Episode #809: Good News, Bad News


  • Emily and Terry join Patrick and Leslie in the library at the mansion as they get ready to reveal who they think Jennifer Garcia’s father is.
  • Patrick and Patrick try to decide when Sammy Jo should be told about Emily and Terry’s big reveal, but they do agree that Jennifer should be told first, which Emily and Terry agree to handle.
  • Steven calls Danny and Max into his office for a meeting.  Steven informs Max that he has made a decision concerning Max’s future with the company and Max informs Steven that he has made a decision concerning his future with the family. 
  • Emily comes to Patrick and Leslie and reports to them about a small oil company in Southwestern Colorado that is about to go on the government auction block and Patrick comes up with an idea on what to do should Denver-Carrington acquire it.
  • Patrick and Patrick, Jr. do their Weekend Warrior duty at Lake Colby keeping up their dive hours while Milton Cox conducts a weapons briefing at Naval Operation Support Center at Buckley Space Force Base in Aurora.
  • Ed McCormick comes to Patrick and Leslie’s office and Patrick asks him to do a little snoop job, but then he is about to present Patrick and Leslie with some good news and some bad news.

(MONDAY morning – Patrick and Leslie’s office – Denver-Carrington Center – 1954 Blake Carrington Plaza – Denver, Colorado)

Patrick:  OK, Ed.  Just give to us straight.

Ed McCormick:  OK.  Here it is.  This bit of news, you are going to like.  I got with Bum Jones the other day.  He had some of his guys snooping around Westar at the request of Ewing Industries.  They found out something VERY interesting.  Have a listen…..(Ed plays a micro recorder):

Jacques Piers, Sr.:  So is it done?

Jacques Piers, Jr:  It is.  The…..revised….. Arkansas environmental impact report on the Missouri Natural Gas Project has been sent to the EPA in Washington.  One of their lawyers should be arriving at the Denver-Carrington offices as we speak.  The delays on the project should cost them hundreds of millions of dollars in terms of lost time and man hours.

Jacques Piers, Sr.:  Good!  Then, we should be looking at the beginning of the end of Denver-Carrington and Patrick and Leslie Jennings.

Leslie:  So it was Jacques Piers.

Patrick:  SON OF A BITCH!!!!  I KNEW IT!!!!

Leslie:  Hun.  Since he’s the one behind that phony environmental impact report, is it possible that he set Bart Fallmont up to take a fall as well?

Patrick:  I think that’s entirely possible.  Good call, Babe!

Ed:  Now, unfortunately, I have some news you’re not going to like.

Patrick:  Don’t tell me.  Let me guess.  Somebody else was involved in the planting of the phony environmental impact report.  If SHE wasn’t involved, SHE at least knew about it.

Leslie:  Alexis!

Ed:  I’m afraid so.  I have something else I’d like to play for you…..(plays a micro recorder again)

Alexis:  Jacques.  I’m not asking you to completely destroy Denver-Carrington.  We are talking about a company that my son and daughter still work for.  After all, it was the legacy that Blake and I were supposed to leave to our children and Steven is still Chairman of the Board.

Jacques:  Unless you’ve forgotten, Alexis, your son Steven was most uncooperative when I suggested to him that it would be better for Denver-Carrington if the company were to be taken public.

Alexis:  All I’m asking is that Patrick and Leslie Jennings be driven out of the energy business for good.  Since none of my other children and grandchildren have chosen to follow in my footsteps, I’d like there to be a company left for my grandson Jesse to run.

Jacques:  Yes.  I understand that you named him to be your successor.  Not to worry, Alexis.  My son and I have a plan that will insure that not only will Patrick and Leslie Jennings be driven out of the energy business for good, but they will spend the rest of their lives in prison.

Ed:  There you have it.  We don’t know how deeply she was involved, but we now have proof positive that she knew what was going on and did nothing to stop it.

Patrick:  DAMN HER!!!!

Leslie (shaking her head):  Why am I not surprised?

Patrick (angrily):  Everything that goes wrong somehow, some way always seems to get connected to Alexis!! 

Leslie:  Oh, Hun.  We’ve got that Rocky Mountain Regional Energy Luncheon to go to today.

Patrick:  Bullshit!!!  I’m not going to that damn thing!!

Leslie:  You’re supposed to be delivering the keynote address “Energy Usage in Today’s Military”.

Patrick:  I really don’t give a shit!  If we go to that damn thing and I see Alexis Colby there, it’s going to take every fiber of my being to keep me from ringing her neck.

Leslie:  Well…..after all the crap we just went through, I don’t blame you and I wouldn’t mind punching her lights out myself.

(MONDAY afternoon – Rocky Mountain Regional Energy Summit Luncheon – Main Ballroom – The Brown Palace Hotel and Spa – 321 17th Street – Denver, Colorado)

Alexis (sees Jeff, Fallon, L.B. and Allison):  Jeff, dahling!  How are you?

Jeff (gives her kind of a sneer):  Hello, Alexis.

Fallon (also looks at her with contempt):  Hello, Mother…..(shakes her head)…..I don’t know how you can sleep at night pulling the kind of crap you pull.

Alexis (in denial):  Why, Fallon.  I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Jeff:  We think you do.  As a matter of fact, that’s why Patrick and Leslie aren’t here.  After you’re latest stunt, I wouldn’t blame Patrick or Leslie one bit if they rung your neck.

Alexis:  Jeff!  You’re talking crazy!

Jeff:  Am I, Alexis???

Fallon:  It’s a sick pattern with you, Mother! Look at all the little stunts you’ve tried to pull on me.  That little deal of yours in the Middle East.  You trying to worm your way into my real estate deal in Northern Virginia.  It never stops.  Oh!  Lest we forget that my son and I almost died because of you and your lies!  If we had, it would have been as though you had pulled the trigger yourself!

Alexis:  But, Fallon!  I didn’t!

Allison:  No, Alexis!  You didn’t, but ostensibly, you would have been guilty of murder.  Their deaths, had they occurred, would have been brought on by you and your lies!

Alexis:  I don’t recall anybody asking for your opinion.

L.B.:  You don’t talk to my wife that way, Grandmother!  We know that your name came up in connection with the attempted sabotage of Denver-Carrington’s Natural Gas extraction project in Southwest Missouri.  We know this is all part of your pathetic plan to get rid of Uncle Pat and it’s not going to work.

Allison:  I know who Darlene Lake is, Alexis.  She is a fighter and I respect her for that, but she and the EPA would have been totally in the wrong had they gone ahead with that ridiculous investigation.  As for that deal in the Middle East that that you and Claudia Waite are cooking up.  My advice to you is to pull out of that deal right now.  Or was being shut down once by the Justice Department not enough for you?  Just so you know…..I’m licensed to practice in Federal court.

L.B.:  Oh!  Grandmother.  If your thinking of somehow getting Uncle Pat and Aunt Leslie forced out at Denver-Carrington and replaced by your new stooge Jesse Colby…..(shakes his head)…..that’s not going to happen.  I think Jay Fallmont should have finished the job in the entrance hall that day and really kicked the shit out of him.

Jeff:  Now, Alexis.  If you’ll excuse us.  We need to get to our table.  I’m giving the speech that Patrick was supposed to be giving.

Fallon (sneers and shakes her head):  God help you, Mother!

Alexis (sees former US Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell):  Senator Campbell how wonderful to see you.  Welcome to my hotel.

Senator Campbell:  Hello.  Mrs. Colby.

Alexis:  Why Senator.  Now that Morell Enterprise is poised to become a big player in the energy game, I was hoping that maybe you and I could do a little business together.

Senator Campbell:  I don’t know, Mrs. Colby.

Alexis:  Senator Campbell.  Despite any recent setbacks I might have suffered, I still do have a certain of influence with current and former officials.

Senator Campbell:  Which is probably why some of them are former officials.  Mrs. Colby.  Your late ex-husband Blake Carrington and I went back a long way.  So do another one of your former husbands and I.  I’ve known Dex for a long time too.

Alexis:  I see.

Senator Campbell:  Mrs. Colby.  The way you and your son Adam treated the good people of Flathead Nation about 30 years was reprehensible.  Denver-Carrington shouldn’t have to continue to be punished for something you did.  I also heard from your son-in-law Jeff Colby why Pat and Leslie aren’t here.  I know how you do business, Mrs. Colby, but I don’t do business that way and I wouldn’t do business with you on a bet.  As far as I’m concerned, this conversation is over.  Good day, Mrs. Colby.

(TUESDAY morning – Alexis Colby’s office – Morell Enterprises – Granite Tower – 1090 18th Street – Denver, Colorado)

David:  Oh.  Admiral and Mrs. Jennings.  I’m sorry, but you can’t go in there.  Mrs. Colby is very busy and doesn’t wish to be disturbed.

Patrick (grabs David by the shirt collar):  The hell we can’t!!  Now get out of our way you wussbag little twerp!!

Leslie:  I’d do as he says.  That is unless, of course, you want to get the shit beaten out of you by a girl again.

Alexis:  David.  I thought I said I didn’t want to be disturbed.

David:  i’m sorry, Mrs. Colby.

Alexis: Well…well…well…..Patrick and Leslie Jennings.  It certainly was a shame that you weren’t able to come to the Energy Summit yesterday.  It was a grand affair.  So…..what brings you here today?

Leslie (shaking her head):  It never stops with you.  Does it, Alexis?

Alexis:  Leslie, dear.  What on earth do you mean?

Patrick (waves his arm across Alexis’ desk and sends her tea set crashing to the floor):  I ought to strangle you!!

Alexis:  Why, Patrick.  I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Patrick:  Of course you don’t!…..(plays a surveillance tape)…..Listen to THIS!

Alexis:  Jacques.  I’m not asking you to completely destroy Denver-Carrington.  We are talking about a company that my son and daughter still work for.  After all, it was the legacy that Blake and I were supposed to leave to our children and Steven is still Chairman of the Board.

Jacques:  Unless you’ve forgotten, Alexis, your son Steven was most uncooperative when I suggested to him that it would be better for Denver-Carrington if the company were to be taken public.

Alexis:  All I’m asking is that Patrick and Leslie Jennings be driven out of the energy business for good.  Since none of my other children and children have chosen to follow in my footsteps, I’d like there to be a company left for my grandson Jesse to run.

Jacques:  Yes.  I understand that you named him to be your successor.  Not to worry, Alexis.  My son and I have a plan that will insure that not only will Patrick and Leslie Jennings be driven out of the energy business for good, but they will spend the rest of their lives in prison.

Patrick:  You knew about this!!!  You knew what the hell Piers was trying to do!!!  You were probably in cahoots with him the whole time!!!!

Alexis:  Patrick.  Leslie.  All I want is a legacy to be left to my grandchildren and great grandchildren.  I didn’t know that Jacques going to try to get the EPA to have Denver-Carrington investigated and possibly shut down.  He was just trying to bounce ideas off of me.  I swear it!!!

Leslie:  Who said anything about an EPA investigation?

Patrick:  That doesn’t excuse the fact that Jacques Piers and Westar tried to sabotage our company and you knew about it!!!

Leslie:  Like I said earlier, it never stops, Alexis.  You profess to love and care deeply for your children and grandchildren, yet, you allow someone to come in and try and destroy Uncle Blake’s company!!  God help you, Alexis!

Alexis:  So what are you going to do to that lawyer…..what’s her name?…..Darlene…..Darlene Lake.

Patrick:  You don’t worry about Darlene Lake.  Just leave her to us.  She’ll be fine.

Leslie:  In the meantime, I suggest you worry a little more about Jacques Piers.  You may be in denial over this, Alexis, but we know that you’re always kow towing to him.  We know that you’re afraid he’s  going to take your company from you.  Well…..you know…..if you’re not careful…..he just might!

Patrick:  We don’t know how deeply you were involved in all of this, but you can bet your ass we’ll find out!!  Thank you for your time, Alexis.  We’ll see ourselves out.

Alexis (slumps down in her chair):  Oh my God!

(WEDNESDAY morning – Patrick, Jr.s Office – Denver-Carrington Center – 1954 Blake Carrington Plaza – Denver, Colorado)

Patrick, Jr. (sees Emily coming into his office):  Hey, Sis!  What’s up?  Come on in.

Emily:  Hey, Big Brother!  Mom and Dad wanted me to get with you about the Ute Mountain Reservation.

Patrick, Jr:  You mean about them having Federal EZ/EC Status?  Yeah I know.  Dad told me.

Emily:  Well?  Do they?

Patrick, Jr.:  Yeah they do.  That’s going to mean tax credits and other incentives for new job creation.  You know that’ll make Dad happy.

Emily:  It’ll make Denver-Carrington look like heroes too.

Patrick, Jr.:  There’s one problem, though, Sis.

Emily:  What’s that?

Patrick, Jr.:  Shay Mosley has been putting her feelers out on Thorpe Oil Company.

Emily:  Shit! That means Alexis is probably going to be making a play for that company.  Mom and Dad are going to go ballistic!

Patrick, Jr.:  Tell me about it.  We’re going to have to tell them some time.

Emily:  Hopefully, Dad will have something up his sleeve.

Patrick, Jr.:  That’s where the information on the Ute Mountain Reservation comes in.  He’s talking about bringing the Ute Tribe in on the deal to purchase Thorpe Oil Company.

Emily:  So he does have something up his sleeve.

Patrick, Jr.:  You know our dad.  He usually does.

(THURSDAY morning – Jay and Gerald’s office)

Patrick:  Jay.  Gerald.  You guys got a second?

Jason:  Yeah sure, Boss.  Come on in.

Gerald:  What’s going on, Boss?

Patrick:  I just want to give you two a heads up on our plans to purchase Thorpe Oil Company at auction from the US Government.

Gerald:  Thorpe Oil.  They used to own those fields in La Plata County.  The ones that butt up to the Ute Mountain Reservation mean Marvel, Colorado.

Patrick:  That’s the one.

Patrick, Jr.:  Dad.  Good.  I found you.  Miranda said you were down here.

Patrick:  What do you have for me, Kid?

Patrick, Jr.:  I got with Emily about that information you wanted me to find.  The Ute Mountain Reservation DOES lie within the Southwest Colorado Federal Empowerment Zone.

Patrick:  Which means they’d be eligible for any new Job Creation Tax Credits.  Bravo Zulu, Kid.

Jason:  Yeah, but Boss.  Thorpe Oil Company is based here in Denver.

Gerald:  Bud.  Thorpe Oil Company is still technically property of the US Government.  It’s not based anywhere.  It’s been dormant for the last three years ever since Phil Jr.  drank himself to death.

Patrick:  Once we and the Utes acquire the company, we create a new subsidiary company UTE MOUNTAIN ENERGY, which will be based in Towaoc, Colorado where the Ute Mountain Reservation Headquarters is located and since we’ll be employing a 100% Ute workforce, then those new jobs will be coming from the reservation

Jay:  Now I get it.

Patrick, Jr:  Ummmmm…..guys…..there’s a bit of a problem.  Dad.  That’s the other reason I came down here.

Patrick:  What sort of problem?

Patrick, Jr.:  Well…..Alexis has Shay Mosley putting out her feelers.  Apparently, Morell Enterprises is interested in acquiring that company.

Patrick:  Terrific!  All right, Kid.  Get with Alex Dexter and see what we can do about making a preemptive bid for that company.  We may have to bid a little high, but since we’re getting it from the government, we can snatch it up for relatively cheap.

Patrick, Jr.:  I’m on it, Dad.

Patrick:  Gerald.  You two did a bang up job for me in Spain.  You work on that with him.  Also.  You’re the head legal beagle for the cartel.  I need you to get them up to speed on what’s going on.

Gerald:  You got it, Boss. 

Patrick:  Jay.  You get together with Emily and get that bid package put together.  I want no stone left unturned.

Jay:  Not a problem, Boss.

Patrick:  Now.  I kind of want to get back to that phony environmental impact report for a second.  Jay.  Has Bart said anything to you about anybody commissioning another environmental impact report on the Missouri Project?

Jay:  No, Boss.  He hasn’t.

Patrick:  I may need to talk to Steven about this and then have him talk to Bart about this.  If Bart hears about this from me, he might think I’m questioning his integrity and nothing could be further from the truth.

(THURSDAY afternoon – Alexis’ office – Morell Enterprises – Granite Tower – 1090 18th Street – Denver, Colorado)

Alexis (answers her phone):  Hello?

Shay Mosley:  Alexis.  This is Shay Mosley.  I’m glad I caught you.  There’s something I’d like to talk to you about.

Alexis: Shay, dahling!  How are you?  Now…..what can I can do for you?

Shay Mosley:  Well, Alexis.  Something very interesting was brought to my attention.  There is a company called Thorpe Oil, which is based there in Denver and it’s going to be coming up on auction block.

Alexis:  I see.  Do you happen to know if Denver-Carrington has made any sort of a move on it?

Shay Mosley:  I haven’t heard anything with regard to Denver-Carrington, but there is one other thing.

Alexis:  And what’s that, dear?

Shay Mosley:  Thorpe Oil has been property of the U.S. Government since 2018 and has been dormant the whole time.  There’s also no word on when the company will be up for auction.  

Alexis:  You will keep me posted will you not, dear?

Shay Mosley:  Yes, Alexis.  I will.

Alexis:  Very good.  I look forward to hearing from you.  Tete ta, dahling……(hangs up her phone)…..Thorpe.  Philip Thorpe.  He’s the gentleman that lost his wife in the La Mirage fire about thirty five years ago.  If only he had gone along with my plan and sued Blake.  Now.  I have a chance to acquire his company.

(FRIDAY morning – Steven’s Office – Carrington Construction – Denver-Carrington Center – 1954 Blake Carrington Plaza – Denver, Colorado)

Patrick (pokes his head in Steven’s doorway):  Hey, Steven.  You got a minute?

Steven (looks up from his paperwork):  Patrick.  Come on in.

Patrick:  I know that you and Bart Fallmont aren’t a couple anymore and if I’m overstepping my bounds, I apologize.

Steven:  No.  You’re not.  You have nothing to apologize for.

Patrick:  There’s something I need to ask you.

Steven:  Anything, Patrick.  What is it?

Patrick:  Do you still keep in touch with him?

Steven:  Just because Bart Fallmont and I are no longer a couple, that doesn’t mean we don’t still keep in touch.  Bart and I are still very close friends.

Patrick:  Good.  I’m glad to hear that.  You know that Fallmont Environmental Enterprises was commissioned by the State of Arkansas to do the environmental impact report on our Missouri Natural Gas Project.

Steven:  I know.  He was really grateful to you for recommending him too.

Patrick:  Well…..that was my pleasure, but…..there’s something else.

Steven:  What is it, Patrick?  Please.  Tell me.

Patrick:  OK.  I’m not going to beat around the bush.  Did Bart ever mention anything to you about being approached by Jacques Piers?

Steven:  No he didn’t.  How come?

Patrick:  Because we now know that Jacques Piers was responsible for that phony environmental impact report.  I got it from Ed.

Steven (shaking his head):  Why am I not surprised?  After all, he once threatened to kill me.

Patrick:  That’s part of the reason I was asking about Bart.  The guy’s a sociopath, Steven.  He’s very dangerous.

Steven:  I don’t know why Mother continues to do business with him.  If you’re going to ask me if I heard about my mother knowing about his attempting to sabotage your project in Missouri, I already know.  Fallon and Jeff told me when they came home from that Energy Summit downtown at the Brown Palace.

Patrick:  I figured they probably would.  As far as your mother doing business with Jacques Piers is concerned, she’s afraid of him.  She’s afraid he’s either steal her company out from under her or…..worse…..kill her.  Anyway.  I need you to do me a favor.

Steven:  Of course, Patrick.  What is it?

Patrick:  I asking you to get with Bart and see if Piers has approached him in any way, shape or form.  I’m afraid if he has approached Bart, then he might have made the same sort of threats to Bart that he did to you.  I’m afraid if I talk to Bart, he’s going to think I’m questioning his integrity and that’s not the case at all?

Steven:  I have an idea.  Why don’t you, me and Leslie go talk to him together?  That we, we present a united front.

Patrick:  Sounds good.  Why don’t we talk to him the first part of next week?

Steven:  Well…..I’m going to be in Breckenridge checking on a condo development on Monday, so, why don’t we shoot for Tuesday?

