Episode #868: London Bridge is Falling Down


  • Patrick, Leslie and David Hopkins go to the VA Hospital in Aurora and Leslie and David provide blood samples for a DNA Test.

  • Patrick call David to their office to introduce him to his new brother and sister and their respective spouses.

  • After that, Patrick and Leslie once again call him to their office.  This time, for a private meeting as they tell him about Adam and advise him not to make the same mistakes he made when he was alive as they recount his various attempts to ruin Blake and Alexis, including his almost fatal shooting of Alexis in 2018.

  • At a dinner at the mansion, David is re-acquainted with the family members he had met in Colorado Springs and he is introduced to Krystle  as well as Milton and Sandra Cox.

  • In the early morning hours on Thursday September 8, Patrick is awakened by terrible news from Cedric Parkhurst in the UK.

Scene:  FRIDAY morning – 12:30 AM September 9, 2022 – Patrick and Leslie’s Bedroom – The Carrington mansion – 173 Wessex Drive – Golden, Colorado…..

Patrick (sitting up in bed and staring into space):  Oh my God!

Leslie (sits up in response and rubs her husband’s shoulder):  Hun?  Are you OK??  You look positively ashen…..like you’d seen a ghost or something!

Patrick (puts his hand on his wife’s and shakes his head):  You’re not far off.

Leslie:  Hun.  What happened??  Tell me.

Patrick:  That was Ced Parkhurst.  London Bridge is Falling Down.

Leslie (starts to cry a little):  Wait!  London Bridge is Falling Down!  That means…..

Patrick:  I’m afraid so.  We need to start making plans to go to London.

Leslie:  I know she lived to be 96, but I still can’t believe she’s gone.  I remember Mom took me to see her when she came to Edmonton just after my father walked out on us.  I’ll never forget the way it felt when she shook my hand.

Patrick (puts his hand on his wife’s shoulder and kisses her on the neck):  I guess she really touched your life too. 

Leslie:  Yes she did.  Seeing as I’m Canadian, she’s my Queen too.  So what do we do now?

Patrick:  I think the first thing we’ll need to do is meet with the kids and prepare for any eventualities.

Leslie:  Sounds like a plan…..(she then nuzzles up against her husband as they lay back down in bed)

(MONDAY morning – September 12, 2022 – Patrick and Leslie’s office – Denver-Carrington Center – 1954 Blake Carrington Plaza – Denver, Colorado)

Patrick (on his cell):  Thank you, Lloyd.  I’m really honored that we were asked.  Don’t worry I’ll let the Kid and Milton know what’s going on.  Oh yeah!  I’m sure the better halves will love it.  Thank you.  Bye.

Leslie:  What was that all about?

Patrick:  That was SECDEF.  It seems that Milt, the Kid and myself have been selected to represent the United States Navy at Her Majesty’s funeral on the 19th and we all get to take our wives.

Leslie:  I’d really be honored to go and I’m sure  Sandra would feel the same.  I’m almost positive Terry will be going anyway since she’s press.

Patrick:  I’m sure of it…..(buzzes the outer office)…..Miranda would you have Junior, Emily and their spouses come in here.  We’ve got some things to discuss

Miranda:  Yes, Patrick.  Oh!  While I’ve got you guys.  Your step sister Amanda and her husband Cedric are one.

Patrick:  Thanks, Miranda.  I’ll put them on speaker.

(MONDAY afternoon [GMT] – September 12, 2022 – Parkhurst Manor – Knightsbridge – London, UK)

Amanda:  Patrick.  Leslie.

Leslie:  How are you, Amanda?  Are you doing OK?

Amanda:  We’re doing as well as can be expected, Cousin.  You know Her Majesty was a very close family friend.

Leslie:  Yes I know.  I remember when we were all seated with her at dinner with her a few years ago.

Cedric:  Hello, Mate.

Patrick:  Ced.

Cedric:  Amanda and i have been talking with my mum and dad and we’d like to invite you to come to London for the funeral

Leslie:  Thank you, Ced.  Amanda.  That’s really nice of you, but…..

Patrick:  We’re going to be coming anyway as part of a delegation representing the United States Navy.  The Kid and Milt Cox will coming as well.

Amanda:  Now I know my nephew will be bringing that adorable wife of his and I know Cecily will just love to see Terry again.  Is Milton going to be bringing Sandra?

Patrick:  Yes.

Amanda:  Wonderful! We’ve invited Krystle, but she sent her regrets because she says she too old to travel  We’ve also invited Fallon and Jeff and Steven and Sammy Jo and anybody else that wishes to come.  Rosalind and Sam will be coming home as well and Miles and Rosalind Colby will be staying at their place in Hyde Park

Cedric:  And we’d love to have you all stay at Parkhurst Manor.  We’ve got plenty of room.

Patrick:  Thank you, old friend.  We accept.

Cedric:  My mum and dad are going to be hosting a reception on Tuesday night and we’d love for you all to be there.  We’re very hopeful that His Majesty King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla will also be there.

Amanda:  I understand you met them in Canada.

Patrick:  That’s correct. We all attended Governor General Lipperson’s funeral in Ottawa.

Leslie:  One more thing, Amanda.  By any chance has Alexis been invited to this thing?

Amanda:  Oh! God no!  There’s no way Cecily would do such a ghastly thing.  Before you ask, Sable Colby isn’t invited either.

Patrick (at a slight whisper):  I’d pay to see the looks on BOTH their faces when they find that out.

Cedric:  You and me both, Mate!

Amanda:  I heard you two.

Leslie:  Well…..Ced.  Amanda.  Thank you both and thank Nigel and Cecily for their hospitality.

Amanda:  You’re quite welcome.

Patrick:  Ced.  We’ll be officially mustered into active duty on Friday, so, we’ll flying over Thursday evening and getting to Heathrow around Dawn on Friday.  Also.  I just got the lowdown from SECDEF.  The Kid, Milton and i are going to be part of an auxiliary CIA detail.  We got the clearance from POTUS and from Whitehall.  We will be packing.

Cedric:  Well…..cheerio, Mate!  We’ll see you on Friday.

(MEANWHILE – Back in Denver)

Miranda (buzzing the inner office):  Patrick.  Leslie.  Junior, Emily, Terry and Jay are here.

Patrick:  Thanks, Miranda.  Send them in.

Miranda:  Yes, Patrick.

Patrick, Jr. (comes into the office followed by Emily, Terry and Jay);  Mom.  Dad.  You guys wanted to see us?

Leslie:  Yes we did.  Come on in.

Jay:  So what’s going on, Boss and Boss Lady?

Patrick:  Well…..Junior, Milt Cox and myself have been selected to represent the United States Navy at Queen Elizabeth’s funeral in London

Terry:  Looks I’ll be going too.  Lauren’s sending me to cover it for the Chronicle.

Leslie:  Terry.  By any chance, do you happen to know if anybody from Alexis’ scandal sheet got press credentials? 

Terry:  Geez! I hope not!

Patrick, Jr.:  So, Dad.  What’s the deal.  What do we need to do?

Patrick:  Well…..like i said.  We’ll be representing the Navy at the Queen’s funeral and we’re going to be packing.

Patrick, Jr.:  You mean packing heat?  How come?

Patrick:  Among our duties, we will be serving as an auxiliary CIA Intelligence and Security detail, so, we will be required to pack.

Emily:  Dad.  Do you need Jay and I to be in charge of the office while you’re gone?

Leslie:  Well…..we were kind of hoping that you guys might want to come with us.  You know you guys are invited.

Emily:  We’d love to, but somebody needs to be here just in case.  Besides, Mom.  You’ve got enough people going with you.

Patrick:  Are you guys sure?

Emily:  Mom.  Dad…..we’re sure.

Jay:  Boss.  Boss Lady.  We’ve got it covered.  I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that Alexis isn’t going to be invited to the funeral, which means she’ll be probably bugging us while you’re gone.  Don’t worry about her.  We’ve got our Pit Bull in the reception area.

Terry:  That’s right!  Miranda doesn’t take ANY of Queen Beyotch’s guff!

Patrick:  One last chance.  Are you guys sure?

Jay:  Boss.  We’re sure.

Emily:  Guys!  It’s all good.  We’ve got this!

Patrick:  Thanks again, you two.  It’s nice to know that we have good reliable kids that we can depend on…..and trust!

Jay (shakes his father-in-law’s hand):  Thanks a lot, Boss!

Emily (hugs each one of her parents):  Thanks, Mom.  Thanks, Dad.

Miranda (buzzes the inner office):  Patrick.  Leslie.  Cardinal McGrath is here to see you.

Patrick:  Thanks, Miranda.  Send him in.

Miranda:  Yes, Patrick.  You can go in now, Your Eminence.

Tim:  Hello, Pat.  Leslie.

Patrick:  What can we do for you, Your Eminence?

Tim:  Well…..I just want to let you know that, separate from the actual funeral, there is going to be a Catholic Memorial Mass for Her Majesty.  It’s going to be on Saturday evening BEFORE the actual funeral.  It’s going to be celebrated by Vincent Cardinal Nichols the Archbishop of Westminster at Westminster Cathedral on Victoria Street in London and he’s asked me to assist him.

Patrick:  How did you wiggle your way into that one??

Tim:  I studied under him in Rome and he was a guest lecturer at Dunwoodie in Yonkers just before I got ordained.

Leslie:  Wow, Tim! That’s really quite an honor!

Tim:  There was ONE condition, though.

Patrick:  Condition?

Tim:  Yeah.  I want my number one lector team there on the altar with me.

Patrick:  Sounds like a plan, Tim, but we’re going to be there anyway.  The Kid, Milt and I have been selected to represent the United States Navy at the funeral and we’re also going to be part of a special security detail.

Tim:  Sounds good.  We’re going to need you two to act in your capacities as a Knight and Dame Commander of Order of St. Pius IX.

Patrick:  We’re going to be mustered into active service on Friday.  I can retain the medal as an entry in my service jacket, but can’t wear it with a military uniform.  I don’t see that as being a problem, though.

Leslie:  We’ll be glad to do it, Tim.

Tim:  Thanks, you guys.

Patrick:  Tim.  Do you have anywhere to stay while you’re there?

Tim:  I do.  I’ll be staying at the Archbishop’s residence.

Patrick:  Just so you know.  Tuesday night.  There’s going to be a reception at Parkhurst Manor and you are invited.

Tim:  I might just take them up on that invitation.  One more thing.  Do you mind if I fly over with you guys?

Patrick:  Not at all.  Jeff will be doing the flying.

(TUESDAY morning – September 13, 2022 – Patrick and Leslie’s office)

Patrick, Jr.:  So.  Which weapon are we going with, Dad?

Patrick (cleaning and inspecting his Glock 19):  I’m going with ol’ reliable here.  I’ve always loved the accuracy of the Glock 19.  If it’s good enough for the SEALS, it’s good enough for me.

Patrick, Jr.:  I agree.  I think that’s what I’ll go with too.

Alexis (barging into the office):  Well…well…well…..such a lovely father and son activity.  Most fathers take their sons fishing.  But, here they are!  Popeye the Sailor Man and Popeye, Jr. playing with guns.  Careful you don’t shoot yourselves.

Patrick, Jr.:  You know, Alexis.  After all the shit you’ve pulled on this family over the years, it’s taken every fiber of our beings to keep ourselves from shooting you.

Patrick (stops what he’s doing and sneers at Alexis):  Oh shit!! What the hell do you want???

Alexis:  Well…..for starters.  I’d like to know why you’re bringing a firearm to Her Majesty’s funeral.  What are you going to be like your late father and your late cowboy stepfather and go over to London and play James Bond?

Patrick:  That’s really no concern of yours, Alexis.

Alexis:  I see.  Well then.  I’d like to talk about why you were invited to Her Majesty’s funeral and I wasn’t.

Patrick:  Alexis.  You burned all your bridges with the Royal Family a long damn time ago!

Leslie:  Never mind why we WERE invited, Alexis.  Why don’t we talk about why you WEREN’T??

Alexis:  I don’t why you’re even going Company Slut.  You’re not even British.

Leslie:  No, Alexis.  I’m not.  I’m Canadian and as a Canadian, Elizabeth II was my Queen as well as yours.

Alexis:  Yes.  An unfortunate oversight.  My father was Hatmaker to the King.  What did any of your family ever do for their Sovereign?

Patrick:  She wasn’t my Sovereign.

Leslie:  How dare you???…..(slaps Alexis hard in the face)…..My grandfather Captain Alan Saunders was a hero at Dunkirk and was killed during Operation Overlord while your father Steven Morell was working to betray his country to the Nazis.

Patrick:  Hatmaker to the King???  Alexis.  Your father was hatmaker to King Edward VIII.  After he abdicated, his brother George VI found out about Steven Morell’s association with the British Union of Fascists and then fired him.  Your posing for pictures with Adolf Hitler when you were a little girl doesn’t help you cause either.

Alexis (still rubbing her stinging right cheek): Oh my God!  You’re not going to go on about that treason drivel, are you???  That was eighty years ago!!!

Patrick:  World War II is STILL etched into a lot of people’s memories, Alexis.  People don’t easily forget things like that.

Leslie:  If it’s any consolation to you, Alexis.  Sable Colby wasn’t invited either.

Alexis:  Hmmmmm…..thank God for small favors.  Nevertheless, I think it was a major social faux pas that I was not invited.

Patrick:  You’re no longer the A-Lister you thought were, Alexis.

Leslie:  You’ll have to talk to your daughter Amanda about that.  After all, she and her mother-in-law Dame Cecily Parkhurst are on the invitation committee.

Alexis:  OH YOU CAN BELIEVE I’LL BE TALKING TO CECILY PARKHURST!!!!  THIS ISN’T OVER!!!!!…..(Alexis leaves in a huff)

Patrick:  Don’t let the door hit you where the Good Lord split you.

Miranda (giggles as Alexis walks by her desk):  Have a nice day, Dragon Lady.

Alexis (turns to Miranda as she walks out):  SHUT UP!!!!

(FRIDAY afternoon (GMT) – September 16, 2022 – Parkhurst Manor – Knightsbridge – London, UK)

Sir Nigel the 3rd Baron Parkhurst:  Hello, everybody and welcome.  How was your flight?

Jeff:  I must confess, Nigel.  It was a little bumpy.

Sir Nigel:  I assume you did the flying, Jeff.

Miles (with Rosalind Colby):  Well…..not all of it.

Dame Cecily the Baroness Parkhurst (sees Rosalind Colby):  Rosalind, dahling!  How are you?

Rosalind Colby:  I’m just fine thank you, Cecily.

Dame Cecily (sees Terry):  Why, Terry Jennings!  What a lovely surprise!

Terry:  Thank you, Dame Cecily.

Dame Cecily:  And Sandra Cox!  How lovely you could to stay with us!

Sandra:  Thank you, Dame Cecily.

Amanda:  Fallon.  Steven.  Sammy Jo.  Everybody.  We’ll have someone come down for your luggage.

Fallon:  Thank you, Amanda.  It’s wonderful to see you again, but I wish it could have been under much better circumstances.

Steven (kisses his younger sister on the cheek):  Hello, Amanda

Sammy Jo:  We’re here for you if you need us.

Amanda:  Thank you, all so much.

Rosalind Parkhurst Dexter: (hugs Amanda):  Hello, Mummy.

Sam Dexter II:  Hello, Amanda.

Dame Cecily:  You all must be very tired.  As Amanda said, we’ll have someone come and get your luggage and you can all get settled in your rooms.

Patrick:  That all sounds wonderful, Cecily and, yes, we are all dog freakin’ tired, but some of us have something we need to discuss.  If Leslie, Ced, Jeff, Miles, Junior and Milt join me in the sitting room for a few minutes.

Leslie:  Of course, Hun.

Sir Nigel:  Just so you all know, we are having a reception here at Parkhurst Manor Tuesday night and you are ALL invited.

(A FEW MINUTES LATER – the main sitting room of Parkhurst Manor)

Cedric:  All right.  What do you have for us, Mate?

Patrick:  I just got the lowdown from Langley.  Ced.  You, Leslie and I are going to be posted inside Westminster Abbey as the funeral is going on.

Leslie:  Got it.

Patrick:  Kid.  I’m going to need you at the US Embassy just in case anybody tries to pull something stupid there.

Patrick, Jr.:  Got it, Dad.

Patrick (spreads a map of the funeral procession route out on the coffee table):  Milt.  You’re our Ordnance Tech, buddy.  We’re going to need you to coordinate with MI5 and Scotland Yard.  We need to make sure the funeral procession route from Westminster Abbey to Wellington Arch is free of any assorted explosives or any other incendiary devices.  If you find anything…..disarm it and get rid of it.

Milton:  You got it, Pat.

Jeff:  What about Miles and me?

Patrick:  I need you two inside Westminster Abbey with Ced and me and to be at the ready just in case.

Jeff: Not a problem.

Miles:  Rosalind and I are going to be inside anyway since she’s Sir Hugh Bedford’s widow and Sir Hugh was a decorated war hero and a Churchill confidante.  But, if you’ll excuse me, Rosalind and I need to get going we’re staying at her place in Hyde Park.

Patrick:  Not a problem, Miles.  We’ll see you Monday morning…..(claps his hands together)…..OK, people!  We have our mission.  I hope to God we don’t have to act, but it’s nice to know that we’re at the ready just in case.  In any event, I think we’ve all earned some rest.

(SATURDAY evening (GMT) – September 17, 2022 – Catholic Memorial Mass for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II – Westminster Cathedral – Victoria Street – London, UK)

(Patrick [in his capacity as a Knight Commander of the Order of Pope Pius IX], Leslie [in her capacity as a Dame Commander of the Order of Pope Pius IX], Jeff, Fallon, Patrick, Jr. Terry, Milton and Sandra are in attendance)

Patrick:  A Reading from the Book of the Prophet Amos.

