

John Ross:  We are makin’ a preemptive bid on that project, right?

Patrick:  We sure are.

John Ross:  What about King Edvard III?

Patrick:  I think since we got the ball rolling with the Danish Ambassador, we’re going to let Chip handle that.  I know the old saying about too many cooks spoiling the broth, but I don’t really give a shit.  There’s strength in numbers.  We’ll talk to Chip about that later.

John Ross:  Sounds like a plan.  What’s the word on those methane hydrates?  Christopher wants to know.

Leslie:  And we will have answers for him.  The SS Blake Carrington is in that area doing surveys.

John Ross:  Is that the one with the cool submarine?

Patrick:  No.  That’s the RSV Atlantis.  She’s actually owned by the U.S. Navy.  Remember?  That’s the ship we rode in the Atlantic about three years ago.

John Ross:  Yeah.  I remember.  Goin’ down in that submarine was about the coolest thing I ever did.  What was it called again?

Patrick:  Alvin.

Leslie:  The idea behind that was different.  We’re not looking for core samples this time…..at least not yet.  The Blake Carrington has some of the best seismic survey equipment in the world aboard.  We want to get the most accurate seismics possible.

Patrick:  Don’t worry.  The next time we want to get some core samples, you’ll get to ride Alvin.

John Ross:  Hey, Brother-in-Law.  Thanks for doing that for Chip.  He and Eddie are old friends that’ll mean a lot to him.

Patrick:  Not a problem, Bub.  We’re putting this bid in as a team and we need as many people as possible contributing.

John Ross:  I can understand that.

Patrick:  Listen, Brother-in-Law.  There’s something else we need to talk about, but we’ll talk about it later.

John Ross:  What is it?

Patrick:  I said later.

John Ross:  Got some other news for ya.  Krystina and I are comin’ to Denver in a few weeks and we’re bringin’ Little Man.

Patrick:  Well that sounds good, Brother-in-Law.  We’ll look forward to seeing you and I’m sure Mom will enjoy seeing her grandson.

Leslie:  Don’t worry, John Ross.  We’ll keep you posted on everything.  I’ll make sure of it.

Patrick:  We sure will.  Talk to you later…..(click)

Leslie (comes up behind her husband and wraps her arms around him):  I guess this means we’re not going to Denmark.

Patrick:  It doesn’t mean that at all.

Leslie:  What do you mean?

Patrick:  It just means we’re not going to Denmark…..for now.  There’s still the matter of trying to get Denmark to join the NATO FREMM Program and we’ll be there when the formal announcement of the winning bid is made.

Leslie:  It’s nice that you’re letting Chip do that with King Edvard.  So what did you mean when you told John Ross we’ll talk about it later?

Patrick (goes over to his laptop and prints out an email):  This just came in while I was on the phone with John Ross…..(hands Leslie the email)

Leslie:  It’s from Florence Parly, the French Minister of the Armed Services.  She’s the one we met in Toulon a couple of years ago.

Patrick:  That’s right.

Leslie (reading over the email):  It says that that a number of French defense contracts are up for renewal.  They want us to come back and work with them again and that R.F.P’s will be going out soon.

Patrick:  I’ve been thinking about this.  I know there was a lot of bad blood between the French and the Ewings and I think it might might be time for all of us to come to the table.

Leslie:  I think you’re right.

Patrick:  But I will say this.  We’re not going cap in hand.  If they want to do business with us, they will pay us for our services ON time EVERY time.  For example.  If a payment is due at Midnight on the 15th of whatever month, then THAT’S when it will be paid…..not one second later.

Leslie:  I can’t say I disagree with you because I don’t and I don’t think Uncle Blake would either.

(Friday evening – The library of the Carrington mansion – 173 Wessex Drive – Golden, Colorado)

Emily (comes into the library with L.B. and sees her brother and sister-in-law):  Hey! L.B. said you wanted to see us.

Terry:  Yeah.  I ran into L.B. in the elevator at the end of the day and I’ve been meaning to talking to you guys.

Patrick, Jr.:  We were standing not even five feet away when Jesse and Alex Rubio were talking to Shay Mosley.  I guess they had all agreed to meet at the club.

L.B.:  So what exactly was being said.  You two were closer to the…..if you will…..action than we were.