Patrick:  Tuesday it is.

(MONDAY evening – the library of the Carrington mansion – 173 Wessex Drive – Golden, Colorado)

Dex:  So the plan is for Denver-Carrington to bid on Thorpe Oil at the US Government auction?

Leslie:  Not if we don’t have to.  We’re going to talk to your brother Alex to see if we can maybe make a preemptive bid through the SEC.

Patrick:  Yeah. We’ve got the Kid and Gerald working on that.  Because you know Alexis is putting her feelers out there because she wants to see if she can get her hands on that company herself.  Mom.  Did Blake ever mention anything to you about Phil Thorpe owning an oil company?

Krystle:  He said something once or twice in passing, but other than that…..no.

Dex:  I remember Thorpe Oil was pretty much small time.  Nowhere near being a threat to Blake or Alexis, but I know he did have a small, but loyal client base.

Leslie:  Their prime fields butt right up to the eastern boundary of the Ute Mountain Reservation.  We’re talking about about a 10000 barrel per day yield.

Dex:  That’s not bad.  I can see why Alexis might want to get her hands on that company.

Krystle:  I felt so sorry for Phil Thorpe when he lost his wife in the La Mirage fire.  I know he was distraught, but, at the same time, I can’t believe he tried to sue Blake.

Dex:  Darling.  You know Alexis was behind all of that.

Krystle:  I know, but I still can’t help feeling sorry for him.

Leslie:  I’m afraid you’re going to feel even sorrier for him, Krystle.

Krystle:  How come?

Leslie:  The reason Thorpe Oil is on the government auction block is because his son Phil Thorpe, Jr. ran his father’s company into the ground and then he drank himself to death about three years ago.

Patrick:  What we’re thinking about doing is bidding on the company at auction and bringing the Ute Mountain Tribe in for almost half – 49.9% to be exact.

Dex:  I think that’s a great idea.

Jay:  Em and I are going to get the bid package together.

Emily:  That’s right.  Jay and I are going to get with…..(doubles over in pain)…..Ohhhhhh God!!!

Jay (rushes to help his wife):  Baby???

Krystle:  Oh my God, Emily!!!  Are you all right??? 

Leslie:  We’re all here for you, sweetheart.  Just relax.

Jay:  I think it’s time.

Emily (still doubled over in pain):  Oh God…..Mom…..Grandma…..my water just broke…..(grabs Jay by the shirt collar)…..I DON”T THINK THESE GUYS ARE GOING TO WAIT…..I’M GOING INTO LABOR!!!!!

















Episode #808: Another Jennings Hunch


  • Patrick comes into the office to make sure everything is ready for the Major League Baseball All-Star Game at Coors Field.
  • Fallon, Steven, Jeff and Sammy Jo come to Patrick and Leslie office for a meeting with Alexis about the deal with Claudia Waite.
  • EPA Director Michael Regan is invited to be Patrick’s guest in the Denver-Carrington Luxury Suite at the All-Star Game.
  • Patrick passes on a little information to Jay Fallmont concerning Darlene Lake and some of her dealings in Washington.
  • Congressman Bill Fallmont (R-Colorado Springs) gives the representatives of Denver-Carrington, the Deveraux Group and Ewing Industries news about the status of Denver-Carrington’s relationship with Flathead Nation and some information concerning Senator Dirk Slayton (D-North Dakota).
  • Darlene Lake is given an ultimatum by Denver-Carrington, the Deveraux Group and Ewing Industries concerning the Missouri Project.
  • Emily and Terry come to Patrick and Leslie with a hunch they’re looking to play concerning Jennifer Garcia’s paternity.

Scene:  MONDAY night –  the library of the Carrington mansion – 173 Wessex Drive – Golden, Colorado…..

Patrick:  Come on, Ladies.  You can’t be serious.

Emily:  I wish we weren’t, Dad.

Terry:  Like I said.  I’m a journalist.  I make my living following my instincts and playing hunches.  Emily and I have a hunch about this and we think it’s on the money.

Leslie:  Have you girls talked to Jennifer about any of this?

Emily:  No, Mom we haven’t.  I know we need to and when we do, she’s going to go ballistic.

Terry:  Leslie.  You know things are really bad between her and Valerie right now.  This will probably make things worse.  Valerie didn’t help the situation at all when spent the whole Memorial Day Party sucking up to Queen Beyotch.

Leslie:  She really didn’t help thing when she tried to drive Jennifer into Alexis camp either.

Terry:  Then Queen Beyotch goes and screws Jennifer over.

Emily:  Not only that, but she tried to get Jennifer to do her dirty work for her and drive Max into Alexis’ camp as well. 

Patrick:  The fact that Valerie hasn’t had the guts to tell her daughter who her father is doesn’t surprise me at all.

Leslie:  Come on, girls.  Tell us.  Tell us who Jennifer Garcia’s father is.

Terry:  OK, Leslie.  Patrick.  Jennifer Garcia’s father is…..Arlen Marshall!

Patrick:  You’re serious!

Terry (nodding her head):  Yeah we are.  From the things we heard say about her mother’s past, we figured it was at least a possibility.

Emily:  And Dad.  We had a pretty good source of information.  Your man Ed McCormick.  The more we thought about it, the more we agreed that it made sense that Arlen Marshall is Jennifer’s father.

Patrick:  Do we tell my sister about this?

Leslie:  I think we do at some point, but Jennifer needs to be told first.

Terry:  Yeah she does.  And we all know Valerie isn’t going to do it (looks over at Emily), so, I guess it’s up you and me, Sister-in-Law.

Emily:  I think you’re right, Blondie.

Leslie:  You sure you girls are OK doing this?

Emily:  It’ll be fine, Mom.  Trust us.

Patrick (looks over at his wife):  I say we let them handle it, Babe.  They both have good heads on their shoulders.  I know Sammy Jo and Arlen Marshall haven’t been a thing for quite some time, but I’m still not sure how she’s going to take it.

Leslie:  I’m not either, but one thing I do know is that Jennifer has a right to know who her father is, so, she has to be told first.  Do we know where Arlen Marshall is being held?

Patrick:  I’ll need to get with Ed on that one.  We’re definitely going to need a tissue sample from him.  Speaking of Ed, I wonder how he’s doing on finding out who was responsible for the phony environmental impact report.

Leslie:  Hopefully, we’ll hear from him before too long.

Patrick:  I know it was probably Jacques Piers that did it, but I can’t shake the feeling that, somehow, Alexis at least knew something about it.

Leslie:  Probably.  We’ll find out soon enough.

Patrick:  All the catting around Arlen Marshall did back in the day, I’m not surprised that he has a kid or two running around out there somewhere.  Unfortunately, my sister was one of his many conquests.

(TUESDAY morning – Steven’s office – Carrington Construction – Denver-Carrington Center – 1954 Blake Carrington Plaza – Denver, Colorado)

Steven:  Danny.  Max.  Both of you.  Please come in.

Danny Carrington:  You wanted to see us, Dad?

Max:  I’m actually glad you called up here, Dad.  There’s something I’d like to talk to you about too.

Steven:  There’s something very important I’d like to talk to the both of you as well.

Max:  Dad.  Before you do.  Please hear me out.

Steven:  Of course, Max.  What is it?

Max:  Well…..It’s about my last name.  All my life I have gone by the last name McLaurin.  Growing up, I thought Jack McLaurin was my biological father, but Mom eventually told me the truth, but I continues to love Jack like a father until the day he died.

Steven:  What are you saying, Max?

Max:  Well…..Dad.  How do I put this?  McLaurin is the last name I have gone by my whole life.  But, biologically, it’s not who I am.  Biologically speaking, I am a Carrington and I will do anything I can to be worthy of the name.  Like I said, I loved Jack McLaurin like a father until the day he died, which is why I’d like to legally change my last name to Carrington-McLaurin.  That’s the name I’m asking Jennifer to share as my wife.

Danny (hugs Max):  What can I say?  Welcome to the family…..little brother…..and I mean OFFICIALLY.  I really like Jennifer.  She’s great and I’m really glad that she and Jessica get along.  I hope we can all continue to be good friends.

Max:  Thanks, Man!  I think we can.

Danny:  So have you talked to Grandmother at all?

Max:  You mean after she tried to screw Jennifer over?  Yeah.  She told me how you and L.B. wouldn’t come to work for her and she was trying to get me to join Morell Enterprises.

Danny:  What??  And work alongside our dipshit cousin Jesse?  I figured she’d try and play card again.

Max:  Yeah.  She said I’d be working alongside him, but he’d be the one really calling the shots.

Danny:  Dude!  Hello no!  You did the right thing turning her down.

Max:  I think you’re right, Man.  Emily and Junior filled me a little bit more on what Jesse is all about.  Then I heard about Jay nearly beating the shit out of him in the entrance hall of the mansion.

Danny:  If you ask me, Jay should have finished off that asshole right then and there.

Steven:  Now I’d like to like to say something, guys.

Danny:  Of course, Dad.

Steven:  Danny.  I don’t want you to read anything into this.  I am very impressed with everything you’ve done as the head head of the new Entertainment and Sports division of Denver-Carrington.  Don’t get me wrong.  You did a great job when you were working with me at Carrington Construction.  But, I know that wasn’t really where you wanted to be.  It seems like you’re a lot happier where you are.

Danny:  I really am, Dad.  I love what I do and I love ribbing L.B. whenever he talks to me about my “going corporate”.

Steven:  Are you sure?

Danny:  Dad.  I’m sure.

Steven:  Well…..then this is going to make what I have to say a whole lot easier.

Max:  What do you mean, Dad?

Steven:  Max.  I’d like for you to take over for me as the CEO of Carrington Construction effective January 1, 2022.

Max:  Me, Dad?  Are you serious???  I only just became a member of this family a few weeks and an OFFICIAL one only a few minutes ago.

Steven:  Max.  I’ve looked at you resume.  You’re more than qualified.  I know you can do it.

Danny (looks at his brother):  I think that’s really awesome, Dude!  Go for it!

Max (looks back at Danny):  Are YOU sure?

Danny: Dude!  Yes!

Max:  In that case, Dad…..I accept.

Steven:  Thank you, Max.  I know you won’t let me down.  I know you won’t let the company down and, most importantly, I know you won’t let your grandfather down.  Danny?  Are you really sure about this?

Danny:  Yes, Dad.  I’m sure…..(hugs his brother)…..congratulations again, Man!

Steven:  Well…..I guess then that’s all settled.

(WEDNESDAY morning – Miranda’s outer office – Denver-Carrington Center – 1954 Blake Carrington Plaza – Denver, Colorado)

Miranda (sees Emily getting off the elevator):  Hey, Em.  What brings you up here?

Emily:  Are my parents in?  I have something I want to bounce off of them

Miranda:  They sure are.  I’ll tell them you’re here…..(buzzes Patrick and Leslie’s office)…..Guys.  Your daughter’s here.

Leslie:  Thanks, Miranda.  Send her in.

Miranda:  Go on in, Em.  They’re waiting for you. 

Emily:  Thanks, Miranda…..(then walks into her parents’ office)

Patrick:  All right, Kiddo.  What can we do for you?

Emily:  First off, have we heard anything about Arlen Marshall?

Patrick:  Not yet, I need to get a hold of Ed and find out where the Feds are holding him.  We know he was ultimately sentenced for Securities Fraud.  Yes, he is a white collar criminal, but he does have a lot of minor offenses that have added up over the years, so, he’s probably not being held someplace that you would call…..cushy.

Leslie:  Like we told you girls the other night.  Before we do anything else, we’re going to need to get a tissue sample from him.  Wherever he is.  You said you had something you wanted to bounce off of us.

Emily:  Yeah.  I do.  Have either of you ever heard of a guy named Phil Thorpe?

Leslie:  Yeah.  He’s the guy that tried to blame Uncle Blake for his wife’s death in the La Mirage fire back in 1986.

Patrick:  On top of that, he tried to strangle Blake and then tried to sue him.  Fortunately, the lawsuit never made it to the court docket.

Leslie:  After that, with the encouragement of Alexis and…..my father…..

Emily:  Good old Grandpa Ben.

Leslie:…..the Denver County D.A. charged Uncle Blake with Arson, but then your grandmother and Great Aunt Dominique talked to my cousin Jackie in the hospital and she was able to provide them with information that ultimately cleared Uncle Blake’s name.

Emily:  I figured Alexis was involved in all of that somehow.  Anyway. I was looking through data on some of the smaller oil companies in Colorado.  Trying to find out what their assets were and I ran across one that I thought was pretty interesting.

Patrick:  Really?  What’s it called?

Emily:  You guys are going to love this.  Thorpe Oil.

Leslie:  You mean…..as in?

Emily (nodding her head):  Phil Thorpe.  Apparently he had a small oil company and he was having trouble gaining a foothold in the Colorado Petroleum market.  He had a small, but loyal clientele and kept the company afloat as best he could, but then he died about ten years ago and left the company to his son, but his son was a problem drinker and ran the company into the ground.  He ended up drinking himself to death about three years ago.  The company is now dormant and is property of the US Government.  Here’s the silver lining.  They’re putting the company up for auction pretty soon.

Leslie:  Any idea when?

Emily:  I don’t have an exact date, Mom, but they’re talking about the first part of September, but if we do move on this, we’re going to have to move fast.

Leslie:  How come?

Emily:  Well…..I’ve got feelers out there and those feelers are telling me that Alexis might be trying to make a move on that company.

Patrick:  Why am I not surprised??  Who are these feelers of yours?

Emily:  Well…..Terry for one. The company is located in La Plata County near Durango.

Patrick:  Yeah.  Blondezilla has a real knack for ferreting out information.  So it’s kind of near out Natural Gas fields outside of Cortez.

Emily:  Yeah it is, Dad, but there’s another problem.

Leslie:  What is it?

Emily:  The tracts on which the Thorpe fields sit butt up against the western boundary of the Ute Mountain Reservation near Marvel, Colorado.

Patrick:  Terrific!  Wait a minute!  I have an idea.

Leslie:  What’s that?

Patrick:  We acquire the company at auction on the cheap.  We cut the Utes in for 49.9% of the company.  That way, we still retain majority ownership, BUT…..we employ an all-Ute workforce.  Give the reservation a stake in the company and they provide the workforce.  We incubate the company for five years and at the end of that five years, we give our partners the choice of whether they want to remain under the Denver-Carrington corporate umbrella or if they want to buy us out and spin off on their own.

Leslie:  I love it.

Emily:  So do I.

Patrick:  Em.  There’s one more thing I need you to do.

Emily:  Sure, Dad.  What is it?

Patrick:  A lot of these tribal reservations fall under the guidelines of the Federal Empowerment Zones and Enterprise Communities.  I need you to get with your brother to see if the Ute Mountain Reservation has EZ/EC status.

Emily:  I’m on it.

Leslie:  Emily wait!

Emily:  What is it, Mom?

Leslie:  We’ll need to find out if the Thorpe Oil fields  are connected to any of the Denver-Carrington or Ewing Industries pipelines.  If they aren’t, do you think it would hurt our bottom line if we were to get them connected?

Emily:  Not at all, Mom.  Any costs we incur connecting the fields to the existing pipelines should be offset by the fact that we can get the company on the cheap at auction.

Patrick:  Good job, Kiddo.  You on it?

Emily (nodding her head):  I’m on it.

(FRIDAY afternoon – Lake Colby State Park near Boulder, Colorado)

(Patrick and Patrick, Jr. are doing their Weekend Warrior duty by keeping up their dive hours at Lake Colby)

(MEANWHILE.  A sailboat sails along the shores of Lake Colby)

Patrick, Jr. (surfaces along with Patrick and sees a sailboat):  Wow, Dad.  They look like they’re having a blast.

Patrick:  You did really well on that last dive, Kid.  Keep it up.  By the way.  I meant to ask you.  Has your sister gotten gotten with you about the EZ/EC status of the Ute Mountain Reservation?

Patrick, Jr.:  Not yet, Dad.  How come?…..(looks off into the distance)…..Hey! who’s that sitting on the stern of that sailboat?

Patrick:  I’ll let Emily tell you about the Ute Mountain thing.  As for the sailboat…..(also looks towards the sailboat)…..hmmmmm…..looks like your cousin Raeanne.

Raeanne Carrington (on the sailboat sees two “objects” bobbing on the surface of the water):  Hey!  What’s that on the water??

Mark Barker (jokingly as he looks through his binoculars):  Looks like the Loch Ness Monster and son…..(gets a playful swat from Raeanne)…..I’m kidding, Baby.  It looks like two…..Scuba Divers??

Raeanne (takes a look through Mark’s binoculars):  That’s my Uncle Pat and my cousin Patrick, Jr……(sees them swimming closer to the boat)…..Uncle Pat.  Cousin.  What are you guys doing here??

Patrick:  Us??  We’re just hanging around with the fish. 

Patrick, Jr.  We’re doing our Weekend Warrior duty.  Keeping up our dive hours.

Patrick:  You got a soda for me?

Raeanne:  We’ve got plenty.  Help yourselves.

Patrick, Jr.:  Hey, Raeanne.

Raeanne:  Hey, Cousin.

Patrick (looks around):  Ummmmm…..I don’t mean to be a party pooper or anything, but…..ummmmm…..there’s not any drinking going on around here is there?

Mark Barker:  No, Sir.  Not at all.

Patrick:  You mind if we have a look at your coolers?

Raeanne:  No, Uncle Pat.  Not at all.  Go right ahead.

Patrick:  Thank you.  All right, Kid.  Check their coolers.

Patrick, Jr. (after checking the coolers):  They’re all good, Dad.  No alcohol.

Patrick:  Thanks, you guys, for being safe.

Mark Barker:  Not a problem, Sir.

Raeanne:  Oh!  Uncle Pat.  Cousin.  I’m sorry.  This is my boyfriend Mark Barker.  He’s a Junior Architecture and Urban Planning major at UC Boulder.  He’s also on the football team.  Mark.  This is my uncle Admiral Patrick Jennings and my cousin Lieutenant Patrick Jennings, Jr.

Mark Barker:  It’s nice to meet both of you.  Raeanne’s told me a lot about you.

Patrick, Jr.:  How you doing, Man?

Patrick:  Barker.  You’re Frank Barker’s kid, aren’t you?

Mark Barker:  Yes, Sir I am.  How did you know?  

Patrick:  Your Dad is the Chief Architect for the Carrington Construction Division of Denver-Carrington.  He works for me.  He’s a good man.

Mark Barker:  That’s right.  He said something about going out to inspect some projects you guys have going in Illinois and me going along with him.

Patrick, Jr.:  You going to?

Mark Barker:  Yeah.  I think I am.

Patrick:  Well listen.  Thanks for the shipboard hospitality and for the sodas, but we need to get back and finish up our dive quals…..(Patrick and Patrick, Jr then go over the side and dive back under the water)

(MEANWHILE.  Briefing Room – Naval Operational Support Center – Buckley Space Force Base – Aurora, Colorado)

Milton:  So…..in conclusion, I would like to say that all new Navy ships under construction will be fitted with the new Ewing/Forrest/Carrington Combat Systems Guidance Software as well as the new Deveraux Ordnance System beginning with the new Gerald R. Ford-class Aircraft Carriers and the new Constellation-class Frigates, which are being designed according to the specifications set forth by the FREMM multi-purpose Frigate Program.  We hope to have ALL commissioned US Naval vessels fitted with this high tech weaponry by the end of the decade and that goes for commissioned ships from ALL NATO member nations as well.  Thank you.

(MONDAY morning – Miranda’s outer office – Denver-Carrington Center – 1954 Blake Carrington Plaza – Denver, Colorado)

Miranda (sees Ed McCormick getting off the elevator):  Ed.  What Brings you here?

Ed:  Got some news for your bosses, Kiddo.  Are they in?

Miranda:  I’ve been around long enough to know that if you come here in person, it must be serious.

Ed:  It is, Kid.  Some of it they’re going to like.  Some of it…..(making an “ehhhhh” motion with his hands)…..ehhhhhh…..not so much.

Miranda:  Well…..they’re here.  You can just go on in.

Ed:  Thanks, Kid

Leslie:  Ed.  What’s going on?

Patrick:  What do you have for us?  Wait.  Before you tell us.  We need you to do a little snoop job for us.

Ed:  Of course.  What do you have for me?