Hear this, you who trample upon the needy
 and destroy the poor of the land!
 “When will the new moon be over,” you ask,
 “that we may sell our grain,
 and the sabbath, that we may display the wheat?
 We will diminish the ephah,
 add to the shekel,
 and fix our scales for cheating!
 We will buy the lowly for silver,
 and the poor for a pair of sandals;
 even the refuse of the wheat we will sell!”
 The LORD has sworn by the pride of Jacob:
 Never will I forget a thing they have done!

The Word of the Lord.

Congregation:  Thanks be to God.

Leslie:  A Reading from the First Letter to Timothy

First of all, I ask that supplications, prayers,
petitions, and thanksgivings be offered for everyone,
for kings and for all in authority,
that we may lead a quiet and tranquil life
in all devotion and dignity.
This is good and pleasing to God our savior,
who wills everyone to be saved
and to come to knowledge of the truth.
For there is one God.
There is also one mediator between God and men,
     the man Christ Jesus,
who gave himself as ransom for all.
This was the testimony at the proper time.
For this I was appointed preacher and apostle
— I am speaking the truth, I am not lying —,
teacher of the Gentiles in faith and truth.

It is my wish, then, that in every place the men should pray,
lifting up holy hands, without anger or argument.

The Word of the Lord.

Congregation:  Thanks be to God.

His Eminence Vincent Cardinal Nichols, STL, M.A., M.Ed., Archbishop of Westminster:

Almighty God,
You are the author and sustainer of all human life;
grant that your servant, Elizabeth our Queen,
whom you granted a long and happy reign as Monarch of these lands
may be forgiven her sins and rewarded with that eternal life
promised to all those born again
in the water of baptism and power of your Spirit.

Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son,
Who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit

God, forever and ever,

Eternal rest, grant to her O Lord,
And let Perpetual light shine upon her. 

May she rest in peace.

May her soul, and the souls of all the faithful departed,
Through the mercy of God, rest in peace.

(Milton and Sandra bring the gifts to the Altar)

His Eminence Timothy Brendan Cardinal McGrath, B.A., M.Div., PhD, S.J., Archbishop of Denver:

Almighty God, source of all consolation,
we pray for the members of the Royal Family who mourn the loss
of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.
Uphold them in your love
and pour out on them the consolation of your healing Spirit.
Let them find in your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ
comfort in their sadness,
certainty in their doubt
and courage to live through this hour.
We ask this through Christ our Lord

Cardinal Nichols:

O God, to whom every human power is subject,
Grant to your servant His Majesty the King
success in the exercise of his high office,
so that, always revering to you and striving to please you,
he may constantly secure and preserve
for the people entrusted to his care
 the freedom that comes from civil peace.

Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son,
Who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit
God, forever and ever,

(MONDAY morning [GMT] – September 19, 2022 – The Funeral of her majesty Queen Elizabeth II – Westminster Abbey – 20 Dean’s Yard – London, UK)





















APRIL 21, 1926-SEPTEMBER 8, 2022

Episode #867: Wise Counsel


  • Alexis and Sable have a confrontation in Alexis’ over Sable’s helping Torrance Unlimited to purchase 35% of  Westar Energies stock.

  • Patrick and Leslie call Patrick, Jr. and Emily as well as Terry and Jay to have a discussion with them about David Hopkins.

  • Emily meets with L.B. in his office to discuss David Hopkins and Cecil Colby, Jr.’s intentions to destroy Jeff as well as the possibility of Miles’ intervention.

  • They also rehash the story of the final fight between Miles and Jeff over Fallon on the grounds of the Carrington mansion in March of 1991.

  • Patrick and Steven agree to call a meeting of the Senior Denver-Carrington Board members to discuss David Hopkins and the war between Alexis and Catherine Torrance over Westar.

  • During Weekend Warrior Duty in Norfolk, Virginia, Patrick, Patrick, Jr. and Milton are updated on the potential escalation of Russian Naval activity in the eastern Mediterranean.

  • Patrick and Leslie come with David Hopkins to the VA Hospital in Aurora, Colorado so that he can submit to a DNA Test.

Scene:  MONDAY morning – August 29, 2022 – Rocky Mountain Regional VA Medical Center – 1700 North Wheeling Street – Aurora, Colorado….

Colonel David Howser, MD, USAR (ret.):  All right, young man.  If you’ll just have a seat in the chair right over here and Leslie if you’ll just have a seat right next to him, we can get started.

Leslie:  Of course, David.

David Hopkins:  Colonel. If you don’t mind me asking, how long have you known Admiral Jennings?

David Howser:  I don’t mind at all.  Patrick and I go back a long way as do Leslie and I.  I served with Patrick’s father as a field medic in Vietnam.  I understand you were in the Canadian Forces.

David Hopkins:  Yes, Sir and I’m still a Major in the Reserves.

David Howser:  Outstanding!  I understand you’re also a physician by trade.

David Hopkins:  Yes, Sir.  I am.

David Howser:  Good.  Then, as a doctor, you understand the importance of an accurate DNA Test reading.

David Hopkins:  Yes, Sir.  I do.

David Howser:  Then you understand that a test taken through the blood is much more accurate than one of those cheek swabs that a lot of people try to get.

David Hopkins:  Yes, Sir.  I do.

David Howser:  Then testing through the blood is OK with you?

Patrick:  He did agree to it, David…..(David Hopkins nods his head.  Patrick then looks over at him)…..This isn’t Maury Povich, Bub.  You’re getting tested through the blood and that’s FINAL!!

David Howser:  All right then.  We’ll have the nurse come over and draw blood samples from each of your arms.  Now if you’ll just roll up your right sleeves.

Nurse:  I think we have all we need, Doctor.

David Howser:  Thank you, Nurse.  Just bring those samples to the lab and we’ll have the results in a little while…..(looks over at Patrick)…..You’ll be needing the usual turnover?

Patrick:  Yeah.  That’ll be fine.  Thanks, David…..(goes over to Leslie and rubs her shoulder)…..You OK, Babe?

Leslie (looks up at her husband):  I’m OK.  Thanks, Hun.

David Howser:  If you all would like to wait around, we can have the results for you in a couple of hours.

David Hopkins:  Forgive me, Doctor.  I know it’s not unheard of, but isn’t that a bit unusual?

David Howser:  It is unusual, Doctor, but, like you said, it’s not unheard of.  Most laboratories charge a huge additional fee for services like same day turnaround, but we’re not most businesses.  We’re the United States Government and seeing as you’re a member of the Canadian Forces, I think we can accommodate the Admiral’s request.

Patrick:   Thank you, David.

David Hoswer (a couple of hours later coming back from the laboratory):  Well…..I now have the results of your DNA Test.

Leslie (clutching onto Patrick’s arm):  Well?

David Howser:  Well, Leslie.  It’s a 99.995% certainty that you are Dr. Hopkins are mother and son.

Leslie (breathing a huge sigh of relief):  Whew!  Thank God that’s all over!

Patrick:  Thank you, David for shedding the light on this subject…..(looks over at David Hopkins and shakes his hand)…..and you, Major Hopkins.  Welcome to the family.  Man!  Imagine the look on my mom’s face when she finds out that the child we all thought was aborted has turned out to be alive.

Leslie:  I’m with you on that one, Hun.

David Hopkins:  So what’s next?

Leslie:  Well…..we’re going to introduce you to your half brother and sister and their spouses.  Then, we’ll have a little dinner to welcome you to the family.

Patrick:  BUT…..AFTER we introduce you to your new brother and sister and BEFORE we have our family dinner, I think you and your mother and I need to sit down in our office and we need to have a little talk.  Is that OK with you?

David Hopkins:  Of course, Admiral.  I understand where you’re coming from and I don’t blame you.

Patrick:  First things first, David.  Call me Pat.

(TUESDAY morning – August 30, 2022 – Miranda’s outer office – Denver-Carrington Center – 1954 Blake Carrington Plaza – Denver, Colorado)

Miranda (sees Patrick, Leslie and David Hopkins getting off the elevator):  Patrick.  Leslie.  Good morning…..(looks all starry-eyed at David Hopkins)…..Excuse me and you are?

Leslie:  Oh!  I’m sorry.  David  this is Miranda Gonzales our Office Manager.

David Hopkins:  It’s a pleasure…..(kisses her hand).

Miranda (smiles):  Hello.

Leslie:  Miranda.  This is David Hopkins…..my son!

Miranda (a little flustered):  Your…..oh my gosh!

Patrick:  Yes, Miranda.  It’s true.  In the meantime, can you call Patrick, Jr., Emily, Jay and Terry and have them come to our office please?

Miranda:  Yes, Patrick.

(A FEW MINUTES LATER – Patrick and Leslie’s office)

Patrick, Jr (coming in with Terry):  Mom.  Dad.  What do you need to see us for?

Patrick:  We have someone here we’d like you all to meet.

Emily (comes in with Jay and sees David Hopkins):  Oh my God!  Are you…..?

Leslie:  Patrick.  Emily.  Jay.  Terry.  I’d like to introduce you all to Dr. David Hopkins, MD…..my son!  David.  I’d like to introduce you to your brother Lieutenant Patrick Carrington Jennings, Jr., USNR and his wife Terry Hamilton Jennings and your sister Emily and her husband Jay Fallmont.

David:  Wait a minute!  Fallmont?  As in Buck Fallmont?  As in Bill Fallmont?

Jay:  That’s right.  Bill’s my father and Buck is my late uncle……(shakes David’s hand)……it’s nice to meet you.

Patrick, Jr. (shakes David’s hand and pats him on the back):  Nice to meet you.  Welcome to the family, Man.

Terry:  Wait a minute!  Is your girlfriend Jenna Wharton the model and the actress?

David:  That’s right.  She’ll be coming down to join us, hopefully, in a few days.

Terry:  When she does, I think we all ought to get together for a night on the town in the SoCo Nightclub District.

Emily:  My sister-in-law’s right.  I think it’ll be a great chance for us to get to know each other.  It’s really nice to meet you, David.  Welcome to the family.

Jay:  I understand your company deals in Hydroelectric Power.

David Hopkins:  That’s right.  As a matter of fact, we just made a major investment in a project in British Columbia, Canada.

Patrick, Jr.  I heard about that.  I understand you’re also a reservist in the Canadian Forces.

David Hopkins:  Yep.  I’m a Major.  I do the same one weekend a month and two weeks active a year just like you and your dad.

Patrick, Jr.:  That’s awesome, Dude!  I like that Canada is a committed NATO ally.

David Hopkins:  Yes we are.  I was behind the lines in Ukraine working as a field medic.  I was helping out the Doctors Without Borders program.  As a matter of fact, I met the Queen of Denmark while I was there.

Terry:  WOW!  You met Queen Paige??  Cool!!

Jay:  So let me see if I have this right.  Your grandfather was Joseph Anders who was the Carringtons’ majordomo for a lot of years?

David Hopkins:  That’s correct.

Patrick:  We will see you first thing tomorrow morning.  Your mother and I still wish to speak with you privately.

David Hopkins:  Of course, Ad…..ummmmm…..Pat.

(WEDNESDAY morning – August 31, 2002 – Patrick and Leslie’s office)

Patrick (in his office with Leslie sees David Hopkins coming in):  David.  Come on in.  We’ve been expecting you.

Leslie:  Please have a seat.

Patrick:  There’s drinks in the mini fridge.  Help yourself to anything you like.

David Hopkins (takes a Coke out of the mini fridge):  Thank you.  Now what is it you want to talk to me about?  I hope this is not about my intentions towards Denver-Carrington.

Patrick:  It’s not.  Believe me, but Denver-Carrington does have a little something to do with what we’re going to talk about.  We’d like to give you some wise counsel.

David Hopkins:  Just so you know.  I have no intentions of trying to take over Denver-Carrington.

Patrick:  I thought that was probably the case, but I want to be sure.

David Hopkins:  I know and I don’t blame you, Pat.

Leslie:  I’m sure you’ve heard of Adam who I once thought was my cousin.

David Hopkins:  Yeah.  Cecil Colby, Jr. told me a little bit about him.  Apparently, a DNA analysis was done on his corpse about three years ago proved that he was Cecil Colby, Sr.’s son and not Blake Carrington’s.

Leslie:  That’s correct.

Patrick:  Do you remember the Gaddafigate Scandal at all?

David Hopkins:  Yeah.  2004.  Adam had led Blake to believe he was making an oil deal with Kuwait, but was, in fact, making an oil deal with with Muammar Gaddafi behind Blake’s back.

Patrick:  That’s right.  Blake found out about it from me because I called Adam out on it and Blake was pissed.  So pissed, in fact, that he fired Adam on the spot and completely cut him off.

Leslie:  Denver-Carrington could have been shut down and my Uncle Blake could have gone to prison because of what Adam did.

Patrick:  And Jeff Colby and I had to go to Washington to save Blake’s bacon.  It took us about three days, but we got it done.

David Hopkins:  I don’t understand.  What’s Adam got to do with me?

Patrick:  I was getting to that.  Despite his narcissism and greed and thirst for power, Adam was an intelligent guy.

David Hopkins:  I know.  He was a Yale-educated attorney, right?

Patrick:  That he was.

Leslie:  But, he was so fixated on Uncle Blake dying and his desire to take over Denver-Carrington, there were times when he tried to put those plans into motion a little early.

David Hopkins:  You mean like when he was recruited by the Consortium in 1988.

Patrick:  Bingo!

Leslie:  David.  You’re doing very well with Anders Corp.

Patrick:  We had Emily look over the financials.  It’s a really solid company.  I know you specialize in Hydroelectric power and that’s the one market that Denver-Carrington has never been able to crack.

David:  Like I said.  Our operations are centered in Newfoundland and Labrador, Quebec and the Canadian Northwest.  There is a TVA Project in Kentucky I’m thinking of submitting a bid on.  I haven’t been able to gain a real foothold in the United States.

Patrick:  The Tennessee Valley Authority.  I think Junior and I can help you there.

David Hopkins:  Pat.  Ummmmm…..Mom.  What is this wise counsel you’re trying to give me?

Leslie:  It’s about Adam and the path he chose in life.  Don’t make the same mistakes he did.

Patrick:  David.  You’ve got the smarts.  You’ve got the potential.  You’ve found a niche for your company and you’ve excelled at it.  Just build your own empire.

Leslie:  Adam would never do that.  He was so consumed by greed that he constantly tried to take what wasn’t his.  He tried to ruin his father and then, ultimately…..

Patrick:  He bled his mother’s company white and he tried to ruin her and even ended up shooting her.

David:  You guys are serious!

Patrick:  Yeah we are.

David Hopkins:  I remember hearing that Adam Colby brought Colbyco to the brink of financial ruin, but I had no idea that Adam tried to kill Alexis!

Patrick:  Well…..now you know!

Leslie:  He died bitter and broken while he was in jail awaiting trial on Federal treason charges.

Patrick:  This was after a deal with North Korea went bad and six of Kim Jung-un’s goons busted into his house and beat the living shit out of him.

Leslie:  Do you understand what we’re trying to say to you, David?

David Hopkins:  Yeah I do and you’re right.  I’ve got a good thing going with Anders Corp and I’d like to take it to the next level

Patrick:  Now you’re talking.

David Hopkins:  Maybe there are some mutual business opportunities that Anders Corp. and Denver-Carrington can explore.

Patrick:  I think that is something we can discuss sometime down the road.

Leslie:  In the meantime, we like to invite you to dinner at the mansion on Friday night.  We’d like you to meet the rest of the family.

David Hopkins:  I’d like that very much and thank you both very much.  I’m glad we had the time to talk openly and honestly.

Leslie (hugs her son):  So am I.

David Hopkins (shakes Patrick’s hand):  Pat.  I’d really like for us to be friends.

Patrick (as David Hopkins shakes his hand):  So would I.  That’s all I ever wanted to be with Adam.

(FRIDAY night – September 2, 2022 – the Carrington mansion – 173 Wessex Drive – Golden, Colorado)

Patrick:  Mom.  We have someone we’d like you to meet.  David.  This is my mother Krystle Carrington Dexter.

Leslie:  Krystle.  I’d like to introduce you to David Hopkins…..my son!

Krystle (is speechless):  Your…..oh my God!  I…..I…..

Patrick:  You thought that the baby that Leslie and Sean were supposed to have was aborted.  Well…..turns out the doctor that was supposed to have performed that abortion did a real number on this kid and did a real number on Leslie too.

Krystle:  Whatever happened to the doctor?

Leslie:  Unfortunately, we could never get the answers we needed out of her.  She died of cervical cancer two years ago.

Krystle:  Oh my God!  Leslie.  I’m so sorry.

Leslie:  It’s all right, Krystle.  We may never have all the answers, but al least with David, we now have some closure.

Krystle:  Well….David.  You’re part of the family now.  Our home is your home and you’re welcome here anytime.

David:  Thank you, Krystle.  I know you were married to Blake Carrington for many years.  I had no idea you were Dex Dexter’s wife as well.

Krystle:  Yes I was.  We were married in 2018.

David:  From what I’ve gathered over the years, Dex was a good man and I was really sorry to hear about his death.

Krystle:  Thank you, David.  I’m sure he would have liked to have met you.

David:  That’s very kind of you to say, Krystle.  Thank you…..(sees Steven coming over with Sammy Jo)…..Hello.  You’re Steven.  We met at the conference in Colorado Springs.

Steven:  Yes we did.  Then, you should also remember my wife…..

David Hopkins:  Sammy Jo Reece-Carrington.  I know who you are.  My girlfriend talks about you a lot.

Sammy Jo:  Your girlfriend?

David Hopkins:  Her name is Jenna Wharton.

Sammy Jo:  Oh Yeah!  I’ve seen her model in Milan and Paris a few times.  She really knows how to work a catwalk.

David Hopkins:  She used to model for Racine of New York.

Sammy Jo:  Uh huh…..and I can probably tell you why she left.  Tell you what?  Next time she’s in Denver, why don’t you have her come and talk to me?