Terry:  From what I could tell.  Shay Mosley was talking to Jesse and Alex Rubio about Queen Beyotch possibly making another play for Jeff’s company.

L.B.:  Shay Mosley was the one you caught snooping around when you were at that press conference for Uncle Pat in Hawaii.

Patrick, Jr.:  Yeah.  When Mom and Dad were out at sea.

Terry:  She’s talking about planting a rumor that Colby Enterprises is talking about an I.P.O. now that you guys have spun off from Denver-Carrington.

L.B.:  She’s crazy!  Dad thought of all that stuff when he decided to take the company private, but, just the same, I’m going to need to let my Dad know what’s going on.

Terry:  Sweetie.  Sister-in-Law.  There’s something else.

Patrick, Jr.:  What is it, Baby?  Tell me.

Terry:  It’s that Alex Rubio.  You remember how she used to be in the fashion industry?

Patrick, Jr.:  Yeah.  What about it?

Emily:  Used to be is right.  Aunt Sammy Jo shit canned her ass for plagiarism.  She was taking designs and merchandising ideas and trying to pass them off as her own.

Terry:  Well…..brace yourselves.  She’s working with Queen Beyotch to re-brand Fashion Fury and drive Sammy Jo right out of the fashion industry.

Patrick, Jr.:  Well then we need to tell Aunt Sammy Jo what’s going on.

L.B. (looking around the room):  You know……there’s something about this room.  I can see why this was Grandpa’s favorite room in the house.  It’s like Uncle Pat says, “This is the room where all the serious shit goes down.”

(MONDAY morning – Alexis’ office – Morell Enterprises – Granite Tower – 1090 18th Street – Denver, Colorado)

Alexis:  Shay, dahling.  I’m glad I caught you.  Did the meeting Wednesday evening with my grandson and his girlfriend go well?

Shay Mosley:  It did, Alexis.  However…..

Alexis:  However?  What do you mean however?

Shay:  We may have a problem.  I think that nosy little bitch Terry Jennings saw us talking.

Alexis:  I see.  The little journalist from the Chronicle.  She always seems so willing to do Patrick and Leslie Jennings’ bidding.

Shay:  Do you think she might go to them about this?

Alexis:  I think it’s entirely possible, dahling, which means we may need to keep everything low key.  I have talked to Jeff once before about buying shares of his company.  I think the time might be right to do so again.

Shay:  Alexis.  Not to change the subject, but there is something else I’d like to talk to you about.  I know you’ve been looking for a way to gain a re-entree into the defense industry.

Alexis:  Yes.  That was one part of Colbyco that was near and dear to his heart and I think I would be an honor to his memory if I were able to resurrect that part of his business.

Shay:  Well…..despite Patrick Jennings and his connections I do still have a few friends at the CIA and a few friends at The Pentagon and they told me that a number of French defense contracts are up for renewal and that the R.F.P.’s will be going out very soon.

Alexis:  I see.  That may be something that might be worth looking into.  Do you happen to know if Denver-Carrington will be bidding on those contracts?

Shay:  I haven’t heard anything about any of the companies that are bidding on the contracts.  As such, I don’t know if Denver-Carrington is one of them.

Alexis;  Well then…..I guess that might be something we’ll need to find out.

Shay:  I’ll see what I can find out and then I’ll get back to you.

Alexis:  Thank you, Shay dahling.  I look forward to hearing from you…..(hangs up her phone)…..finally.  A chance to hit Denver-Carrington…..and Patrick and Leslie Jennings…..where they live.

(TUESDAY morning – Darryl Kimball’s office – Troxell Enterprises – 633 17th Street – Denver, Colorado)

Darryl (sees his father coming into his office):  Dad.  Please.  Come in.  I understand Cal Rourke, Sr. and Jr. are in town.

Moses Kimball:  They are.  They’ve had meetings with Denver-Carrington over the last several days.

Darryl:  All about the pipeline projects no doubt.

Moses:  That’s correct.

Calvin, Sr. (comes into the office with Calvin, Jr.):  Your assistant said we could find you both in here.  Hello, Moses old friend.  It’s been a long time.

Moses:  Yes it has.  Please.  Come in and sit down.  Calvin.  I thought you had retired from day to day operations and handed everything over to Calvin, Jr.