Patrick (takes a deep breath):  OK. What we need is for you to find out where Arlen Marshall is being held.

Ed:  Just asking, but…..how come?

Leslie:  Our daughter and daughter-in-law have a hunch about him.

Patrick:  So we’re going to need to to get a tissue sample from him.

Ed:  That shouldn’t be a problem.  I’ll get with some of my contacts inside the Bureau of Prisons and I should have an answer for you real soon.

Leslie:  Thanks a lot, Ed.

Ed:  In the meantime, I have some other news for you.  Some of it, you’re going to like.  Some of it, you’re hot going to like.

















Episode #807: A Bump in the Road – Part II


  • In a scene flashing back to Alexis’ Black and White Ball at the mansion, Blake has a conversation with an old friend.
  • Patrick and Leslie, along with Patrick, Jr., Terry, Nick, Milton, Sandra, John Ross, Krystina, Chip and Danny McCarty, arrive in Little Rock, Arkansas for conversations with Becky Keogh, the Governor’s Secretary for Energy and the Environment and Governor Asa Hutchinson himself to see what can be done about the EPA’s investigation of the Missouri Natural Gas Project.
  • Patrick and Leslie and the rest of their delegation (minus the Ewings and Danny McCarty) move onto Jefferson City, Missouri to talk with Governor Mike Parson.
  • Governor Parson then calls on the US Attorney for the Western District of Missouri to take drastic action regarding the EPA’s investigation.
  • After their meeting with Governor Parson, Patrick and Leslie get some surprising information from Ed McCormick concerning Darlene Lake.
  • As they are getting ready to leave Jefferson City, Patrick and Leslie get some anxiously awaited news from Governor Parson and they then update John Ross on what went on in Missouri.
  • Sammy Jo gets a call from someone she knew while she was modeling – high powered New York modeling agent Racine.
  • Darlene Lake shows up again in Patrick and Leslie’s office and she is not happy about what transpired in Arkansas and Missouri.

Scene:  Tuesday morning – Miranda’s outer office – Denver-Carrington Center – 1954 Blake Carrington Plaza – Denver, Colorado…..

Miranda (sees Patrick and Leslie getting off the elevator):  Good.  Patrick.  Leslie.  You’re here.  Fallon just called.  She and Jeff and Steven and Sammy Jo are going to be up here in a few minutes and the Dragon Lady is supposed to be on her way over here.

Leslie:  Nice job, Miranda.  Let us know the minute Alexis arrives.  We want t make sure she doesn’t pull a little fastie on us and decide not to show up.

Miranda:  She shouldn’t, Leslie.  I called that wussbag David over at her office and he said she was indeed coming over here.

Patrick:  Good.  Oh.  Miranda.  Is everything all set for our meeting with the EPA Director at the All-Star Game tonight?

Miranda:  Mr. Reagan will be at Coors at 4:30.  The game is at 6:30.

Leslie:  Did he ask for any assistance with hotel reservations?

Miranda:  He probably wouldn’t have accepted even if we did offer.  He seemed a little touchy when I spoke to him.  But, on a lighter note, John Ross, Krystina, Chip Ewing and Danny McCarty are on their way to Denver as we speak, which means they’ll be be here in plenty of time for the game.  Also, I got you guys’ hotel reservations taken care of when you go to Washington on Thursday.  I booked you guys into six king rooms at Willard’s Hotel.  Checking out Saturday morning.  I know you guys like that extra day just in case things get bogged down.

Patrick:  Miranda.  What can we say?  You’re a jewel.

Miranda:  Thanks.  It helps when you enjoy what you do and the people for whom you do it.  By the way, Patrick.  How did you like that First Round Draft Choice the Cardinals made?

Patrick:  I know.  Michael McGreevy.  Pitcher.  Former Gaucho.  University of California Santa Barbara.  Your alma mater.  Hopefully, we’ll get his name on a contract by the end of the week.

(A FEW MINUTES LATER – Patrick and Leslie’s office)

Jeff (coming in with Fallon):  Patrick.  Leslie.  I heard what happened with that EPA lawyer.  Way to put her in her place.  Congratulations.

Patrick:  We weren’t the only ones she was after.

Leslie:  No.  She was going after the Deveraux Group and Ewing Industries as well.

Patrick:  Even though we’ve beaten her back at every turn, I have to say I admire Darlene Lake.  We may have proven that she is in the wrong, but she’s got a lot of spunk.

Steven:  Where is mother?  She’s got a lot to answer for right now.

Leslie:  Miranda said that according to her assistant David, she was on her way over here.

Fallon:  There’s going to be hell to pay if she doesn’t show up!!

Sammy Jo:  You guys are not going to believe who I talked the other day.

Patrick:  Who?

Sammy Jo:  Racine.

Fallon:  The one who owns that swanky modeling agency in New York?  

Sammy Jo:  She’s coming here to meet with me at Reece House of Fashion.  I have a hunch she’s going to try and get me use some of her models in one of my next fashion shows.

Leslie:  Sounds like you’re not completely on board with the idea.

Sammy Jo:  I’m not.  I’ve never completely trusted Racine.  Besides.  Two of the last models she sent me were so stoned they could barely make it down the catwalk.  They were so coked up, they had to be arrested on the spot.

Fallon:  So you’re going to tell her no.

Sammy Jo:  Probably.

Alexis (comes into Patrick and Leslie’s office):  All right I want to know why I’m being called here.  I do have things to do.  Your secretary told me I was being summoned.

Leslie:  Well…..look who’s here.

Patrick:  She’s not our secretary, Bitch!  She’s our Office Manager.  Well…..now that you’re here, we can get started.

Fallon:  You want to tell us about your little deal with Claudia Waite, Mother?  About who else it is that deal’s with?

Alexis:  Fallon.  I don’t know what you’re talking about.  I swear it!  All I know is that Claudia Waite has invited me to come in on a very lucrative business opportunity and I’d like for my children and you Jeff, of course to come in on it with me.

Jeff:  I think you do know what we’re talking about, Alexis.

Alexis:  Oh.  By the way.  Popeye the Sailor Man.  I heard what you and your…..company slut…..did to the lawyer from the Environmental Protection Agency.  It seems that you’re not so perfect after all.

Leslie (shaking her head):  You’re way off base, Alexis.

Alexis:  Am I really?  What about the cease and desist you issued so that the EPA would call off their investigation…..(looks around the room)…..I suppose none of you knew about about that.

Jeff:  I know about it.

Steven:  Patrick and Leslie told us all about it as soon as Darlene Lake left Denver.

Leslie:  Darlene Lake was being used, Alexis and if our hunch is correct, she was being used by friends of yours and quite possibly by you.

Patrick:  All I know, Lady is that we’re going to get to the bottom of this.  A.S.A.F.P.!

Fallon:  You’re trying to change the subject, Mother.  This is the same kind of thing you do whenever you get into the slightest bit of trouble.

Steven:  Now, Mother.  Are you ready to tell us who else is involved in that deal in the Middle East with you and Claudia Waite?

Alexis:  Oh.  Sammy Jo, dear.  I heard you got a phone call from Racine the other day.

Sammy Jo:  Don’t look to me for help, Alexis.  I’m the one you call whore, slut, tramp or bimbo or…..in quite a few cases…..all four at once…..(shaking her head)…..I’m not going to help you.

Fallon:  We want answers, Mother and we want them now!!!  WHO ELSE IS INVOLVED IN THAT DEAL WITH AND CLAUDIA WAITE???

Patrick:  Does the name National Iranian Oil Company ring a bell, Alexis? 

Alexis (slumps down in her chair):  Oh my God!  How did you…..?

Patrick:  How did we what, Alexis?  Find out?  Lady, you forget who you’re deal with.

Steven:  So it is true.

Jeff:  Yes, Steven.  It’s true and your Mother is involved.

Fallon:  This is unbelievable.  Mother, do you understand that if we would have entered into this deal with you and we had gotten caught, we would have been in very serious trouble.

Patrick:  It’s called dealing with an embargoed nation, Alexis.  You and your children all could have ended up in jail.

Fallon:  Knowing Mother, she probably would have found some way to throw us under the bus.

Alexis:  Alexis:  Let me tell you something, Patrick and Leslie Jennings.  You’re not exactly perfect in all of this.  Look at what you did to that poor girl.  Darlene Lake I believe her name is.

Leslie:  We didn’t do anything to her.

Patrick:  What we did, we did through the proper channels.  WE didn’t issue that cease and desist order.  Governor Parson of Missouri did.  Well…..actually…..The United States District Court for the Western District of Missouri did.  We just kind of…..moved things a long.  We’re not sneaky and underhanded like you and if I were you, Alexis.  I’d pull out of that deal with Claudia Waite right now.

Jeff:  By the way, Patrick.  I understand you’re meeting with the EPA Director tonight at the All-Star Game.  Fallon and I would like to be there for that meeting as well.

Patrick:  Absolutely.

(TUESDAY evening – Denver-Carrington Luxury Suite – The 91st Major League Baseball All-Star Game – Coors Field – 2001 Blake Street – Denver, Colorado)

Michael Regan, Director of the Environmental Protection Agency:  Where is Admiral Jennings.  I was told we’d be meeting here.

Jeff:  Don’t worry about Admiral Jennings.  He’ll be here.  He’s down on the field right now.

Michael Regan:  Excuse me?

Leslie:  He’s down on the field.  Denver-Carrington is part of the ownership group of the St. Louis Cardinals and, as such, he is down on the field wishing the All-Stars luck.

Fallon:  He’ll be up here in just a minute, Mr. Regan, so, if you wait patiently, he’ll be right with you.

(MEANWHILE – down on the field)

Nolan Arenado:  You’re not going to be taking any hacks tonight, Admiral?

Patrick:  Not tonight, Nado.  I have some important business to discuss tonight in the suite.  I wanted to come down and wish you guys luck tonight.

Nolan Arenado:  Appreciate that, Admiral.  Thanks.

Patrick:  You bet.  Looking forward to some good things from you and the fellas in the Second Half of the season.

Nolan Arenado:  Thanks a lot, Admiral.  We’ll try and give you and the rest of the owners your money’s worth.

Patrick: I know you will, Nado and, again, good luck tonight.

Nolan Arenado:  Thanks, Admiral.

(A FEW MINUTES LATER – back in the Denver-Carrington Luxury Suite)

Leslie (sees Patrick coming back into the suite):  Oh, Hun.  Good.  You’re here.  May I present Mr. Michael Regan, Director of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Patrick:  Mr. Regan.  How do you do?  

Michael Regan:  Admiral Jennings.  I heard what you and your associates did to one of our attorneys Ms. Darlene Lake.

Patrick:  What about her?

Michael Regan:  She noted in her report that you and your wife were very uncooperative.  You had a cease and desist order placed on our investigation.

Patrick:  See.  That’s where you’re wrong.  We didn’t have a cease and desist order placed on your investigation.  Governor Mike Parson of the Great State of Missouri did and that was awfully decent of him.  Everything we did, we did through proper channels.

Leslie:  She should have also noted that the Arkansas Governor’s Secretary for Energy and the Environment  found out that the environmental impact report that she is basing her findings on is a fake.

Chip:  As far our companies being in violation of the Dyson Agreement, that’s a bunch of bullshit too.  The damn thing’s got my grandfather’s name on it for Godsakes!!

Michael Regan:  I understand how you feel, Mr. Ewing.

John Ross:  Do you???  Well let me tell ya somethin’, Pencil Pusher!!!  There’s no way in hell we were gonna let this bitch try to railroad us.  The evidence speaks for itself.  We didn’t do anything wrong.

Michael Regan:  Oh yes.  The other Mr. Ewing of Ewing Energies.  I remember the little incident involving your methane rig in the Gulf of Mexico.

John Ross:  That was sabotage and y’all know it!

Michael Regan:  Nevertheless.  The testing was conducted way too soon and it could have had a negative impact on the environment for years to come.

Krystina:  I beg your pardon, Mr. Regan.  My name is Krystina Carrington Ewing.  I am the President of Ewing Industries.  Our families have worked together for the better part of the last seventy years. We have had a record of environmental safety and compliance second to none.

Danny McCarty:  Also.  I happen to be a lawyer.  The cease and desist order placed on your investigation was perfectly legal, especially in light of the fact there is now evidence to support the assertion that the environment was fraudulent.

Jeff:  My name is Jeff Colby.  I’m a Brigadier General in the Air Force Retired Reserve.  I’m the Chairman of Colby Enterprises, LLC.  We will be going in on the Missouri Natural Gas Deal with Denver-Carrington, the Deveraux Group and Ewing Industries.  Previously, I worked for Denver-Carrington and served as their Chairman.  In all that time, I have never known Denver-Carrington to be in violation of any environmental regulations whatsoever.

Michael Regan:  I beg to differ, General Colby, but I seem to remember that Denver-Carrington committed some environmentally unsafe mining practices on land belonging to the Flathead Nation Reservation in Northwestern Montana.

Leslie:  You’re talking about what happened in mid to late 1990, correct?

Michael Regan:  That’s correct.

Patrick:  Beg pardon, Mr. Regan, but none of what my wife was referring to happened on our watch.

Michael Regan:  Nevertheless.  It is a black mark on Denver-Carrington’s environmental safety record.

Fallon:  But that all happened when my father was in prison and Adam was selling the company out to the Consortium.

Jeff:  And, of course, he was working with Jeremy Van Dorn.

Michael Regan:  That not withstanding.  It was still a legally registered corporation at the time, so, you are legally responsible for what happened.

Danny McCarty:  Admiral and Mrs. Jennings are fully cognizant of that fact and all associated fines have been paid in full.  While it is true that they bear legal responsibility, they bear no personal or moral responsibility. 

Chip:  Ewing Industries has had a relationship with Flathead Nation since 1976 and, although they blame Denver-Carrington for what happened, Flathead Nation does not hold Admiral and Mrs. Jennings personally responsible for what happened.  As Admiral Jennings said, that incident with Flathead Nation did not happen on his watch.

Patrick:  Mr. Regan.  There is another matter we will be discussing with Ms. Lake, but we will be discussing that with her in person.  I will say this, though.  Ms. Lake is being used as a pawn by somebody who is looking to destroy our company, but that too is something we’ll get into at another time.  In the meantime, I invited you here to the All-Star Game as my guest, so, I suggest you just sit back and enjoy yourself.  Otherwise, I will call stadium security and I will have your ass thrown out of here so fast, it’ll make your head spin.


Jeff:  I like that Ohtani kid.  He can do it all.  He’s going to be a star.

Patrick (after watching Vladimir Guerrero, Jr. hit a home run):  That may be, but mark my words.  Vlad Guerrero, Jr.  This kid can mash.  I remember watching his dad play a few times.  This kid is going to be every bit as good as his dad.  Maybe even better.


Chip:  Looks like your boy Alex Reyes is coming in.  

Patrick:  Yep.  Hopefully, he’ll stop the bleeding…..(watches as Joey Wendell Singles and moves Joey Gallo to Second)…..Just wait.  He’s  been clutch for the Cards all year and he’ll be clutch here.

Chip:  I remember going to Arkansas Traveler games as a kid and listening to Cardinal games with Grandpa Dyson.  He was quite a Cardinal fan.  We’d even go to games in St. Louis every so often.

(Whit Merrifield then grounds to First on a Fielder’s Choice and Wendell is out at Second and Gallo moves over to Third)

Patrick (after watching Michael Zunino strike out):  That last pitch.  98 miles per hour.  That was filthy.  What did I tell you guys?  Clutch!

(The National League All-Stars end up losing the game 5-2)

(WEDNESDAY Morning – Jay and Gerald Law Office – Denver-Carrington Center – 1954 Blake Carrington Plaza – Denver, Colorado)

Patrick:  Hey, Jay.  You got a minute?

Jay:  Yeah.  Sure, Boss.  Come on in.

Patrick (looks around):  Where’s Gerald?

Jay:  You know he’s flying up to Winnipeg so he can tie up the lose ends on that contract with CFB Winnipeg tomorrow.

Patrick:  Yeah.  I know.  We have to make sure everything’s up to snuff with our Canadian friends.  Listen.  While I have you.  First thing I’m going to need is for you and Emily to mind the store for a couple of days while we’re in Washington.

Jay:  Yeah.  Not a problem, Boss.  We can do that.

Patrick:  Next order of Biz.  We’re going to be meeting with your dad tomorrow at his office.  We want to see if he can shed some light on the subject Dirk Slayton.

Jay:  You mean that moron Senator from North Dakota.  From what Dad’s told me about him, he’s been using his Johnson to make key energy votes AGAINST us.  He’s also the one who called for the probe on Denver-Carrington’s activities concerning Flathead Nation.

Patrick:  Yeah.  Even though he knew full damn well that neither your mother-in-law nor I had anything to do with that shit.  Lest we forget.  He also screwed us over on Keystone XL

Jay:  I don’t get it.  The guy’s got like THE worst voting record on energy in the entire Senate.  He’s got pretty much the whole petroleum industry pissed off at him.

Patrick:  Yeah well…..he wasn’t always like that.

Jay:  What do you mean?

Patrick:  It seems that Ms. Darlene Lake has been using him to pacify the anti-energy lobby and they have a little…..(makes quotation marks with his hands)…..arrangement.

Jay:  You mean…..?

Patrick (nods his head):  Mmmmmm…..hmmmmm!

Jay:  Holy shit!  He’s got a wife, three children and six grandkids.  He’s supposed to be this devoted family guy.

Patrick:  That’s what he wants the public to THINK.  Let’s just say we’re going up to Washington to effect a little change.

Jay:  You’ve got something up your sleeve.  Don’t you, Boss?

Patrick:  You bet your ass I do!

Jay:  I saw what you did to Regan at the All-Star Game last night.  That was art.

Patrick:  Yeah.  Ms. Darlene Lake thinks she’s going to mount an appeal to get the cease and desist order on the EPA’s investigation of the Missouri Project overturned.

Jay:  She can’t, Boss.  Now that there’s concrete evidence of that environmental impact report she saw being a fake, there’s no way the Court of Appeals would hear the case.  Besides.  If she would have gone ahead with that investigation using false information, she’d be committing a crime.

Patrick:  One more thing.

Jay:  Sure, Boss.  What is it?

Patrick:  Keep you ear to the ground while we’re gone and if you hear anything about Alexis or Jacques Piers, you let me know…..immediately!  Doesn’t matter where we are or what time of day it is.

Jay:  You got it, Boss.

(THURSDAY morning – Congressman Bill Fallmont’s office – 2731 Rayburn House Office Building – Washington, D.C.)

Congressman Bill Fallmont:  Pat.  Leslie.  Everybody.  Please come in.  We’ll use the conference room in the back.  It’s bigger.

Patrick:  Thanks, Bill.

Terry:  Congressman Fallmont.

Bill:  Terry Jennings.  Good to see you.  Patricia reads your stuff all the time.

Terry:  I’m flattered, Congressman, but I’m still very happy at the Denver Chronicle.  We’re here to talk to you about Senator Dirk Slayton.

Patrick, Jr.:  He used to vote with his conscience.  Now…..he votes…..with his Johnson.

Bill:  I heard what happened with your Natural Gas project in Missouri.  

Milton:  First we find out we’re being investigated by the EPA because of some phony environmental impact report.

Sandra:  Then Governor Parson talked to the US District Court for the Western District of Missouri and got a cease and desist order placed on their investigation.

Nick:  We’ve moved a lot of equipment to that site, Bill.  If we hadn’t gotten that cease and desist order, any delays we might have encountered, would have cost us millions of dollars not to mention the loss of man hours.

Patrick:  I was good enough to invite the Director of the EPA to be our guest at the All-Star Game.  He knows we’ve got him and his hot shot lawyer dead to rights.  Now, he’s trying to call us out on this thing with Flathead Nation when he knows full bloody well that none of that shit happened on mine and Leslie’s watch.

Leslie:  The blame lies with Alexis and Adam and Flathead Nation had wanted to come to the table, but now,  the EPA’s trying to get Flathead Nation to shift the blame to us personally.

Chip Ewing:  Bill.  I know that Denver-Carrington was responsible was responsible for the environmental catastrophe that occurred in Northwestern Montana in 1990.  That was at the same time that Denver-Carrington was being swallowed up whole by the Consortium courtesy of Alexis and Adam.  Patrick and Leslie had nothing to do with that.