David Hopkins:  Thank you.  I will.

Jeff (comes over with Fallon and shakes David’s hand):  Hello, David.  We also met in Colorado Springs.  I’m…..

David Hopkins:  Jeff Colby.  I know.  It’s nice to meet you……again.

Jeff:  Listen.  I’d like to congratulate you on what you’ve accomplished with Anders Corp.

David Hopkins:  Thank you. 

Jeff:  I believe you also know my wife Fallon.

David Hopkins:  Yes I do.  We met in Colorado Springs too.

Fallon:  That’s right.

David Hopkins:  Look, Jeff.  I’m not here to tear this family apart.  Cecil Colby, Jr……

Jeff:  I know.  He was using you as a way to get to me through Patrick and Leslie and he thought he could blackmail you.

David Hopkins:  Look, Jeff.  I don’t mean this family any harm.  All I wanted to do was to get to know my real mother.  I didn’t want Cecil Colby, Jr. to use me as a weapon.  I am looking to expand our Hydroelectric operation south to the United States.  I hear there’s an RFP out for a TVA Project in Kentucky.  I’d also like to see about joining your cartel and maybe open an office here in Denver.

Jeff:  The cartel?  I think Patrick and I might be able help you with that.

Fallon:  If you’re looking to open an office here, I can help you with that.  There’s plenty of available space in Denver-Carrington center.

David:  Thank you.  I really appreciate that.

Milton (comes over with Sandra):  David Hopkins?

David Hopkins:  That’s right.  I’m David Hopkins.  You’re…..Milton Cox of the Deveraux Group.

Milton:  That’s right and I’d like to have you meet my wife Sandra

Sandra:  How do you do?

David Hopkins:  It’s my pleasure.  Milton.  I’ve heard you have Natural Gas fields in Kentucky that are getting ready to hit.

Milton:  You heard right.

David Hopkins:  I’m looking to expand Anders Corp.’s Hydroelectric south to the United States.  Pat and Jeff Colby said there’s an RFP for a TVA Project in Kentucky.

Milton:  That’s correct.  On the Tennessee River near Paducah, Kentucky.  Some of my fields are right near there and they are at risk of being flooded because of the way the Mississippi and Tennessee Rivers meander. 

David Hopkins:  We’re looking to divert some of the tributaries away from your fields and dam up part of the river so we can provide hundreds of thousands of people with clean Hydroelectric power.

Sandra:  If you can help prevent our fields from being flooded, then I’m all for it.

Milton:  Maybe we can talk about a deal sometime down the road.  If it’s all right with you, I’d like to include Pat and Jeff in the discussions.

David Hopkins:  Of course.

(FRIDAY morning – September 9, 2022 – 12:30 AM [Denver Time Patrick and Leslie’s Bedroom/07: 30 AM [GMT– Main Sitting Room – Parkhurst Manor -Knightsbridge – London, UK)

Patrick (rubs the sleep out of his eyes as he hears his cell ringing):  Hello?

Cedric Parkhurst:  Hello, Mate.  I’m glad I caught you.

Patrick:  Ced?  What’s going on?

Cedric:  London Bridge is Falling Down!

Patrick:  What???…..(then drops his cell)

















Episode #866: Battle Lines Being Drawn – Part III


  • Patrick asks Sammy Jo to join him in the Library because he wants to have a heart to heart talk with her and then Steven and Leslie.

  • While checking in to the Academy Hotel in Colorado Springs for the Rocky Mountain Regional Energy Conference, Patrick and Leslie are being watched by a mysterious stranger with a secret.

  • Leslie has a fainting spell while Patrick confronts the stranger who then reveals why he is there and who let him in on the secret.

  • Patrick and Christopher Ewing give a speech to the conference delegation on the use of alternative fuels in the military.

  • Steven and Sammy Jo arrive at the conference and, after Patrick and Christopher’s speech, they are filled in on what happened with Leslie.

  • Catherine Torrance comes to the conference and tells Alexis she has beaten her to the punch on a major acquisition and that she had a little help doing so.

  • At Hacienda Colorado, Milton has a little announcement concerning the latest accomplishment of the Deveraux Group and Danny McCarty has news concerning a meeting with key military officials.

  • Sable Colby shows up at Alexis’ office with some very shocking news.

SCENE:  MONDAY morning – August 22, 2022 – Alexis’ office – Morell Enterprises, Inc. – Granite Tower – 1090 18th Street – Denver, Colorado…..

Sable:  Well, Alexis…..I’ve come to bring you some news.

Alexis:  You know…..Sybil…..ever since I’ve known you you’ve been nothing but a thorn in my side.  Now what sort of news is it you have for me?

Sable:  I read that Catherine Torrance has purchased some stock in Westar Oil.  Oh I believe it was about 35%.

Alexis:  Yes it was, Sable.  Now would you please get to the point?  I am rather busy.

Sable:  Yes, of course.  It’s my understanding, Alexis, that you had wanted to purchase those shares, but were rebuffed at the last moment.

Alexis:  Yes.  That’s true, but I don’t see how it concerns the likes of you!!

Sable:  You may or may not be aware of this, but Catherine had a little help in making that purchase.

Alexis (looking slightly perturbed):  Yes.  She did mention that fact and she was rather cryptic about it.  Just what sort of help did she have, Sable??

Sable:  Well, dahling!  I’m glad you asked.

Alexis:  What are you saying…..Cousin???

Sable:  Well, dahling!  Catherine came to me and said she wanted a little help in purchasing those Westar shares and when she told me that the person she would be competing with to purchase those shares would be you, naturally, I was glad to help.

Alexis (slumps down in her chair):  Oh my God!    This is preposterous!  How did you do it???  Where did you get the money???  Because of your little disaster out in California, Pavilion Resorts was in debt up to its eyeballs!!!

Sable:  Oh! Don’t worry, Alexis!  I still have money stashed away in some places and the Securities and Exchange Commission has already approved the sale.  After what you did to me with Pavilion Resorts and trying to link Roberto to that Mexican drug cartel, I decided that the punishment ought to fit the crime!!

Alexis (with a lilt of laughter as she tries to play it off):  So.  I had the wrong Roberto Salazar.  That could have happened to anyone.

Sable:  Oh what a convenient excuse, Alexis!!  I’ve only just begun my revenge!!!  This is NOT over!!!  Not by a longshot!! Oh! Don’t bother seeing me out.  I know the way!!…..(as she’s leaving)…..Mark my words, Cousin.  You will be hearing from me…..(slams the door as she leaves).

Alexis (slumps back down in her chair with a worried expression on her face):  Oh my God!

(TUESDAY morning August 23, 2022 – Patrick and Leslie’s office – Denver-Carrington Center – 1954 Blake Carrington Plaza – Denver, Colorado)

Patrick (sees Patrick, Jr., Terry, Jay and Emily coming into his Leslie’s office):  Guys.  Come on in.  Your mother and I have something important we need to talk to you about.

Leslie:  Do you remember when I told your dad about having an abortion in 1988 when I was pregnant with Sean Anders’ baby in 1981.

Emily:  I do remember that, Mom.  I know you said it was a choice you wouldn’t have ordinarily made and that it was a tough decision.

Terry:  Leslie.   From what I’ve gathered, Sean Rowan or Anders or whatever the hell his name was was a scumbag and that he raped and beat you.

Leslie:  Yes he was and yes he did.

Patrick:  Well…..we just had a major bomb dropped on us at the conference.

Patrick, Jr.:  Mom.  Dad.  What exactly happened?

Patrick:  Well…..I’ll let your mom tell you.

Leslie:  It turns out that I might have another son after all.  Apparently, the late term aborting of Sean’s baby didn’t happen.  We actually met him.  His name is David Hopkins and he’s a doctor from Toronto.

Patrick, Jr., Emily, Terry, Jay (one by one):  Oh my God!  Mom! Are you serious???  How are you doing??  Did Alexis have anything to do with it???

Leslie:  I’m OK, you guys, but I do admit everything took me by surprise and I fainted when I heard the news.

Terry:  How did he find out about you, Leslie?  Did he know you were going to be at the conference beforehand?

  Leslie:  I think that both of us showing up at the conference was a total coincidence.  Alexis wasn’t the one who tipped him off as to who I was.  It was Cecil Colby, Jr. who did that.

Emily:  I think he’s probably trying to get through you and Dad to get to Jeff.  I’m going to need to get with L.B. on this.

Jay:  There’s no way in hell he can get his hands on Denver-Carrington.   The agreement to take Denver-Carrington private in 2018 is iron clad.  There’s no indication as to whether or not that’s his intention, is there, Boss??

Patrick:  No.  He never said anything to anybody about wanting to worm his way into Denver-Carrington.  To tell you the truth, I don’t think that’s what he really wants.  I think he just wants to get to know his real family.

Patrick, Jr.:  What else do we know about this guy, Dad?

Patrick:  Well…..he was taken to Toronto and raised by Dr. David Hopkins, Sr.  and Dr. Lillian Campbell Hopkins. 

Leslie:  All we really know about her is that she was unable to have children and, unfortunately, she succumbed to Cervical Cancer about two years ago.

Patrick:  He went undergrad to the University of Toronto and got his pre-Med degree in 2011 and then got his MD from the Temerty Faculty of Medicine.  He agreed to serve an obligatory hitch as an officer in the Canadian Forces.  He served as a field medic for UN Peacekeeping Forces in the Middle East.  He provided medical care to refugees and was awarded the Meritorious Service Cross for courage under fire.  He left active service in 2018 and was honorably discharged with the rank of Captain, but he still holds a reserve commission with the rank of Major.  Shortly thereafter, he inherited controlling interest in a small energy company called Anders Corp.  He landed a few small deals in the Tar Sands through financing with Colby Financial Services of Toronto.  He’s been experimenting with Hydroelectric power in the Canadian Northwest.  Recently, he need financing for a major hydroelectric project in British Columbia and if…..

Emily:  If he didn’t cooperate, Cecil, Jr. was going to spill the beans about Mom unless he revealed himself to her and deny him financing.

Patrick, Jr.:  In other words, Cecil, Jr. blackmailed him.

Patrick:  That’s right.

Emily:  Guys.  I’ll see if I can get with L.B. tomorrow about this.

Leslie:  What guys do you think?  Do you want to meet your new half-brother?

Patrick, Jr.:  You’ll forgive us, Mom, but we’ll wait to see what happens after he takes his DNA Test.

Leslie:  I understand.

Patrick:  We’ll need to get with the senior board and give them the lowdown on what’s going on.

Leslie:  That’s fine and I agree.  We should.

(WEDNESDAY morning – August 24, 2022 – L.B.’s office – Colby Enterprises, LLC – Denver-Carrington Center – Denver, Colorado)

L.B. (looks up from his paperwork and smiles as he sees Emily coming into his office):  Hey, Cuz!  Come on in!

Emily (seeing that her “cousin” seems to be busy):  I see that you’re really busy.  I can come back later.

L.B.:  Nonsense, Cuz!  You know you’re welcome in here anytime.  What’s going on?

Emily:  Well…..I don’t know if you heard about what went on while our parents were in Colorado Springs at the energy conference.

L.B.:  Yeah.  I heard.  I can only imagine how Aunt Leslie reacted to the news.

Emily:  It literally knocked her for a loop.  She fainted dead away when this David Hopkins person revealed himself to her.

L.B.:  I heard Uncle Pat was about ready to kill him.

Emily:  Cousin.  You know my dad.  He will go to the ends of the Earth to protect my mom.  Not only her, but ANY member of our family.

L.B.:  Yeah.  He’s a lot like your grandmother in that respect.  Your mom’s been through a lot over the years.  She deserves to be happy and Uncle Pat’s a really good guy.

Emily:  Yeah he is and he loves my mom a lot.

L.B.:  Has Aunt Leslie said anything else to you guys about David Hopkins?

Emily:  Yeah.  She wants us to meet him and get to know him a little better, but Junior said that wasn’t going happen until we found out the results of a DNA Test.

L.B.:  I don’t blame him there, Cuz.  How did Aunt Leslie take that?

Emily:  I think she understood where we were coming from.  Now we come to find out that he was being blackmailed by Cecil Colby, Jr.  Cousin.  I would be REALLY concerned about that guy if I were you.  I think he is up to NO…..DAMN…..GOOD!  I still think he is trying to use my parents as a means to getting to Uncle Jeff.

L.B.:  I agree with you, Cuz.  Fortunately, he can’t get his hands on Colby Enterprises seeing as that was my grandfather Jason’s company and not Cecil’s.  The only thing he can possibly get his hands on is a piece of Cecil’s personal trust, which my dad has repeatedly said he doesn’t really give a shit about.

Emily:  A lot of the assets of the old Colby Enterprises are held by Miles.  You don’t think that he would try to convince Miles to join forces with him, do you?

L.B. (shakes his head):  I tend to doubt it, Cuz.  I know my Uncle Miles and my dad were deadly enemies a long time ago and a lot of that was due to fighting over my mom.

(FLASHBACK – March 28, 1991 – the grounds of the Carrington mansion – 173 Wessex Drive – Golden, Colorado


L.B.:  I think they’ve put all their differences aside and decided to work together for the good of the family.

Emily:  Definitely!  I think Miles has become a totally different person since he married Rosalind.  I just pray that Cecil Colby, Jr. doesn’t get to him before we do.

L.B.:  You and me both, Cuz!

Emily:  I don’t know if you ever heard the news or not, Cousin, but there’s now war between your grandmother and Catherine Torrance.

L.B.:  Yeah.  I heard, but if it’s all the same to you, I’d rather stay out of that one.

Emily:  Yeah!  You got that right, Cousin!  There might be more to THAT story.  Rumor has it that Sable was somehow involved.

L.B.:  Wouldn’t surprise me one bit and I can guess why.

Emily:  You and me both, Cousin.  Abby Stevenson are going to have lunch sometime next week to discuss it…..(gets up to leave)…..I’ll see you later.

L.B. (gets up and gives Emily a hug and a kiss on the cheek):  Same here, Cuz.  Thanks for coming down and filling me in.

(MEANWHILE – Patrick and Leslie’s office – Denver-Carrington Center)

Patrick:  Steven.  Come on in.

Steven:  Patrick.  What’s going on?

Patrick:  Well…..I wanted to give you the lowdown on David Hopkins.  There was some stuff we didn’t cover when we talked in Colorado Springs the other night.

Steven:  Do we need to convene the Senior Board?

Patrick:  That might not be a bad idea.  I want to make sure we’re all on the same page concerning this guy.

Steven:  You mentioned DNA Testing.  When is that supposed to be done?

Patrick:  We had hoped to have it done this week, but we’re supposed to be going down to the VA Hospital in Aurora first thing Monday morning.

Steven:  Do you think we can convene the Senior Board tomorrow morning?

Patrick:  Absolute, but the Kid, Milt and myself need to leave for Norfolk tomorrow afternoon.

Steven:  Oh! that’s right.  You have Weekend Warrior Duty.

Patrick:  Denver-Carrington’s contribution to National Security.

Steven:  All right, we can meet in my office first thing tomorrow morning.

Patrick:  Sounds like a plan.

(THURSDAY morning – August 25, 2022 – Steven’s office – Denver-Carrington Center)

Steven:  Patrick has called us all here because he has some additional information concerning Dr. David Hopkins.

Sammy Jo:  Isn’t he the guy we were talking about in Patrick and Leslie’s room in Colorado Springs?  

Leslie:  Yes he was and we’ve also discussed the subject of David with our children

Jeff:  Emily and L.B. have also touched on the subject.

Patrick:  Anyway.  He is graduate of the University of Toronto and the Temerty Faculty of Medicine.  He was a field medic in the Canadian Forces for their Peacekeeping mission in the Middle East before being discharged from active duty in 2018 at the rank of Captain.  Shortly after that, he started a small energy concern called Anders Corp.

Leslie:  They specialize mainly in hydroelectric power and most of their major projects are located in the Canadian Northwest and Newfoundland and Labrador.

Jeff:  Apparently, he needed some major financing from Colby Financial Services in Toronto, which is owned and operated by…..Cecil Colby, Jr. – my cousin!

Patrick:  Cecil, Jr. blackmailed him and said he was going to deny him financing unless he revealed himself to Leslie.

Fallon:  Mother’s involved in this somehow!!  I know it!!

Leslie:  We’re fairly certain that she is, Fallon.  We’re just not positive on how deep her involvement is.

Sammy Jo:  That figures!!  I’ve been around that Venus Flytrap long enough to know that if there’s something that has the potential to destroy the family then Alexis has her hands in it somehow.

Jeff:  He’s still going to submit to a DNA Test, isn’t he?

Patrick:  First thing Monday morning.  Leslie and I are going to be there in person.  Guys.  If David’s DNA Test comes out positive and it’s determined that Leslie is his mother, then we deal with it.  It is what it is.

Sammy Jo:  You really don’t think he’s out to get his hands on Denver-Carrington?

Patrick (shaking his head):  He can’t, Big Sis.  Denver-Carrington is a privately held enterprise.  There’s nothing that can be done about that.  Guys.  If you ask me, it’s Cecil Colby, Jr. we need to worry about more than David Hopkins.  He’s the more dangerous of the two as far as I’m concerned.

Jeff:  I totally agree with that.  Now, there’s war between Alexis and Catherine Torrance.

Fallon:  Hopefully, somehow, we won’t get caught in the middle!  Good old Adam!!  Once again haunting us from beyond the grave!!

Steven:  What are they fighting over?

Patrick:  It seems that Alexis and Catherine were in competition to purchase  35% of stock in Westar Energy.  Catherine somehow beat Alexis to the punch without Alexis even knowing it.

Steven:  So Jacques Piers has been forced out??

Leslie:  That’s right.  Both him and his idiot son.

Jeff:  I wonder that leaves Elena Ramos.

Patrick:  We haven’t heard anything yet.  The Ewings are going to check up on that for us.