Calvin, Sr.:  I still like to sit in on meetings every so often.  After all, I am still the Chairman of Rourke Industries.  It’s nice to know that Blake’s old company is still in good hands.

Darryl:  Absolutely.  Pat and Leslie Jennings have that company headed in the right direction…..(looks at Calvin, Jr.)…..It’s good to see you again, Shipmate.  I understand you’re supplying the pipe that’s being used to construct the Ewing Pipeline that’s cutting through Kit Carson County.

Calvin, Jr.:  Yeah.  That’s right.  I was wondering about the progress on getting that excavation equipment to the pipeline sites.

Darryl:  The earth movers should already be at the Kit Carson site right now and everything is on route to Spain and should arrive in a couple of days.

Calvin, Jr.:  That’s good news.  We’re ready to get started.

Calvin, Sr.:  As you know, one of our projects is supplying the pipe for the offshore Natural Gas fields off the coast of Israel.  Speaking of which.  How is your nephew Nick?

Moses:  Nicholas is doing well.  He had a little difficulty getting back to work after Dominique died, but he eventually got things back on track.

Calvin, Sr.:  My sister was a lovely lady.  I know you were kind of sweet on her at one time, old friend.

Moses:  I was, but things didn’t quite work out.  We were a little young for each other at first.  Then I went to Korea with the Marines and then she went off to Europe and began her career.  We kept in touch for a while, but the magic just wasn’t there anymore.  We decided to remain friends and then I met Alice.  However brief it might have been, I don’t regret any of the time Dominique and I had together.  She was a lovely woman and a good friend.  I was very sorry to hear about Sophia.  She was a wonderful woman.

Calvin, Sr.:  That she was, old friend.  Thank you again for the flowers.  So.  Tell me.  Has Troxell Enterprises had a long history with Denver-Carrington?

Moses:  Well…..as you know.  My son Darryl served together with your son and Patrick Jennings in the Navy.  My daughter-in-law Lillian worked together with Leslie on an engineering project in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada,  Denver-Carrington also needed an easement to route a pipeline they were working on through some land of ours in Southwestern Colorado.

Calvin, Jr.:  I believe you’re talking about the pipeline from Southeastern Colorado to Lazaro Cardenas, Mexico.

Darryl:  Yes.  That’s right, Shipmate.  It’s a secondary pipeline route that’s helping to ease the burden on the Port of Los Angeles and, of course, you know we’ve entered into an agreement with Denver-Carrington to provide logistics services and we’re working with them and the Port Authority of new York and New Jersey on a waterfront renovation project.

Calvin, Sr.:  It looks like everything is in hand.  Moses.  It’s good to have Troxell Enterprises on board with this project.  We’re looking forward to working with you again.

Moses:  Thank you, old friend.  So.  How long are you going to be in Colorado?

Calvin, Sr.:  Well…..I’ve been wanting to find out what’s been going on with the pipeline projects and I’ve also wanted to spend some time with my brother’s family.  I’m probably going to be here a total of two to three weeks.

Moses:  It’s wonderful having you here, old friend.  I hope we can see more of each other.

(TUESDAY evening – the front entrance hall of the Carrington mansion)

George (takes Patrick and Leslie’s briefcases):  Welcome home, Admiral and Mrs. Jennings.

Patrick (hands George his briefcase):  Thank you, George.

Leslie (then hands George her briefcase):  Yes.  Thank you, George.

George:  Excuse me, but Lieutenant and Mrs. Jennings are in the library.  They say it’s urgent that they see you.  They have something they wish to talk to you about.

Leslie:  Thank you, George.  We’ll go right in.

Patrick (comes into the library followed by Leslie):  George said you wanted to see.  What’s going on?

Patrick, Jr.:  Mom.  Dad.  We’re glad you’re home.

Terry:  Patrick.  Leslie.  We’ve been talking with Emily and L.B. the last couple of days.  It’s about Colby Enterprises.

Patrick, Jr.:  We think Alexis might be up to something.

Patrick:  So?  What else is new?…..(hears his cell ringing and sees ED coming up on his called ID):  hang on, you guys.  I have to take this.  Ed.  What’s going on?  Talk to me.

Ed:  Pat.  I’m glad I caught you.  Did you get the email from the French Ministry of the Armed Forces talking about all the French military contracts that are up for renewal?