John Ross:  My family’s had an agreement with Flathead Nation since 1976.  I think it’s time we brought Denver-Carrington back to the table.

Krystina:  I agree with my husband, Congressman.  My brother and sister-in-law were not even employed by Denver-Carrington at the time.  They didn’t even come to Colorado until about a year after the events in question.

Patrick, Jr.:  What about Senator Campbell?  I know he’s a lobbyist here in town and that the Native American community listens to him.  He’s told us time and time again that if we even needed any help with the Native American community, he’d more than happy to help us.

Bill:  In that light, I think we may have a chance to get Flathead Nation firmly on our side.  I’ll talk to Nighthorse Campbell also.  I think we might be able to cut through the red tape on this.

Leslie;  Thanks, Bill.  We really appreciate this.

Patrick, Jr.:  Congressman.  We need to talk about Senator Slayton.

Patrick:  You served with him when he was in the House, Bill.  He wasn’t always this anti-energy.  What I don’t understand is how he can be so anti-energy in a state like North Dakota.

Patrick, Jr.:  Yet the people keep electing him.

Bill:  He’s the last link in a political dynasty that has dominated North Dakota politics since the 1880’s.

Patrick:  So he gets elected on name ID.

Bill:  Yes.  You have to remember, Pat.  I had the Fallmont name when I first ran for office.  I thought it was going to hurt my chances when I broke with my family and became a Republican, but I took my chances and won my first run for the State Senate without endorsements from any any of my family,  ESPECIALLY Buck.  When I served with Slayton in the House, he had always waffled on energy legislation.

Terry:  Now he’s screwing Denver-Carrington over because he’s got an…..(makes quotation marks with her hands)…..”arrangement”…..with some floozy lawyer from the EPA

Leslie:  Darlene Lake is her name.

Bill:  Jonathan Lake’s niece??

Patrick:  That’s the one.  After what she tried to do to us, I’d like to just frigging nuke her career, but I have too much respect for her uncle to do that.

Bill:  I remember…..Gaddafigate…..I grilled Adam Carrington for hours.  I should have strangled his ass after what he did to Bart. 

Patrick:  Jeff Colby and I were in negotiations with Jonathan Lake for three days.  If it hadn’t been for him, Denver-Carrington might have been shut down and Blake might have gone to prison.

Bill:  I’ve talked to a number of my Senate colleagues and they all say the same thing.  Slayton needs to go.  

Patrick:  I think we make that happen.

Bill:  How?

Patrick:  Don’t worry about it.  There are some interesting things we know about Dirk Slayton.  Just leave everything to me.

(FRIDAY morning – Conference Room – United States Environmental Protection Agency – William Jefferson Clinton Federal Building – Washington, DC)

(Gathered around the conference room table are:  Patrick, Leslie, Patrick, Jr., Terry, Chip, Danny McCarty, John Ross, Krystina, Nick, Milton and Sandra)

Patrick (sees Darlene Lake coming in as he pours himself a glass of water from a pitcher):  Why, Darlene Lake.  Do come in.

Darlene Lake:  What’s going on in here???

John Ross:  Well…..well…..well…..if it isn’t the bitch that was tryin’ to railroad us!

Darlene Lake:  John Ross Ewing III!

John Ross:  That’s right, Darlin’.

Darlene Lake:  I asked you a question!!  What’s going on in here???

Patrick:  Why don’t you sit down and take a load off?  I think it’s time you, me and my associates here had a little chat.

Darlene Lake:  About what???

Danny McCarty:  Oh I don’t know.  Why don’t we start with the fact that you were going to conduct an official investigation using falsified documents?

Sandra:  That would amount to making false statements and that would be a crime.

Chip:  As a matter of fact, we happen to know you’ve worked with Jessica Reckell in the past.  Did you know Jessica Reckell tried to blow up our Methane rig off the coast Brazil.  That makes her an eco-terrorist!

Terry:  Why don’t we talk about your little…..(makes quotation marks with her hands)…..”arrangement”…..with Senator Dirk Slayton?

Darlene Lake:  What???

Terry:  Did I stutter?

Darlene Lake:  I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Patrick, Jr.:  We think you do.

Terry:  I suppose you didn’t know he’s married with three children and six grandchildren.

Darlene Lake:  He kept telling me that he was going to…..

Terry:  So you do know what we’re talking about.

Darlene Lake:  I’ve been charged with helping to promote the EPA’s new environmental agenda and I figured that Dirk Slayton could help me.

Patrick (hears his cell ringing):  Hello?

Ed McCormick:  Pat.  It’s Ed.

Patrick:  Ed.  What do you have for me?

Ed:  Where are you now?

Patrick:  We’re with Darlene Lake in the main Conference Room at the EPA.  Why?

Ed:  Check your email on your phone.

Patrick (checks his email):  Yeah.  I see it.

Ed:  Click on the video attachment.  I think you’re going to find what I sent you very interesting indeed.

Patrick (looks pleasantly surprised as he clicks the video attachment):  Well I’ll be damned!  Darlene.  It seems that you and Senator Slayton were caught on camera entering Willard’s Hotel at around 6 O’Clock New Year’s Eve.

Ed:  There’s more.  Click the second attachment.

Patrick (clicks the second attachment):  Wow!  This one shows you coming out of Willard’s Hotel at about 9 AM New Year’s Day…..Ed.  Thanks again…..(glares at Darlene Lake as he scrapes his right index finger across his left)…..tsk…tsk….tsk!  Darlene.  What are we going to do about this?

Milton:  And you were threatening to have our project Missouri shut down??  It would’ve been a cold day in hell before we let you get away with that.

Nick:  In the meantime, we would have had a ton of equipment just sitting there doing nothing and no crews available to operate it.

John Ross:  What do you got to say for yourself, Bitch???

Darlene:  So what are you going to do to me?  What about Dirk?

Patrick, Jr.:  Don’t worry about Dirk Slayton.  We’ve got enough on him that he’ll be resigning.

Krystina:  You know.  We could come at you with everything but the kitchen sink, but were not going to.

Patrick:  You were being used, Darlene.

Darlene Lake:  What are you talking about???  By whom???

John Ross:  By the people who sent ya that bogus environmental report

Chip:  I know a lot of well placed people in state government in Arkansas and I’ve known them for a long time.  That report came from an anonymous server.

Darlene Lake:  What???

Patrick:  That’s right.  Now……here’s what you’re going to do.  You are going to issue a public apology for the EPA’s impulsive actions in calling for an investigation and you will be allowed to keep your job.

Darlene Lake:  And if I don’t?

Chip:  You’re gonna wish you’d never heard of us.

Darlene Lake:  I have no problem with that.  I can get a hold of the press and schedule a press conference for first thing Monday morning.

Leslie (shakes her head):  I’m afraid it’s not going to be that simple.

Darlene Lake:  I don’t understand.

Patrick:  There’s going to be a press conference all right, but it’s going to be in Denver with representatives of Denver-Carrington, the Deveraux Group and Ewing Industries, plus…..your director…..present.

Darlene Lake:  Again.  If I don’t?

Patrick, Jr.:  Then we’ll make sure you’re brought up on charges of influence peddling.

Darlene Lake:  I guess I don’t have any choice.  Do I?

Leslie (shaking her head):  No.  You don’t.

Darlene Lake:  All right.  I’ll do it.

Patrick:  You’re making the right decision.  I had a lot of respect for your uncle Jonathan.  He was a man of his word and if you’re anything like he was, I’d say you’re a woman of yours.  We’re going to hold you to this and if you don’t cooperate, the gloves will come off and your career will go down the sewer.  Do I make myself clear?

Darlene Lake:  Yes, Admiral Jennings.  When do you need me to do this?

Patrick:  Don’t worry.  We’ll let you know.

Darlene Lake:  Do you have any idea who is behind the phony environmental impact report?

Leslie:  That’s really no concern of yours right now.

Chip:  Don’t worry, Ms. Lake.  We said we’d handle it.

Patrick:  Again.  We’ll let you know.

(MONDAY night –  the library of the Carrington mansion – 173 Wessex Drive – Golden, Colorado)

Emily (comes into the library followed by Terry):  Mom.  Dad.  Can we talk to you guys for a minute?

Leslie:  Of course, Girls.  What is it?

Emily:  You guys, especially you, Dad, have taught us kids a lot about playing hunches.

Patrick:  I’d like to think we have.

Terry:  Anyway.  We have a hunch ourselves and we’d like to play it.

Patrick:  What are you two getting at?

Emily:  Well…..you know Jennifer Garcia’s mother Valerie came with her to our Memorial Day Party….

Leslie:  I know.  She’s a a horrible woman.  If it hadn’t been for Jennifer, we wouldn’t have invited her at all.

Terry.  What makes her even more horrible is that she spent the whole time sucking up to Queen Beyotch Alexis.

Patrick (rolls his eyes):  Tell me about it.  All right, Ladies…..OUT WITH IT!

Emily:  Like we said, Dad.  We’re playing a hunch of our own.  All that stuff we kept hearing about Valerie Garcia’s sketchy past in the modeling industry got us thinking.

Leslie:  About what, Girls?

Terry:  Well…..I’m a journalist and playing hunches is part of what I do for a living and I’m not going to beat around the bush, so, here it is…..we think we know who Jennifer Garcia’s father is…..




















Episode #806: A Bump in the Road


  • Patrick and Leslie continue their meeting in the office with Darlene Lake from the Environmental Protection Agency and they are shocked by the news she has for them concerning the Missouri Project.
  • In Mexico City, Sable meets with Mexican businessman Roberto Salazar to discuss a possible deal between his company, Salazar Industries and Pavilion Resorts.
  • Patrick and Leslie then find out that Darlene Lake has just met with the Deveraux Group and they then try to figure out how or if Darlene Lake’s findings make any sense.
  • Ed McCormick comes to Denver and has some not so shocking information about the deal that Claudia Waite and Alexis are putting together in the Middle East and he is then asked to run a check on Darlene Lake.
  • Carrington Fourth is being held at Coors Field in conjunction with Denver-Carrington Day at the Ball Orchard and the rest of the St. Louis Cardinals’ ownership group is invited to join the family in the Denver-Carrington luxury suite.
  • Patrick makes a decision about whether or not he should buy the 5% stake in the St. Louis Cardinals from the company.
  • Krystle and Dex welcome everybody to the Fourth of July celebration and, in the spirit of the occasion, Patrick reads a quote from John Adams.
  • Some of the Ewing clan joins the family at Coors Field and they and the Jennings try to come up with a plan to neutralize Darlene Lake.
  • Sable introduces Roberto Salazar to her son and daughter-in-law and she tries to introduce him to Patrick, but it turns out that he and Patrick already know each other.
  • Former Cardinals and Rockies Andres Galarraga and Hall of Famer Larry Walker join the celebration as special guests of Denver-Carrington.
  • After the game between the Cardinals and Rockies, fans are treated to a postgame boxing exhibition between Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield and a concert by Electric Light Orchestra.
  • The Jennings, the Coxes, the Ewings and Nick Kimball go down to Little Rock, Arkansas to see what they can find out about the Missouri Project.

Scene: FLASHBACK – Wednesday August 28, 1986 – The Carrington mansion – 173 Wessex Drive Golden, Colorado…..

Nick Kimball (sees his Uncle Moses): Uncle Moses! It’s a real pleasure.
Moses Kimball: I for one am not pleased, Nicholas…..I want to talk to you…..NOW!
Nick: Is there something wrong, Uncle Moses?
Moses: You’re damn right there’s something wrong! I just ran into Dominique Deveraux in the hallway outside the library and she told me what you said about Blake Carrington. You had absolutely NO right to speak to him in that fashion!
Nick: But Blake Carrington shut down The Crater.
Moses: I know why Blake Carrington shut down The Crater and I would have done the same thing if I had been in his shoes!
Nick: But Uncle Moses. Blake went back on his word. He tried double deal me and my men.
Moses: Would you rather be working for Alexis Colby?
Nick: No. Of course not, Uncle Moses. It’s just that Blake…..
Moses: Now! You listen to me, Nicholas! I’ve known Blake Carrington for a long time and I’ve ALWAYS known him to be a good and fair man. Blake Carrington did what he did to protect his own interests and, believe it or not, to protect yours as well. Now! I think you owe Blake Carrington a rather large apology and I suggest you give him one…..RIGHT NOW!
Nick: Of course I will, Uncle Moses.
Blake: Moses Kimball! How are you? It’s been a long time, old friend!
Moses: Yes it has, Blake. It’s good to see you again.
Blake:  You remember my wife Krystle.
Krystle:  Hello, Moses.  It’s wonderful to see you again.
Moses:  It’s lovely to see you again as well, Dear Lady.  By the way. I heard what happened between you and Alexis and your brother. I never could stand either one of them!  Ben came to me the other day wanting to do business.  Needless to say, I told him no.
Blake:  I understand why. Believe me!
Moses: I understand congratulations are an order.
Blake (breathes a sigh of relief): Thank you, old friend.
Moses: And please. Let me be the first to say that it will be a pleasure to be working with you once again.
Blake: Thanks again, Moses. It means the world to me to hear you say that.
Moses: We’ll talk soon, Blake……(The two men then shake hands)

(BACK IN THE PRESENT – TUESDAY morning – Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality – 5301 Northshore Drive – Little Rock, Arkansas)

Becky Keogh, Governor’s Secretary of Energy and the Environment: Good morning, Admiral and Mrs. Jennings.

Leslie:  Good morning, Secretary Keogh.

Becky Keogh:  Becky please.  All of you…..(looks over the size of the contingent gathered before her)…..I see you’ve brought a rather large contingent here with you. 

Terry:  Yes, ma’am we did.

Sandra:  We’re subscribers to the old strength in numbers theory.

Becky:  Chip called me and told me what what had happened.

Chip:  That’s right, Becky and I wanna thank ya for gettin’ back to me as quickly as you did.

Becky:  Danny.  it’s good to see you again.

Danny McCarty:  You too, Becky and thank you for seeing us.

Patrick, Jr.:  We’re just trying to get to the bottom of what’s going on concerning the EPA possibly shutting down our Natural Gas Extraction Project in Southwest Missouri.  Just over the Arkansas border.

Patrick:  Yes.  We did bring a rather large delegation.  We have representatives of the main companies that will be affected by any possible decision the EPA might.

Nick:  It’s not just us, but there are dozens of support companies that will be severely affected by this as well.

Becky:  I understand that, Mr. Kimball.  Listen.  Why don’t we go into my conference room here and talk about this and see what we can come up with?

Krystina:  Sounds good to me.

Becky:  Chip and Danny gave me the nutshell version of what happened.  They said the EPA is recommending that your Natural Gas Project on the Missouri side of our border be delayed until an investigation can be completed or that it be shut down.

John Ross:  Oh hell no! 

Patrick:  The whole thing boils down to the fact that the EPA is saying that our project is having a negative effect on Arkansas’ environment.

Becky:  According to whom?

Leslie:  According to an environmental impact report that was sent by your office two months ago.

Milton:  I don’t know what environmental impact report this is being based on, but the last one I saw on this project said we did nothing wrong.

Becky:  Who is that the EPA has assigned to this case?

Patrick:  They haven’t begun an official investigation as of yet, but we got the news from some lawyer who thinks she’s a real hot shot, but if you ask me, she’s so tight, you couldn’t get a greased BB up her ass.

Patrick, Jr.:  Her name is Darlene Lake.

Becky:  I know who she is.  She’s a real go-getter who doesn’t know the meaning of the word quit.  She doesn’t go down without a fight.

Leslie:  And I respect that.  She came to our office in Denver to deliver the news about the Missouri Project in person.

Sandra:  She came down to our office and delivered the same news a few minutes later.  The information she’s getting is not accurate.

John Ross:  She’s tellin’ us we’re in violation of the Dyson Agreement.

Becky:  The Dyson Agreement of 1952.

Chip:  Come on, Becky!  We know what the Dyson Agreement is for Chrissakes!  Shit!  It’s got my grandfather’s name on it for cryin’ out loud!

Krystina:  My father, Blake Carrington was one of the original signatories of the Dyson Agreement.  My husband’s grandfather Jock Ewing was one of the other of the three original signatories.

Nick Kimball:  My uncle Moses Kimball was added on a signatory of the Dyson Agreement about a year later.  About three years later, Orville Faubus asked Lafayette to remove him, but, to his credit, Lafayette refused.

John Ross:  Like my wife said, my granddaddy Jock Ewing was one of the original signers of the Dyson Agreement and my daddy J.R. signed it in 1976.

Patrick:  I can assure you, Becky…..that EVERY ONE of the companies represented here has been a big supporter of the Dyson Agreement.  We have even taken extra measures to make sure we were having no effect on the timely completion of the Bella Vista Bypass of U.S 71/Interstate 49.

Becky:  I understand, Mr. Ewing and Admiral Jennings, which is why I am just as perplexed about this situation as you are.

Sandra:  I don’t understand.

Leslie:  I don’t follow.

Becky:  You said the last time you all saw an environmental impact was six months ago.

Milton:  That’s correct.

Becky (takes a deep breath):  I see.  I remember your project very well and even though none of it encroaches onto the Arkansas side of the line, we still have a stake in it as far as the impact on our environment is concerned.

John Ross (slightly perturbed):  What the hell are you sayin’???

Patrick (puts his hand on John Ross’ shoulder to keep him from getting up):  Brother-in-Law!!…..(shakes his head)…..no!!

Chip:  Seriously, Little Brother!  Brother-in-Law’s right!  Calm down!

Becky:  Take it easy, Mr. Ewing.  Your brother and your brother-in-law are right.  Thank you, Chip.  Thank you, Admiral Jennings.  What I was about to say was that the last environmental impact report we saw was the same one y’all saw.  About six months before you got the green light to begin the project.  We commissioned Fallmont Environmental Enterprises to do the study for us.

Patrick:  Bart Fallmont.

Becky:  That’s right.  From Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Leslie:  That’s right.  He’s our son-in-law’s cousin.

Sandra:  Darlene said the report came from your office.

Becky:  I assure you, Mrs. Cox.  We did not send a report two months ago.  Whoever did wants to see your companies destroyed.

Patrick, Jr.:  So our hunch was correct.  The report that Darlene Lake saw was a total phony.

Patrick:  Looks like it.  We now know who DIDN’T send that report, but I’ve got a few pretty good damn ideas as to who DID and whoever he, she or they are, they better stand by to stand by.  ‘Cause some serious shit is about to go down!!

Terry:  Queen Beyotch!

Patrick:  That’s one idea.

Terry:  Jacques Piers.

Patrick:  That’s another one.  Listen, Becky.  I really want to thank for your time and for helping us shed some light on the subject.

Becky:  Of course, Admiral Jennings.  I will be talking to Governor Hutchinson as soon as we’re done here.

Chip:  And we’ll be talkin’ to him tomorrow morning.

(WEDNESDAY morning – Governor Asa Hutchinson’s office – Arkansas State Capitol – 500 Woodlane Street – Little Rock, Arkansas)

Governor Hutchinson:  Please everybody come in.  Why don’t we call go into my conference room?  

Danny McCarty:  Sounds like a plan.

Governor Hutchinson:  Chip.  Danny.  It’s good to see you again.

Chip:  You too, Asa.  Thanks for seein’ us.  I think you know my little brother John Ross Ewing III.

John Ross:  Good to see ya, Governor.

Governor Hutchinson:  Asa.  Please.  All of you.  John Ross.  Chip.  I knew your daddy J.R. back in the day.  He was quite a guy.

John Ross:  That he was.  May I present my wife Krystina?

Krystina:  How do you do, Gov…..Asa?

Governor Hutchinson:  Charmed.  Your father Blake Carrington was quite a guy also.  

Krystina:  Thank you.

Governor Hutchinson:  Pat.  It’s been a long time.  I remember when you were Blake Carrington’s Man in Washington.

Patrick:  That’s right.  Back when you were Congressman Hutchinson.  You were always one we were able to count on.  You remember my wife Leslie.

Governor Hutchinson:  Of course.  You were always right there with Pat at all the Washington cocktail parties.  I gotta hand it to you.

Leslie:  Well…..your wife Susan gave me some good tips on how to handle it.  Sometimes I think I wouldn’t have made it if it hadn’t been for her advice.  I’d like you to meet our son Patrick, Jr. and our daughter-in-law Terry.