Sammy Jo:  You know.  You guys know that I can’t stand Alexis, but I’m not a big Catherine Torrance fan either.  You want my opinion?  I hope they run that company into the ground.

Patrick:  Not likely, Big Sis.  Westar is the eighth largest energy company in the world.  But, I do share your sentiments.

(FRIDAY morning – August 26, 2022 – United States Fleet Forces Command Headquarters – Naval Station Norfolk – Admiral Taussig Blvd – Norfolk, Virginia)

Admiral Daryl Caudle, USN (looks around the room):  Pat.  Mister Jennings.  Mister Cox.  Good morning, Gentlemen.  Now that you’re all here we can get started.

Patrick:  Daryl.

Patrick, Jr.:  Sir.

Milton:  Sir.

Admiral Caudle:  Once again.  Rear Admiral McClintock the Commanding Officer of the Fleet Intelligence Center at Dam Neck will be joining us.  He is going to brief us on the latest news concerning the Russian Navy Base in Tartus, Syria.  The Russians have added a lot of fast attack craft, which makes the expansion possible.  Bobby.

Bobby McClintock:  Thank you, Admiral Caudle.

Milton:  How soon before the project is complete, Sir?

Bobby McClintock:  According to the latest intel gathered from our Marine Raider Team on the ground in Syria, the base is operational right now and will be at full strength before Christmas.  One of last remaining projects of the Tartus Naval Base Expansion is a full service drydock, which will be big enough to accommodate the aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov.

Patrick, Jr.:  Correct me if I’m wrong, Sir, but isn’t the Kuznetsov undergoing an extensive refit?

Patrick:  There have been a lot of unforeseen problems and she won’t be delivered to the Russian Navy until 2024 at the earliest.

Bobby McClintock:  That’s right, Pat and…..Mister Jennings…..Bravo Zulu!

Milton:  From what I’m gathering, Russia wants to increase its naval presence abroad.

Bobby McClintock:  That’s right, Mister Cox.  OUTstanding!  That brings me to the planned expansion of Russia Mediterranean Fleet.

Milton:  Because Turkey won’t let Russian ships transit the Dardanelles and the Bosporus, their Black Sea Fleet basically has nowhere to go.

Bobby McClintock:  Right again, Mister Cox.

Patrick:  But, the Kirov-class Battle Cruiser Pyotr Velikiy, which is currently deployed in the Med has long range missile capability and those missiles are capable of reaching Ukraine.

Bobby McClintock:  That’s right, Pat.  I got to hand it to you, Pat.  You’ve got an outstanding staff.  Real A.J. Squared Away.

Patrick:  Thank you, Bobby.  They perform real spiffy.  One more thing.  I ran into your man John Ross at the energy conference in Colorado Springs.  He and Krystina are doing well.

Bobby McClintock:  I meant to ask you, Pat.  How’s Christopher doing with that new synthetic jet fuel of his?

Patrick:  He’s still doing acceleration tests with a Rolls Royce engine and so far, so good.  He wants to start conducting actual flight tests by Christmas. 

(MONDAY morning – August 29, 2022 – Rocky Mountain Regional VA Medical Center – 1700 North Wheeling Street – Aurora, Colorado)

Colonel David Howser, MD, USAR [(ret.) sees Patrick and Leslie coming in with David Hopkins]:  Hello, Pat.  Leslie.  Good to see you again.

Patrick:  David.

Colonel Howser:  I have everything all ready to go.

Leslie:  Good.  We’re ready when you are, David.

Colonel Hoswer:  You ready, Young man?

David Hopkins:  Yes, Sir I am.


















Episode #865: Battle Lines Being Drawn – Part II


  • Ed McCormick tells Patrick and Leslie what REALLY went on between Roberto Salazar and the Menendez Ochoa cartel.

  • In Toronto, Alexis has a very tense meeting with Cecil Colby, Jr.  who’s trying to get her to join him and enlist Patrick and Leslie in his fight against his real enemy…..Jeff! 

  • In the meantime, he reveals to Alexis some information that could potentially be damaging to Leslie.

  • He also reminds Alexis of the revelation she once made to Fallon that caused her near fatal car accident and he cautions her that her brief marriage to his father may not have been on the level.

  • After meeting with his sister and brother-in-law to discuss his plans for the future, Chase, along with Jamie have news to share with Abigail and Gerald who also have news of their own.

  • Sable is severely upbraided by Patrick and Leslie when she has a particularly tense meeting with them in their office.

  • A delegate to the Rocky Mountain Regional Energy Conference checks into the Academy Hotel in Colorado Springs and has a surprise in store for Leslie.

Scene:  FLASHBACK – Wednesday evening – August 17, 2022 – The front entrance hall of the Carrington mansion – 173 Wessex Drive – Golden, Colorado…..

Patrick (sees his sister as he’s coming home from work):  Hey!

Sammy Jo:  Hey, Little Brother.  Where’s Leslie?

Patrick:  She just went upstairs for a second.  She’ll be right down.  Would you care to join me in the library for just a minute?  We need to have a little chat.

Sammy Jo:  Sure.  Is there something wrong?

Patrick (heads for the library and motions for her to follow):  No.  Just come on.

(A FEW MINUTES LATER – the library of the Carrington mansion)

Sammy Jo:  What is it, Little Brother?

Patrick:  Well…..over the last few years, I’ve been watching everything you’ve been doing.

Sammy Jo:  OK.  And?

Patrick:  You’ve accomplished a lot.  I’m proud of everything you’ve done and I’m proud to call you my sister.

Sammy Jo:  Thanks, Little Brother.  That’s nice to hear.

Patrick:  Seriously.  You’ve taken a cheap ass sleaze peddler and turned it into a well respected fashion house.

Sammy Jo:  That may be, but you and I BOTH know that it’ll NEVER meet with the approval of Alexis…..(facetiously)…..after all…..everybody knows she’s the Queen of Haute Couture.

Patrick (slightly perturbed):  Oh please!  Queen of Mean is more like it.  Save that bilgewater for someone who cares.  I don’t give a shit what Alexis says!  You are a senior member of the Denver-Carrington Board.  You’ve more than earned your place.

Sammy Jo:  Well…..you helped me earn that place, Little Brother.

Patrick:  No.  I just pointed you in a direction.  When you get right down to it, you did the work yourself.

Sammy Jo:  You believed in me, Little Brother

Patrick:  Yes I did and I still do.  You’ve given me no reason to change that opinion, Big Sis.  You’ve got a lot of people in your corner and we will go to the mat for you.

Sammy Jo:  I know you will, especially you.

Patrick:  One more thing.  The girls wanted to thank you again for hiring Jennifer.

Sammy Jo:  She’s good at what she does.  I like to put the right people in the right jobs.

Patrick:  Well…..I guess that’s one trait we both inherited from Dear Old Dad.

Sammy Jo:  You met him way before I did, Little Brother.

Patrick:  I got to know him as just Daniel Reece.  You’re the lucky one, Big Sis.  You got to know him and spend a little time with him as our father.

Sammy Jo:  I know.  I wish Gianna had gotten the chance to meet him at all.

Steven (comes into the library with Leslie):  Leslie said you guys were in here.

Leslie:  And what were you two talking about?

Patrick:  We were just having a little brother-sister chat. 

Leslie:  Steven.  Are you going to be coming down to the energy conference in Colorado Springs tomorrow?

Steven:  No.  The buyers from Galleries Lafayette and Le Bon Marche are coming in and we’ll be entertaining them tomorrow.  We won’t be able to get down to the conference ’til Friday or maybe Saturday.  

Patrick:  It’s OK.  I understand, But, hey!  Galleries Lafayette and Le Bon Marche.  Those are like THE biggest stores in Paris and they feature ALL the big names.  Dior, Channel, Yves St. Laurent, etc.  Congrats, Big Sis.  I’m impressed.  Screw Alexis!  You’re the one who’s going to put Denver on the high fashion map!

Sammy Jo (smiling):  Not bad for a bimbo, huh Little Brother!

Sammy Jo:  Oh!  One more thing.  I thought you guys might want to see this.  It hits the newsstands next week!

Leslie (hugs Sammy Jo):  Oh my God, Sammy Jo!  I’m so happy for you!

Patrick (hugs his sister):  Ya done good, Big Sis.  Way to go!

Steven (hugs his wife):  Congratulations, Sammy Jo.  I’m really proud of you and everything you’ve accomplished.

Sammy Jo:  Thanks.  All of you.  This really means a lot.

Leslie:  You can bet when Alexis sees this, she’s going to go ballistic.

Sammy Jo:  You bet you ass she is!  That’s what I’m counting on.

(BACK TO THE PRESENT – THURSDAY morning – August 18, 2022 – Rocky Mountain Regional Energy Conference – The Academy Hotel – 8110 North Academy Blvd. – Colorado Springs, Colorado)

Desk Clerk:  Hello and welcome to the Academy Hotel.

Patrick:  Hello.  We’re Admiral and Mrs. Jennings and we’re here for the Rocky Mountain Regional Energy Conference.

Leslie:  I believe it’s under Denver-Carrington…..(she and Patrick are UNAWARE that they are being watched)

Desk Clerk:  Let me see…..looking…..looking……looking…..ah!  Here it is!  Vice Admiral and Mrs. Patrick Jennings.  Yes it is under Denver-Carrington.  Your Assistant made these reservations last week.  You’re in Spa Suite 410…..(hands Patrick the keys)

Patrick (takes the leys and then hands one to Leslie):  Thank you…..(they head towards the elevator to go their suite)

David Hopkins (approaches them):  Excuse me.  But, are you Patrick Carrington Jennings?

Patrick:  That’s right.  Vice Admiral Patrick Carrington Jennings, USNR.

David Hopkins:  I hear you’re giving the speech about the use of alternative fuel sources in the military.

Patrick:  That’s right.  I’m giving that speech tomorrow with Christopher Ewing.  

David:  I’m looking forward to hearing your remarks.  I was in the Canadian Forces.  We’ve explored the use of alternatives as well, but we’ve never put it to practical application.

Patrick:  So what brings you here?

David:  Well…..I now run a small energy company.  Anders Corp.  We’re experimenting with hydroelectric power in the Canadian Northwest.  You know Canada is the fourth largest producer of hydroelectricity in the world after…..

Patrick:  After the United States, Brazil and China.  Yeah I know.  Forgive my manners.  David allow me to present my wife……

David:  So you’re Leslie Carrington Jennings.

Leslie:  Yes I am.  And you are?

David:  My name is David Hopkins.  I think you know my biological father Sean Rowan.

Leslie:  Yes I did, but he turned out to be Sean Anders…..but….how could you possibly know that???

David:  Who do you think started Anders Corp?

Patrick:  Oh my God!  You mean your company was started with laundered money from Colbyco???

David:  My father did start the company with money from Colbyco, yes.  Leslie.  I believe that you and Sean had a son together.  

Leslie:  That’s right, but I had to terminate the pregnancy even through it was a late term abortion.

David:  That’s what you were led to believe.

Patrick:  What the hell are you talking about???

David:  Dr. Lillian Campbell Hopkins was supposed to have performed the abortion, but she was unable to have children, so, she and her husband Dr. David Hopkins, Sr. took me in and raised me as their own.

Leslie:  What are you saying???

David:  I’m saying I’m the son you aborted.  Leslie Carrington Jennings.  You’re my mother!

Leslie:  Oh my God!!…..(then faints dead away)

Fallon (sees Leslie as she and Jeff are checking in and she and Jeff come running over):  OH MY GOD!!!  LESLIE!!!…..Baby Brother what happened???

Patrick:  She just got the shock of her life!  Jeff?  Are you guys checked in?

Jeff:  We are.

Patrick:  Good.  Get her over to that couch over there…..(scowls at David and slams him up against a wall)…..You little turd!!!  I ought to beat seven shades of shit out of you!!!!…..(Fallon and Jeff get Leslie over to the couch)…..ALL RIGHT YOU SON OF A BITCH!!!!  WHO PUT YOU UP TO THIS????  WAS IT ALEXIS????

David (gets a punch in on Patrick):  NO!!  IT WASN’T!!  I SWEAR TO GOD!!!…….(he and Patrick then exchange blows before Jeff steps in to break it up)

Jeff (gets in between Patrick and David):  ALL RIGHT!!!!!  THAT’S ENOUGH!!!!  Now there’s got to be a way we can work this thing out!!

Patrick:  WHO WAS IT????  WHO PUT YOU UP TO THIS????

David (catches his breath):  It was…..Cecil Colby, Jr.

Jeff:  So it was Cecil Colby, Jr.???  All right…..what the hell did my cousin tell you???

David:  After I moved to Canada, I landed a few deals and he had me investigated.  I needed financing for a hydroelectric project in British Columbia.  He tried to find some damaging information on you, Admiral, but he couldn’t.  He said he had some damaging information on my mother and he said that if I didn’t reveal myself to her, he would deny me the financing I needed for my project.

Patrick;  In other words, he blackmailed you!

Jeff:  Did Alexis’ name come up???

David:  He said he said he was going to talk to Alexis.  He said he has a bone to pick to pick with you too, Jeff.

Jeff:  About the Cecil Colby Trust no doubt.  Well you can tell Cecil Colby, Jr.  I could really give a shit less about his father’s money.  I didn’t ask to named in his trust.

Fallon:  Baby Brother!  Leslie’s coming out of it.  She’s asking for you.  You need to come over here right now!

Patrick:  I’ll be right there, Sis…..(wags his finger in David’s face)……This isn’t over, Boy!!!  You WILL be submitting to a DNA Test!!!  You can bet your ass on that!!!

David:  Yes.  I will take a DNA Test.

Patrick:  Good.  I’ll get in touch with my friend Colonel Howser at the VA Hospital in Aurora next week and we’ll get you set up…..(then goes over to the couch where Leslie is laying down)…..Babe??  You OK??

Leslie (still a little groggy): Mmmmm…..Hun?  Fallon?  Jeff?

Patrick:  We’re all here, Babe.

Leslie:  Wha…..what happened?

Fallon:  You fainted.

Leslie (rubbing her temples):  Oh my God!  Last thing I remember was that David Hopkins person telling me he was my son.

Fallon:  The baby of yours and Sean’s you thought was aborted late term??  He’s alive??

Leslie:  Apparently so.  He claims to be the baby that I aborted.

Patrick:  Well…..I was going to suggest that we all go out to dinner, but under the circumstances, I think it would be best if we just stay in and order room service.  What about it, Babe?  You hungry?

Leslie (catches her beath):  Actually…..yes I am.

Patrick (helps his wife up):  Let’s get her up and get her upstairs.  We’re in Suite 410.

Jeff:  We’re in Suite 412 right next to yours…..(they all then head for the elevator)

(FRIDAY morning – August 19, 2022 – Rocky Mountain Regional Energy Conference – Conference Room – The Academy Hotel – 8110 North Academy Blvd. – Colorado Springs, Colorado)

Christopher Ewing (towards the end of his and Patrick’s speech):  I would to reaffirm our commitment to developing a new synthetic jet fuel that will be suitable for use in combat aircraft and we will be working together with Denver-Carrington and Forrest Aerospace and we soon hope to begin testing our new fuel on their new lighter fighter aircraft.

Patrick:  I would like to echo Mr. Ewing’s sentiments and I would also like to say that the new Ewing fuel will be tested and used by the armed forces of other nations as well as our own.  While we remain committed to producing JP5 and other fossil-based fuels, we are also committed to new alternative fuels as we try to adapt to the changing climate.  This process has already begun with the aforementioned Ewing Jet Fuel and the use of Natural gas in light duty military equipment.  Thank you.

(FRIDAY evening – Patrick and Leslie’s suite – The Academy Hotel – 8110 North Academy Blvd – Colorado Springs, Colorado)

Steven:  You gave a really good speech, Patrick.  I’m glad Sammy Jo and I got down here in time to hear it.  You know I’ve always been kind of pro environment, so, I am happy that Denver-Carrington is exploring alternatives.  Dad would be very proud of the work you and Leslie are doing.

Patrick:  Thank you, Steven and thank you for trusting me.

Leslie:  Steven.  You know we believe in finding alternatives because we are aware of the possibility that fossil fuel isn’t going to last forever, especially with people like your mother and Westar drilling at full capacity all the time.  In the military, we’d really like to take alternative energies from speculation to practical application.

Sammy Jo:  God! Leslie.  How are you doing?  Little Brother told me what happened.  You must STILL be in a state of shock.

Patrick:  She actually did go into cataplectic shock, Big Sis and, again, that’s really great news about those Paris buyers.

Sammy Jo:  Thanks, Little Brother. 

Fallon:  I was about ready to call an ambulance when she started to come out of it.  So where is this David Hopkins person anyway?

Patrick:  I checked with the front desk.  He hasn’t checked out and he hasn’t left the conference either.

Jeff:  I heard he was supposed to be giving a speech about hydroelectric and geothermal energy.

Patrick:  The only thing I’d like to see that little shit give right now is blood for a DNA Test.  Is Cecil, Jr. at this conference, Jeff?

Jeff:  I don’t think so, BUT…..I know Alexis is.

Fallon:  So Mother is here.  I wonder what she’s up to.

Sammy Jo:  My guess is that she was going to try and somehow use this information about David Hopkins to get under Leslie’s skin and somehow force Denver-Carrington into some sort of crooked business deal.  You guys don’t think he’s trying to make a play for Denver-Carrington, do you?

Patrick:  I tend to doubt it.

Steven:  Knowing Mother the way I do, I wouldn’t rule any of that out.

Patrick:  Guys.  I know this doesn’t really have anything to do with what we’re talking about, but I heard that Catherine Torrance is here too.

Fallon:  One of Adam’s widows.

Jeff:  Hmmmmm…..I wonder what she’s up to.

Leslie:  Guys.  I don’t have any prove positive, but I heard a rumor going around that it involves Westar.