Patrick:  Yeah.  Leslie and I were reading it Friday.  She was talking about sending out R.F.P.’s.  We didn’t miss them going out, did we?

Ed:  No.  You haven’t.  We’ve got something else to worry about.

(MEANWHILE – Alexis’ penthouse – The Confluence – 1441 Little Raven Street – Denver, Colorado)

Alexis (hears her doorbell ringing):  All right.  All right.  I’m coming!!…..(she then opens the door to find two F.B.I. agents standing in her doorway)

Smitty:  Alexis Colby…..(flips his badge)…..Special Agent Roy Smith, Jr.  Federal Bureau of Investigation.  Agent-in-Charge.  Denver Field Office.

Special Agent Jubal Valentine (flips his badge):  Special Agent Jubal Valentine.  Federal Bureau of Investigation.  Assistant Special-in-Charge New York Field Office.

Alexis:  What the hell are you doing here?  I haven’t done anything wrong.

Smitty:  We’ll be the judges of that?  Do you mind if we come in?  We have some things we’d like to discuss with you.

Alexis:  Special Agent Smith.  I can see why you might be here seeing as you’re from the Denver office, but Special Agent Valentine, since you’re from the New York office, I have no idea why you would be here in Denver.

Jubal: That will be answered in good time.  In the meantime, we’re coming in.  We’ve been talking to your old friend Jeremy Van Dorn recently and he’s had some very interesting things to say about you.

Alexis:  I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Jubal:  That not withstanding, Mrs. Colby.  We’re coming in.

Alexis:  You can’t just come into my apartment unannounced.

Smitty:  Oh.  I’m afraid we can, Alexis.  You see.  We’ve got a search warrant…..(shows Alexis the search warrant)

Alexis (suddenly worried):  Oh my God!


























Episode #786: Securing a Warrant


  • Patrick and Leslie, while in Dex’s office on another matter, get confirmation from Alexis about her intentions towards Lee Oil in Texas.
  • Miranda informs her bosses that the Danish Ambassador to the United States, The Honorable Lone Dencker-Wisborg, has arrived in their office and and an agreement is made for Denver-Carrington and their partners to make a preemptive bid on the Faroe Islands leases.
  • The Danish ambassador is informed, much to her displeasure, that Morell Enterprises and Westar would also be among the companies bidding on the Faroe Islands leases.
  • Ambassador Wisborg also expresses interest in her government opening a Danish Consular office in Denver-Carrington Center.
  • Leslie joins Fallon, Sammy Jo and Krystle in the mansion library to have a heart to heart talk about Alexis and what she has done to the family over the years.
  • Alexis tries bring Steven and Fallon over to her side by offering to bring Denver-Carrington and Colby Enterprises in on the Lee Oil deal and by offering to buy 25% of the newly-acquired Tysons Corners property.
  • Special Agent Smith and Special Agent Valentine get a possible tip from Jeremy Van Dorn that Alexis is supposedly withholding evidence regarding the plot to kidnap the Danish Royal Family involving her father.

Scene:  Monday afternoon:  Jeremy Van Dorn’s cell – Federal Correctional institution (“Supermax”) – Florence, Colorado…..

Jeremy Van Dorn:  I don’t know what good you think it’s doing keeping me in here, Agent Valentine.

Jubal Valentine:  That’s SPECIAL Agent Valentine, Asshole!  I’ll tell you what good it’s doing.  There’s a hundred people out there…..THAT WE KNOW OF…..that would really like to kill your ass and if your case wasn’t so damn important, I’d gladly oblige them.

Van Dorn:  Honestly, Special Agent Valentine.  I don’t know why you’re keeping me here.

Jubal Valentine:  It’s called Protective Custody, dipshit!  If we were to turn you loose, you’d probably be dead inside of twenty four hours and we’d probably lose our jobs!

Van Dorn:  You’re wasting your time Special Agent Valentine.  Alexis Colby is the one you really want.  Not me!

Jubal Valentine:  Don’t you worry about Alexis Colby.  We’ll be talking to her soon enough.  In the meantime, you’ll be cooling your heels in here for a long damn while.

Van Dorn:  It’s not going to do you any good to keep me in here, Special Agent Valentine.  I’m telling you Alexis Colby is the one you want. Not me.