Terry:  How do you do, Governor…..uhhhhh…..Asa.

Patrick, Jr.:  It’s a pleasure, Asa.

Patrick:  I’d like you to meet our associates from the Deveraux Group.  Nick Kimball and Milton and Sandra Cox.

Governor Hutchinson:  Sandra.  It’s good to see you again.

Sandra:  Asa.  I interned for you when you were U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Arkansas back in 1985

Governor Hutchinson:  Yes you did and you were one of the best interns I ever had at the office.  Milton.  I heard you had some success with some natural gas fields in Kentucky and Indiana.  It’s good to see all of you contributing to the country’s energy future.

Milton:  Yes we did and thank you.

Governor Hutchinson:  Nick Kimball.  You’re Moses Kimball’s nephew.

Nick:  That’s right.

Governor Hutchinson:  Your uncle has been a good friend to this state for a long time despite what Orville Faubus tried to do to him.

Nick:  We have Lafayette Dyson to thank for standing up for him.

Patrick:  Asa.  We’re sorry to be such a huge delegation.

Governor Hutchinson:  Not at all.  It’s a good thing we’re using my conference room.  Becky Keogh called and said you all would be coming up here.

Patrick:  Good.  Let’s get down to it.

Governor Hutchinson:  From what Becky told me, the EPA is giving y’all trouble over the Natural Gas Project in Southwest Missouri.

Patrick:  Not the EPA as a whole, but a supposed hot shit lawyer who’s so tight you couldn’t get a greased BB up her ass named Darlene Lake.  I’ll be talking to the Director of the EPA.  He’s going to be my guest Tuesday in Denver at the All-Star Game.

Leslie:  According to her, our project is having a negative impact on the environment on your side of the state line.

Chip:  Asa.  She’s claiming we’re in violation of the Dyson Agreement.  The damn document’s got my grandfather’s name on it for Godsakes!

Governor Hutchinson:  I know all that, Chip.  Pat.  I remember you becoming a signatory of the Dyson Agreement when I took office in 2015.

Patrick:  That’s right.  I was Denver-Carrington’s designated representative.

Governor Hutchinson:  Which is why I don’t understand why your companies are being targeted.  Your companies have been about the biggest supporters of the Dyson Agreement.  Where is she getting her information?

John Ross:  She’s gettin’ her information from some damn bogus environmental impact report that none of us ever saw!!

Milton:  I’m afraid John Ross is right.  Ms. Lake came to our office in Denver last week to deliver the news about an environmental impact report that none of us ever saw.

Governor Hutchinson:  Who was commissioned to prepare the environmental impact report that you y’all didn’t see?

Leslie (shaking her head):  We were never made privy to that information.

Governor Hutchinson:  And the one you did see?

Patrick:  Fallmont Environmental Enterprises.  Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Governor:  Bart Fallmont.  I served in Congress with his uncle Bill Fallmont.  He’s a good friend of mine.  We still keep in touch.  I met his father Senator Buck Fallmont a couple of times.  He was a horse’s ass and he was a lush.

Leslie:  That’s him.  The first time I met him, he seemed like such a nice guy.  Then, he found out my last name was Carrington and he turned into an asshole.

Patrick:  Asa.  The report that Darlene Lake is getting her information from is a fake.  It’s as phony as a three dollar bill.

Nick:  Asa.  When the Deveraux Group entered into this deal with Denver-Carrington and Ewing Industries, in respect to the Dyson Agreement and Lafayette Dyson’s memory, we promised not to extract any petroleum from the Arkansas side of the state line.  According to the environmental impact we saw, none of us have done anything wrong.  So far, we have acted in good faith.  I feel as though the EPA is calling our integrity into question.

Chip:  As a matter of fact, Asa, Nick made that promise to me personally in my living room at Southcrest.

Governor Hutchinson:  There were no improprieties as far as I can see.  As far as I’m concerned, you have the go ahead to continue.  As a matter of fact, I will sign off on that.

Leslie:  Asa we can’t thank you enough.

Governor Hutchinson:  I hope y’all will be talking to Mike Parson about this.

Patrick:  As a matter of fact we will.  Jefferson City is our next stop.  Asa.  Thank you for seeing us…..(looking over at Chip)…..Brother-in-Law.  Thank you.

Chip:  Don’t worry, Brother-in-Law.  We’re gonna give Ms. Darlene Lake just what she deserves.

Patrick, Jr.:  She’s going to wish she’d never of us. 

(THURSDAY morning – Governor Mike Parson’s office – Missouri State Capital- 201 West Capitol Avenue – Jefferson City, Missouri)

Governor Parson:  Pat.  Everybody.  Come on in.

Leslie:  Thank you, Mike.  Sorry.  The Ewings couldn’t be here with us.  They had to head back to Dallas.  They’ll be joining us when we go to Washington.

Governor Parson:  Governor Hutchinson called me and said what had happened.

Patrick:  I figured he would since it’s your state in which the project is located.

Governor Parson:  Nick.  You’re one of the people I had in mind when I first talked about this project.

Nick:  Thanks, Mike.  I wanted to bring Denver-Carrington and Ewing Industries from the start and we ‘re planning to bring in Colby Enterprises.

Milton:  We’ve already moved a lot of equipment onto the site.  Now, it’s just sitting there.

Governor Parson:  So who is the lawyer the EPA sent to your office?

Patrick, Jr.:  Her name is Lake.  Darlene Lake.

Governor Parson:  Do y’all have any idea who it was that sent that fake environmental impact report?

Patrick:  We have a couple of ideas, but we’re being told by this bitch who’s so tight, you couldn’t get a greased BB up her ass that we’re supposed to back off and let the EPA handle the investigation and that’s not going to fly with us.

Governor Parson:  It’s not gonna fly with me either, Pat.  Not only is the EPA causing your project to be delayed, but they’re costing my state some badly needed jobs.

Terry:  Is there any way we can get the EPA to back off on their investigation and let the companies handle it internally?

Sandra:  I happen to be a lawyer.  If I’m not mistaken, the US District Court, Western District of Missouri has jurisdiction in the area of the project site.

Governor Parson:  That’s right.

Sandra:  And the District Court could issue a cease and desist order on the EPA’s investigation on the basis that the environmental impact upon which Darlene Lake is basing her investigation is a fake and that the construction delays and the loss of project-related jobs would have a negative impact on the local economy.

Governor Parson:  Yes, Sandra you are correct.  As a matter of fact, I will get a hold of the U.S. Attorney’s office in Kansas City and she will, in turn, get a hold of a judge and we’ll have a cease and desist order issued tomorrow.

Patrick:   Good.  We’re going to be at the Capitol Plaza Hotel tonight.   We’ve got one of our people running a check on Ms. Darlene Lake.  Hopefully, he’ll come up with something we can use.

Governor Parson:  I’ll let y’all know when I get a copy of that cease and desist order.  Then I’ll sign off on the resumption of the Natural Gas Extraction Project.

Patrick:  Thanks, Mike.

Governor Parson:  Anytime, Pat.  In the meantime, if there’s anything this office can do for you, please, don’t hesitate to let us know.

(THURSDAY evening – Patrick and Leslie’s room – Room 320 – Capitol Plaza Hotel – 415 West McCarty Street – Jefferson City, Missouri)

Leslie:  That was a really good time.  What was the name of that place again?  We’ll have to remember it for the next time we’re here.

Patrick:  J. Pfenny’s Sports Bar Grill and Pub.  Too bad the Cards weren’t playing.  Maybe we could have taken in a game too…..(hears his cell ringing)…..get that for me.  Will you, Babe?

Leslie:  Sure, Hun…..(picks up Patrick’s cell and sees ED come up on Patrick’s caller ID)…..Hello?…..Ed!  Thank God!  Pat’s watching Sports Center.  Let me put you on speaker.  Hun.  It’s Ed.

Patrick (clicks the remote and turns off the TV):  Ed.  What do you have for us?

Ed McCormick:  Plenty.  Yes.  Darlene Lake is a hot shot lawyer and she is one of the top lawyers at the EPA.  She did rise to where she is PARTIALLY on her own merit.

Leslie:  You mean there were instances where she slept her way up the ladder.

Ed:  That’s exactly what I mean, Kiddo.  In the end, Darlene Lake is just another Washington Floozy.

Patrick:  Why am I NOT surprised?? Come on, Ed.  Give.  What do you got?

Ed:  OK.  You guys know who Senator Dirk Slayton is, correct?

Patrick:  Yeah.  Democrat out of North Dakota.  He’s got just about THE worst energy voting record in BOTH houses of Congress.

Leslie:  He’s gotten a single digits rating from AT LEAST three pro energy organizations.

Patrick:  It amazes me that with the oil boom and the strong opposition from Happ Briggs, the people of North Dakota kept electing his ass.

Ed:  Yeah well…..that may be about to change.

Leslie:  All right, Ed.  What do you know?

Ed:  Thought you’d never ask.  Well…..it seems that Darlene has herself a little shield against energy companies that have wanted to tear her a new one.  Before I go any further.  Who do you think was one of the EPA lawyers that helped enforce Biden’s order to shut down Keystone XL?

Leslie:  What???

Patrick:  DON”T TELL ME!!!!

Ed:  That’s right.  Darlene Lake.

Patrick:  DAMN IT!!!  I knew that bitch was foul from the word “go”.  All right, Ed.  Now what about this shield?

Ed:  It seems that in exchange for Senator Slayton’s anti-energy votes, he and Darlene had a little…..ummmmm…..arrangement.

Patrick (whistles in astonishment):  Ho…ly…..shit!

Leslie:  You mean…..?

Ed:  That’s right!  My people caught some security footage of Darlene and Dirk going into Willard’s Hotel arm in arm last New Year’s Eve.  They looked at the tapes from a 24 hour span.  Darlene and Dirk didn’t come out of the hotel until well into the next day.

Patrick (nods his head and raises his eyebrows):  Leverage!  And we’re going to take it!  Looks like Dirk Slayton’s ass will be resigning.

Leslie:  You got that right.

Ed:  How the meetings with the governors go?

Patrick:  We succeeded beyond all expectations.  Asa Hutchinson signed off on us continuing with the project and we’re waiting to hear from Mike Parson on a cease and desist order on the EPA’s investigation.  We get that, it’s all ahead full.

Leslie:  Ed.  There’s one more thing we need you to do for us.

Ed:  What’s that, Kiddo?

Leslie:  We need you to get with Bum Jones down in Dallas.  We need you guys to do a little snooping around Jeremy Wendell, Westar and, in particular, Jacques Piers.  We think any one of them might be behind the fake environmental impact report.

Ed:  Not a problem, Kiddo.  What about Alexis?

Patrick:  I doubt it, but we’re not ruling her out either.

Ed:  I’ll look into it.  I’ll be in touch

Patrick:  Thanks again, Ed.

(FRIDAY morning – Patrick and Leslie’s room – Room 320 – Capitol Plaza Hotel – 415 West McCarty Street _ Jefferson City, Missouri)

Patrick (answers his cell):  Hello?  

Governor Parson:  Pat.  It’s Mike.

Patrick:  Hang on, Mike.  Leslie’s here with me.  Let me put you on speaker.

Leslie;  I’m here, Mike.

Governor Parson:  I’ve got some good news for you guys.

Patrick:  All right, Mike.  Let’s have it.

Governor Parson:  I just got off the phone with Teresa Moore, the US Attorney for the Western District of Missouri and she just got the word from Judge David Gregory Kays.  The cease and desist order has been granted.  EPA Investigation is to cease and desist effective immediately.  I’ve signed off on the resumption of normal operations.  Y’all can get started again whenever you like.  Y’all can come by my office.  I’ll have a copy ready for you to pick up.

Leslie:  Mike we can’t thank you enough.   Darlene’s going to be pissed!

Patrick (hangs up his cell):  You got that right…..(hears his cell ringing again)…..Hello?

John Ross:  Hey, Brother-in-Law.  It’s John Ross.

Patrick:  Hang on, Bub.  Let me put you on speaker.  There we go.  Can you hear us both?

John Ross:  Sure can.  Hey, Sister-in-Law.

Leslie:  Hey, John Ross.  What’s going on?

(MEANWHILE – John Ross’ office – Ewing Industries – 1201 Elm Street – Dallas, Texas)

John Ross I was just callin to see how everything went in Missouri.

Patrick:  Everything succeeded beyond our wildest dreams. Mike Parson just got the word from the US Attorney for the Western District of Missouri.  Judge David Gregory Kays just issued a cease and desist order on the EPA’s investigation of the Missouri Project a little bit ago.

Leslie:  That’s right.  The EPA has been ordered off the investigation as of right now.

John Ross:  What about the project?

Patrick:  We’ve got the green light to resume all operations.  Mike signed off on it just a little bit ago.

John Ross:  Damn!!  We got that bitch Darlene Lake right where we want her!  She tries anything?  We go full on J.R. on her ass!

Patrick:  You bet we do.  She tries to come after us…..she’s toast!  Listen.  I have to hand it to Chip.  He came through for us again in the clutch.  If it weren’t for his help, I don’t know if we would have gotten that meeting with Asa Hutchinson.

John Ross:  Hey.  Chip cares about this project.  He wants it to succeed.  Not only that, but he cares about this family.  He wants us to succeed in all our joint ventures.

Leslie:  I know.

John Ross:  So what’s next?

Patrick:   I’m meeting with the Director of the EPA at the All-Star Game on Tuesday.  Thursday, we’re going to Washington.  We’ve got something really good on Darlene Lake and she’s not going to know what hit her.

John Ross:  Y’all need us to go with ya?

Patrick:  As a matter of fact, yeah.  Once again, we’re going to need the same crew.  I think we had that strength in numbers formula working really well.

John Ross:  Tell ya what.  I’ll talk to Chip and we’ll send Excelsior for ya.

Patrick:  We’ll tell Miranda to book us six rooms at Willard’s Hotel.

John Ross:  Sounds like a plan.  We’ll see y’all Thursday mornin’.  We’re gonna give that bitch a reception she’ll never forget!!

Patrick:  All right then.  We’re going to head over to the Governor’s office.  Mike has a copy of the cease and desist order ready for us to pick up.  After that, we’re heading back to Denver.

(MEANWHILE – Sammy Jo’s office – Reece House of Fashion – East Broncos Parkway – Englewood, Colorado)

Julie Bergman:  Good morning.  Reece House of Fashion.  How may I help you?

Racine:  Yes.  I’m trying to reach your boss, Mrs. Carrington.  Is she in?

Julie:  Yes she is.  May I tell her who’s calling please?

Racine:  Yes, dear.  This is Racine.  I have some business I’d like to discuss with her.

Julie:  I see…..ummmmm…..Racine what?

Racine:  No Racine what, darling.  Just Racine.  Now.  Are you going to put me through to your boss or not?

Julie:  Yes, ma’am…..(buzzes Sammy Jo’s office)…..Sammy Jo?  There’s a Racine who wants to talk to you.  She says she has some urgent business she wants to discuss with you.

Sammy Jo:  Thank you, Julie.  Put her through.  Hello, Racine.  What can I do for you?

Racine:  Why, Sammy Jo.  It’s been far too long.  We’ve talked so infrequently since your modeling days in Milan. I must say you did very well for yourself in Milan and so did Melania Knauss.

Sammy Jo:  Yeah.  I’d say marrying one of the richest men in the world and then becoming First Lady of the United States could be considered doing pretty well for yourself.  Now what do you want??

Racine:  Well first of all, I’d like to congratulate you on acquiring Fashion Fury right out from under Alexis Colby and Carol Marshall’s noses and re-branding it as Reece House of Fashion.  What a stroke of genius!

Sammy Jo:  Well…..it’s not a big secret, but I wasn’t able to do it all by myself.  I did have a little help from my brother and Denver-Carrington.

Racine:  Oh yes!  Your brother the CEO.  Vice Admiral Patrick Gorgeous!  I heard that both Alexis and Sable Colby tried to throw themselves at him and failed.  Too bad he’s sickeningly devoted to that Plain Jane Leslie.

Sammy Jo:  Now!  You listen to me, Racine!  You better get ANY and I mean ANY ideas you have of throwing yourself at him out of your head RIGHT NOW!  You’re right.  My brother IS extremely devoted to his wife.  I am very VERY protective of my younger brother and I will NOT let you try and come between him and his wife.  Either they will stop you or I will! 

(MEANWHILE – Racine’s office – Racine Incorporated – 35th floor – 35 Hudson Yards – 560 West 33rd Street – New York City)

Racine:  Oh!  Isn’t that sweet??  I understand that Gianna Padovano of Orsini Cosmetics has turned out to be your sister.

Sammy Jo:  That ‘s not a big secret anymore.  Gianna Doesn’t really handle the cosmetics end of Orsini Industries anymore.  Her mother, Alessandra Orsini has always been the big name in the cosmetics end of things.  Now!  I’m asking you for the third time, Racine.  What do you want???

Racine:  Well…..obviously what I REALLY want, I can’t have.  However…..I know you have your big End of the Summer and Holiday Fashion Shows coming up.  I’m going to be in Denver in the next week or two and I was wondering if maybe we could meet.

Sammy Jo:  Well…..that may be against my better judgement and I still trust you about as far as I can throw you, but…..I don’t suppose there will be any harm in a brief…..key word BRIEF…..meeting.

Racine:  Splendid, darling!  I’ll call when it gets closer to time and let you know when I’ll be arriving.  in the meantime, take care, Sammy Jo.

Sammy Jo:  Bye, Racine.

(MONDAY morning – Miranda’s outer office – Denver-Carrington Center – 1954 Blake Carrington Plaza – Denver, Colorado)

Miranda (breathes a sigh of relief as she sees Patrick and Leslie getting off the elevator):  Patrick.  Leslie.  Good.  You guys are here.

Leslie:  Miranda what’s wrong?

Miranda:  Ummmmm…..well…..

Patrick:  Miranda.  Don’t beat around the bush.  Just tell us.

Miranda:  Oh all right.  Darlene Lake is in your office again and is she mad.

Leslie:  Great!

Patrick:  Miranda.  Ask me if I give a shit.

Miranda:  Patrick.  Do you give a shit?

Patrick (shaking his head):  No.

(A FEW MINUTES LATER – Patrick and Leslie’s office)

Leslie:  What the hell are you doing here???

Darlene Lake (scowls at Patrick):  YOU SON OF A BITCH!!!!!

Patrick:  Why Darlene.  You seem a little bit…..miffed?

Darlene Lake:  You had the US District Court for the Western District of Missouri issue a cease and desist order for our investigation of your Natural Gas Extraction Project didn’t you???

Patrick:  I can neither confirm nor deny.

Leslie:  Well…..technically, Darlene.  We didn’t.  Governor Mike Parson did and that was awfully kind of him.

Darlene Lake (continues to scowl at Patrick):  YOU BASTARD!!!!  HOW DARE YOU!!!!…..(now looks over at Leslie)…..HOW DARE BOTH OF YOU!!!!!

Patrick (pulls the document out of his breast pocket):  It’s all right here, BITCH!!  Read it and weep!  Oh!  Doesn’t matter if you tear it up.  I’ve got it scanned to my hard drive.

Darlene Lake:  We’ll fight this!

Leslie:  Go right ahead.  By the time your appeal goes through, we’ll already be pumping gas out of the ground.

Darlene Lake (nervous as she shakes her head):  I…..I don’t have any choice…..I’ll have to report that you two are being extremely uncooperative.  I’ll go to the FBI about you two if I have to.

Patrick (confidently shrugs her off):  Pffffffft…..be my guest!  When you do.  Tell them we’d like to talk to them too.

Darlene Lake:  What are you talking about???

Patrick:  You wouldn’t want me to tell the FBI that you’re basing your investigation on false information now…..would you?

Darlene Lake:  What do you mean???  That environmental impact report came from the State of Arkansas.

Patrick:  Oh it might have come from somewhere, but it didn’t come from the State of Arkansas.  However, we do have a pretty good damn idea where that report DID come from.

Darlene Lake:  What are you talking about??

Leslie:  The report’s a fake, Darlene.  Phony as a three dollar bill.  Whoever sent that report to your office is trying to sabotage our project.

Darlene Lake:  You’re lying!!!