Patrick:  Westar??  Interesting!

(MEANWHILE – Dining area – outside Falcon’s Bar and Grill – The Academy Hotel)

Alexis:  Well…well…well…..Catherine Torrance.  You know this conference is exclusively for members of the energy community.  What I fail to understand is how they managed to let your kind of riff raff in here.

Catherine Torrance:  Well. Alexis.  I hate to break it to you, but I am also a member of the energy community. 

Alexis:  What???  I…..I don’t understand.

Catherine Torrance:  Alexis.  I understand you were looking to purchase stock in Westar Oil.

Alexis:  Yes…..well…..now that Jacques Piers has been forced out, I think it’s time that I secured myself a more solid position on the Westar Board of Directors.  Wait a minute!  What do you mean were???

Catherine:  Before you went went and made any future plans, Alexis, you probably should have listened to the news or, better yet, checked the headlines in today’s Wall Street Journal.  Sorry, Alexis.  It looks like I beat you to it!…..(hands Alexis a copy of that morning’s edition)

Alexis:  Oh my God, Catherine!  What have you done???

Catherine Torrance:  Well, Alexis…..after Jacques Piers was forced out as Chairman and his idiot son was forced out as CEO, there was a massive public offering of stock.  The opportunity presented itself and I stepped in and took advantage.  As of now, I own 35% of the voting stock in Westar Oil.

Alexis:  You’ll never get away with this.

Catherine Torrance:  Oh, Dear Mother-in-Law.  I’m afraid I already have.  The deal has already already been approved by the SEC.

Alexis:  My son Adam would be spinning in his grave if he knew what you had become!!

Catherine Torrance:  Oh quite the contrary, Alexis.  Your son Adam would be proud to see that I have become a woman not afraid to stand up to his mommy.

Alexis:  Unfortunately, somehow, Adam forgot to file the divorce papers properly.

Catherine:  Be that as it may, Alexis.  But, face facts!  I am technically his only widow.  All his other marriages were rendered null and void.  Let’s see…..You went out of your way to make Claudia Blaisdell feel unwelcome and drove her to a nervous breakdown.  Kirby Anders?  Yes, she died of a brain tumor in 2003, but before she married Adam, you drove her near to the point of nervous breakdown herself.  Let’s not forget that she also tried to kill you.  What about Dana Waring? She ended up marrying a woman.

Alexis:  This is impossible!!  How on Earth did you do this???

Catherine:  Well, Alexis…..let’s just say I had a little help.

Alexis:  And who may I ask was that help?

Catherine:  Don’t worry, Alexis.  You’ll find out.

(SATURDAY night – August 20, 2022 – Hacienda Colorado Mexican Restaurant- 5246 North Nevada Avenue – Colorado Springs, Colorado)

Tiffany Ewing:  Baby.  Patrick.  You guys did a really good job with that speech yesterday.

Christopher:  Thanks, Babe.

Patrick:  Thanks, Tiff.

John Ross (raising his beer bottle):  I’d like to make a toast.  To my cousin…..and my brother-in-law!  Here’s to continuing to chart a course for the future.

Everybody else (as they clink their glasses and bottles together):  Hear!!!  Hear!!!

Milton (stands up):  I have an announcement to make.  This is from Nick Kimball.  He’s not here with us, but he is with Madeline Dubois in Cozumel, Mexico and he wanted to convey this message to everybody here, but three more of our offshore Natural Gas wells in the Bay of Campeche have hit!

Everybody else (raises their glasses and bottles):  TO NICK!!!!

Sandra (to Leslie):  Girl.  I heard you got quite a shock.  Are you OK?

Leslie:  I’m fine.

Krystina:  You know we’re here if you need us. 

Leslie:  I know you are and I appreciate the love and support I’ve gotten from all of you.

Krystina:  Was Alexis behind it?

Fallon:  We think she might have had something to do with it, but we don’t have any absolute proof.

Patrick:  Well…..David has agreed to submit to DNA Testing and we’ll be getting him set up with David Hoswer at the VA Hospital in Aurora next week.

Leslie:  Everything’s going to work out in the end.

Krystina:  I’m really glad for you, Cousin.  How do you think Emily and Patrick, Jr. are going to react to all this?

Patrick:  That’s going to be really interesting to find out, Sissy.

Chip:  Excuse me, everybody, but Danny McCarty has an announcement to make.

Danny:  Thank you, Chip.  I have met with the command staffs at Paterson Space Force Base and Schreiber Space Force Base both here in Colorado Springs and they have agreed to be a designated test site for the newest Ewing Industries jet fuels.

Everybody else (one by one):  Awesome!  Congratulations, Danny!

John Ross:  When are we gonna hear another announcement from ya guys?

Chip:  Well…..we have been talkin’ and we are are thinkin’ about it.

Danny McCarty:  Don’t worry.  Y’all will be the first to know.

Patrick (takes Leslie’s hand and helps her to her feet):  Excuse me, everybody, but my wife and I would like to make a toast…..(raises his beer bottle)…..To the member companies of the Texorado Energy Cartel!!

Leslie (raises her glass):  May our continued partnership bring our companies continued success in these difficult economic times.

Everybody else (raises their glasses and bottles):  HEAR!!! HEAR!!!

(MONDAY morning – August 22, 2022 – Alexis’ office – Morell Enterprises – Granite Tower – 1090 18th Street – Denver, Colorado)

Sable (comes into Alexis’ office):  Hello, Alexis.  I think you and I have something we need to talk about.

Alexis:  Oh my God! Sybil!!  What the hell are you doing here???

















Episode #864: Battle Lines Being Drawn


  • Lauren and Terry come to Patrick and Leslie in response to Miranda’s phone call because they too have heard about Alexis’ latest scheme.

  • Patrick briefs Ed McCormick on the fact that Alexis’ scheme has made front page headlines in Alexis’ newspaper and Leslie warns of any potential fallout that could result if Sable finds out.

  • Ed McCormick tells Patrick that Eban Brummel has decided not to file charges relating to the poisoning that left him in a coma.

  • Patrick asks Ed to run a check on any connection between Roberto Salazar, Jr. and the Menedez Ochoa drug cartel.

  • Sitting by the pool at Belvedere, Sable sees the headline about Alexis’ latest scheme in the Los Angeles Times and vows revenge.

  • Leslie is invited by Sandra Cox and Lillian Kimball to come in with them on a deal to acquire a bankrupt freight company and she then talks it over with Patrick.

  • While Alexis travels to Toronto to meet with Cecil Colby, Jr., Patrick and Leslie are about to receive news from Ed McCormick about the Menendez Ochoa cartel.

Scene:  MONDAY morning – August 15, 2022 – Patrick and Leslie’s office – Denver-Carrington Center – 1954 Blake Carrington Plaza – Denver, Colorado/CIA Headquarters – 1000 Colonial Farm Road – Langley, Virginia…..

Ed McCormick (now on speaker):  Now, Pat.  Before you go getting all bent out of shape, I want to let you know the I did find a link between the Salazar family and the Menendez-Ochoa Cartel.

Leslie:  I don’t understand.  Alexis is telling the truth??

Patrick:  You mean that bilgewater in the Denver World Express is on the level???

Ed:  I didn’t say that.

Leslie:  Surely Sable Colby’s seen that garbage by now and you know she has to have gone absolutely ballistic by now.

Ed:  Oh.  I’m sure sure of both of those things, Kiddo.  Now.  Both of you.  Please.  Stick with me.  As I said.  There’s a link between the Salazar FAMILY and Menendez Ochoa.

Leslie:  Oh!  I get it…..

Patrick:  You mean…..Dad…..Roberto Salazar…..Padre!

Ed:  That’s right!

Patrick:  You mean to tell me that Roberto Salazar, Sr. was a drug runner???

Ed:  I didn’t say that either.

Leslie:  Ed.  What are you driving at??

Ed:  I am saying that Roberto Salazar, Sr. and Ernesto Ochoa, later known as “El Pozolero”  were once partners in legitimate business.

Patrick:  You’re serious!

Ed:  I am indeed.  Roberto Salazar, Sr. and Ernesto Ochoa were partners in…..believe it or not…..the produce business.

Leslie:  The produce business?

Ed:  They owned thousands of acres of land in the State of Sonora where they grew tomatoes, peppers, avocados.  They started Salazar-Ochoa Agricultural Industries in around 1967 or 1968.

Patrick:  But when was the break up of their partnership and what was the reason?

Ed:  Sometime during the 1980’s, “El Pozolero” became involved with criminal activities.  It started with smuggling illegals into the United States.  Roberto Salazar, Sr. became fed up and bought Ochoa out.  After that, Ochoa started running guns for various Mexican criminal organizations – the best US and Soviet made stuff.  Then, he…..if you will…..graduated to the drug trade.  He rose quickly through the ranks and, in 1994, became the leader of the Menedez Ochoa Cartel when he gave his predecessor a “Columbian Necktie”…..

Leslie (shivers):  Disgusting!!

Ed:  Pat.  You remember that Op in the Caribbean in January of 1990 when we seized over $15 million in Cocaine?

Patrick:  Yeah.  Down near Puerto Rico.  I remember all that shit piled on the fantail too.

Ed:  That’s right, but unfortunately, the leader of the cartel and his lieutenant got away.

Patrick (nodding his head):  And the lieutenant was…..

Ed:  Ernesto Ochoa who eventually became…..El Pozolero.  Well…..anyway.  Salazar kept the produce business going and he eventually parlayed some of the profits from the produce business into residential and commercial real estate and branched out into things like skyscrapers, shopping malls, resorts…..

Leslie:  Hence Roberto, Jr. going into partnership with Sable. 

Ed:  That’s right!  

Leslie:  To be honest, I’m not a big fan of letting Sable off the hook, but I am loving the fact that Alexis is once again wrong.

Patrick:  You and me both.

Ed:  Are you guys going to face her with the facts?

Patrick (shaking his head):  Not sure yet.  Might be more leverage we’ll able to use against her when the time comes.

Leslie:  I’m with my husband.  I’d kind of like to see her squirm.

Ed:  Listen, you guys.  I’ll in touch.  OK?

Patrick:  Thanks again, Ed.

(MEANWHILE – Cecil Colby, Jr.’s office – Colby Financial Services – First Canadian Place – 100 King Street West – Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Alexis:  Oh really!  And about Patrick Jennings may I ask?

Cecil Colby, Jr.:  As you may or may not be aware, Denver-Carrington beat me out of a VERY lucrative oil lease deal with Exxon-Mobil in the Canadian Arctic.  I thought I had the inside track, but Patrick used highly placed connections in Her Majesty’s Canadian Government to win that contract for Denver-Carrington.

Alexis:  So I understand.  You and I do have similar problems.  I lost out on a Deepwater port and a refinery that same area because of Patrick and Leslie.

Cecil, Jr.:  Oh come on now, Alexis!  That’s a lie and we both know it.

Alexis:  What are you saying, Mr. Colby?

Cecil, Jr.:  What I am saying, Alexis, is that the real reason you lost out on the port and the refinery was that you didn’t have the necessary capital because your son…..my half brother…..Adam bled your company white!

Alexis:  I see.  To be quite honest with you, Mr. Colby.  I tried for years and years to take over Denver-Carrington and, quite honestly, I’ve become tired of trying.  I’ve just felt that Denver-Carrington didn’t have a good vibe for me.

Cecil, Jr.:  Bullshit, Lady!  You know as well as I do that the reason you haven’t been able to get your hands on Denver-Carrington is that Patrick Jennings has always had your number.

Alexis:  I see.  Mr. Colby.  May I ask exactly what it is you are proposing?

Cecil, Jr.:  Absolutely!  We undermine the partnership of the Texorado Cartel and get Patrick and Leslie to come on board with us to destroy my real enemy…..Jeff Colby!

Alexis:  Jeff?  I don’t understand!  Jeff is my…..

Cecil, Jr.:  Yes I know…..Jeff is your son-in-law and he’s married to your daughter Fallon who, if I recall correctly, was almost found to be my sister.  That was…..according to…..you!

Alexis:  Oh come now, Cecil.  You can’t use that against me!  The blood test proved conclusively that Blake was Fallon’s father!

Cecil, Jr:  Yes I know, but…..Jeff Colby is NOT my father’s son.  He’s my Uncle Jason’s.  Not only that, but he’s Jason’s bastard with…..your cousin…..Francesca.  I don’t understand why it is that I have to share in my father’s legacy with a bastard.

Alexis:  Need I remind you, dahling that you are the son of Cecil and a Montreal prostitute?

Cecil, Jr.:  But, at least I, as well your late son Adam, are my father’s flesh and blood.  Now.  I understand that Denver-Carrington spun off Colby Enterprises did they not?

Alexis:  Yes.  They did.

Cecil, Jr.:  Fortunately for Jeff, they were not taken public.

Alexis;  No they weren’t.  You said something about about undermining the partnership in their cartel.  What exactly did you mean?

Cecil, Jr.:  I’m exactly crazy about the Ewings either.  When it was once again known as Ewing Energies, Ewing Industries was another company that beat me out of some of those Arctic oil leases.  I’d like to find some dirt on that faggot Chip Ewing.

Alexis:  Yes, of course, one of J.R.’s other bastard children.  But, Dahling, as you may know, my son Steven is bisexual and I fully support his lifestyle.  Besides that, I don’t think Patrick would ever turn on the Ewings.  J.R.’s son John Ross is married to…..

Cecil, Jr.  Yes I know.  Patrick’s half sister Krystina.  Blake Carrington’s daughter.  I’ll never be able to find anything on Patrick.  Most of his records are encrypted.  However…..

Alexis:  However what, Cecil?

Cecil, Jr.:  His wife.  I understand she had a little…..dalliance…..with your late husband Sean Rowan.

Alexis:  Yes, of course.  Even though my marriage to Sean Rowan turned out to be a mistake, I still don’t forgive that slut for her betrayal!!

Cecil, Jr.:  That’s what I’m counting on Alexis.  As a matter of fact, I think I have just the thing to use as leverage against Patrick and Leslie to get them to come in with us against Jeff.

Alexis:  Oh really??  And what might that be??

Cecil, Jr.:  Do you remember hearing that Leslie was pregnant by your late husband Sean Anders?

Alexis:  Yes, but I also heard that Leslie had a later term abortion sometime ago.

Cecil, Jr.:  That’s what she was led to believe!

Alexis:  What???

Cecil, Jr.:  That’s right, Alexis.  The baby survived.  A boy named David Hopkins.  The abortion was supposedly performed by a Dr. Lillian Kent-Hopkins.  She was baren and took the child and raised him as her own.

Alexis:  So she led Leslie to believe the child was dead.  Where is she now?

Cecil, Jr.:  Unfortunately, she succumbed to Cervical Cancer about two years ago. 

Alexis:  So what about the child?

Cecil:  Well…..he went to the University of Toronto undergrad and then studied at the Temerty Faculty of Medicine.  He got his MD in 2015.  After getting his undergrad degree, he agreed to serve as an active duty officer in the Canadian Forces in exchange for them helping to finance his education.  He became a field medic for UN Peacekeeping forces and helped provide medical care to refugees in the Middle East before being honorably discharged from active duty in 2018 with the rank of Captain.

Alexis:  This is all very interesting.  I would still like to talk about my place in your father’s trust.

Cecil, Jr. (shaking his head): I’m sorry, but need I remind you that your marriage to my father lasted all of five minutes and that the circumstances under which the marriage ended are STILL  a subject of great suspicion???

Alexis: I see.  But, anyway…..how do you know all of this about Leslie’s long lost son?

Cecil, Jr.  I was just getting to that.  Shortly after his discharge from active duty in the Canadian Forces, he inherited controlling interest in a small energy company called Anders Corp.  He moved back to Toronto and landed himself a few deals in the Tar Sands.  So, naturally, I had to have him investigated.

Alexis:  Well…..you seem to have certainly covered your bases.  Haven’t you, Mr. Colby?

Cecil, Jr.:  I like to think so.  What do you think, Alexis?  Join me?

Alexis:  Your offer does seem tempting, but I’d like to think it over if your don’t mind.

Cecil, Jr.:  Of course, Alexis.  I’ll be in touch.

Alexis (gets up to leave):  I’ll let you know what I decide.  Ciao, Dahling!

(TUESDAY morning – August 16, 2022 – Gerald Stevenson’s office – Stevenson & Stevenson, PLC – Denver-Carrington Center – 1954 Blake Carrington Plaza – Denver, Colorado)

Gerald Stevenson:  Now, Chase.  You’re absolutely sure about this?  Your mind’s made up?

Chase Torrance (sitting next to Jamie King and holding his hand):  I’m 100% sure, Brother-in-Law.  I’m not changing my mind.  I’m signing my shares of Torrance Unlimited to the two of you. 

Abigail Stevenson:  What are you going to tell Mom?  You know she’s been harping at you to join Torrance Unlimited.  She says it’s a good way to keep up our father’s legacy.

Chase:  I’m going to tell Mom the truth like I’ve tried to tell her several times before.  I don’t want any part of the company.  I’m sick of it.  I just want to continue on the rodeo circuit and with my singing.  That’s what I love to do.  Oh.  By the way.  Gerald.  Abby.  I’d like to formally introduce you to my…..life partner…..Jamie King.  Jamie.  I’d like you meet my sister Abby and my brother-in-law Gerald Stevenson.

Abby:  It’s a pleasure to finally really meet you, Jamie.

Gerald Stevenson:  Chase had told us a lot about you.

Jamie:  Same likewise.  Jamie’s told me a lot about the two of you as well.  It’s nice to finally meet you.

Chase:  Well…..Jamie and I have some good news for you.  Jamie and I are engaged to be married.  

Abby (hugs her brother):  Oh my God!  Chase are you serious??  I’m so happy for you!!

Chase (returns his sister’s hug):  Thanks, Sis.  I knew you would be.