Jubal Valentine:  You’re so full of shit!  You and I both know that the only reason you keep talking about Alexis Colby is because you’re trying to score points with us so you can get yourself a lighter sentence.  Well…..I got news for you, pal.  You don’t need to worry about Alexis Colby.  In the meantime, you just sit tight.  OK?…..(leaves and slams the door to Van Dorn’s cell shut)

(Tuesday morning – Patrick and Leslie’s office – Denver-Carrington Center – 1954 Blake Carrington Plaza – Denver, Colorado/Judge William J. Martinez’s Chambers – United States District Courthouse – 901 19th Street – Denver, Colorado)

Judge William J. Martinez:  Hello.  This is Judge Martinez.

Patrick:  Bill.  This is Pat Jennings over at Denver-Carrington.

Judge Martinez:  Pat!  What’s going on, amigo?  What can I do for you?

Patrick:  Well…..It concerns our good friend Alexis Colby.

Judge Martinez:  I see.  What has Alexis Colby done now?

Patrick:  That’s what we’re trying to find out, Bill.  Smitty and Jubal from the New York office called me about what’s been going on with Alexis and the Danish Kidnapping Plot.  Apparently Jeremy Van Dorn has been blustering about Alexis withholding additional evidence.  As a matter of fact, Jubal was down at the Supermax in Florence interrogating Van Dorn yesterday.

Judge Martinez:  I know Special Agent Valentine is here from New York since he was one of the agents originally assigned to the Van Dorn case and I’m assuming, of course, Smitty and Valentine are to wanting to search Alexis’ place to see what they can come up with.

Patrick:  That’s right.  One thing I’ve found about Alexis Colby after all these years is that she seems to have a false sense of hew own invincibility.  She seemed to think that a lot of public officials could be bought, including some former Federal judges.

Judge Martinez:  And a lot of them were, which is why they’re former judges.  I’m assuming that Smitty is going to need a search warrant.

Patrick:  You assume correctly, Bill.

Judge Martinez:  All right.  Have Smitty call my office and I can have a search warrant issued within half an hour.

Patrick:  Thanks, Bill.  If you’re still thinking about running for A.G.  let me know.

Judge Martinez:  Will do, Pat…..(click)

Leslie (comes up behind her husband and wraps her arms around him and kisses his neck):  Hey, Hun!

Patrick (turns around and takes her in his arms):  Hey, Babe.

Leslie:  So what were you talking to Bill Martinez about?

Patrick:  Well…..you know that Jubal Valentine came in from the New York Office of the FBI and was interrogating Jeremy Van Dorn Yesterday.

Leslie:  I Know.  They’re still holding him down in Florence at the Supermax, right?  I’m guessing holding him there is better than just turning him loose because there are a bunch people out there waiting to kill him.

Patrick:  That’s right.

Leslie:  So, by keeping him in protective custody, they’ll stand a better chance of keeping him alive until the the Flathead Nation case comes up again.

Patrick:  Yeah.  That’s right.  Apparently, Van Dorn thinks he can throw Alexis Colby under the bus because she’s supposedly withholding evidence about her father’s involvement in the Danish Royal Family Kidnapping Plot during World War II from the U.S. Government.

Leslie:  And by doing that, I’m guessing he thinks he can score points and get himself a lighter sentence.

Patrick:  You guessed correctly.

Leslie:  And Smitty and Valentine need a search warrant so they poke around Alexis’ place.

Patrick:  Right again!

Leslie:  Well…..now you’ve got my curiosity piqued.  I’ll be interested to see what, if anything, they come up with when they search Alexis’ place.

Patrick:  If she’s not hiding evidence about the kidnapping plot, then she’s probably hiding something else and I’ll by God find out what it is.

Leslie:  Do we need to call Fallon and Steven about this?

Patrick (shaking his head):  Not just yet, but…..we may need that as an ace in the hole to play later.  You never know when we might need it.  One thing is for certain, whatever it is she’s hiding, I’d like to be there to find out what it is…..(wraps his arms around his wife)…..Join me?

Leslie (kisses her husband softly on the lips):  Mmmmmm…..I’d love to.

(Wednesday morning – Titania Records -Denver-Carrington Center)