Patrick (shaking his head):  No.  I’m afraid not.  We’ve got verification from the Arkansas Governor’s Secretary for Energy and the Environment.

Darlene Lake:  I told you we’d handle this investigation!!

Patrick:  Why??  So you can totally botch it up??  Forget it!!

Darlene Lake:  This is NOT over!!!  I’m going to my director about this!!!  THEN we’ll see what’s going to happen!!!

Patrick:  Feel free.  As a matter of fact, I’ll be seeing him here in Denver for the All-Star Game tomorrow night.

Leslie:  I’m sorry, Darlene, but you’re not calling the shots here anymore.

Darlene Lake:  We’ll see about that…..Admiral and Mrs. Jennings!!!




















*Note:  Morgan Fairchild played a different character in a previous story arc.

Episode #805: Carrington Fourth – 2021


  • Claudia Waite comes to Alexis’ office with news about Avanti Corp.’s reactivation and a proposal for a business deal in the Middle East   She then informs Alexis of upcoming meetings in Rome.
  • Alexis tries to interest Fallon in Claudia’s proposal, but, because of her mother’s reputation, she immediately became suspicious.
  • Claudia proposes talking to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi about issuing a statement of condemnation regarding Denver-Carrington and the Deveraux Group’s offshore oil and gas deal in Israel in light of Congresswoman Omar’s recent tweet regarding Israel atrocities.
  • Jay comes to Patrick and Leslie’s office with news about the Ellis County, Texas oil fields.  He is followed by Texas State Senator Muriel Gillis-Roberts.
  • Alexis has a meeting in Jeff’s office with Fallon, Steven and Jeff about Claudia’s proposal and suggest that they all come in on it with her.
  • Patrick, Patrick, Jr. and Milton go to Norfolk for Weekend Warrior Duty and brief Fleet Forces Command on the situation in Venezuela and on Denmark’s possible entry into the FREMM Program.
  • Steven comes to Patrick and Leslie’s office and suggests that Patrick get in touch with Ed McCormick regarding Alexis and Claudia Waite’s business deal.
  • Jennifer Garcia meets with Sammy Jo at her office regarding a new opportunity to work with Reece House of Fashion on a new marketing project.
  • Jacques Piers and his son have set in motion a plan they think with destroy Denver-Carrington once and for all.
  • Patrick and Leslie get an unwelcome visit from Darlene Lake, a lawyer with the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Scene:  Wednesday morning – Patrick and Leslie Jennings’ office – Denver-Carrington Center – 1954 Blake Carrington Plaza – Denver, Colorado…..

Leslie:  Excuse me??

Darlene Lake:  I said I’m here to talk to you about your natural gas project in Southwest Missouri.

Patrick:  Yeah.  I heard you, but…..what the hell for???

Darlene Lake:  The project is having a negative impact on the environment on the Arkansas side of the border.

Leslie:  What???

Patrick:  NOW WAIT JUST A DAMN MINUTE!!!!…..(takes a deep breath to calm himself down)…..Before we go any further.  Did you say your last name was Lake?

Darlene Lake:  That’s right.  You probably knew my uncle Jonathan Lake.

Leslie:  Yes we did.  He dated my Aunt Dominique Devereaux for a short time.

Patrick:  He also had a long career with the State Department.  He was Under Secretary for Middle Eastern Affairs when Denver-Carrington was threatened with being shut down over the Gaddafigate Scandal.  Jeff Colby and I were in negotiations with him for three days just so we could make sure the company didn’t get shut down and Blake Carrington didn’t get sent to prison.  We were sorry to hear about his passing.  He was a good and devoted public servant.

Darlene Lake:  Yes he was and so am I.

Leslie:  So what is this all about, Ms. Lake?

Darlene Lake:  As I was saying.  Your project is having a negative impact on the wildlife on the Arkansas side of the Missouri-Arkansas line.  You’re in violation of the Dyson Agreement of 1952.

Patrick:  What the hell are you talking about???

Darlene Lake:  It’s an agreement made between Lafayette Dyson, a businessman from Little Rock and Governor Sid McMath that prohibits exploitation of the Natural Resources of Northwest Arkansas.

Leslie:  We know what the Dyson Agreement is, Ms. Lake.

Patrick:  What we DON’T know is…..WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON AROUND HERE???

Darlene Lake:  Admiral and Mrs. Jennings.  I’ve seen the environmental impact report from the State of Arkansas.  Your company is in very serious trouble.  You are facing shut down of the Missouri project and some very heavy fines.

Patrick:  BULLSHIT!!!!  I don’t know what environmental impact report you saw, but the one we saw said we were in compliance with ALL  Arkansas Environmental Regulations.  We’ll get to the bottom of this!!

Darlene Lake:  I’m sorry Admiral and Mrs. Jennings, but until our investigation is complete, we’re going to recommend a delay of at least six months and possibly longer.

Patrick:  That’s going to cost us millions of dollars.

Leslie:  We said WE’D get to the bottom of this.

Darlene Lake:  We still need to investigate this matter further.

Patrick:  Oh yeah???  Well…..you know what you can do with YOUR investigation???  You can take YOUR investigation and SHOVE IT STRAIGHT UP YOUR TIGHT ASS!!!!!

Darlene Lake:  Admiral Jennings.  Your attitude has been noticed.  I’ll be making a note of it in my report to my director.

Patrick:  You can take your note and shove that straight up your tight ass too.

Darlene Lake:  I see.  Mrs. Jennings are you going to let your husband talk to me this way??


Patrick:  Don’t let the door hit you where the good Lord split you…..(Darlene Lake then leaves)

Leslie (wraps her arms around Patrick):  What do you think?

Patrick:  We’re going down to Little Rock next week after Carrington Fourth.  We’re taking the Kid and Blondezilla with us.  Don’t worry.  We’re going to get to the bottom of this.

Leslie (kisses her husband on the cheek):  I know we will.  We always do.

(MEANWHILE – Roberto Salazar, Hijo’s penthouse – Bosques de las Lomas District – Mexico City, DF, Mexico)

Roberto Salazar, Hijo:  Senora Colby.  Welcome to my penthouse.

Sable:  Why thank you, Senor Salazar.

Roberto:  Por favor, dear lady.  Roberto

Sable:  Of course, Roberto.  Please.  Call me Sable and I must say it was a delightful suggestion that we meet here at your penthouse.  I want to thank you for taking this meeting.

Roberto:  I know of your company Pavilion Resorts and you have an excellent reputation.  I know what happened in the recent California mudslides was not your fault.  We here at Salazar Industries have worked with various companies to develop resorts throughout Latin America from Tijuana to Tierra  del Fuego.

Sable:  I know of your reputation as well, Roberto and I hope we can do some business together.  I’ve been looking to expand into Latin America, especially into Cozumel, Cancun, Belize and Costa Rica.

Roberto:  I too have been looking to increase my presence in that region and I have not yet been able to find the right partner.  Do you have a particular construction company that you use? t Salazar Industries, we generally handle project construction internally, though we are open to the possibility of taking on partners.

Sable:  I had thought about jobbing some of the project to Carrington Construction.

Roberto:  I know who they are.  They are an excellent company.  But I would hope that you would speak to Steven Carrington first.

Steven:  Of course.  I’m going to be in Denver for the annual Carrington Fourth celebration on Sunday.  Perhaps we will have the chance to speak to him then.  Would you care to come to Denver with me?

Roberto:  I would be delighted, beautiful lady.  Perhaps this will be the beginning of a long and profitable partnership.  In the meantime, will you have dinner with me tonight?…..(gives Sable a kiss on the lips)

Sable:  I’d be delighted…..(gives Roberto a kiss on the lips in return)

(MEANWHILE – Sandra Cox’s office [formerly Dominique’s office] – the Deveraux Group – Denver-Carrington Center – 1954 Blake Carrington Plaza – Denver, Colorado)

Leslie (coming down to Sandra Cox’s office with Patrick):  We’re sorry to barge in on you like this, but was Darlene Lake just here?

Sandra:  As a matter of fact, she was and she read us the riot act about the Missouri Project.  What a bitch!!

Leslie:  She read us the same riot act just a little while ago.

Nick:  She’s talking about delaying the project.  That’s going to cost us millions of dollars.

Patrick:  It’s going to cost us too, but it’s not going to kill us.

Milton:  It’s really not going to kill us either, Nick.  We’ve weathered worse storms. 

Patrick:  So have we.

Milton:  She said we were in violation of the Dyson Agreement.  That’s impossible!  Our companies are among the biggest supporters of that agreement.

Patrick:  Tell me about it.

Nick:  Not only that, but my Uncle Moses was a signatory of that agreement.

Patrick:  That’s true, but the original signatories of the agreement were Lafayette, Blake and Jock Ewing.  Moses wasn’t added til later.

Leslie:  But, it was at Lafayette’s insistence that Moses was added despite the attitude of segregation that prevailed at the time.

Nick:  That’s right.  Lafayette and Uncle Moses were working on a project together down in Pulaski County, but, unfortunately, due to the segregationist attitude at the time and before Lafayette could intercede, the local sheriff had two of Uncle Moses’ workers lynched.

Patrick:  Jesus Christ!  That’s right.  Lafayette found out about it and used his influence with the governor at that time, Francis Cherry, to force the sheriff to resign.

Nick:  Yes.  Then Uncle Moses was added as a signatory to the Dyson Agreement.

Patrick:  Our families have supported the Dyson Agreement for the better part of the last seventy years, which is part of the reason none of this makes any sense.

Sandra:  And it was a handshake agreement, which makes it sacred.

Milton:  That’s right.  I don’t know what environmental impact report you saw, Shipmate.  But, the one I saw said we did nothing wrong.

Leslie:  We saw the same one as you did, Cousin.

Patrick:  Which leads me to believe that the one Darlene Lake saw was a phony.

Sandra:  You sure?

Patrick:  That little incident two years ago with Trey Dyson and that fake copy of his grandfather’s will has me convinced that the environmental impact report in question is also a fake.

Nick:  So what are we intending to do about this?

Leslie:  We’re going down to Little Rock next week after Carrington Fourth.

Patrick:  We’re taking the Kid and Blondezilla with us.

Nick:  We’re going with you too.

Milton:  We’re in this together, Shipmate.  This is just as much our fight as it is yours.

Sandra:  I agree with Nick and Milton.  We need to stick together on this.

Leslie:  Sandra’s right.  There’s strength in numbers and that’s worked a lot for us in the past. 

Patrick:  Who am I to argue?  You got yourself a deal, Shipmate.  It’s all settled then.  We’re in this together.  We leave Monday afternoon.

(FRIDAY morning – Miranda’s outer office – Denver-Carrington Center)

Miranda (sees Ed McCormick coming off the elevator):  Good morning and welcome to…..oh good…..Ed…..you made it.  Patrick and Leslie have been waiting to hear from you.

Ed:  I got here as soon as I could, Kid.  I’ve got really important to talk them about.

Miranda:  Well…..you can go right in.  They’re in their office waiting for you.

Ed:  Thanks, Miranda.

(A FEW MINUTES LATER – Patrick and Leslie’s office)

Ed:  Pat.  Leslie.  I made it.  I guess Steven was pretty concerned about that deal his mother and Claudia Waite were trying to rope him into.

Patrick:  Yeah.  You could say that.

Leslie:  It wasn’t just Steven.  They were trying to get Fallon and Jeff to come in on the deal with him.

Patrick:  It was supposed to be in the Middle East.  Oil leases in Saudi Arabia and Iraq.

Leslie:  There also some offshore oil leases in the Persian Gulf and some commercial real estate development they were supposed to job out to Carrington Construction.

Ed:  Well…..i’s a good thing that none of them took the bait.  That deal is as phony as a three dollar bill.  One of the principals involved is the National Iranian Oil Company.  If Steven, Fallon, and Jeff had agreed to that deal, they’d probably end up going to jail.

Patrick:  That sounds like the same kind of sleazy shit that Adam Carrington would have pulled when he was alive.

Ed:  I’ve got the latest satellite images from Langley.   Take a look.  These are the fields in question.  See this highlighted area near the Straits of Hormuz.

Leslie:  Are those fields in Iranian territorial waters?

Ed:  Looks that way, Kiddo.

Patrick:  Son of a bitch!  What now?

Ed:  Claudia is doing this deal through Avanti Corp. of Milan, Italy.

Patrick (nods his head):  Her brother’s old Italian dummy company that she recently reactivated.

Leslie:  Correct me if I’m wrong, Ed, but she filed the papers for reinstatement under her real name Celina Zacharias.

Ed:  That’s right.  We don’t yet know how deeply involved Alexis is in this deal.  If she’s a principal, then she’s as good as in prison.  If all she did was try to get her children to throw in, then she’ll probably get it down to a lesser conspiracy charge and, owing to her age, she’ll just get heavily fined.

Patrick:  Owing to her age, she’ll probably weasel her way out of prison time too.

Leslie:  So she’ll basically just do her damnedest to just sweep shit under the rug.

Ed:  Pretty much, yeah.

Patrick:  That’s what we thought.  Listen, Ed.  I need you to do a little snooping around the EPA.  In particular, a lawyer named Darlene Lake who’s so tight you couldn’t get a greased BB up her ass.

Ed:  Jonathan Lake’s niece??

Patrick:  That’s the one.  We’re going down to Little Rock, Arkansas next week after Carrington Fourth to see what we can find out.  We need you to do a little digging in Washington to see what you find out.

Ed:  Not a problem, guys, but I will tell you one thing.  Jessica Reckell, the Eco-terrorist you guys have had trouble with before?  She’s got Darlene Lake in her pocket.  They’ve worked together before.  As a matter of fact, I think Jessica was trying to get Darlene to work together with her on filing an injunction against that Tyson rendering plant in Carthage, Missouri.

Patrick:  Why doesn’t that surprise me?

Leslie:  See what you can find out about an environmental impact report that was sent to her by the State of Arkansas.

Ed:  I’ll see what I can find out and I’ll be in touch with you the first part of next week.

Patrick:  Thanks a lot, Ed.  I knew I could count on you.

(SUNDAY afternoon – Independence Day – Carrington Fourth – Denver-Carrington Luxury Suite – Coors Field – 2001 BLAKE Street – Denver, Colorado)

John Mozeliak:  Pat.  I want to thank you for allowing the rest of the ownership group the use of your suite today and letting us be part of the Carrington Fourth celebration.

Patrick:  It’s not a problem, Mo.  Denver-Carrington has had this suite since Coors opened.  What do you think about the trade deadline?  We going to go after Gallo from Texas?

John Mozeliak:  Not sure yet.  We need to see if we can put together the right package.  I don’t want us to mortgage our future on what could be a rent-a-player.  Plus, I’d like to see if we can build a little momentum going into the All-Star Break so we can position ourselves as buyers at the trade deadline.

Leslie:  I can understand that.

John Mozeliak:  Pat.  You still thinking about buying that stake in the team from Denver-Carrington?

Patrick:  No I’m not, Mo.  Blake bought that stake in the team soon after he founded Denver-Carrington and I really don’t want to disrespect his memory that way.  That stake in the team was a part of him and I want it to remain as such.

John Mozeliak:  The DeWitts thought the world of Blake.  I understand.  Fallon.  I want to thank you for everything you’ve done for us.  Whenever we come to Denver, we always like staying at La Mirage.

Fallon:  You’re welcome, John and we love having the guys stay with us.  Can you excuse me, John?  Baby Brother.  Cousin.  Tell me what’s going with my mother and Claudia Waite.

Patrick:  Oh shit!  Where do we begin?

Jeff:  I’m guessing McCormick was here in Denver.  Steven said he wanted you to talk to him.

Leslie:  We did or rather he talked to us.

Jeff:  What exactly did he say?

Leslie:  It’s a good thing you didn’t take that deal…..or as he put it…..the bait.  Claudia and your mother were playing you for suckers.

Steven:  What???

Sammy Jo:  Wow!  Magnus told me what happened between Claudia and the Ewings.  I can’t believe she’s back in business after that.

Fallon:  What the hell is it with my mother???  First, she tries to screw me on that real estate deal in Northern Virginia and now this!!

Steven:  All those years she used us as weapons against Dad.  Now she’s turning on us!!  Why???

Patrick:  Simple.  She can’t stand the fact that your aligning yourselves with me…..the bastard son of her mortal enemy.

Steven:  It has nothing to do with aligning ourselves with Krystle’s son.  We’ve aligned ourselves with you because you’ve always been straight with us and you’re our friend.

Patrick:  I appreciate that, Steven.  Thanks.

Leslie:  Steven:  You know that and we know that, but somehow, the idea hasn’t sunk into Alexis’ head yet. 

Jeff:  Patrick.  Tell us exactly what happened.

Patrick:  OK.  The whole deal’s as phony as a three dollar bill.  One of the principals involved in the offshore oil lease deal is National Iranian Oil Company.

Jeff:  What???  You mean Alexis and Claudia were going to lure us into a deal with an embargoed nation?  This is exactly the same kind of shit that Adam tried to pull in 2004.

Leslie:  We know, Jeff.  Gaddafigate.

Jeff:  How in the hell is Claudia Waite able to pull this deal off???

Patrick:  She’s orchestrating the whole thing through Avanti Corp. in Italy.

Jeff:  Zach Powers’ old Italian dummy company.  The one he used to funnel money to Muammar Gaddafi and make deals with the Soviets.

Patrick:  That’s the one.

Leslie:  Worse yet.  Fallon.  Steven.  You could have ended up leasing real estate properties and building condos and shopping malls in Tehran, Iran. 

Sammy Jo:  Wow! Claudia and Alexis were going to throw you guys under the bus?

Patrick:  Pretty much, yeah.

Steven:  Oh don’t worry!  We’re going to be dealing with my mother next week.

Fallon:  Thank God she’s not here right now.  I think it’d be best for her if she wasn’t

Krystle:  Excuse me.  If I could have everybody’s attention for just a minute, I’d like to welcome everybody to this year’s celebration of Carrington Fourth.

Dex:  Carrington Fourth was a tradition started by Blake in 1991 and is now being continued by his family and friends.  So, please, everybody have a good time and enjoy the celebration.

Patrick:  We are doing things a bit differently this year.  Since the Cardinals are in town to play the Rockies, we are combining Carrington Fourth with Denver-Carrington Day at the Ball Orchard and Denver-Carrington employees got discounted tickets to today’s game.  After the game, there will be a boxing exhibition between Evander Holyfield and Mike Tyson followed by a postgame concert from ELO.  On this occasion, I usually read the Declaration of Independence, but today I’m going to read something a little different.  A quote from one of the signers of the Declaration and our Second President John Adams, though he might have been a little off on the date, I think Mr. Adams’ statement was incredibly prophetic:

The Second Day of July 1776, will be the most memorable Epocha, in the History of America.—I am apt to believe that it will be celebrated, by succeeding Generations, as the great anniversary Festival. It ought to be commemorated, as the Day of Deliverance by solemn Acts of Devotion to God Almighty. It ought to be solemnized with Pomp and Parade, with Shows, Games, Sports, Guns, Bells, Bonfires and Illuminations from one End of this Continent to the other from this Time forward forever more. You will think me transported with Enthusiasm but I am not. I am well aware of the Toil and Blood and Treasure, that it will cost Us to maintain this Declaration, and support and defend these States. Yet through all the Gloom I can see the Rays of ravishing Light and Glory. I can see that the End is more than worth all the Means. And that Posterity will triumph in that Days Transaction, even although We should rue it, which I trust in God We shall not.”

-John Adams-

Krystina:  That was great big brother.

Patrick:  Thanks, Sissy.

John Ross:  So  I guess Muriel came up to Denver to talk to you guys.

Leslie:  Yeah, but we’re still in the dark as to when Alexis wants to have that little meeting with us.

Chip Ewing:  I’m tellin’ ya guys right now.  She’s running scared and once she finds out about that preemptive bid, she’s not gonna know what hit her.

Patrick:  She’s going to go ape shit is what she’s going to do.

Danny McCarty:  Even if she tries to fight it, there’s nothing she can do about it because the S.E.C. has already approved the bid.

John Ross:  We’re still gonna stick to our strategy, right?  We’re not gonna tell her what’s goin’ on?

Patrick:  Nope.  We continue to play it close to the vest.

Chip:  I like it.  She’s gonna find that she’s not the player in the oil business she thinks she is.