Gerald Stevenson (shakes his brother-in-law’s hand and pats Jamie on the back):  Congrats, both of you.  Jamie.  Welcome to the family.

Chase:  God!  I’ve wanted to put all that mess with Trent McVane and Harper Perez behind me and now I think I’m finally able to.

Gerald Stevenson:  Don’t worry.  Harper Perez isn’t getting out of prison for a long damn time!

Abby:  As happy as I am for the both of you, you know that when we tell Mom about this, she’s going to freak out freak out.

Chase:  Yeah.  From what I understand, our father was quite the homophobe.  Uncle Steven told me the story about how our father outed Bart Fallmont and from what I gathered, it was really ugly and it caused Bart a lot of public embarrassment.

Gerald Stevenson:  And it took him years to recover from it.  Anyway.  Abby and and I are really happy for you and we have a little news of our own.  Just before you two got here, we had just gotten back from the doctor.

Chase:  Wait a minute!  You mean…..

Abby:  That’s right, brother…..I’m pregnant!

Jamie:  How far along are you?  If you don’t mind me asking.

Abby:  No.  Not all.  I’m six weeks along and my due date is April 10.

Chase:  The day after Easter.  Nice!  You going to be Ok, Sis?  You are 41 years old.

Abby:  I’ll be fine.  Women having pregnancies this late in life is a lot more common than it used to be.

Gerald:  That’s right.  Cheryl Tiegs had twins at 52 and Brigette Nielsen had a baby at 54! 

Chase:  Well…..in any event….I’m really happy for the both of you.  I think you guys are going to make wonderful parents.

Abby:  I really appreciate that, brother.  Thanks.  There is one thing, though.

Jamie:  What’s that?

Abby:  I’m worried about about Mom meddling in this kid’s life, but I’m not as worried about her as I am about Grandmother.

Chase:  Don’t worry about it, Sis.  I’m sure you’ll set both of them straight.

Gerald Stevenson:  If she doesn’t, I will.  I know Catherine is going to be down in Colorado Springs for the Rocky Mountain Regional Energy Conference.

Abby:  Yeah I know and I hope to God she doesn’t cause any trouble.  I know Patrick and Leslie are going to be there and so is Grandmother.

Gerald:  Yeah I know, but I’m not worried about Pat and Leslie.  They know how to handle your mother and…..ESPECIALLY…..Alexis!

Abby:  Tell me about it.  Where do you think Emily gets it?

(WEDNESDAY morning – August 17, 2022 – Miranda’s outer office – Denver-Carrington Center – 1954 Blake Carrington Plaza _ Denver, Colorado)

Miranda (rolls her eyes as she sees Sable getting off the elevator):  Oh no!  What the hell are YOU doing here???

Sable:  Well…well…well…..Miss Gonzales!  If there is one thing my cousin and I agree on, it’s your rotten attitude!

Miranda:  Screw you!!  I only have a rotten attitude towards rotten people!!  If you think you’re going to just barge into Patrick and Leslie’s office like you own it the way the Dragon Lady does, then you’ve got another think coming!!  Now if you’ll just sit tight, I’ll tell them you’re here!

Sable:  I’m really not in the mood for your sass, Miss Gonzales.  You wouldn’t last five minutes working for me!!

Miranda:  Yeah!!  Like I’d REALLY want to work for your ass!!  The only other person I’d like to work for LESS than you would be your Dragon Lady cousin Alexis.  You just hold your horses, all right???…..(buzzes the inner office)…..Guys. The Wicked Witch of Bel Air is here.

Leslie:  Thanks, Miranda.  Send her in.

Miranda:  Yes, Leslie…..(looks incredulously at Sable and gives her a sneer)…..You can go in now, Cruella!

(A FEW MINUTES LATER – Patrick and Leslie’s office)

Sable:  Well…well…well…..Patrick and Leslie.  How are you?

Patrick:  What the hell do you want???

Sable: Well first of all, I think your little secretary needs to be fired.

Leslie:  Not on your life!!  First of all, she’s our Office Manager NOT our secretary and second of all, she’s our first line of defense against people like you and Alexis.

Sable:  How dare you!!!

Patrick:  What’s got your knickers in a twist, Sable??

Sable (shaking the Los Angeles Times headline in Patrick and Leslie’s faces):  HAVE YOU SEEN THIS??? 

Patrick (shaking his head):  Shit!  We probably knew about that before you did.  Now would you get that thing out of my face, please???


Leslie:  Typical response from you, Sable.

Patrick:  Ummmmm…..Sable.  Slander is the spoken word.  Libel is the written word.

Sable:  Oh really, Patrick!!  I haven’t time for such frivolity!!

Patrick:  Ummmmm…..Sable?  Has it EVER occurred to you that Roberto Salazar’s reputation might be in more serious jeopardy than yours???  He is looking to buy into a Major League Baseball team and in order to do so, he needs the approval of all thirty owners and if they end up believing this crap, then his chances will go right down the drain.  Is that what you want??

Sable:  Am I supposed to let Alexis continue with her lies???

Leslie:  Don’t worry about Alexis.  We’ll handle her.

Patrick:  And don’t worry about Roberto.  I’m friends with the Rob Manfred, the Commissioner of Baseball.  I’ll handle him.

Sable:  And what am I supposed to do???

Patrick:  Nothing!  We don’t need ANY interference from you!!

Sable:  Patrick.  Leslie.  I would like for you both to help me in finishing off Alexis once and for all.

Leslie:  You MUST be insane!!!

Sable:  So what really happened between Roberto and Menendez Ochoa?

Leslie:  Nothing!  The partnership was between Roberto, Sr. and Ernesto Ochoa and it was legitimate business and was consummated before the Menendez Ochoa cartel was ever formed.

Patrick:  Once Roberto Salazar, Sr. found out that Ernesto Ochoa had begun engaging criminal activity, he pulled the plug on the partnership.  

Sable:  I see.

Patrick:  Look, Sable.  I don’t know how this little war between you and Alexis started and frankly I don’t care.  As for our help???  Ain’t gonna happen!!

Leslie:  Now if there’s nothing else, Sable.  I think you’ll be leaving!!

 Sable (says under her breath as she’s getting ready to leave):  Oh!  Don’t worry, Alexis!!  You WILL be hearing from me!!

(THURSDAY morning – August 18, 2022 – The Academy Hotel – 8110 North Academy Blvd. – Colorado Springs, Colorado)

Dr. David Hopkins, MD:  The name is Hopkins.  I’m here for the Rocky Mountain Regional Energy Conference.  I’m checking in.

Desk Clerk:  Yes.  Of course, Dr. Hopkins.  Your suite is ready…..(hands him his keys)

David Hopkins:  Thank you……(walks away from the desk)…..Now!  It’s time to meet Leslie Carrington Jennings…..my mother!




















Episode #863: The Queen Bee’s Gossip Rag


  • Alexis is confronted by Sable at her villa in the South of France and she counters with surprising news regarding Pavilion Resorts.

  • Alexis then meets with banker Hamilton Stone in Monte Carlo and drops a major bomb on him as well.

  • At the Kit Carson County Fair Pro Rodeo in Burlington, with Pro Rodeo Hall of Famer Beau Harrigan announcing, Chase Torrance and Jamie King compete for the All-Around title as their relationship continues to grow.

  • Sable descends upon the Deveraux Group’s new offices in the old Colbyco building and tries to make a business proposition.

  • Sable then descends upon Patrick and Leslie’s office at Denver-Carrington Center and tries to interest them in doing with her new significant other Roberto Salazar, Jr.

  • Rosalind Parkhurst Dexter brings some news from the Colorado Rockies to Patrick’s attention.

  • At the annual Denver-Carrington Day at the Ball Orchard, Denver-Carrington honors the accomplishments of legendary St. Louis Cardinal players Albert Pujols and Yadier Molina in both English and Spanish.

  • Roberto Salazar, Jr. is introduced to St. Louis Cardinals front office personnel Chairman Bill DeWitt, Jr., President Bill Dewitt III and President of Baseball operations John Mozeliak.

  • After the game, Patrick gets a call on his cell from Miranda who is in a panic.

Scene:  Wednesday morning – August 10, 2022 – Miranda’s outer office – Denver-Carrington Center – 1954 Blake Carrington Plaza – Denver, Colorado…..

Miranda (sees Patrick and Leslie getting off the elevator):  Patrick.  Leslie.  Thank God you guys made it!

Leslie:  Well…..you were pretty frantic when you called Patrick last night.  He told me what was going on.

Patrick:  And I said we were going to get to the bottom of this.  

Miranda:  I’ll have Ed on speaker in a few minutes, but, in the meantime, Terry and Lauren are in you office right now.

Leslie:  We THINK we know why.

Patrick:  When you get Ed, just put him through to our office like it already happened.

Miranda:  Yes, Patrick.

(A FEW MINUTES LATER Patrick and Leslie’s office)

Patrick:  I’m assuming you two have heard about Alexis’ latest stunt!

Leslie:  She’s linked a legitimate businessman with the old Menendez-Ochoa Drug Cartel from Mexico.  All right, Ladies.  What’s going on??  What brings you two up here?

Lauren:  We heard.  This came across our desk this morning, Uncle Pat.  We thought you ought to see it…..(hands Patrick a copy of the headline in the Denver World Express)

Terry:  This is the filth from Queen Beyotch’s latest Scandal Sheet!  This is one of the latest things that Colleen Murphy scrounged up for us.  She has to go back to school on Monday.  Rush Week starts at ZTA, plus, she’s going back for Fall Softball Practice. 

Patrick (nods his head as he reads the paper):  The Denver World Express!!  Yeah!  I should have known!  This bird cage liner makes the old Denver Mirror look like a church bulletin.

Lauren:  Grandmother never stops, Uncle Pat!

Terry:  And you know how fickle people can be sometimes.  Some of them just eat up Yellow Journalism.  You know!  Queen Beyotch’s latest filth rag belongs on the supermarket checkout line right there with the National Enquirer and that other one that talks about Elvis’ Martian Love Child.

Leslie:  And you all know when Sable sees this, she’s going to go frigging ballistic!

Lauren:  That’s what we’re counting on, Aunt Leslie.  You know my grandmother.  Anything to create a little drama.

Terry:  Yeah!  Like that little fastie she pulled on you guys not too long ago with her plan to try and worm her way into Denver-Carrington. 

Patrick:  Yeah!  That cost a few of us a little money to nip her plans in the bud, but hey! it was worth every penny!

Terry:  Hey! I’m not the biggest Sable Colby fan on the planet, but I’d charge admission for people to see her tear Queen Beyotch’s head off.

Patrick:  Blondezilla.  You are a graduate of quite possibly THE finest school of journalism in the entire country, so, you know a thing or two about journalistic integrity.

Terry:  I sure do!

Patrick:  As such, you know there are two kinds of journalism.  There’s Yellow Journalism like Alexis Colby practices and then there’s…..the truth!

Lauren:  Do we know who it is my grandmother’s using to do her dirty work this time, Uncle Pat?  

Patrick:  Not for sure, Lauren, but we know who her usual snoop is.

Terry:  Are you talking about that bitch I caught at the press briefing at Pearl Harbor a couple of years ago?

Patrick:  That’s the one!

Leslie:  We should be hearing from Ed McCormick any time now and when we get the low down from him, we’re going to need you two to counteract Alexis’ load of crap with the truth!

Terry: You got it, Mother-in-Law!

Lauren:  I’m not the biggest Sable Colby fan in the world either, BUT….if I were her, I’d be wanting Grandmother’s head on a platter!

Miranda (buzzes the inner office):  Patrick.  Leslie.  I have Ed McCormick on one.

Leslie:  Thanks, Miranda.  I’ll put him on speaker.

Patrick:  Ed.  Talk to me.  What’s going on?

Ed (at CIA Headquarters in Langley, Virginia):  Pat.  Leslie.  What can I do for you guys?

Patrick:  Aw come on, Ed!  You know us.  You know we need you for some snoop job as per usual.

Ed:  I figured as much.  By the way.  I heard about that load of bilgewater about Roberto Salazar being linked to the old Menendez-Ochoa Cartel.  Shay Mosley may be good, but she’s not good enough.  I’m always a step ahead.

Patrick:  Listen, Ed.  We need you to find out just how much of a load of bilgewater that story is.

Leslie:  It’s front page in this morning’s edition of Alexis’ latest scandal sheet.

Ed:  The Denver World Express!  Yeah.  I figured as much.  What you do need me to do? 

Patrick:  We need you to run a check on just what exactly were Roberto Salazar’s ties to the Menendez-Ochoa.

Ed:  You know I can do it, but before I do, there’s something else that just came up.

Leslie:  What’s that?

Ed:  Well…..you know that botched attempt on Eban Brummel’s life and how somebody connected to Francine Brummel and/or Alexis Colby tried to poison him so that Francine could take over Brummel Agricultural?

Leslie:  Yeah.  What about it?

Ed:  Well…..Eban decided not to press charges.  He said he was using this as some sort leverage against Francine in case she decided to try again or if she were to try something else.

Patrick:  That figures.  That means she could go skipping off back to Europe.

Terry:  And Queen Beyotch gets off the hook yet again!

Lauren:  Wait a minute!  I see Ed’s point!   It’s like Uncle Pat said.  We can use this as some sort of leverage against Grandmother.  We’ve still got her over a barrel!

Patrick (nodding his head):  That’s right!  Oh!  Ed?  Our niece Lauren and our daughter-in-Law Terry are in here with us.  Once we have all the inside dope on Salazar and Menendez-Ochoa, we’re going to let these two use the power of the press to put the truth out there.

Ed:  That sounds like a good idea, Pat.  In the meantime, I’ll keep you posted.

Patrick:  Thanks a lot, Ed!  Once again, you’ve done OUTstanding work.  Bravo Zulu!

(THURSDAY morning August 11, 2022 – The Belvedere – home of Sable Colby – 1060 Brooklawn Drive – Bel Air – Los Angeles, California)

Sable (sitting by the pool reading the morning papers when the Los Angeles Times headline catches her eye):  OH MY GOD!!!!!

Damn you, Alexis!!!  Just when I’ve thought you couldn’t sink to a new low, now you’ve gone and done it!!!….(becoming angrier by the second)…..Oh no, Alexis! this will NOT stand!!  I will be coming to Denver and, mark my words, Dear Cousin,  you and I are going to have it out once and for all!!!  I know there are STILL some dirty little secrets about you lurking around out there and, believe me, I WILL find out what they are and I will finish you!!!…..(gets on her cell)…..Hello?  Nigel?  This is Sable Colby…..I need you to get any information you can find on Alexis Colby.  I don’t care what it is.  Her.  Her family.  It doesn’t matter……Wonderful.  Thank you.  Tete ta, dahling!…..(hangs up her phone and sits back on her lounge chair and smiles to herself)

(FRIDAY morning – August 12, 2022 – Sandra Cox’s office – The Deveraux Group – Deveraux Centre – 1953 Dominique Deveraux Way – Denver, Colorado)

Sandra (already in her office with Lillian Kimball when Leslie comes in):  Hey, Girl!  Come on in!

Lillian:  Hey, Leslie.  Glad you could join us.  I wanted to have this meeting in my office, but we’re still trying to get that remodel finished.  It won’t be done until next week.

Leslie:  I see.  So what is it you wanted to see me about?

Sandra:  Well…..Lillian and I have been talking and there is a freight company on the verge of bankruptcy that we are thinking of acquiring.

Leslie:  And adding to the Troxell Enterprises fleet?

Lillian:  Not exactly.

Leslie:  I don’t understand.

Sandra:  You know our husbands have gone in together on that little sports venture, right?

Leslie  Yeah.

Sandra:  Well…..Lillian and I thought it was about time we girls got together on a little independent venture of our own.  Haversham Freight Company is for sale.

Leslie:  I’ve heard of them.  They’re out of Kansas City, Missouri.

Lillian:  That’s right.  The right opportunity has come along and we really don’t want to pass it up.

Sandra:  We’re trying to buy the company for the express purpose of doing contract freight work with Denver-Carrington.

Leslie:  But, wait a minute!  Denver-Carrington has an exclusive agreement with Troxell Enterprises.


Lillian:  What we’re looking to do is acquire Haversham Freight for the purpose of sub-contracting with Troxell Enterprises.  Now that Troxell Enterprises is placing a greater emphasis on maritime commerce, our ground transportation will now be focused mainly on cross country and long distance hauling.  What Haversham Freight will be focusing on is shorter local runs confined mainly to Colorado and the Rocky Mountain Region.

Leslie:  Ah!  I see.  That’s actually good business.

Sandra:  It’s our way of resuscitating a dying company.

Lillian:  Leslie.  You and I go back a long way.

Leslie:  That’s right.  The West Edmonton Mall expansion project in 1994.

Lillian:  You know you can trust me.  I guarantee you.  You’ll make money hand over fist on this deal.

Sandra:  Come on, Leslie.  What do you say?  Do you want to come in on this deal with us?

Leslie:  What else can I say, but OK!   Count me in.

Sandra:  Good!  I’ll have contract drawn up and you can have Jay or somebody look it over…..(all three women then exchange handshakes and hugs)

(FRIDAY night – August 12, 2022 – The library of the Carrington mansion – 173 Wessex Drive – Golden, Colorado)

Patrick (sees Leslie coming into the library):  Hey!  You look like you have something to tell me.

Leslie:  I sure do.  While you were at Dan Running Brave’s office, I had a meeting at Deveraux Centre with Sandra and Lillian.

Patrick:  Oh yeah?  And?

Leslie:  Do you remember a logistics company called Haversham Freight?

Patrick:  Yeah I do.  Out of Kansas City, Missouri.  I remember they filed for bankruptcy last year and then Hunt Midwest was looking to snatch them up.  They were a pretty good outfit back in the day.

Leslie:  Well…..Hunt Midwest is now out of the picture!

Patrick:  Why?  What happened?