Leslie:  Yeah well…..I’ve got something you guys are not going to like.  I’ve been hearing from the rumor mill that Jacques Piers, Jr. could be on his way out is CEO of Westar and that Elena Ramos is under consideration to take his place.

John Ross:  You gotta be kiddin’ me!!

Krystina:  I don’t know what Alexis’ deal is!  Why doesn’t she make a move with this meeting of hers.  What the hell is she waiting for?

Patrick:  God only knows.  We’re having a little trouble with the Missouri Project right now.

Krystina:  Why?  What’s going on?  I know that project is near and dear to your heart Big Brother.

Patrick:  It is, but we have some lawyer from the EPA that thinks she’s hot shit and she’s recommending a delay of six months or longer while the EPA instigates some wrong doing on our part.

John Ross:  What the hell??

Leslie:  Apparently, she received a copy of the environmental impact report from the State of Arkansas and it says we’re in violation of the Dyson Agreement.

Chip:  That’s impossible.  That agreement’s got my grandfather’s name on it.

Patrick:   Yeah I know.  We’re going down to Little Rock next week to get to the bottom of this.

Chip:  By all means.  Y’all come and stay at Southcrest.

Leslie:  Thanks we appreciate that.  Junior and Terry and Nick KImball and Milton and Sandra Cox are coming with us.

Chip:  We got plenty of room.  The more.  The merrier.

Patrick:  You sure?

Chip:  Yes.  We’re gonna nail this Darlene Lake’s ass to the wall!!

John Ross:  Together.  As a family.

Patrick:  I appreciate it, Brothers-in-Law.

Danny McCarty:  You goin’ to see Becky Keogh?  She’s pretty reasonable, but we’ll give y’all the help we can, Pat.

Leslie:  Thanks, Danny.

Sable:  Patrick, dahling.  I’d like to thank you for inviting me to your celebration.  I’d like you too meet my friend Roberto Salazar, Jr.

Patrick:  Tengo mucho gusto, Senor Salazar.

Roberto:  Almirante Jennings.  I saw the interview you gave on FOX Deportes.  You did not need a translator.  I was impressed.

Patrick:  Muchos gracias, Senor Salazar.

Roberto:  I love baseball.  I was drafted by the St. Louis Cardinals in 1994 – ten years after you.  I have watched my countryman Giovanny Gallegos pitched for the Cardinals.  He has been most impressive.

Patrick:  Yes he has.  I’ve done a lot of research on your company and I like how you do business.

Roberto:  Gracias Almirante.

Patrick:  You know.  I was down in Mexico City on business in 2002 and I saw you playing for Diablos Rojos del Mexico against Veracruz.  You got a hanging curveball and you powdered it over the center field wall.  You were a good player.  I would have loved to see you in the majors.

Roberto:  I would have loved to have played in the Major Leagues.  I was drafted as a Shortstop, but I was too far down on the depth chart. I played a few years in the Mexican Leagues and retired in 2004 to go into the family business.

Patrick:  Salazar Industries.

Roberto:  Asi es.

Sable:  Roberto, dahling.  I like to have you meet my son Sam.

Roberto:  Tengo mucho gusto, Sam.

Sam:  Tengo mucho gusto, Senor Salazar.

Roberto:  You are Dex Dexter’s son.

Sam:  Yes I am.

Roberto:  Your father’s company built the drilling platforms for the Deveraux Group’s offshore Natural Gas Project in the Bay of Campeche.

Sam:  Yes, Senor Salazar.

Roberto:  It’s a great thing for Mexico’s economy.

Sam:  Thank you, Senor Salazar.  May I present my wife Rosalind.

Roberto:  Tengo much gusto, dear lady.

Rosalind Parkhurst:  Tengo mucho gusto, Senor Salazar.

Patrick:  At this time, I’d like to introduce our special guests.  Both of whom played for the Cardinals and the Rockies at some point in their major league careers.  Five time All-Star Andres Galarraga and Baseball Hall of Famer Larry Walker.

Larry Walker:  Leslie!

Leslie:  Larry??

Larry:  It’s been a long time.

Leslie:  Yes it has.  You were one of the investors in that townhouse development  in Maple Ridge, British Columbia.

Larry:  That was 1990.  That was one of the things I did with my bonus after I signed with Montreal.  Maple Ridge is my hometown and I wanted to give back.

Leslie:  I was one of the project engineers.

Larry:  I still have a lot of friends here in Denver I heard about Denver-Carrington’s Humanitarian Aid Project for Venezuela.

Patrick:  That’s right.  Andres here will serving as the MLB Humanitarian Aid Ambassador.

Larry:  Well…..I’d like to work on that with you.

Andres:  We’d love to have you.  It would be an honor.  Maduro est un Cerdo Grande!  It’s horrible what he is doing to my countrymen.

Rosalind Parkhurst:  Mr. Walker.  Mr. Galarraga.  I’m Rosalind Parkhurst, Denver-Carrington’s Director of Public Relations and Marketing.  We’d love to have you down to Denver-Carrington Center to do some commercials.

Andres:  Est no problema.

Larry:  I can do that.

Rosalind Parkhurst:  Thank you both.  Please give me a call at Denver-Carrington Tuesday morning and we’ll get you set up.

(BEFORE THE GAME – on the field for Batting Practice)

Patrick (takes a cut and it hits off the wall):  Damn it!

Nolan Arenado:  Nice hack, Admiral.

Patrick:  Nah!  I needed to elevate it a little more.

Nolan Arenado:  You ever play professionally?

Patrick:  No.  I was drafted by the Cards in 1984, but I had already committed to Navy Officer Candidate School, so I didn’t sign.  I did play on the 1984 US Olympic Demonstration Baseball Team with Mark McGwire, Will Clark and Barry Larkin.

Nolan Arenado:  Nice.  You guys won a Silver Medal, didn’t you?

Patrick:  Sure did, but it was unofficial and didn’t actually count in the Medal Standings.  Let’s get one today, Nado.

Nolan Arenado:  Thanks, Admiral.

Patrick (takes another cut and this one just clears the Left Field wall):  That’s more like it.  I’m ten years older than Julio Franco was when he last homered.

Tim:  Got some good wood on that one, Pat.

Patrick:  Thanks, Your Eminence.  You getting in the cage?

Tim:  Yeah.  Why not?  I’ll take my licks……(hits a frozen rope [line drive] down the Left Field line)…..Not bad.

Patrick:  Solid rip there, Your Eminence.

(A Harrison Bader home run makes it 2-0 Cardinals)










Bill DeWitt III (after the game, which the Cardinals lost 3-2):  Pat.  Mo said you decided not to buy the 5% stake in the team from Denver-Carrington.

Patrick:  That’s right.  Blake bought that share of the team through Denver-Carrington in 1963 and it was one of the last things he get back from Jeremy Van Dorn after he recovered the company.  Your dad and your grandfather thought the world of Blake and I thought it was best to honor Blake’s memory and leave the shares in Denver-Carrington’s hands.  Besides.  Denver-Carrington is now a privately held enterprise and nobody can get their hands on it.

Bill DeWitt III:  I respect that.

Patrick:  So what do you think, Bill?  Do we need to make some changes?

Bill DeWitt III:  I think we definitely need to take a look at some things.  I’d like to be going into the All-Star Break with some momentum going.

Patrick:  Tell me about it.



Joe Cortez:  All right, Gentlemen.  This may be only an exhibition, but the instructions are the same.  Watch your low blows.  Your rabbit punches.  Your kidney punches.  In case of a knockdown, go to the corner I tell you to.  Let’s keep it clean and have fun…..(Mike and Evander touch gloves)

Jim Gray:  Yes.  This is only an exhibition, but these two have definitely left their mark on the sport.  Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield both had storied boxing careers, but today, they’re just here to put on a show for the remaining fans gathered here at Coors Field in Denver and I notice as I’m looking around that only a few of them have left.

Evander:  Hey, man.  We’re only here to give ’em a little taste.  Let’s keep it clean.

Mike (facetiously):  Don’t I always?

(Evander and Mike dance around and trade half-hearted jabs for the next half an hour or so.  At the end of the “bout”, they hold each other’s hands up in “victory”)

Danny (about twenty minutes after the boxing exhibition):  HOW YOU DOING, DENVER???  Denver-Carrington Entertainment and Sports proudly presents a special postgame concert.  Just a reminder.  Half the profits from today’s events will be going to COVID 19 relief.

Jessica:  Ladies and Gentlemen…..Put your hands together…..Denver-Carrington Entertainment and Sports is proud to welcome…..ELO!!!!…..(Danny then goes backstage to get a guitar and Jessica takes a place with the backing vocalists)

Patrick (holding Leslie’s hand and singing):  And you and your sweet desire.  You took me, oh (higher and higher, baby).  It’s a livin’ thing.  It’s a terrible thing to lose.  It’s a givin’ thing.  What a terrible thing to lose…..(Fallon and Jeff sing along with Patrick and Leslie)

Patrick (holds Leslie’s hand and Leslie sings along.  Fallon, Jeff, Steven and Sammy Jo sing along with them):  Doo-wop, do-be-do-do-wop.  Doo-wa-doo-lang.  Blue days black nights.  Doo-wa-doo-lang.  I look into the sky (The love you need ain’t gonna see you through).  And I wonder why  (The little things you planned ain’t comin’ true).  Oh, oh, telephone line, give me some time.  I’m living in twilight.  Oh, oh, telephone line, give me some time.  I’m living in twilight…..(Patrick then kisses Leslie)

(Patrick, Leslie, Fallon, Jeff, Steven, Sammy Jo all singing along):  I’ll tell you once more before I get off the floor.  Don’t bring me down.  Don’t bring me down…..Groos!  Don’t bring me down…..Groos!  Don’t bring me down…..Groos!  Don’t bring me down……

(TUESDAY morning – Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality – 5301 Northshore Drive – Little Rock, Arkansas

Patrick:  You sure about this, Danny?  What is the name of this person we’re going to see.

Danny McCarty:  I’m sure, Pat.  Her name is Becky Keogh and she can be pretty reasonable.

Krystina:  So what are you hearing from the rumor mill regarding Elena Ramos?

Leslie:  Nothing more than what I already told you.  I haven’t heard anything yet in the way of tangible evidence.

Terry:  All I know is that once we some concrete proof, we at the Chronicle are going to ready to pounce on that story.

Chip:  This hot shot lawyer at the EPA.  What did y’all say her name was?  I wanna get to the bottom of this right now!

Patrick, Jr.:  Her name is Lake.  Darlene Lake.  Dad.  Are we going to go to Washington after this?

Patrick:  You bet your ass we are.

John Ross:  And once we do, y’all, we’re gonna go full on J.R. on her ass.

Nick:  I’m telling you.  There’s something about this environmental impact report that just doesn’t add up.

Milton:  Like i told you before, Shipmate.  I saw the same environmental impact reports as you did and it said we did nothing wrong.

Sandra:  I know the State of Missouri wants this project to go ahead.  Whatever project delays are costing us will be costing them as well.

Patrick:  Exactly.  Which is why we’re going to get to the bottom of this A.S.A.F.P.  We’re all principals in this project and we’re going to get to the bottom of this as the principals involved, but more importantly, we’re going to do it together as a family




















Episode #804: Blockbuster Deals – Part II


  • At the Headquarters of the United States Olympic Committee in Colorado Springs, a press conference is held at which Denver-Carrington and Forrest Industries and Forrest Aerospace announce blockbuster corporate sponsorship deals involving international sports running through the 2032 Summer Olympic Games, which are likely to be held in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
  • Emily and Leslie press Patrick on the inclusion of Women’s Baseball as an Official Medal Sport in future Olympiads.
  • Sammy Jo calls Patrick and Leslie into her office because she an idea she wants to present to them.  In the meantime, they have an idea that they want to present to her.
  • Alexis is visited by a person from her past, Claudia Waite, who is about to present an idea to her and also brings some news that Alexis finds unpleasant.

Scene:  Monday morning – Alexis Colby’s office – Morell Enterprises – Granite Tower – 1090 18th Street Denver, Colorado….

Claudia Waite (Celina Zacharias):  What I am talking about, Alexis is big.  So big, in fact, It will make Jacques Piers green with envy.

Alexis:  Well…..it sounds very tempting already, Claudia, dahling.  Where is it?

Claudia:  The Middle East

Alexis:  I’ve always loved the Middle East.  I’m involved in several real estate ventures in the Middle East.  I was involved in them with Daniel MacFlannery before his unfortunate passing

Claudia:  The Scottish industrialist?

Alexis:  Yes.  As a matter of fact, I may talk to my daughter Fallon about coming in on some of those real estate deals with me.  This a real estate deal and it doesn’t violate those silly little rules put in place by Denver-Carrington and that dreadful cartel.

Claudia:  Yes, of course.  Admiral Patrick Jennings and his Ewing puppets.

Alexis:  I was also left some valuable offshore oil leases in the Persian Gulf after Daniel’s passing and I’ve been told that they’ll be producers.  So, Claudia.  Tell me.  What sort of deals are we talking about?

Claudia:  I am talking about oil leases in Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran.  Iraq is poised to come out of years of cultural isolation brought on by the regime of Saddam Hussein.  We could be looking at the biggest strikes in Iran and Iraq in recent memory.

Alexis:  And we’re getting in on the ground floor.  Oh Claudia.  You’re brilliant.  Does Jacques Piers know about this?

Claudia:  Fortunately no, which bodes well for us.  I have meetings in Rome with the Oil Ministers of Saudi Arabia and Iraq.  So, we’ll have to act fast.

Alexis:  I think I’ll be able to help you there, Claudia.  His Majesty King Salman of Saudi Arabia is an old and dear friend of mine and I might be able to persuade him to do business with us.

Claudia:  Good.  Then can you join us in Rome?  I will email you the details.  

Alexis:  Yes, dahling.  I’d be delighted to join you in Rome.  I’m sure I can talk to Farouk Ahmed as well.  He happens to be the Oil Minister of Syria.  I’m sure he can convince His Majesty to join us.

Claudia:  Good.  Everything’s all settled.  As I said I will email you the details.  After our meeting  in Rome, we have some business to take care of in Milan.

Alexis:  Milan?

Claudia:  I don’t know if you’re aware of it or not, but I am taking the first steps towards resurrecting my brother Zach’s old company.

Alexis:  Powers Shipping?

Claudia:  No.  Not Powers Shipping, although the assets of Powers Shipping have been in a state of flux ever since John Finnegan was killed by that horrible Patrick Jennings about a year and a half ago. They were seized by the government after Finnegan’s death.  Now…..they’re finally being made available at public auction.  But, that’s not why I’m here.  I’m here to discuss the company my brother set up in Italy.

Alexis:  Avanti Corp.???

Claudia:  Yes.  I also happen to know that you were a member of Avanti Corp.’s Board of Directors.

Alexis:  Yes I was, But I thought the Italian government dissolved Avanti Corp after Zach’s death in 2009.

Claudia:  Well…..apparently, the paperwork was never filed and the company, instead, just went dormant and, as I said earlier, I’m taking the first steps towards making Avanti Corp. an active corporation once more.

Alexis:  I see.  Well…..it does sound intriguing, but how is it possible?

Claudia:  I filed the articles of reinstatement under my real name…..Celina Zacharias.  Think of it, Alexis.  We could finish what your late husband and my brother started.

Alexis:  Yes.  We could at that.  All right, Claudia.  Count me in.

Claudia:  Now what about Denver-Carrington?  If we could somehow get them to come in on this deal with us, we pull the rug out from under them and as, soon as the US government finds out that Iran is one of the principles, then Denver-Carrington gets shut down and Patrick and Leslie Jennings go to prison.

Alexis:  Dahling.  As intriguing an idea as that is and and as much as I’d like to see that happen, I’m afraid that will be impossible.

Claudia:  But why?

Alexis:  Because, dahling.  I’ve tried to lure Denver-Carrington into deals before.  Patrick and Leslie Jennings, as much as I can’t stand them, are just too damned smart.  They’re very well connected and they check everything.

Claudia:  I see.  Maybe I’ll have to talk to them myself.

Alexis:  Claudia.  I really don’t think you’ll get anywhere.

Claudia:  Well……in that case, we’ll have to go ahead whether they’re with us or not.  What we’re talking about is bigger than anything that Denver-Carrington ever thought of finding.  There’s another thing.  I’m friends with Nancy Pelosi, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Ilhan Omar.  I think I can talk to them and get them to issue a statement of condemnation of Denver-Carrington and the Deveraux Group’s offshore deal with Israel.

Alexis:  I heard that Congresswoman Omar sent out a message saying that Israel had committed atrocities, but then I heard that the Congresswoman has since issued an apology.

Claudia:  True.  But, if we can get the Speaker’s office to issue a statement of condemnation of Denver-Carrington and the Deveraux Group, then that could go a long way in getting the project stopped.

Alexis:  I think now I understand, Claudia.  We use Nancy’s statement as leverage to get Denver-Carrington and the Deveraux Group to back off the Israel Project and with their project shut down, they’ll be left with no recourse in the Middle East.  I seriously doubt they’d resort to doing business with us.

Claudia:  No matter.  As I said earlier, what I’m proposing will wipe Denver-Carrington off the map.

(WEDNESDAY afternoon – Fallon’s office – Denver-Carrington Real Estate and Properties – Denver-Carrington Center – 1954 Blake Carrington Plaza – Denver, Colorado)

Fallon (answers her phone):  Hello?

Alexis:  Fallon, dahling!  It’s Mother.

Fallon:  What do you want??

Alexis:  Fallon, dahling.  That’s really no way to talk to your mother.

Fallon:  I’m not 8 years old, Mother.  I’ll talk to you however I damn well please.  Now what do you want???

Alexis:  I have something I’d like to discuss with you and Jeff.  Could we meet at Jeff’s office at maybe 9:00 tomorrow morning?

Fallon: I don’t know what it is you’re up to, Mother, but…..(sighs)…..I suppose we can talk.

Alexis:  I’d really like it if Steven could join us for the discussion.  Of course it will have to be without that Bimbo he remarried.

Fallon:  I don’t know what your problem is with her, Mother.  Sammy Jo has changed a lot over the years and has become a very responsible human being.

Alexis:  Dahling.  No matter what Sammy Jo says or does, she will NEVER be good enough for this family.  Nor will that bastard brother of hers whom you insist on calling “Baby Brother”.

Fallon:  Patrick is more of a brother to me than Adam ever was and he accepted Steven for who and what he is right off the bat.

Alexis:  That may or may not be true, but, nonetheless, I will see you, Jeff and Steven in Jeff’s office tomorrow morning.

Fallon:  I swear to God, Mother!  If you’re cooking up one of your schemes to make a move against him or Leslie, you WILL answer to me…..for starters.

(THURSDAY morning – Miranda’s outer office – Denver-Carrington Center – 1954 Blake Carrington Plaza – Denver, Colorado)

Miranda (sees Jay coming off the elevator):  Hey, Jay!  You look like you’re in a good mood.

Jay:  I am in a good mood, Miranda.  Are the Boss and Boss Lady in?

Miranda:  They sure are.  I’ll tell them you’re here.

Jay:  Thanks, Miranda.  You’re a real pal.

Miranda (buzzes Patrick and Leslie’s office):  Guys.  Jay Fallmont’s here and he looks like he has some good news.

Leslie:  Thanks, Miranda.  Send him in.

Miranda:  Yes, Leslie.  Go on back, Jay.  They’re waiting for you.

(A FEW MINUTES LATER – Patrick and Leslie’s office)

Patrick:  All right, Fallmont.  Miranda said you had some good news for us. Now come on.  Give!

Jay:  All right, Boss.  Boss Lady.  Here it is.  I just got off the horn with Alec.  The word came down from Austin.  It’s official.  Denver-Carrington and Ewing Industries were jointly awarded the bid on the Ellis County property.  Senator Muriel Gillis-Roberts is going to be up here in a few minutes.  She wanted to deliver the news in person.

Leslie:  Good work, Jay.

Jay:  Thanks, Boss Lady.  So what do we do now?  That means the little summit with Alexis and Elena Ramos is unnecessary. Do we deliver the good news to Alexis?

Patrick:  No.  Not now.  We don’t want to tip our hand.  We just let Alexis think she’s winning…..for now!