Leslie:  Well…..Sandra, Lillian and I pooled our resources and we bought it.  We closed the deal this morning.

Patrick:  You’re serious.

Leslie:  Yeah I am.

Patrick:  You know how much I like Clark Hunt, but, Babe! that’s OUTstanding.  You beat the Hunts out on a big deal.  I’m really happy for you!!

Leslie (enthusiastically hugs her husband):  Oh, Hun! somehow I knew you would be!!…..(she and Patrick start making out on the library couch)

(MONDAY morning – August 15, 2022 – Cecil Colby, Jr.’s office – Colby Financial Services – First Canadian Place – 100 King Street West – Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Cecil Colby, Jr. (sees Alexis Colby coming into his office):  Well…well…well…..Alexis Colby.  What an unpleasant surprise.  What the hell are you doing here??

Alexis:  I think you and I have something to talk about.

Cecil, Jr.:  Oh really???  And what might that be?

Alexis:  Why don’t we start with the fact my late husband…..your father…..decided to establish a trust fund of which I was not a beneficiary?

Cecil, Jr.:  Oh come now, evil Stepmother!  I think my father left you rather well-to-do!!  Don’t you??  Now.  Why don’t you and I sit down and talk about something really important?

Alexis:  Oh really??  Like what??

Cecil, Jr.:  Like…..maybe…..Patrick Jennings!

(MEANWHILE – Patrick and Leslie’s office – Denver-Carrington Center – 1954 Blake Carrington Plaza – Denver, Colorado)

Patrick (hears his cell ringing and sees ED MCCORMICK coming up on his caller ID):  Ed!  What’s going on?  What do you have for me?

Ed:  I think you’re going to like what I have to tell you, Pat.

Patrick:  God! I sure as hell hope so, Ed.  What do you got?

Ed:  Well…..Let’s just say that Sable and Alexis are gonna be going on the warpath again real soon.  I’ve got some info on the link between Roberto Salazar and Menedez-Ochoa.

Patrick:  All right, Ed.  Hang on.  Leslie’s here with me.  Let me put you on speaker.

















Episode #862: Alexis vs. Sable – Part II


  • Alexis is questioned by the FBI about Nigel Havensworth’s whereabouts and her connections to the Ahmed family and the Syrian government and is advised not to leave town.

  • Emily goes over the company finances with Patrick and Leslie and assures her parents that Alexis did no business during the brief time she held 25% of Denver-Carrington.

  • Patrick, Jr. misses the meeting with Alexis because he handled the debrief with Gerald Wilson III who just came back from representing Denver-Carrington at a defense contractors’ conference in Washington, DC.

  • Patrick, Leslie and the family accept an invitation from Abigail Stevenson to watch Chase compete at the Kit Carson County Fair Rodeo in Burlington, Colorado.

  • At Naval Station Norfolk, Patrick, Patrick, Jr. and Milton are briefed on a potentially dangerous situation in the Eastern Mediterranean.

  • Alexis is warned by Patrick and Patrick, Jr. about the possible consequences of intended attempt to scale back Denver-Carrington’s defense-related activities.

  • In St. Tropez, Alexis informs Jesse and Alex about her future plans for Morell Enterprises when they are suddenly interrupted by an unwanted and unwelcomed guest.

Scene:  WEDNESDAY morning (GMT +2) – July 27, 2022 – Alexis’ Villa – St. Tropez, France…..

Sable (facetiously):  Oh dear sweet Alexis.  I had heard you were going to be vacationing on the French Riviera.  Personally…..I prefer the Italian Riviera myself.

Alexis:  Just what do mean by saying that I shouldn’t go breaking ground just yet?

Sable:  Oh.  I came to tell you that you are going to need a bit of good luck with your bid because Pavilion Resorts will be bidding on that property as well.

Alexis:  I see.

Sable (sees Jesse and Alex):  Well…..how nice!  I see that Granny has brought her little lapdogs with her.

Alex:  LAPDOGS???…..(prepares to come at Sable)…..I’M GONNA LAPDOG YOU IN A SECOND, LADY!!!

Jesse (holds Alex back):  Baby…..DON’T!!!…..(scowls at Sable)…..She’s not worth it!!

Alexis:  Yes.  That’s right, Alex dahling.  We shouldn’t bring ourselves down to the level of this…..common trash!

Sable (incensed):  Common trash???  How dare you???

Alexis:  Oh!  I dare, Dahling!  Believe me!  Now I have a little surprise for you.

Jesse (finishes a call on his cell with Engel and Volkers Real Estate):  Thank you.  I’m sure my grandmother will be pleased.  Yes.  I’ll tell her.  Goodbye…..(hangs up his cell)…..well, Grandmother.  Everything is all set.  It’s a done deal.  

Sable (looking puzzled):  What???  What’s a done deal???

Alexis:  Well…..my dahling Sybil…..I know all about the fact that Pavilion Resorts is in crippling debt because of the California Mudslides and that quite a few of your properties fell into the Pacific Ocean.  You made a rather large mistake taking Pavilion Resorts public as a means to settle your debt.

Sable (now angry):  Alexis!!!!  What have you done???

Alexis:  Well, Dahling!  I bought most of your company’s shares at your initial public offering.

Sable:  You what???

Alexis:  I believe you heard me, Dear.  I now own 75% of Pavilion Resorts and that, my dear, makes you a minority owner of the very company that you started.

Sable:  You’ll never get away with this!!!

Alexis:  Oh but, Dahling.  I believe I already have and don’t worry about your debt, Dear.  It’s all been settled.

Sable:  Oh please!  I’d rather sleep under a bridge than be indebted to you!!!

Alexis:  Careful what you wish for, Dahling.  You may get it.  It gives me so much pleasure to say this, but…..you’re fired!!  You are out as Chairman and CEO of Pavilion Resorts.  If I were you, I’d go back to Los Angeles and clean out your office.

Sable:  Oh!  This is NOT over, Alexis.  You can believe that!!

Alexis:  We’ll just see about…..Sybil!  Tomorrow I will be dealing with Hamilton Stone in Monaco.  In the meantime…..get off my property!!…..(watches as Sable leaves in a huff and starts laughing)…..YOU’RE FINISHED, SYBIL!!!!!  DO YOU HEAR ME???  FINISHED!!!!!

(THURSDAY morning (GMT+2) – Jul 28, 2022 – Hamilton Stone’s office – Banque Richelieu du Monaco – Tour Odeon – La Rousse/Saint Roman – Monaco)

Hamilton Stone (sees Alexis coming into his office along with Jesse and Alex Rubio):  Alexis!  It’s been a long time.

Alexis:  Yes, Mr. Stone it has, but, unfortunately, it hasn’t been long enough.

Hamilton Stone:  What are you doing here?

Alexis:  Well if you must know, I have just bought Banque Richelieu du Monaco

Hamilton Stone:  You’ve what???  

Alexis:  I believe you heard me, Mr. Stone and I’ve heard that Sable Colby was here the other day talking to you about some property in Portofino, Italy.

Hamilton Stone:  That’s really no concern of yours!!

Alexis:  Oh! That’s where you’re wrong, Mr. Stone.  It is now my concern.  I also understand that you are close to retirement.

Hamilton Stone:  That right.  I am, but so what??

Alexis:  You dealt with Sable Colby.  I don’t tolerate that kind of disloyalty, Mr. Stone.!  So…..you can forget about collecting your pension because as of right now, you’re fired!  You have one day to vacate this office and leave Monaco.

Hamilton Stone (gets up out of his chair):  YOU BITCH!!!!!  I’LL GET YOU FOR THIS!!!!!

(SATURDAY evening – July 30, 2022 – Kit Carson County Fair Pro Rodeo – Kit Carson County Fairgrounds Rodeo – 815 15th Street – Burlington, Colorado)

Beau Harrigan:  This year’s Kit Carson County Fair Pro Rodeo has been a real good one, so, hold on to your hats, Ladies and Gentlemen.  It’s come down to the last event and the winner of the Bull Riding will be the 2022 All Around Champion of the Kit Carson County Fair Pro Rodeo.  It’s now between two-time Ewing Rodeo champ Chase Torrance and newcomer Jamie King of Medicine Hat, Alberta, the defendin’ All-Around champ of the Calgary Stampede. Jamie King is the first one up ridin’ Brahma Bill from the 6666 Ranch outta Lubbock, Texas.  And he comes outta the shoot.  Looks like a good ride.  He stayed the required eight seconds.  We’ll hafta wait ‘n see how he does on style points.  And there’s his score.  82.  That’s gonna be tough to beat.  And our last rider Chase Torrance outta Billings, Montana is in the shoot and he’s riding Ol’ Buck from the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch outta West Yellowstone, Montana.  And he’s outta the shoot!!  There it is…..eight seconds.  Now we’ll hafta wait and see what happens as the judges tally up the style score…..an’ there it is…..85!!  Chase Torrance has won the Kit Carson County Fair Pro Rodeo All-Around title for the third time.  Originally, he decided not enter the Bull Riding event, but then he changes his mind and now he’s the 2022 Kit Carson County Pro Rodeo All-Around champion…..(comes out into the middle of the ring once the bulls are corralled to present Chase with the All-Around Championship Belt Buckle)…..Chase.  Ya had a good ride out there and now I wanna present ya with the All-Around Championship Belt Buckle and this check for $100, 000 as you are now the Kit Carson County Fair Pro Rodeo All-Around champion for the third time.  Congratulations…..(then shakes Chase’s hand)…..(Patrick, Leslie, Patrick, Jr., Terry, Emily and jay can be seen in the audience applauding)

Chase:  Thank you, Beau.  It’s a real honor to be receiving this award from one of the greatest pro rodeo cowboys that ever lived.  I wanna thank Jamie King for being being a good competitor, but more important, for being a good friend…..(gives Jamie a hug)…..I love you, Man.

Jamie (hugs Chase in return):  I love you too.

Chase Torrance (then performs “Love is Loud” for the fair crowd after the competition):  How y’all doin’, Kit Carson County??

You know I don’t wanna fight
But I hate to see you go (Gotta go)
And another thing (Oh no)
You know I don’t wanna fight
But I hate to see you go (Gotta go)
And another thing (Oh no)
If I can keep you around
By shouting you down
Well alright, love is loud
I don’t wanna kiss it
‘Cause I don’t wanna miss it too much
(Keep in touch)
And another thing (Oh no)
You I don’t wanna kiss it
‘Cause I don’t wanna miss it too much
(Keep in touch)
And another thing (Oh no)
We know the people around
We might draw a crowd
Well alright, love is loud, loud, loud
And another thing
And another thing
And another thing
And another thing
Well I kept speaking my mind
‘Cause I don’t wanna scare you away (Go away)
And another thing (Oh no)
Well I was speaking my mind
‘Cause I don’t wanna scare you away (Go away)
And another thing (Oh no)
When you scream and shout
That’s what I’m talking bout
Yeah, yeah, yeah love is loud, loud, loud
Love is loud, loud, loud
Love is loud, loud, loud
Love is loud, loud, loud, ooh
Oh yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah love is loud, loud, loud
Love is loud, loud, loud
Love is loud, loud, loud
Love is loud, loud, loud
‘Cause when you scream and shout
That’s what I’m talking bout, alright
Love is loud, loud, loud
Loud, loud
(Leslie, Emily and Terry can be seen in the audience signing along.  Jamie is watching backstage smiling)

(MONDAY morning – August 1, 2022 – Sandra Cox’s office – The Deveraux Group, LLC – Deveraux Centre – 1953 Dominique Deveraux Way – Denver, Colorado)

Sable (looks around as she comes into Sandra’s office):  My…my…..this place has certainly changed since Alexis owned it.

Sandra:  Sable Colby??  What the hell are you doing here???

Sable:  Hello, Sandra dear.  Well…..Milton, dahling.  I was a big fan of your mother’s music and you know my daughter Monica once worked for her at Titania Records.

Milton:  Which is now being run by my sister Jackie.

Sandra:  That still doesn’t answer our question, Sable.  What the hell are you doing here???  Surely you aren’t here to give us interior decorating tips.

Sable:  No, Dear.  I know that Dominique’s company now owns the Carlton Hotel.

Milton:  Yeah.  That’s right, Sable.  What are you driving at??

Sable:  I’d like to buy the Carlton Hotel back from the Deveraux Group.  With all the improvements that have been made, you could turn a substantial profit.

Sandra:  Dominique would be spinning in her grave if she ever found out that you owned the Carlton, which, by the way, isn’t going to happen.

Milton:  That was one thing my mother wanted before she passed on.  That hotel is now part of my mother’s legacy.  I’m sorry, Sable, but the answer is no!!

Sable:  I’m prepared to offer you $100 million.

Sandra (shaking her head):  I don’t know where you’re going to come up with the readily available capital.

Sable:  What are you talking about??

Milton:  We heard what happened with Pavilion Resorts.  How a significant number of your properties, especially the ones in the Knots Landing area, fell into the Pacific.  About how you took a soaking from Alexis…..(shaking his head)…..like my wife said.  You don’t have the ready cash. I’ll say it again.  The answer is no!! 

Sable:  You’re both making a terrible mistake.

Milton:  You could offer us $1 Billion and the answer would still be no.

Sable:  I see.

Sandra:  Sable.  If you’re not our of this office in the next five seconds, I’m going to call security and have you thrown out!!

Sable:  Well….if THAT’S the way you feel…..fine.  But, I assure you, you haven’t heard the last of me!

Milton:  I’m sorry we ever heard the FIRST of you…..GET OUT!!!

(TUESDAY morning – August 2, 2022 – Miranda’s outer office – Denver-Carrington Center – 1954 Blake Carrington Plaza – Denver, Colorado)

Sable:  Well…well…well…..Miranda, dahling!  How are you?

Miranda (shaking her head):  You know…..it’s bad enough that Alexis just barges in here whenever she damn well pleases!  Do we HAVE to put up with that shit from you too???

Sable:  I don’t think you realize who you’re talking to, my dear.  I am NOT Alexis.  Are your bosses in?

Miranda:  I don’t give a crap who you are.  Patrick and Leslie are not just my bosses, they are my friends and if you do anything to cause them ANY harm, you WILL answer to me.  Do I make myself clear???

Sable:  Spare me your sentimental tripe!!  I’ll be in with your bosses!!…..(heads for Patrick and Leslie’s office)

Miranda (throws her hands up in frustration and shakes her head):  Whatever!

(A MINUTE LATER – Patrick and Leslie’s office)

Sable (comes into the office):  Patrick.  Leslie.  Hello, dahlings!!

Leslie:  Wow, Sable!  You sure know how to make an entrance.  Another Cum Laude graduate of the Alexis Colby School of Etiquette.

Patrick:  Last time I looked, our office does not have a revolving door.

Sable:  Oh. You’re both SO amusing.

Patrick:  Heard you got raked over the coals by Alexis in France.

Sable (indignant):  How did you hear about that???

Leslie:  That’s really no concern of yours, but the point is….we know about it.

Patrick:  And now, the big question, Sable…..what the hell are you doing here???

Sable:  I was hoping we could maybe talk a little business.

Leslie:  Us???  Do business with you???  You MUST be out of your mind!! 

Patrick:  Especially after that little fastie you tried to pull on Allison about five years ago.  You know.  Your little blueprint for the takeover of Denver-Carrington!!

Sable (trying to play it off):  Why, Patrick.  I don’t know what it is you’re talking about?

Patrick:  The hell you don’t!!!  Shall I open the safe???

Sable:  Fine.  But…..it’s not me I’d like to talk to you about doing business with.

Leslie:  What???

Patrick:  You’re not going to set us up in some phony real estate deal where the properties are going to fall into the ocean, are you??

Sable:  Oh no, dahlings.  It’s my new significant other Roberto Salazar, Jr. and it’s really you I’d like for him to do business with, Patrick.

Patrick:  What the hell are you babbling about???

Sable:  I understand that you and Milton Cox have started a new company that deals in sports.

Patrick:  That’s right.  Our company, Cox-Jennings Sports Ventures owns part of the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team and the Kansas City Chiefs football team.

Sable:  Well…..you know Roberto just loves baseball.

Patrick:  Yes I know.  He was drafted by the Cardinals ten years after I was.  He ended up playing Shortstop for Los Diablos Rojos de Ciudad Mexico of the Mexican League.  He was a good ballplayer.

Sable:  Yes well…..He’s talked a lot about buying into an American baseball team and I was wondering…..

Patrick:  You were wondering if I would maybe cut him in for a piece of the action in mine and Milton’s company.  Well, here’s your answer…..FORGET IT!!!

Sable:  I see.

Patrick:  However…..I think there may be a workable solution that may be satisfactory to all parties.

Leslie (looks at sable):  Which, hopefully, will NOT involve you!!

Sable:  And what might that be?

Patrick:  OK.  Here it is!  One of the minority partners who was part of the group that bought out Anheuser-Busch in 1996, Nick Kladis, died in 2009 and his family is looking to get out of sports.  As a result, his estate is putting his stake in the team up for sale.  It only amounts to 3%, but it’s an entrée into sports ownership.

Leslie:  It’s either that or nothing, Sable.  Take it or leave it!

Sable:  Well…..I suppose we’ll have to take it.

Patrick:  Oh no no! There’s no “we” about it.  This deal will NOT involve you and that’s FINAL!!!

Sable:  I see.

Patrick:  Sable.  There’s one more thing.

Sable:  What’s that?

Patrick:  In order for this deal to become official, it has to be approved by ALL THIRTY Major League Baseball owners.

Sable:  And what has to be done to make that possible?

Patrick:  YOU do not do ONE DAMN THING!!!  Rob Manfred, the Commissioner of Baseball is a friend of mine.  Just let me handle it.  I’ll be meeting with Bill DeWitt, Sr. and Jr. and John Mozeliak at the game next Tuesday.  You can tell Roberto we’ll talk to him then.

Sable:  All right.  I’ll tell Roberto.  We’ll be in Denver next Tuesday.  Will it be all right if I come to the game with him?  I’ve never seen American baseball before.

Leslie:  You can come with him, Sable, but you better not involve yourself in this deal.

Patrick:  That’s right.  I like Roberto very much and we will work with him and him alone.

Sable:  All right.  You have my word.

Leslie:  Like we had your word when you said you weren’t trying to take over Denver-Carrington???  

Sable:  You have my word.  I swear it!

Patrick:  Good!  I’ll let the DeWitts and John Mozeliak know.  We’ll see you next Tuesday.

Sable:  Patrick.  Leslie.  I was wondering…..

Patrick (looking perturbed):  Wondering what???

Sable:  If perhaps you would like my help in locating Alexis’…..if you will…..significant other…..Nigel Havensworth.  I’ve heard he is in some hot water with your government.

Leslie:  That’s really not your concern, Sable.  We really DON’T want to become embroiled in your little…..”peccadilloes”…..with Alexis.

Patrick (shakes his head):  If it were up to us, we’d lock the two of you in a room and wait to see which one of you would come out alive.  In other words…..FOR…..GET…..IT!!!

Leslie (points towards the front of the office):  There’s the door, Sable!

(THURSDAY morning – August 4, 2022 – Rosalind Parkhurst Dexter’s office – Denver-Carrington Center)

Rosalind Parkhurst Dexter:  Uncle Patrick.  I’m glad you came down here.  The Colorado Rockies sent this over and they wanted you to see it.

Patrick (looks the document over):  Hmmmmm. seems the Colorado Rockies are honoring Albert Pujols and Yadier Molina before the game next Tuesday night.  Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

Rosalind Parkhurst Dexter:  Since you own part of the Cardinals, they’d like you to say a few words.

Patrick:  I’d love to and I’d love to have Milton Cox to say a few words as well.  I have an idea.

Rosalind Parkhurst Dexter:  What are you going to do?

Patrick:  You’ll find out next at the game Tuesday.  Thanks again for bringing this to my attention.

Rosalind Parkhurst Dexter:  You’re welcome, Uncle Patrick.

(TUESDAY evening – August 9, 2022 – Denver-Carrington Day at the Ball Orchard – Pregame Ceremony honoring Albert Pujols and Yadier Molina – Coors Field – 2001 Blake Street – Denver, Colorado)

Dan McLaughlin:  We are here at Coors Field for pregame ceremonies honoring the outstanding careers of both Albert Pujols and Yadier Molina.

Brad Thompson:  Yeah.  This is probably the final visit of their amazing careers to Coors Field and in every city they’ve played in this year, they have been honored for their outstanding accomplishments in the game of baseball.

Dan:  You know, BT.  I was just thinking.  This really is a beautiful ballpark and it has done so much for the revitalization of the Downtown area here in Denver.  You’ve got shops, restaurants, hotels.

Brad:  Yeah.  Pretty much everything within walking distance.  OK.  We’ve got Jimmy “The Cat” Hayes standing by. 

Dan:  Jimmy?  What do you have for us?

Jimmy “The Cat” Hayes:  Dan.  Brad.  As you know, Patrick Jennings and Milton Cox, two prominent local businessmen here in Denver, are now part of the Cardinals’ ownership group.  They are here to say a few words honoring these two legends.  Let’s listen in.

Patrick (first in Spanish then in English):  Yadi.  Alberto.  Quiero agradecerles a ambos por sus muchos anos de excelente servicio a la organaizacion Cardinal, como fuera del campo.  Ha sido un placer para el Senor Cox y para mi ser parte del grupo propietario de una de las franquicisas de grande ligas mas exitosas en la historia del deporte norteamericano.  Yadi.  Albert.  I want to thank you both for your many years of fine service to the Cardinal organization both on and off the field.  It has been a pleasure for Mr. Cox and myself to be a part of the ownership group of one of the most successful major league franchises in North American sports history.

Milton:  The two of you are among the biggest reasons that our experience has been as enjoyable as it has.  Denver-Carrington, along with the Deveraux Group and Ewing Industries, has been exploring the Southwest Missouri area for Natural Gas, which we hope will go a long way in helping to solve America’s energy problems and put this country back on the road to energy independence.  I’m happy to announce that two more Natural Gas fields in the Southwest Missouri area have just hit.

Patrick (first in Spanish then in English):  El suroeste du Misuri es el hogar de mucha gente buena y tarbajadora, y muchas de esas personas buenas y trabajadoras resultan ser fanaticos de Cardinal y no podriamos pensar en una mejor manera de honrarlos a ustedes dos que nombrando nuestros campos petroleros mas nuevos como YADI CUATRO y ALBERTO CINCO!!  Southwest Missouri is home to a lot of good hard working people and a lot of those good hard working people happen to be Cardinal fans and we couldn’t think of a better way to honor the two of you than by naming our newest petroleum fields YADI 4 and ALBERT 5!!…..(waits for the cheering of the crowd to die down)…..Ademas, cada uno de ustedes compartira el cinco por ciento de las ganancias generadas por estos campos.  In addition, each of you will be sharing in 5% of the profits generated by these fields.  Yadi!!  Albert!!  Mi Hermanos!!  MUCHAS GRACIAS!!!….(the crowd starts cheering again and he and Milton then present Yadi and Albert with Southwest Missouri Project certificates)

Albert (comes up and hugs Patrick):  Gracias, Almirante.

Yadi (comes up and hugs Milton):  Gracias, Senor Cox.

Coors Field PA:  And now with the singing of our National Anthem, please welcome Miss Colorado 1984 Lillian Moore Kimball!!

Lillian:  Oh say can you see!  By the Dawn’s early Light!  What so proudly we hailed!  At the Twilight’s last gleaming!  Whose broad stripes and bright stars!  Through the perilous fight!  O’er the ramparts we watched!  Were so gallantly streaming!  And the rockets red glare!  The bombs bursting in air!  Gave proof through the night!  That our flag was still there!  Oh say does that Star Spangled Banner yet wave!  O’er the land of the free!  And the home of the…..brave!!!

(LATER – Denver-Carrington Luxury Suite – Coors Field)

Patrick (with Leslie comes over to the DeWitts and John Mozeliak):  Bill.  Bill.  Mo.  you, of course, remember my wife Leslie.

Bill DeWitt III: Hello, Leslie.

John Mozeliak:  Of course.  It’s been a long time, Leslie.  How are you?

Leslie:  Fine thanks, Mo.  Patrick’s really excited about how the team is progressing this year.

John Mozeliak:  Yeah.  It’s finally starting to come together for us.

Fallon:  I’m really sorry.  Pardon the interruption.  John.  I hope you and the guys like the accommodations.

John Mozeliak:  Yeah we do, Fallon.  Five star as always.

Fallon:  Thank you, John.  At La Mirage, we always aim to please.  You remember my husband Jeff.

John Mozeliak:  Yes, of course.  Jeff, it’s good to see you again.

Jeff:  Thanks, Mo.  Patrick’s right.  You have a real winner here.  I think you guys could go all the way.

John Mozeliak:  Thanks, but you know baseball is a game of twists and turns.

Jeff:  I know that.  Good luck, John.  We’ll be rooting for you.

Fallon:  By the way.  That was a nice speech you and Milton gave, Baby Brother.

Patrick:  Thanks, Sis……Oh! I’m sorry.  Bill.  Bill.  Mo.  I’d like for you to meet Roberto Salazar, Jr.  He’s the one who is interested in buying the shares in the team from the estate of Nick Kladis.

Bill DeWitt, Jr.:  Yes, of course.

John Mozeliak:  Roberto Salazar, Jr.  I remember scouting you when I was with the Rockies.  Shortstop out of the University of Mexico.  You were a good player.  I’m sorry nobody ever got to see you play in the majors.

Roberto:  It’s quite all right, Senor Mozeliak.  I gave up baseball to go into my father’s business and I don’t regret it for a second.

Bill DeWitt III:  Well…..it’ll be an honor to have you join our ownership group.

Roberto:  Is is an honor for me as well, Senor DeWitt.  I look forward to working with you and seeing how this club develops over the years.

John Mozeliak:  Thank you, Senor Salazar.  We feel the same way.  Pat and Milt recommended you very highly.

Roberto:  Gentlemen.  I would like to introduce my date for the evening Sable Colby.

Bill DeWitt, Jr.:  Colby.  Wait a minute.  Were you married to Jason Colby at one time?

Sable:  Why…..yes…..I was.

Bill DeWitt, Jr.:  I remember him when was a part owner of the New York Mets.  He was a good man.  A lot of people in the community of owners really liked him.

Sable:  Of course.  It was lovely to meet you, Mr. DeWitt.

Bill DeWitt, Jr.:  Thank you, Mrs. Colby.  A pleasure to meet you as well.

Bill DeWitt III:  Senor Salazar.  We accept your firm offer.  The price was fair.  We’ll have our lawyers get with your lawyers and we’ll formalize this agreement.  In the meantime, please, enjoy the rest of the game…..(the Cardinals are losing 14-5 in the 6th inning)

Roberto:  Gracias, Senor DeWitt.


Coors Field PA:  Ladies and Gentlemen.  For our Seventh Inning Stretch, please welcome Miss Colorado 1984 Lillian Moore Kimball as she sings “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”!!!

Lillian:  Katie Casey was baseball mad.  Had the fever and had it bad.  Just to root for the hometown crew.  Every s’ou Katie blew.  On a Saturday, her young beau called to see if she’d like to go.  To see a show, but Miss Kate said, “No!  I’ll tell you want you can do…..”

Take me out to the ballgame.  Take me out with the crowd.  Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jack.  I don’t care if I never get back.  Let me root, root, root for the home team.  If they don’t win it’s a shame.  For it’s one, two, three strikes you’re out!! At the old ball game!

Katie Casey saw all the games.  Knew the players by their first names.  Told the umpire he was wrong.  All along.  Good and strong.  When the score was just two to two.  Katie Casey knew what to do.  Just to cheer up the boys she knew, she made the gang sing this song…..

EVERYBODY…..(the crowd starts singing in unison)…..Take me out the ball game.  Take me out with the crowd.  Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jack.  I don’t care if I never get back.  Let me root, root, root for the home team.  If they don’t win it’s a shame.  For it’s…..ONE!!  TWO!!  THREE!!, you’re out!!  At the OLD…..BALL…..GAME!!!

Coors Field PA:  Would you all please remain standing as Mrs. Kimball sings “God Bless America”.

Lillian:  God Bless, America.  Land that I love.  Stand beside her and guide her through the night with a light from above.  From the mountains to the prairies.  To the oceans.  White with foam.  God Bless America!  My home sweet home!!  GOD BLESS AMERICA…..MY…..HOME…..SWEET…..HOME!!!!…..(the crowd then breaks out into thunderous applause)

(AT THE CONCLUSION OF THE GAME [which the Cardinals lost 16-5] – Denver-Carrington Luxury Suite – Coors Field)

Patrick (pats John Mozeliak on the back):  I’m sorry, Mo, but I guess today just wasn’t our day.

John Mozeliak:  I know, Pat, but we really wanted to win here in Denver for you guys.

Patrick:  Look.  Over 162 games, you’re bound to have games like this.  It’s better to get it out of our system now rather than in October.  Don’t worry, we’ve got some business coming up in St. Louis.  Hopefully, we’ll be able to get out there for a game or two.

John Mozeliak:  Thanks, Pat.

Patrick (hears his cell ringing and moves to another corner of the room):  I need to take this.  Hello?  Miranda??  Oh Jeez!!   Miranda calm down and tell me what happened!!  What???  Yes!   Don’t worry!!  We’ll be at the office first thing tomorrow morning and we’ll do some damage control.  Do I what??  Do I want you to call Ed??  Absolutely!  Just have him on speaker when we get there tomorrow morning.  Don’t worry about a thing.  We’ll get to the bottom of this.  Yes.  We’ll see you tomorrow morning.  Bye……(hangs up his cell)…..SON OF A BITCH!!!!!

Leslie (comes over to where her husband is standing):  Hun?  What is it?  What happened?

Patrick (takes a deep breath):  I think Alexis happened!!




















Episode #861: Alexis vs. Sable


  • Jay and Corrie come to Patrick and Leslie’s office with news about Alexis, but their news is interrupted by a call from Ed McCormick concerning the status of the investigation into Eban Brummel’s poisoning.

  • Patrick tells Ed McCormick to run checks on Alexis and Jacques Piers as Jay reveals the legitimacy of Alexis’ claim regarding Denver-Carrington. 

  • Jay  brings to light new information regarding Tom Carrington’s original investment and the chartering of Denver-Carrington as a corporation. 

  • Patrick and Leslie call a meeting of the senior members of the Denver-Carrington board  as well as the Ewing and the Coxes. 

  • While practicing for the Kit Carson County Fair Rodeo in Burlington, Chase Torrance and Jamie King meet Rodeo legend Beau Harrigan and further explore their growing relationship. 

  • Patrick, Leslie and other members of the inner circle formulate a plan to get Alexis out of Denver-Carrington and, after confronting her with some damaging information, force her to agree to it. 

  • Alexis is then visited by the F.B.I.

Scene:  Wednesday morning – July 20, 2022 – Alexis’ office – Morrel Enterprises – Granite Tower – 1090 18th Street – Denver, Colorado…..

Special Agent Jubal Valentine:  What’s the matter, Alexis?  Worried about something?

Alexis (starts to rise from her chair):  I don’t have to sit here and…..

Special Agent Scott Forrester:  I wouldn’t get up out of that chair if I were you, Mrs. Colby.

Alexis (has a worried look on her face as she sits back down):  All right.  What is it you want??  I’m exceedingly busy.

Jubal:  Funny!  You don’t look exceedingly busy!  We have some questions we’d like to ask you, Alexis.

Alexis:  What sort of questions??

Jubal:  Well…..for starters…..where’s Nigel Havensworth?

Alexis:  I don’t know!

Jubal:  That the best you can do??

Alexis:  I haven’t heard from him since just after the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Jubal:  You’re going to need to do better than that, Alexis.  The Bureau as well as the CIA and MI6 in the UK are looking for him.  He’s got some questions to answer for us.

Scott:  Another thing, Mrs. Colby.  We know you know the Ahmed family.

Alexis:  What about them?

Scott:  Well…..we happen to know that you and Rashid Ahmed were…..if you will…..considerably more than friends.  We also know that his brother Farouk is now a minister in the Syrian Government and that Syria is trying to start a nuclear program.

Jubal:  You wouldn’t happen to know anything about that, would you, Alexis?

Alexis:  Of course not!!

Jubal:  That your final answer, Alexis?  

Scott:  Mrs. Colby.  It is important that we find Nigel Havensworth and we’d really appreciate you cooperation in this matter.  So, if you’re willing to talk, please, don’t hesitate to give us a call…..(Scott and Jubal hand Alexis their business cards)

Jubal:  Better yet, you can get a hold of Smitty…..that’s Special Agent-in-Charge Roy Smith, Jr…..at the Denver Field Office and have him get in touch with us.  One more thing, Alexis.

Alexis:  What’s that?

Jubal (shaking his head):  I wouldn’t leave town if I were you.

(THURSDAY morning – July 21, 2022 – Patrick and Leslie’s office – Denver-Carrington Center – 1954 Blake Carrington Plaza – Denver, Colorado)

Leslie:  Emm.  You absolutely sure?

Emily:  Mom.  Dad.  I’m absolutely sure.  I’ve been over everything five times.  She did come into my office the other day with her usual bluster and tried to sell me on the idea of making what she termed…..”wholesale changes”…..around here.

Patrick:  Emm.  You did a good job keeping her from coming in here and throwing a monkey wrench into everything.

Jay:  She knew full well that she couldn’t proceed with ANY course of action unless the board gave its consent.

Leslie:  Which we all knew wasn’t going to happen.

Patrick:  Jay.  Even though six of us are going to be a billion dollars poorer, what about SEC approval of the purchase of those shares?

Jay:  The agreement with Alexis’ lawyers has been formalized.  The paperwork is on its way and we should hear something from Washington around the first part of next week.

Patrick:  Excellent work, Jay…..(looks over at his son)…..Kid! I’m sorry you missed the big meeting the other day.  

Patrick, Jr.:  Me too, Dad, but Gerald was briefing me on what happened at the Defense Contractors’ Conference in Washington.  I knew you and Mom were going to be busy with Alexis, so, I handled the briefing for you.

Leslie:  We knew you did and you did a fine job.

Patrick:  Yeah you did.  Kid.  You have always been there and I’ve always been able to depend on you whether it’s here in the office or when we’re on Weekend Warrior Duty.  I knew when I recommended you for your commission, I did the right thing.

Patrick, Jr.:  Thanks, Dad.

Mom:  In fact, both of you have done an outstanding job for this company.

Emily:  Thanks, Mom.  Thanks, Dad.

Terry:  God!  I wish I could have been there to see the look on Queen Beyotch’s face when you guys waved $6 Billion in her face.  She must have had dollar signs in her eyes and heard the “cha ching” in her brain.

Patrick:  Something like that, Blondezilla…..(looks over at his son)…..Kid!  You know we’ve got Weekend Warrior Duty coming up tomorrow as a matter of fact, we need to leave for Norfolk this afternoon.

Patrick:  I’m ready, Dad.

Emily:  Oh!  Mom?  Dad?  Abby Stevenson called and wanted to know if we all wanted to go see Chase and his friend Jamie King compete at the Kit Carson County Fair Rodeo next Saturday.  She said Beau Harrigan is going to be the Grand Marshall and Chase is performing after.

Patrick:  Yeah.  As a matter of fact, that might be fun.  Call her back and tell her we accept the invitation.

Leslie:  A rodeo does sound like fun.  I haven’t been to once since I last went to the Calgary Stampede about thirty years ago.

Emily:  Thanks, Mom.  Thanks, dad.  I’m on it.