Leslie:  Patrick’s right.  We let Alexis schedule her little summit.  We drop the bomb then.  I’d love to see the look on Alexis and Elena Ramos’ faces when they find the Ellis County fields are no longer in play.

Jay:  Any idea when Alexis is scheduling this little pow wow, Boss?

Patrick:  None.  I’m just as in the dark as you are, Jay are and it’s starting to piss me off.

Leslie:  Does all this mean that Alexis is officially out on her keister?

Jay:  It does, Boss Lady, but she doesn’t need to know that yet.

Patrick:  So.  Until Alexis gives the green light for this little summit of hers, we’ll need to keep a lid on this.

Jay:  You got it, Boss.

Miranda (buzzing from the outer office):  Guys.  I just thought you might want to know.  State Senator Muriel Gillis-Roberts is here.

Leslie:  Thanks, Miranda.  Send her in.

Miranda:  Yes, Leslie.  You can go in now, ma’am.

Muriel:  Thank you.

Leslie:  Muriel.  Please come in.  It’s been a long time.  Peter and Charlotte Whitlock’s funeral to be exact.

Muriel:  Hello, Leslie.  I was coming to Colorado to visit Lucy and Mitch and I thought I’d come to your office to deliver the news about the Ellis County fields in person.  Before we go any further.  Patrick.  What were you doing snooping around the Whitlock property?

Patrick:  I can’t tell you that.  That’s a matter of National Security.

Muriel:  Fair enough.  And since I’m I’m here.  I want to tell you that Governor Abbot has rescinded the eminent domain order and that Denver-Carrington and Ewing Industries have been jointly awarded the drilling rights to the former Ellis County Super Collider site.  One thing.  Is Alexis still wanting to have her little meeting with you and the Ewings?

Leslie:  As of now, that’s the plan.  Yes, Muriel.

Patrick:  And…..until that meeting takes, we are not going to let her know that we were awarded those rights in a preemptive bid.  You haven’t made any sort of announcement yet, have you?

Muriel:  No, of course not.

Patrick:  Good.  Because this needs to stay on the QT…..for now. 

Leslie:  When Alexis finds out what’s happened, she’s not going to know what hit her.  So you now hold the State Senate seat that was once held by Bobby Ewing and you’re now President Pro-Tempore?

Muriel:  That’s right.

(MEANWHILE – Jeff Colby’s office – Colby Enterprises, LLC.)

Jeff (looks slightly perturbed as Alexis enters his office.  Fallon and Steven are already there):  Fallon said you had something you wanted to discuss with us, Alexis.  Now what’s this all about???

Fallon (also looking slightly perturbed):  I still don’t know what it is you’re up to.

Steven:  I don’t know why you called me here either, Mother.  You’ve screwed me over in the past too.

Alexis:  Fallon. Jeff.  Steven.  First of all.  I know that neither L.B. nor Danny nor Lauren wish to be my successor at Morell Enterprises.

Jeff:  I don’t blame them , Alexis, especially after the way you tried to screw L.B. over on that land deal in Wyoming.

Steven:  But it didn’t stop from trying to get your claws into my son Max.  Did it, Mother??

Fallon (looks at Alexis with contempt and shakes her head):  You just don’t know when to stop, do you?  You’re disgusting!

Alexis:  Anyway.  Since all my other surviving children and my grandchildren would rather follow Popeye the Sailor Man, I have decided to name my other grandchild Jesse to be my successor as Chairman and CEO of Morell Enterprises.

Jeff:  Oh! That’s just great, Alexis!  The second coming of Adam!  Maybe he’ll run this company into the ground for you too the way Adam did the original Colbyco.

Alexis:  No.  Quite the contrary, Jeff.  I think Jesse will do a fine job.

Jeff:  If he doesn’t do something to land himself in jail first.

Alexis:  Well…..that brings me to the second part of why I’m here.

Fallon (still slightly perturbed):  And what might that be, Mother??

Alexis:  I happen to have a business proposition for the three of you?

Steven:  The three of us??

Alexis:  Yes.  I’m involved in a number of real estate ventures in the Middle East and, since the unfortunate demise of my partner Daniel MacFlannery, I’ve been looking for new partners to invest with me.  The Middle East has some of the most valuable real estate in the world.  Think of it.  We could control one of the most expensive real estate markets in the world and Steven, we could send all the new construction projects your way.

Fallon:  Damn it!!  I knew it!!  You are up to something, Mother!!  What’s this all about???  You trying to screw me over like you tried to do with that little deal you tried to make with Virginia Metheny in Northern Virginia???

Steven (shaking his head):  Thanks, Mother, but no thanks!!

Jeff:  Us do business with you???  In the Middle East of ALL places???  Are you out of your mind???

Fallon:  You’re crazy, Mother!!!  Daddy would be rolling over in his grave!!!  Denver-Carrington has not done business in the Middle East since that mess with Rashid Ahmed in 1985.

Steven:  You remember that.  DON’T you, Mother???  Especially the part about how you bribed him to sabotage Dad’s oil lease deal in the South China Sea??

Alexis (with a lilt of laughter in her voice):  Steven.  I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Steven:  OH DON’T GIVE ME THAT, MOTHER!!!!!  That has been one of you’re go to answers for EVERYTHING for the last however long you’ve been alive!!!

Alexis:  One of the other partners with me in this deal is Claudia Waite.

Fallon:  Claudia Waite???

Steven:  The widow of the guy that tried to double cross Dad on that loan deal in 1984?

Alexis:  Oh Steven!  That was over thirty five years ago.  Do try to get over it!

Jeff:  Her son Billy Waite, Jr. was in cahoots with Vicente Cano and his gang of Venezuelan thugs that tried to steal Southfork as well as Christopher Ewing’s methane patent.  Worse yet?  She’s the youngest sister of…..Zach Powers…..(shakes his head)…..absolutely not!  Count me out.

Fallon:  Fortunately, Billy Waite, Jr. died of COVID 19 when he was in prison.  Oh, Mother!  I seem to remember that you were in on a deal with him, Harris Ryland, Cliff Barnes and Jeremy Wendell to ship crude oil to North Korea.  You can count me out too.

Alexis:  But I pulled out of that deal!

Steven:  Nevertheless, Mother! You were in on that deal at the beginning.  But, pulling out of it doesn’t excuse you.  You still knew about it and you did nothing to stop it.  You can count me out also.

Jeff:  There’s the door, Alexis.  Don’t let it hit you on the way out.

Alexis:  You’ll all be very sorry you didn’t do business with me

(FRIDAY morning – United States Fleet Forces Command Headquarters – Naval Station Norfolk – Norfolk, Virginia)

Admiral Christopher W. Grady:  So Pat. What’s the latest on your friend Alexis Colby’s plan to ship crude oil to China from Venezuela?

Patrick:  I just got the good word from Langley.  They’re ready to ship in August.

Adm. Grady:  Good.  I’ll notify the Dutch Caribbean Command and Royal Navy Atlantic Patrol Tasking North and make sure they’re on standby to intercept as well.  Do you happen to know when in August, Pat?

Patrick:  Second or Third Week at the latest, Chris.  That rig malfunction cost them so much in terms of lost time and man hours, they can’t afford to ship that crude any later.

Adm. Grady:  So we’ve got them over a barrel.

Patrick, Jr:  Pretty much, Sir.  The ship they use to ship the crude will be diverted to the nearest friendly port.  Either Cartagena, Colombia or Willemstad, Curacao and then sunk as a target.

Adm. Grady:  Very good, Lieutenant.  Now.  The latest instructions on the guidance systems software?

Patrick, Jr.:  Yes, Sir.  The manuals have been amended to include the Ewing Industries updates.  The new directive just came down from SECNAV.

Adm. Grady:  OUTstanding, Lieutenant.

Patrick, Jr.:  Thank you, Sir. 

Patrick (whispers to his son):  Bravo Zulu, Kid. 

Patrick, Jr.:  Thanks, Dad.

Adm. Grady:  Mister Cox.

Milton:  Sir.

Adm. Grady:  Mister Cox.  What is the latest on the member nations of the FREMM Program implementing the new Deveraux Ordnance System on their vessels?

Milton:  All the participating countries have agreed to implement our system.  However, each individual nation is allowed a certain degree of flexibility with regard to their design specifications.  The shipyards contracted to the work will be submitting reports to our company in Denver.

Adm. Grady:  Excellent, Mister Cox!  Now.  Gentlemen.  What is the latest on Denmark’s decision to join the FREMM Program?

Patrick:  Well…..to begin with, the oil exploration contract in the Faroe Islands has been awarded jointly to Denver-Carrington, Colby Enterprises, the Deveraux Group and Ewing Industries.  I would have to credit Chip Ewing’s meeting with His Majesty King Edvard, III with sealing the deal.

Milton:  We’re supposed to be going to a big formal announcement in Denmark.

Adm. Grady:  I see.

Patrick, Jr.: We’re thinking that any additional oil we find will be fuel for Danish Navy ships.

Patrick:  We’re expecting that while we are in Denmark, King Edvard will make a decision about Denmark joining the FREMM Program.

Adm. Grady:  Gentlemen.  I know this announcement is supposed to be a red letter day for your civilian companies, but I’m asking you to represent the US Navy and NATO on this occasion.  We’ll consider that your monthly reserve weekend.

Patrick:  Of course, Chris.  My better half can represent Denver-Carrington on that occasion for sure.

Milton:  Yes, Sir.  Sandra and Nick can represent the Deveraux Group.

Adm. Grady:  Lieutenant Jennings.  I know your wife is a journalist, so, I’m assuming she’ll be covering the event for the Naval Today website.

Patrick, Jr.:  Yes, Sir.

Adm. Grady:  I expect to be kept posted, Gentlemen.

Patrick:  Roger that, Chris.

Adm. Grady:  Oh, Pat.  One more thing.  When we get more definite information on when that oil is ready to ship, we’ll see which one of our ships is on station and we’ll get you out there and that’s probably where you’ll be doing your two weeks active.

Patrick:  Thank you, Chris.

(MONDAY morning – Miranda’s outer office)

Miranda (sees Steven getting off the elevator and coming into the office rather fast):  Steven!  My God!  What’s wrong??

Steven (angrily):  Are you bosses in???…..(walks past Miranda and heads straight for Patrick and Leslie’s office)

Miranda:  Yes they are.  This MUST be serious, so, just go on back.

Leslie (sees Steven coming into the office angry):  Steven!!  What is it??  What’s wrong??

Steven:  Patrick!!  I need you to get a hold of your man Ed McCormick as soon as possible!!

Patrick:  Steven!  What’s going on??

Steven:  Mother!!   THAT’S what’s going on!!

Leslie:  Steven what happened?  What has she done THIS time?

Steven:  She tried to rope us into a real estate deal in the Middle East with Claudia Waite.

Patrick:  What???

Leslie:  Cousin.  Calm down.  Who’s “us”?

Steven:  Fallon, Jeff and myself.

Leslie: You all, of course said “no”, right?

Steven:  Of course we did.  There’s no way in hell I’m going to do business with my mother. Remember.  One of her business associates threatened me with bodily harm.

Patrick:  Piers.  

Steven:  She screwed me out of those shares of that other start up she had.

Leslie:  LEXCORP.

Patrick:  Not to mention all the times she’s tried to get Fallon and/or Jeff to turn on us.

Steven:  And having Claudia Waite be in on this deal with us, I just can’t shake the feeling that this deal might be phony.

Patrick:  Chances are it is.  Let me call McCormick…..(dials up Ed McCormick)…..Ed.  It’s Pat.  I need you to do something for me.  I need you to run a check on any deals that might be going down in in the Middle East involving Claudia Waite and Alexis Colby.  I think they tried to rope Steven, Fallon and Jeff into a deal and I think that deal might be a phony.

(MEANWHILE – CIA Headquarters – Langley, Virginia)

Ed:  Yeah.  Not a problem, Pat.  I can do that.  As for that deal being a phony, you’re probably right.  Tell you what.  Let me get with some of my contacts in the middle East.  We’ll run a check and we’ll have an answer for you within one to two days.

Patrick:  Thanks a lot, Ed.  What can I say?  I owe you big time.

Ed: Friends don’t owe, Pat.  You know that.

(TUESDAY morning – Sammy Jo’s office – Reece House of Fashion – East Broncos Parkway – Englewood, Colorado)

Julie Bergman (sees Jennifer Garcia coming in):  Hello.  You must be Jennifer.

Jennifer:  Yes I am.  You’re…..Julie.

Julie:  That’s right.  I’m Sammy Jo’s Assistant.

Jennifer (making sure her portfolio is ready):  Oh.  I’m here to show her some of my design work.  Her niece Emily sent down here.

Julie:  Oh I know and Sammy Jo’s expecting you.  I’ll tell her you’re here.

Jennifer:  Thanks, Julie.

Julie (buzzes Sammy Jo’s office):  Sammy Jo.  Jennifer Garcia’s here.

Sammy Jo:  Thanks, Julie.  Send her in.

Julie:  You can go in, Jennifer.  She’s waiting for you

Jennifer:  Thank you, Julie…..(enters Sammy Jo’s office)…..Sammy Jo.  Thank you for seeing me on such short notice.

Sammy Jo:  Jennifer.  Please come in and sit down.

Jennifer:  I brought a few of my sketches.  I just want a chance to show somebody what I can do.

Sammy Jo:  Of course.  Let me see what you have…..(takes the sketches from Jennifer and then looks them over)…..hmmmmm…..very nice…..these are really good, Jennifer.  You have a lot of talent.  I’d like to put you on my design team and I will.  However…..

Jennifer:  I…..I don’t understand.  However??  I thought you just got through saying you were going to put me on your design team.

Sammy Jo:  Now, Jennifer.  Wait just a minute!  Before you read anything into this and make me out to be an ogre, I have something important I’d like you to do for me, so, you need to listen.  Now.  You have a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from New York University, don’t you?

Jennifer:  Yes I do.  Why?

Sammy Jo:  Well…..we’re working with Orsini Cosmetics of Milan, Italy and Parfumerie Fragonard of Grasse, France to market a new line of fragrances,

Jennifer:  Wait a minute!  Orsini Cosmetics as in Alessandra Orsini and Gianna Padovano?

Sammy Jo:  Yes.  That’s right.  As it turns out, Gianna Padovano is my sister.  Her husband Salvatore is the military aide to the President of Italy and he’s a friend of our brother’s.

Jennifer:  Wait a minute!  What??  Gianna Padovano is your sister??  So you, Patrick and Gianna are all brother and sisters?

Sammy Jo:  Daniel Reece is our father.  I’m looking for someone to head this project up and I think you might be just the person I’m looking for.

Jennifer:  Really, Sammy Jo?  Do you mean it?? 

Sammy Jo:  I mean it.  I’m not Alexis.  I heard what happened.  I think it was really shitty what she did to you…..or…..what she tried to to do you.  I think you’re a smart and talented girl, Jennifer and I think you can do this.  So?  What do you say?

Jennifer (starts to cry a little):  I say yes.  Thank you, Sammy Jo.  Thank you for believing in me……(leans over Sammy Jo’s desk to give her a hug).

(WEDNESDAY morning – Jacques Piers’ office – Westar Oil – Bank of America Plaza – 901 Main Street – Dallas, Texas)

Jacques Piers, Sr.:  So is it done?

Jacques Piers, Jr:  It is.  The…..revised….. Arkansas environmental impact report on the Missouri Natural Gas Project has been sent to the EPA in Washington.  One of their lawyers should be arriving at the Denver-Carrington offices as we speak.  The delays on the project should cost them hundreds of millions of dollars in terms of lost time and man hours.

Jacques Piers, Sr.:  Good!  Then, we should be looking at the beginning of the end of Denver-Carrington and Patrick and Leslie Jennings.

(MEANWHILE – Miranda’s outer office – Denver-Carrington Center – 1954 Blake Carrington Plaza – Denver, Colorado)

Miranda:  Good morning and welcome to Denver-Carrington.  How may I help you?

Darlene Lake:  Are Admiral and Mrs. Jennings in?

Miranda:  Yes they are?  I’m the Office Manager.  And you are?

Darlene Lake:  I’m with the United States Environmental Protection Agency.  I’ll just be in their office.

Miranda (going after her):  Hey!  Wait just one minute!  You can’t just…..

Leslie (sees Darlene lake barging into their office):  Excuse me???

Darlene Lake:  Patrick and Leslie Jennings?

Patrick:  That’s us.  Who the hell are you???

Darlene Lake:  My name is Darlene Lake.  I’m a lawyer with the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Leslie:  The EPA???  What the hell for???

Darlene Lake:  I’m here to talk to you and the Deveraux Group about your Natural Gas Project in Southwest Missouri.

Patrick:  What???




















Episode #803: Blockbuster Deals


  • Krystle confronts Alexis over a diary kept by Alexis’ butler Lin detailing some of the more controversial events of Alexis’ past and threatens to make it public if Alexis doesn’t back off of Max and Jennifer.
  • The Denver-Carrington girls – Emily, Terry, Jessica, Lauren, Allison – and Sammy Jo discuss their feelings towards Jennifer and Valerie’s behavior at the Memorial Day party.
  • Jennifer storms out of her and Valerie’s suite at La Mirage after a heated argument concerning Valerie’s scandalous past.
  • Jennifer then arrives at the mansion and asks Krystle if she can stay.
  • Max and Jennifer come to Patrick and Leslie’s office and ask them for help in getting Alexis to stop interfering too much on their lives.
  • Patrick and Leslie get some troubling news from Ed McCormick concerning the current status of Avanti Corp. and Alexis’ possible involvement in the company.
  • Valerie publicly embarrasses herself after she invites Alexis to lunch at La Mirage. 

Scene:  Wednesday morning – Main Conference Room – United States Olympic Committee Headquarters – 27 South Tejon Street – Colorado Springs, Colorado…..

Susanne Lyons:  Good morning, Ladies and gentlemen.  Welcome to the Headquarters of the United States Olympic Committee in Colorado Springs.  I’m Susanne Lyons, Chairperson of the USOC Board of Directors.  Without further adieu, I’d like to introduce our featured speakers.  First we have Colin Forrest of Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, Chairman and CEO of Forrest Industries and Forrest Aerospace of Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia and Part Owner of the Canberra Cavalry of the Australian Baseball League.  He was also instrumental in bringing the 2018 Commonwealth Games to his hometown of Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

Colin:  Thank you, Susanne.  It is my great pleasure to announce that The bidding process for the 2032 Summer Olympic Games is just about over and that there was largely no opposition, which means that the Games of the 2032 Summer Olympiad are likely to be awarded to the city of Brisbane.  It also my pleasure to announce that I will be serving on the Board of Directors of the Brisbane Olympic Organizing Committee, which will require me to return home to Australia from time to time.  And finally, I would like to announce that Forrest Industries and Forrest Aerospace will be serving as a corporate sponsor for Baseball Australia in a deal that will run through the 2032 Summer Olympics should baseball be added on a permanent basis and will include the 2023, 2027 and 2031 World Baseball Classics.  As part of our deal, we will be promoting the development of youth Baseball programs all across the Commonwealth of Australia for both boys and girls.

Susanne Lyons:  Thank you, Mr. Forrest.  Next we have the CEO of Denver-Carrington Navy Reserve Vice Admiral Patrick Jennings.  Admiral Jennings was Mr. High School Baseball Ohio in 1980 and played four years of college baseball at Georgetown University in Washington, DC.  He was drafted in 1980 by the Cleveland Indians and in 1984 by the St. Louis Cardinals and represented the United States as a member of the Demonstration Baseball Team that won a Silver Medal at the 1984 Summer Olympic Games in Los Angeles.  Among his teammates was Hall of Famer Barry Larkin.

Patrick:  Thank you, Susanne.  I am proud to announce that Denver-Carrington, in conjunction with Major League Baseball, will be serving as a corporate sponsor for USA Baseball.  The deal also runs through the 2032 Summer Olympics in Brisbane should baseball be added to future Olympic programs and will also include the 2023 , 2027 and 2031 World Baseball Classics.  We will also be working with USA Baseball to develop youth baseball programs all around the country for both boys and girls.    The deal will be managed by Denver-Carrington Entertainment and Sports and we will coordinating with Forrest Industries and Forrest Aerospace as we search for potential international baseball venues.  I look forward to working with Mr. Forrest as we help to promote the game of Baseball on an international level.